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I came home from work early and saw my wife Sarah’s car in the driveway. I guessed that she had come home early too. I was happy to get some extra time with her, so I moved quickly into the house, expecting to find her in the living room with a glass of wine. No luck. So, I dropped my laptop bag on the chair and undid my tie as I made my way up the steps.

I heard music coming from our bedroom, so I took the opportunity to sneak down the hall to hopefully catch her off guard. I was horny as hell, and I knew she wouldn’t say no if I plain-out attacked her. She loved me jumping on her and taking her by surprise. Dirty thoughts ran through my head as I tip toed closer. Hopefully, she might even be in the shower.

As I neared the door, I smelled the distinct odor of weed. Even better! She was always horny when she got stoned! I thought of putting my arms around her tiny frame and biting the back of her neck. She would moan and turn in my grasp to kiss me deeply. I grew hard just thinking about it!

My anticipation died when I arrived at the door. I heard voices inside. They were hushed, so I wasn’t sure if it was a male or female companion within. Was she cheating? My throat tightened up a bit at the thought. Five years of monogamy. I had sacrificed my college lifestyle to be with her and her only. Our house was very old with those old-fashioned doors, so it was a possibility for me to peak in through the keyhole.

Creeping down to my knees, I nervously looked in. Despair turned to relief when I saw her lounging on the bed with her sister Chloe. Relief turned into dirty thoughts as I realized that I could spy up Chloe’s loose jogging shorts, although what lay within was still in shadow. Chloe was 23, four years younger than Sarah. She was an athletic little girl, brunette like Sarah, but possessing the most adorably innocent face. My wife was pretty, but her face was very different. Hers was more angular and regal. How I ended up with such a pretty woman was still beyond me. Oh, but sweet little Chloe would be forever out of reach. She was cute when I had first met her, but now she was a young woman.

Chloe stretched as Sarah offered her the bong we had kept from our party days. She turned slightly to her side as she took a hit. That’s when I saw the prize. Chloe’s sweet little pussy was revealed to me in all its stunning glory. It was, of course, shaved clean like all the ladies her age. It looked tight and compact, just a thin slit like Sarah’s. I felt my cock harden and my mouth water. If given the chance, I wasn’t sure if I would fuck her first or go down on her.

As Sarah came into view, I noticed that she had one of my tee shirts on without shorts. Her little pink panties curved tightly around her bottom, hugging her tightly. This was illegal bahis absolutely fantastic! Gazing upon two gorgeous sisters was almost too much for me to handle.

Chloe coughed as she exhaled and rubbed her tight little tummy gently as she lay back on the bed.

She spread her legs wide as her feet dangled over the bed, allowing me a better view of her pussy. It looked like it was glistening in the light. I grunted involuntarily, immediately feeling a surge of fear at getting caught.

I started to leave as I heard Sarah stir in the room, but stopped with relief as she headed for the adjoining bathroom and not the bedroom door. This is when it became interesting. Chloe, upon hearing the bathroom door shut, began to slowly guide her hand over her silky jogging shorts. She used her other hand to rub her perky little breasts; gently working on each nipple to make them hard.

Over the music, I heard the shower start. Sarah could be in there a while and Chloe knew it. She began to rub at her mound, slowly at first, working the smooth fabric of her shorts over her labia. I watched in awe as her little body began to writhe with pleasure. My cock was pushing at my pants, begging to be sprung from within. I adjusted it, hoping to keep pre-cum from spotting myself up. Chloe gently slid her over to a pillow and propped her head up on it. Her eyes were glazed over from the weed and sexual desire. I could have saworn that she was looking through the keyhole at me as she let out a slightly-louder moan.

Her finger found her clit. She worked on it, sliding it over herself gently, then pushing on it with a bit more pressure. God, how I wished I was that finger of hers; how I wished I was between her thighs licking her to orgasm! She put her finger into her pussy to collect her juices. Bringing it back up to her clit, she glazed it and began to circle it furiously. I saw her feet twitch and her toes curl as she approached orgasm. I felt myself breathe heavier as she worked harder and faster on herself.

She arched her back and bucked her hips as she began to fuck herself with her other hand; sticking several fingers deep inside her pink folds. Her wetness glistened in the light, driving me crazy with desire. Her orgasm washed over her. She gasped and gripped herself between her legs with both hands. She rubbed at her clit and opened her mouth, letting a moan out of her inviting lips. She came and came, shivering with delight as she peaked harder. I almost joined in her orgasm as I fought to keep control of my cock. I was so fucking hot for her!

She fell back on the bed, calm with her sexual release. She smiled and pulled up her shirt, wiping her wet hands on her tummy. All I could think of was licking that off of her as I guided myself deep inside her illegal bahis siteleri pussy. I wanted to fuck my wife’s sister to pieces; right here, right now!

