Summer Swim

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Thank God for having a pool in the summer time. The heat had swarmed upon us that summer like a billion relentless bees and the pool was the only escape from the heat. I was home from college and the house was pretty much mine, but we didn’t have central air so I spent most of my time in the pool or zonked on the couch.

My parents had gotten divorced right after I graduated from high school. Basically, my dad was caught with his dick in his secretary’s mouth and my mom didn’t really appreciate it. I guess there had been other instances over the years, but that was the last straw. My mom got the house, the car, an alimony check and me.

I don’t know why dad cheated on mom. Some guys just do that kind of thing, I guess. However, if you were to see my mom, especially poolside on a sunny afternoon, you would think my dad was crazy for trying to stick his dick anywhere but in her. At 44 years of age, my mom was aging gracefully-perfectly. She stands about 5’7″ in her shoes, has long, smooth, tanned legs, full hips, a fairly flat (not muscular) stomach and her breasts are 36 D. Her hair is dark, dyed brown to hide the gray, and long coming down just over her shoulders. She has these amazing green eyes and beautiful full lips that make her look like a model.

So, I had just come in from the pool when I saw my mom coming out of her bedroom all decked out in a tight fitting red dress with the spaghetti strap shoulders and red heels. She stopped in the kitchen and fixed herself a martini as she lit a cigarette. This was a sign she had been drinking-she only smoked when she drank.

I was standing in the doorway of the sliding glass door, my shorts dripping water onto the patch of Astroturf we used as a doormat. “You going out?”

She blew a stream of smoke and sighed as she lifted the martini glass to her lips. “Yeah, me and Sally.”

Tammy and Sally, the bombshell duo, my friend once said. Two divorced women with great bodies going out on Friday nights to try and find “Mr. Right”. This had been going on pretty much since my mom kicked my dad out of the house. At first, it was a sort of revenge thing, going out, flirting with guys, maybe getting laid, but now it was a routine and not one my mom seemed to enjoy much.

“Why don’t you stick around and go swimming with me.” I said, then added, “You don’t seem too crazy about going out.”

She drew on her cigarette and blew out another stream of smoke. “Thanks, hon. I promised Sally and you know its Friday and we’ve got to stick to the plan.”

“The plan?”

She glanced at me, “Yeah, you know, the plan-we keep going out until one of us finds happiness and contentment in the arms of a new man…then the other one agrees not to be upset when that happens.”

“Where you going tonight?”

“A party up in the hills, you know, over by the lake-that place-Sea – something…”

“The Water Merchant.” I said. It was a fancy stake and shrimp place that brought a DJ in every Fri. night and had dancing until one a.m. I’d heard that a lot of singles frequented the place.

Finally, she turned and looked at me and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipples were plainly visible through the fabric of the dress. “And what does the young prince have in store for tonight?”

I shrugged, “Gonna hang out, play a video game and probably swim.”

“You’re gonna grow gills soon.” She finished her martini and smiled at me. “No date for you?”

“Nah.” I attempted a smile.

“Still not over that redhead?”

She was talking about my old girlfriend, Carla. “I’m over it–I’m over it. I just don’t have anything else going.”

Mom took a step toward me with this knowing grin on her face. “You shouldn’t waste away the best years of your life because of some girl who jilted you. You’re–you’re full of energy.” Her words came out slowly, deliberately intense, “You’re at your peak.” She took another step and placed her hand on my shoulder. “I’m sure you could have a date tonight if you wanted.”

“Thanks mom.” I said and hugged her tight. I could feel her breasts against my bare chest and the warmth of her body brought my cock to life.

Just then, I heard a car horn and I knew it was Sally. Mom pulled back and smiled at me. “Well, that’s Sally.” She looked down at her dress and saw a wet spot on her abdomen. “Shit.” She looked at me my cock standing out in the fabric of my swimsuit.

“Sorry mom, it’s just water.”

She laughed and stepped back, “Yeah. Water.” She laughed again and turned around. “It’ll dry up. Sally’s got the ‘vertible.” She laughed again.

“What’s so funny?”

She stopped and turned around to face me again, her nipples stood out even more than before and her face was a little red. “I thought it was…” The horn sounded again. “Oh, never mind.” She waved at me, “Have a great night, hon. Don’t wait up for me!”

