Television Takes Our Innocence

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It was Sunday afternoon and Paul was relaxing into his couch ready for his typical weekend baseball action.

Paul was a writer. He had been a staffer and speechwriter for the Clinton Administration but was now doing freelance work so he could spend some time with his daughter.

Her name was Natalie, and she was sat at the opposite end of the couch. Natalie had turned eighteen a couple of months ago and was off to college soon. Irrespective of this she still had the ability to be a little petulant.

“Do we have to watch this, daddy?” She inquired.

“It’s the Astros versus the Yankees, honey. They’re in different leagues, so they hardly ever play, this might be a dress rehearsal of the World Series, and most importantly Roger Clemens has just resigned for the Yankees.”

“But you always have the remote. If you would let me have a TV in my room then I wouldn’t disturb you as much.”

“I don’t want you to just go to your room and stay there all day. You’d just lock yourself away up there and I wouldn’t see you again until the day I take you to Notre Dame.”

Natalie, though, knew how to get around her father. “Did you have one in you room when you were young, daddy?” She knew the answer.


“So why can’t I?” she inquired.

“I only watched mine when I was in bed or when there was something I really wanted to watch. I don’t think you’ll do that.”

“You’re wrong, daddy.”

Paul sat in silence. He didn’t want to start an argument about it, but also Roger Clemens had just taken to the mound at Yankee Stadium in pinstripes for the first time in three years.

“The count is two and two with two away. Ensberg is on first after the fielding error from Robinson Cano and will be running. Clemens to Berkman, here’s the pitch…” Paul decided that if this pitch was a strike he would relent to his daughter’s wishes.

“He blows it by him with the cheese up high. Strike three and the side is retired,” enthused the commentator. “Damon, Jeter and Sheffield due up.”

“Ok, honey. I’m going to get the TV out of the attic and put it in your room,” her face lit up, “but only for a week’s trial. If you spend too much time in your room I’m taking it back.”

“And that doesn’t mean you can just play by the rules for a week and then I lose you again,” he added as an afterthought.

Natalie moved across the couch and hugged her father.

“When are you going to get it, daddy?”

“After the game, buster. Now come and watch it with me.”

Natalie was disappointed but knew she couldn’t resist. She was capable of watching baseball for a couple of hours, ‘was that how long one of these games lasted’, she thought to herself. Anyway, she was happy and threw her arms around her father.

To do so she moved even closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. In doing this she allowed her youthful eighteen year old breasts to land on Paul’s slightly withering, he had recently given up weight training, bicep.

Paul tried to ignore it for a while and focus on the game. Damon had just stolen second, but all he could think of was the sensation of his daughter’s chest moving up and down his arm with every breath that she took.

His inebriation from Natalie was only increased when he noticed her hardening nipple poking through his shirt and into his skin. He knew that this was is daughter making him feel light headed but he couldn’t get her off of his mind.

Whilst trying not to draw attention to himself he first rearranged his pants, the turned his eye line so he could look at his daughter. Of course he knew that she was a beautiful young woman. He was very proud of how she had turned out, though he suspected it had more to do with her mother than him, and he was doubly proud that for the most part she had kept herself away from boys and focused on her studies.

Natalie was 5’8″ with shoulder length reddish brown hair, just like her mother. Her figure was full and womanly and her face was punctuated by the most dazzling hazel eyes. Paul knew that she was a 34C, from when curiosity had got the better of him on laundry day. In sum, she was gorgeous and the weight of those breasts on his arm was making him feel some confusing emotions.

Paul needed some respite and was granted the opportunity when Natalie stood up to get a drink. However, he was not able to use this time to get a grip on himself. Even Matsui driving home A-Rod with a sacrifice fly couldn’t stop Paul swinging his neck to watch Natalie’s ass in her skin tight jeans as she walked across the room towards the kitchen.

Before he knew it Natalie had returned to the couch and her supple breasts again began their onslaught on his arm. Both of her nipples were fully erect now and there was little Paul could do to stop the blood rushing to his penis.