Then she lifted her head up and smiled directly at me with a glazed look of happiness. She knew I was there. I was caught. She smiled at me wider, waved daintily, and blew me a kiss. With a thud, her head returned to the pillow.

Now what the hell was I supposed to do? Was I going to pretend that I hadn’t witnessed this amazing display? Hopefully, she was too high to remember. I hoped I was in the clear.

“See anything good in there?” Sarah’s voice said in my ear, rattling the shit out of me.

I looked up to see her wrapped in a towel, standing in the doorway of the bathroom’s other door; the one that opened up into the hallway. I was busted. What the hell was I supposed to say? I relied on honesty in our relationship, and I cherished openness as much as she did. What did I have to lose if I told her the truth?

“Honestly, hun, I was watching you sister masturbate. I’m sorry, but it was hot. I couldn’t help myself. I think she saw me, though,” I said as I stood to face her.

“No shit,” she said after a long pause.

She turned and walked into the bathroom as if nothing had happened. Just when I thought that she might be too stoned to comprehend me, she looked over her shoulder with a fucking end-all sexy look and let the towel slip to the floor. She began to close the door slowly as she motioned with her finger for me to join her.

As I entered, she grabbed me and pulled me tight into her wet, naked body. She smelled like pears and flowers; her body wash strong and inviting. She looked deep into my eyes with a burning lust that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Our sex life was amazing, but this was like the old days when we first got together.

Her mouth opened and she kissed me deep and passionately. Her one hand grabbed the nape of my neck as the other grabbed my cock. I almost came in my pants from all the excitement as she ravaged my mouth with her tongue. It curled and snaked its way around inside me as she unzipped me. Her flesh was warm from the shower as it slid against me in the process of getting my bare cock into her hand.

“I’m going to get you off so you’ll last later. You’ve been dying for this, Jack. I’ve always known you had a thing for Chloe. This is your reward for your honesty about it,” She said as she began to stroke me.

Her moist breasts rubbed against my cock as she bent down and pulled me closer. Her hand was smooth and gentle, keeping me from releasing too soon. Sarah knew my body like a sculptor. She knew every single little thing to make anything sexual an absolute treat. She was on fire, though. Her face was lit with passion canlı bahis siteleri as she collected her own pussy juices in her hand and worked over my shaft with it. She knew that drove me crazy.

“Like that Michael? You like it when I use my juices on you?” She asked me as she winked up at me.

“Yeah. Oh, God, you know I do!” I gasped.

She moved my cock between her breasts as I began to buck my hips. Her warmth was unbelievable! I was close to coming and she knew it. She stopped suddenly and sat on the sink.

“Come in me, baby,” she said as she spread her legs wide for me.

Her pussy was just like Chloe’s. It was uncanny. I stared at it for a second, suddenly realizing that she was shaved bald like her sister was.

“That’s new,” I gasped.

“Like it?” she said as she began to rub her clit.

“Oh my God, of course,” I said as I closed in on her.

“Is this what it looked like when Chloe was touching herself?” she asked with a sly look in her eyes.

I was stunned for a second.


“Well, Michael is it?” she said.

“Well, yes, it is. Why are you acting like this, huh? Revenge?” I asked, hurt.

“No, oh, God no, baby. Just come here and fuck me. Forget I said it.”

I did. I wanted Sarah so bad right now that I could shelf that little comment and try to figure out her reason behind it later. I moved closer still as I took my cock in my hand to guide it in.

“No, let me. You know I like to do that,” she said as she grabbed me and slid me in.

She was so incredibly hot and wet that I almost fell inside her. I grabbed her flesh and scratched my nails down her legs as I bit into her neck. She gasped in pleasure as she latched onto me with her thighs; locking me into our embrace.

I drove in deep, pulled almost all the way out, drove in deeper still. She moaned and bit at my ear. Her skin was so incredibly warm, her pussy so amazingly smooth. I began to feel the tingle of an encroaching orgasm.

“I’m gonna come soon. I wish-.” I started.

“It’s okay. This is for you, Michael. Just enjoy it,” she interrupted as she kissed me deeply.

My body tensed up as the first wave hit me like a hammer. My cock pulsated as I was overcome by this absolutely amazing orgasm. She leaned in to my ear and whispered as I began to erupt inside of her.

“Think about Chloe, Michael. Think about coming inside of her,” she said.

I moaned and grunted louder as my orgasm intensified. I felt like I came for an hour, deep within my beautiful wife that had just told me to think about her sister. As I finished, I stared at her in disbelief. Had I heard her correctly? What the hell was happening?

“Michael, I think you should take a shower. Then come into the bedroom when you’re finished,” she said.

I pulled out and stared at her for a moment.

“What?” I asked, bewildered.

“Just do it. No questions, okay?” she said as she left me standing alone in the bathroom with a still-raging erection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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