As she went out the door I realized what she had thought the stain was. When she had seen my cock standing up against the swim trunks she must’ve thought I’d came on her. I laughed and canlı bahis thought about how her nipples had hardened. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went back out to the pool, suddenly, I needed to cool down.

I had a couple beers then came inside and turned on the TV. I flipped channels until I came upon a movie that looked interesting. Of course, the first thing I saw was a woman getting out of bed naked. The movie was one of those soft porn, murder-mysteries that are full of women in high heels and push up bras and cops with bad dialogue. Maybe the movie would give me something to jerk off to so I wouldn’t feel so restless.

The movie never helped me get off, but the one after that was a bit racier and looked like it was going to have a knock out lesbian scene. I got another beer and sat back down. Thinking my mom wasn’t going to be home for a while, I dropped my trunks by the door and grabbed a towel. About an hour and a half into the movie, I was pretty excited and then the lesbian scene came about with the two main female characters. I sat back and started stroking myself thinking this wouldn’t take long.

“Good movie.” My mom said from the sliding glass door.

“Christ!” I jumped and pulled the towel over my raging hard on.

Mom pushed open the screen and staggered into the house. She was drunk. I saw the cigarette in her hand and watched as she went straight to the liquor cabinet. “Must be a good movie.” She chuckled to herself.

“I didn’t think you’d be home for awhile and -”

She poured gin into a glass and dropped in some ice cubes. “Well, tonight was not the night for the plan. Not THE PLAN, anyway. Sally had another plan. Sally had a plan.”

I was still crouched on the couch with the towel over me. My head was reeling a bit; I half expected she would be mad at me for jerking off in the living room. But it was obvious her mind was elsewhere.

She kept talking, “Sally was horny tonight. Thought she was going to do the guy on the dance floor. Too bad his wife was there or she would’ve. So, that kind of nixed the plan.”

“Holy crap.” I said startled, “Are you serious?”

She crushed out her cigarette in an ashtray and sipped the gin and ice. “Oh yeah. That was it. Nearly had a barroom brawl.” She walked closer to me and focused in on the television screen where the two women were lying side by side. “Educational television?” She laughed.

I stood up off the couch and wrapped the towel around me. “I was just-“

She waved her hand, “Fuck it. Don’t worry about it, Jimmy.” She turned away and said to herself, “God knows I use my hand enough.” She stopped at the sliding glass door and looked out at the pool. “I’m going for a swim.”

“Uh, sure, mom.” I said not knowing whether I should turn off the TV, put my swim trunks on or just go to my room.

“Finish your movie.” She said as she walked out the door and slid the screen closed behind her.

I looked back at the couch and then the TV as the two women ground their bodies together. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I’d grab a beer and try to relax, turn the TV off and go to my room and jerk off in private when I heard the splash in the pool.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but then I realized mom hadn’t had time to go and change into her swimsuit. I worried she had fallen into the pool. I rushed outside ready to dive in after her. I stopped at the edge of the pool as I saw my mom still in her dress doing the backstroke toward the shallow end.

“Come on in.” She called.

I went back and grabbed my trunks and a beer. I got into the pool and swam toward her. “I hope this dress is wash and wear.” She laughed.

I came up on her and caught her arm. “You scared me. I thought you fell in.”

She turned to me and smiled. She put her arms on my shoulders. “Oh and you came to rescue me? You’re sweet.”

I pulled in closer to her, she was treading water, but I could stand on my toes. I pulled her back toward the deep end and she let out a quick yelp and hooked her legs around my back. Her body pressed close to mine and I could feel her breasts crush against my chest.

“I thought you were saving me?” She said.

“I am.” I said assuredly, as my cock sprung back to life.

She pulled back a little. “You’re trying to take me out to deep water. Let’s go back where it’s shallow-I want a drink.”

I pulled her a little further, but over to the side where the ladder was. I twisted in the water so her back was against the side of the pool. I pushed my body hard against hers so she could feel my cock against her abdomen. “You’re safe with me.”

The pressure of my body against hers apparently struck a nerve as she gasped and threw her head back. “Oh.” She sighed and held her eyes tightly shut. When she opened her eyes, again she brought her face down even with mine. She stared at me for a long time then she finally said. “I think I need a drink, hon.” Her voice was a trembling whisper.