As Natalie rubbed her body up against Paul’s she looked down and saw his semi-hard cock pushing against the material of his pants. In spite of Paul’s efforts Natalie knew what she could see and recognised that it tuzla escort was probably her breasts banging against his arm that was turning him on.

The emotions that this should bring out in a girl did not come, however. Try as she might she could not get herself to move away from her father. She realised that she enjoyed having her breasts mashed up against him.

There was a warmth between them and now Natalie was noticing it, not just between her chest and his arm but also with the tiny spot of moisture she could feel in her knickers. Natalie had always had a small, yet fervent, mischievous streak in her and she sensed a chance to be naughty.

“Have you been with anyone since mom died, daddy?” She asked.

“What’s that, honey?” He replied, though Paul knew exactly what she had said.#

“Have you seen anyone? A woman.”

Paul had been away in DC, they lived in Maryland, when his wife, Susan, had been killed in a car crash. Natalie didn’t think he had been with anyone in those five years and thought this road could lead to her asking about his erection.

“I had a thing with a woman a couple of years ago in DC,” Paul wasn’t sure what had brought this in but he had always felt he should be honest with his daughter, “it didn’t last long though.”

Again silence, but for the TV, fell over them. The feelings for both of them were getting more and more intense. By now Paul was sure his daughter could see his erection, for all his efforts to conceal it, and Natalie was starting to worry that Paul would soon smell her wetness.

“What makes you ask, honey?” Natalie’s retort came quickly. “I was wondering why leaning my chest against you was giving you an erection.”

Whatever it was between them was now out in the open and everything had been exacerbated as a result. Both Paul and Natalie’s heart rates were pounding. Pounding so hard that both felt their heart might rip through their skin.

No more words were needed. Paul turned towards his daughter and found she was already staring at him. He moved his hand and placed it down on her thigh. The touch was electric and now it was just a matter of time.

He slid his hand along her thigh until it was wrapped around her hip, just above the cut of her low rise jeans. Inadvertently he touched the top of her panties that were poking out above her jeans. The feeling of his fingers on the lacy edge was heavenly.

Paul brought his other hand around and put it on the top of her stomach. From there he could feel the swell of his teenage daughter’s breasts. He stared at them for a few seconds, but was interrupted when Natalie put her fingers on his chin and pushed his head up until their eyes met.

Her hand dropped away, and as it did Paul leaned in towards her. His rugged mouth met with her soft voluptuous lips and they collapsed into each other.

Natalie could feel a few beads of sweat forming on the small of her back. The excitement was getting to her but she did not want to stop. It was her who would make the bold move. She pushed her tongue out, into the kiss, and forced her father to open his mouth and accept it. Their tongues were entwined and both were fully aroused.

This was an embrace between father and daughter but no one other than Paul and Natalie would have been able to tell. It felt for them as if the thermostat had been ratcheted up well above 100 F on what was already a hot, sunny day in the early Maryland summer.

They planted kisses all over each other. Paul ran his lips across Natalie’s cheek, down her neck, which sent an immense tingling through her spine, and then moved his neck along her collarbone until he was delving under her shirt.

It was getting too much and they both began grasping at their clothes. Paul, however, took control. With his daughter reclining on the couch he took to the floor and knelt between her legs.

At first he returned his hands to her heaving breasts and continued groping them, just as he had throughout their earlier kissing. Soon enough though he remembered what he had gotten into this position for and allowed his hands to continue on their journey.

They sloped off of her chest and down her stomach. As he reached the bottom of her short blouse he felt the temperature at the end of his fingers increase significantly when he brushed against the skin just below her navel. What he noticed most was the slight film of sweat that covered her lithe body.

This lubrication hastened his move to the target. Finally he had reached the buckle of the belt his daughter was wearing with her jeans.

It was a belt like the kind you find on airplanes. Paul had spent a lot of time on planes whilst working at the White House and so this possibly perplexing obstacle was quickly overcome.

He slid the belt apart, and with only the slightest hesitation he allowed his fingers to grasp the button at the top of Natalie’s jeans. Next he would pull the zipper down.

