Living Again

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It was mid November and it was the first time the senior partners had sent me to the IRS New Tax Law Symposium, mainly, I assumed, because they were all embroiled in a heap of shit with one of their clients, who was unfortunately, just indicted for racketeering. The firm was actively trying to put some distance between them and the false books they had been given from the client. According to the IRS the client had had $15 million dollars of undeclared income from off coast investments that were never reported. Probably due to their probable connection to illegal drug trafficking, but that was their problem not mine. I was now in the Grand Hilton Hotel of Manhattan sipping on a Manhattan. I thought it would be only fitting to celebrate my recent run of good luck to toast the city with a drink of the same name. It was not often that the partners sent a mid-management account manager, such as me, on such an important assignment and I was determined that I would bring back every ounce of information I could. Hopefully, this lucky turn of events would help propel me up the corporate ladder that, before now, I hadn’t been able to climb very far. There were reasons for this, I assured my self, when each year the promotion list came out and my name wasn’t on it. To be honest, I think they were right not to look at me s their next junior partner. Her death, my wife’s death that is, had occupied my every thought of every waking minute and my mind was rarely on my job. We were married as youths and I loved her with all my hearth and soul. How could she have died and left me here all alone? Now after 4 years, the kids are all grown up and I’m still a basket case. My lust was gone, buried deep and forgotten, and my heart has gone cold too. I felt like an empty shell waiting to be crushed by the simplest of blows.

But now, at this very moment, I was away, just for one night, and I was determined that this evening would be without stress and sadness and I would forget about everything else. I took a leisurely sip from my Manhattan as I noticed her too sitting all alone in the dinning room of the Hilton. Our eyes did not touch nor did she acknowledge my presence but I felt my heart race anyway. She was sipping something sweet and brown; I imagined it a Kailua drink of some sort. I slowly pecked away at my dinner enjoying the charbroiled steak, courtesy of the partners, relishing every morsel, knowing this would probably be my first and only out of town assignment. An after dinner drink of Brandy flushed my face and warmed my gut and I headed for the elevator and a restful night’s sleep. Tomorrow I will prove to the partners they had sent the right man.

I pushed the button for floor number nine after I entered the elevator and waited for the doors to close. Just before they had completely slid closed, they were jolted back open as a slim hand with exquisitely long fingers pushed forcefully against them. When the doors were bursa escort fully open again she gracefully entered the elevator like she owned it and ME.

She looked over at me with a smile and then at the floor number buttons. “Number Six please” was all she said. Realizing this was the woman from the dinning room I noticed that she was even more ravishingly beautiful up close that from afar. Her black high healed shoes glistened in the light of the elevator and the pointed toes seemed somehow erotic. I couldn’t help but follow her legs up from the pointed shoes to her lovely round, firm looking ass. As I followed the contours of her body upwards I paused for a moment on her breasts, noticing her nipples pushing pertly through her bra and silk blouse. The hard bump under her clothing seemed to get bigger as I looked on. Being afraid that she might catch my look I directed my eyes to the beautiful silver necklace draped around her lovely neck. The necklace was a beaded starburst type of design and the longest point of the starburst hung directly in the cleavage of her supple breasts. As I cast my eyes up to her face to again enjoy her classic beauty but instead I saw her looking directly back at me, a seductive smile on her glossy, full lips.

A little embarrassed I muttered “Sorry” and looked quickly away.

“Not a problem” she said “I’ll take it as a complement.”

The elevator ground to a halt and with a ding of a bell the doors opened.

“Well, this is your stop” I said, relieved that my embracing moment would soon end.

“No, not really” she said. “I just couldn’t resist lighting those two numbers up.”

I looked at the buttons knowing she meant… 69. “Yeah, I know what you mean” wondering where this conversation was going. “What floor then?”

“I think we’ll just get off together” she said stepping up and pushing the “close door” button while hooking her arm around mine at the same time. When the elevator door opened I already had a hard-on unlike any other I’ve had in a long time. When we reached my door I fumbled for my keys and when I finally retrieved them from my pocket, she guided my hand to the lock and opened my door.

When the door closed I asked her if she wanted a drink from the in room bar but she just shook her head, “No” and kicked off her shoes.