This hadn’t been a plan, but here I was, body to body with her in the deep bahis siteleri end of the pool. I was so horny my mind was running a million miles an hour. I dropped down a little so my cock was under her then I came up slowly pushing my head against her pussy through our clothes.

I felt her tremble in my arms as her mouth opened and her eyes shut tight again. I pushed closer to her so my face was even with hers. Her breath was hot on my cheek. I pushed hard into her and she collapsed against me in a kiss. Her mouth covered mine, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My right hand came up and squeezed her breast and she groaned into my mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I didn’t want to stop. Like most young men with good-looking moms, I’d thought about what it would be like to fuck her, but I never imagined that it would actually happen.

Suddenly she pulled back. “Oh, God. We can’t do this!” The look in her eyes was one of panic. She pushed her forearms against me and I let her go. She struggled to get up the ladder as I protested. She slipped and fell back in the pool and I caught her. She twisted quickly away from me and started swimming toward the shallow end.

I caught her leg and pulled her back. I just wanted to explain. She tried to kick free but I held on. “It’s okay.” I said.

“No.” She said firmly. “No, it’s not okay.” She pulled her leg free from my grasp and stood up straight. “I’m your mother! That’s in-incest.” She turned and swam away until she was able to walk out on the stairs at the shallow end of the pool. At the edge of the pool, she pointed back at me. “Jimmy, why don’t you-you jerk off out here or something. You’re excited, that’s all. You’re excited and I’m drunk and that’s all there is to it.” She turned and headed into the house.

For a moment I was stunned, but I was still horny as all hell. Something had happened between us and I wanted to finish it. My blood was pumping through my body and I knew what I was going to do.

She was in the kitchen lighting a cigarette when I came in. Her clothes dripped water everywhere. Her hair was wet and I could see her nipples perfectly through her soaked dress. She pulled a glass to her lips and took a long drink as I stared at her. I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind, but by the hardness of her nipples there was no doubt she too was excited.

She set the drink down and took a drag on the cigarette. “Hey, look, I’m sorry I interrupted what you were doing before…I was kind of mad and I-I just thought it was funny to interrupt you, that’s all.”

“Tammy.” I said and I saw her tense up. “I’m glad you stopped me.”

She picked up her drink and hurried past me nearly slipping on the tile floor. “Mom. Call me mom. Okay. I think we’re more than a little familiar with each other now, but please call me mom.”

I caught her arm and turned her toward me. I didn’t know what to say. I was so horny, yet this was my mom. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. I wanted her. “You’re horny. I’m horny. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

She pulled free of my arm, but stumbled and fell against the arm of the couch. Amazingly, she didn’t spill her drink, but she did drop her cigarette. She set her drink on the floor and reached down for her cigarette and that was when I made my move.

I came up behind her and pressed my cock against the crack of her ass as my hands slid around and grabbed her tits. I heard her groan, low, guttural, almost animal-like. She tried to straighten up, but I pressed hard against her keeping her stomach pinned to the arm of the couch.

With one hand, I reached down, hiked up her dress, and slid my hand between her legs. Again, she groaned this time louder and deeper. She was soaking wet, but it wasn’t just from the pool. She was excited. I pulled her panties aside and slid two fingers inside her. She arched her back and let out another loud moan that I thought would wake the neighbors.

I stuck another finger in and started fucking her with three fingers while my left hand kneaded her breast. I was so excited by this point I could hardly stand it and was sure I was going to come, but I didn’t want to cum in my swimsuit. No there was a better place.

I pulled back and removed my fingers. I tugged down my trunks as she tried to stand. She leaned against the arm of the couch, unsteady and set her cigarette down on an empty plate. She shivered and sighed, “Oh, God.” Her hands came up and traced over her breasts kind of dreamlike, but she never looked up at me.

I moved forward and hugged her hard. Then I brushed the hair from her face and kissed her deep and passionately and she complied. After the kiss, I told her to lie on the couch. She shook her head no. “Jimmy, this is wrong.” Her words were weak.

I pushed her back on the couch. She rose up on one elbow to protest but I pushed her back down and straddled her chest. I pulled her spaghetti straps over her shoulders and pulled the dress down to her waist. Her tits stared back at me. I placed my cock between her bahis şirketleri breasts and pushed her breasts together with my hands.