With her waistband released Paul grabbed Natalie’s pants by the belt loops on either side tuzla escort bayan of her hips. As he began the descent of her jeans down her thighs Natalie lifted her butt off of the couch and allowed her jeans to fall to her knees. From here Paul could finish the job by sliding the waistband over her calves, round her ankles, over her pink socks, and off.

Quickly Paul discarded her jeans behind him and looked up to see what he had been waiting for ever since Natalie had pushed her chest against him and he had smelt her arousal in the air.

He raised his chin down from her ankles, past her knees, along her thighs and then he locked onto her panty clad mound. Natalie had spread her legs slightly to give her father access to herself. Paul, however, suddenly felt a twang of nausea rising from his insides.

His daughter was wearing a pair of white cotton panties covered in Disney insignia. Not only did he remember buying them for her about four years earlier, but to Paul, these knickers signified his daughter’s innocence.

None the less he was still transfixed on her sex. The heat from her panties engulfed him and in his heightened state this sense felt like his face was being burned. The temperature told him how aroused he had made his daughter and when he focused in on her cotton covered folds Paul could see Natalie’s rapidly increasing wet spot.

Undoubtedly though, he had been thrown off of his task and he felt he needed to say something.

“I can’t,” he said, voice quivering. “I don’t want to take your virginity.” Worried she might lose this opportunity she quickly responded.

“Daddy, I’m not a virgin. I’ve fucked a couple of boys.”

The rush of emotions for Paul were almost indescribable. His eighteen year old daughter had had sex with at least two different boys and he had been completely unaware of it. Unbelievably to him, though, Paul’s strongest feeling was that of relief. He had been worried about taking his daughter’s innocence, but now that he knew she had had more sex than him recently he felt free to resume his exploration of her body.

Indeed, Natalie’s actions now would finally remove any trepidation that lingered.

“I know you want to fuck me, daddy.” With these words Natalie felt for her top button and started undoing it.

“And I really want to fuck you.”

There was little Paul could think of to say in response, but even if he had been able to the words would never have come out. Certainly not in the order they were meant to.

Natalie was now half way down her blouse buttons and Paul could see the outer curvature of his daughter’s breasts.

It seemed to Paul to take her forever, but eventually Natalie undid the final button and was able to pull each side of the blouse away from her breasts, over her shoulders, and off. She now sat on the couch in just her wet knickers and her pink ankle socks.

Natalie’s breasts were magnificent. Very full, perfectly round and tanned all over. Any thoughts on Paul’s behalf that this was a young girl were gone. She only had small areolas but her nipples were like bullets and the most perfect shade of pink.

Natalie was looking for appreciation from her father, and she would get it when he sucked first her right then her left nipple into his mouth. The sensation drove her wild, her panties were now soaking.

Paul was using his hands for the first time to touch her naked breasts. The softness of her flesh ignited his desire, but soon they were removed from his grasp.

His daughter had stood up and had her fingers inside her panties. Through her juice sodden underwear Paul could see his daughter slide her digits along her folds. This intimate touch increased her excitement tenfold but pretty quickly she moved her hands to the side of her knickers and slid them down her legs. Once they passed her knees she let go and they fell to the floor at which point she kicked them across the room.

Paul finally caught a glimpse of his daughter’s mound and saw that whilst she was trimmed she had left some of her pubic hair. Again this reinforced to Paul that she was a woman.

This chance to see her pussy was only to be a glance, though. Natalie turned around, her ass looked even better naked than it had in jeans, and bent over. She did this to remove her socks, but obviously knew that it would allow Paul to see her labia and the hole at which he would soon be aiming.

Natalie’s now full nudity drew attention to the fact that Paul was still fully clothed.

“Do you like what you see, daddy?” asked Natalie, though the stretch in the fabric of Paul’s pants clearly gave an answer.

“Yes, buster.”

“Good. I think it’s time you did the same for me.”

Having said that she sat back down on the couch, the cool feeling of the leather against her cunt, and her wetness, was new for her.

Paul pulled his t-shirt over his head to revel what was still a trim body, though not as ripped as it once had been. Natalie was enthralled but desperate to see the rest. Her father’s escort tuzla pants were removed just as quickly and now Natalie was ready to see what she wanted.