Again she moaned. She looked at me with a hard, sultry gaze that was a mixture of lust and anger. Her lips glistened, wetly at me and I knew that was my destination. I wanted to see those full lips wrapped around my shaft. I wanted to feel her hot mouth on me, feel my cum explode down her throat. I put my hand behind her head and pushed my cock forward.

“Oh, God.” She said again and then my cock was between those lovely lips. She looked up at me with those big green eyes in that lusty, angry way and I exploded. She closed her eyes and started gulping it down, but I was full of cum and the position probably wasn’t the best so some of it came out the sides of her mouth. Finally, she coughed and cum spewed everywhere. I pulled out of her mouth as my cock continued to spasm and shoot small loads onto her face and neck.

I stood up from the couch feeling a little weak, but my cock was still standing at attention. There was my mom lying below me, my cum all over her. She ran her tongue around her lips to pull some of the extra in and then she looked up at me. She didn’t say a word. Then I noticed that her right hand was on her crotch, absently rubbing away at her clit.

I knelt down on the floor and swung her hips off the couch. “What the fuck do ya…” she started but then it was too late. I jammed my cock into her waiting, wet pussy.

This moan was the loudest yet and I felt her cum as she arched her back and her body spasmed against mine. I just kept pumping my hips into her as hard as I could and after a few minutes, she came again. After a while, I pulled her down to the floor and turned her around so she was leaning on the couch seat and I fucked her from behind until I came some more.

After that second explosion I was gone. I had no strength at all and I slid off her to the floor. She collapsed down beside me and we fell asleep side by side.

The next day I woke up alone. The sun was streaming in and the room was already hot. I stood up and stretched then looked at all the cum stains on the leather couch. I remembered the amazing events that had occurred and felt myself get hard again.

I looked outside to see if my mom had gone out there for a swim, but the pool and patio were empty. I checked for her car in the garage, seeing it was still there I went to her bedroom. I turned the door handle, but it was locked. I knocked on the door. “Hey, are you okay.”

There was a long silence so I knocked again. “I’m sleeping.” Came her reply.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Fuck no!” She yelled back. “Now go away. I want to get some sleep.”

“Tammy.” I called through the door. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Just-just go away.”

I turned away from the door and went into my own bedroom for some extra sleep. I was a little worried about her and couldn’t sleep right away, but I finally managed to drop off.

It was afternoon when I woke and I could hear the lone air-conditioner going in my mom’s room. My room was intolerably hot even with a ceiling fan and a big window fan blowing on me so I put on some trunks and took a swim. The water was warm, but it was great to be in as opposed to the house. As I got out of the pool, I saw my mom passing by the sliding doors on her way back to her room.

I hurried to the house, but she was at her door when I came in. I tried to stop her, but she disappeared into her room and I heard the lock go on. I smelled cigarette smoke and looking over at the liquor cabinet saw that she had taken a bottle of gin. Another night of getting drunk, I thought to myself.

About five o’clock I knocked on her door to ask if she wanted any dinner. At first, there wasn’t any answer then I heard the lock click off and the door opened. I’m sure my mouth gaped open in surprise when I saw my mom standing there in five-inch stilettos, nylons, and a sheer, black teddy. Her hair was teased and her lips were crimson holding a cigarette between them. She wore eyeliner and eye shadow that accented her green eyes. I saw that in her right hand she held an empty glass.

“I’m drinking my dinner. Care to join me?” She said as she stepped out of the room a bit unsteady and headed toward the kitchen.

“I like your outfit.” I said.

She turned and smiled at me. “Like a whore?”


“Do I look enough like a whore for you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That’s how you treated me. I figured you’d like it if I dressed like a whore too. That way we can fuck and it won’t mean anything. Just a whore that you cum all over and throw around.”

“I didn’t mean to…”

“What did you mean to do? You didn’t mean to shove your cock in my mouth? You didn’t mean to fuck me so hard that I’m sore?”

“I got carried away.” I said humbly.

“Yes you did.” She said, but now it’s my turn. She held up her glass. “Get me a drink.”

I grabbed her glass and walked over to the kitchen. She went and sat on the couch putting bother her feet up on the coffee table so her legs were spread wide open. I made her drink and came back handing it to her. “Get on your knees here.” She pointed to the floor between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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