Aware of this Paul took his time but soon enough he had removed his boxers, and as he did, his eight inch cock sprang back up out of the waistband. Natalie was ecstatic at the sight of it and was itching to start the serious part of the action.

She walked over to Paul, hugged him to herself, and this time initiated the kiss. It was long and wet, and full of the passion that consumed them. With every movement of their tongues Natalie’s insides churned with the excitement that washed over her.

After what seemed like an eternity, though was probably only a matter of seconds, she broke the kiss and began moving to the floor. Natalie adopted a position kneeling in front of her father, the head of his cock was now staring directly at her.

Without even a seconds hesitation she allowed her lips to surround first the head of his penis and then to descend down the length of his impressive shaft. Natalie loved sucking cock and Paul loved the feeling of his penis banging against his daughter’s throat as she picked up the pace.

She was really getting into it now and was managing to get the whole of Paul’s length in her mouth and was able to touch his balls with her bottom lip. This sent him mad with desire but the sensation was only to be heightened when Natalie looked up at him and stared into his eyes. The direct contact and the genuine look of love told Paul he was going to have to stop her, otherwise he would be cumming far too early.

“I want to lick your pussy,” Paul emitted huskily.

“Ok, daddy,” was Natalie’s reply as she let his member slide out of her mouth with a satisfying slurping sound.

She took her father by the hand and lead him back to the couch. Natalie sat down, spread her legs as far as she could, opening herself to Paul, and beckoned for him to climb between her thighs.

The first thing that Paul noticed was that Natalie’s pussy juice was slathered all over her legs, even down past her knees. He ducked his head down and ran his tongue up and down her thighs, taking all of her sweetness into his mouth, the taste was divine.

“I love the taste of your honey pot, baby. You’re so horny aren’t you?”

“Mmmm…” was all that she could manage in response. The teasing of Paul’s tongue on her legs was immense, she couldn’t wait until he allowed her real pleasure by latching onto her clit and labia and sliding his tongue and fingers inside her. She also couldn’t wait to feel the robustness of his cock deep inside her, she was sure that he would stretch her wide.

Having licked up all of her nectar Paul moved his mouth closer to his daughter’s vagina. He could feel the heat of it on his face and the smell was in his nostrils. Natalie could finally feel his breath on her dripping pussy, as well as being able to feel her juices ooze out of her folds and into her butt crack.

Paul nestled his nose in the hair that Natalie left above the cleft of her young cunt, his chin was less than an inch from the sensitive nub of her clit, which was fully erect and pulsating with excitement.

He moved his head around and licked every single part of her mound other than her folds. It was now moving out of the area of teasing and almost into pain for Natalie, she was utterly desperate for the release that would come when her touched her most receptive parts.

“Ohhh, Oh my God,” she moaned. Paul knew that it was time. His daughter was desperate for him to use his tongue to send her to heaven. “Are you ready?” he asked, there was little need for this question and little need for a response. Paul dove straight for her hole.

He eclipsed the entire of her labia with his mouth and drove his tongue inside her. At this touch Natalie exploded. She needed him as deep within her as possible so she ran her fingers through Paul’s hair, grabbed the back of his skull and pushed his head further in towards her.

He rotated his tongue inside her a few more times but then withdrew it. His action was met with a sigh from Natalie as suddenly she was empty. Soon, however, he restarted his onslaught on her wetness and licked up and down her labia. This was a different and equally pleasurable experience for Natalie and one which was driving her close to the edge.

Up until now Paul had purposefully ignored her clit, he wanted to spend time getting her to cum so that she would explode while he had his face between her thighs. He sensed it was now the time to move north, however, and he allowed his tongue to flick rhythmically against her nub.

It was not going to take long to bring her to orgasm and to help her along her slid his index finger into his daughter’s slit. This finger was quickly joined by a second with which Paul began an exploration of the inside of his daughter.

The pressure for Natalie was becoming intense and as Paul slid his fingers past the second knuckle Natalie was ready to cum. One final flick on her clitoris was all it took, Natalie spiralled out of control, began to buck wildly against Paul’s fingers and both of them felt the tremors of her vaginal walls contracting against his fingers.

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