I was so close to her I could smell her perfume, it filled my mind and senses. Her radiant blue-grey eyes pierced through the dim light of the room as I began to unbutton her blouse. There was no objection in her gaze and she seemed to draw me deeper into her spell with a seductive look. My hands trembled as I caressed her erect nipples still pushing against her bra, begging to be released. The bulge in my pants was already aching in a way reminiscent of my youth and I enjoyed the mixture of pleasure and pain. I reached behind her to unbuckle her bra and as I did, those luscious breast pressed against my chest bursa escort bayan and she leaned forward flicking her tongue along the edge of my ear. She whispered “Take me now, please, I don’t want to wait.”

The hard-on that I thought could get no harder suddenly began to throb in my pants demanding relief. She reached down and gently stroked it with those slim long fingers and I thought I would come that very second.

Reaching down I stopped her gentle caress, not wanting to allow this moment to end prematurely. I lowered her bra and drank in the beauty of her luscious tits. The aureoles round and pink and her nipples erect and pointing like nothing I had ever seen before but so thankful I had tonight. I tongued her nipples lightly and then gently sucked her deeply into my mouth. She rolled her head back and as she did I lifted her, carrying her to my bed, cradled in my arms.

“You must think me terrible” she said softly in my ear as I laid her down. “It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man but I knew tonight, when I saw you, that tonight we would, I must, make love with you. My life has been in …..”.

“Shh” I said “Tonight, we need not speak of what was. I just want to live with you in this moment” I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it gently down along with her pantyhose and panties. I kneeled there a minute drinking in the beauty of her naked body and she allowed me, without timidness. I quickly shed my clothes and straddled her naked body allowing our flesh to barely touch. I moved slowly against her rubbing my manhood against her soft belly and neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her nipples raked along my chest demanding that I enter her. The fire in my mind also demanded that I enter her to satisfy that need but I refused.

I kissed her mouth and our tongues mingled in fierce battle, lavishing in the exchange. Her sweetness filled my mouth as I gently began to caress her swollen clit with my fingers. Her hips met with the rhythm of my hand as we continued to explore each others mouth. My hard-on pushed against her soft flesh as I took her breast into my mouth again. Her nipples, now as hard and erect as I was, made me want to spill my cum all over them. I continued to taste her body, her neck, her hands and her fingers, wanting to know every centimeter of her.

Her rhythm began to speed as I continued to caress her button and as she did she began to come. Her belly muscles tightened and her pussy pushed upwards, as nature intended, to better receive the love she needed.

She tried to pull me into her and I allowed her to pull me against her warn skin but did not enter. I wanted my passion to last forever. As her body racked with another orgasm I lowered myself to her sweet pussy and found her spot with my tongue. It was warm and sweet and I reveled in the delight I was able to give her. As the warmth of my tongue touched her, it sent another wave of pleasure through her and escort bursa my passion rose to a place I had never reached before. She pushed against my face and clawed at my head trying to pull me into her. Yet, I still resisted the moment of pleasure that awaited me. My mind was a blur as each of her waves of pleasure drove me to want her to come again. Her orgasms filled me with a fire that was all consuming and erotic.

I eagerly and gently tongued around her sweet hole after each orgasm until I knew she was ready to reach another and then refocused my gentle rhythm on her pleasure spot. While gently bring her to another wave of pleasure I slowly began to caress her ass.

When I reached her hole she moaned a low whisper “no one’s ever made love to me there… I never knew…”

“SHH” I whispered again and I knew that I had found a place that was deep within her erotic needs. I could feel her hole tighten and then relax from my gentle pressure, begging for more as her moans grew louder and breathing reached a feverish rate. Before she reached her next orgasm I allow my tongue to slip lower as I lifted her to me. She writhed a little in protest, but I knew this was something she needed, something maybe she had denied herself before. When the warmth of my tongue reached her hole she exploded in orgasm like no other she had had that night. Waves rolled through her body and she got lost in that world between pleasure and insanity. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through her until only one thing could extinguish the flame that was consuming her.

She pulled me to her and into her and this time I did not protest. I felt the sweet warmth of her pussy envelop me and it seemed I would come at first touch. As the head of my cock touched her warmth I lost control and gave in to what nature, pleasure, and passion demanded of me. I push hard into her waiting depth and I was no longer in control. I stroked in and out first slowly and then fiercely as my passion demanded its conclusion. Our bodies slammed together one last time and she knew to accept me as deeply into her as she could possibly allow. I arched forward, feeling… needing… to almost crawl within her to release. As my cum began to flow and waves of passion filled my mind she too felt another wave of passion fill her. Her legs wrapped around me pulling me inwards. Now it was her that wanted me deep within her. I allowed myself to feel the presence of a woman again. We collapsed in ecstasy, her body still experiencing waves of pleasure as her orgasms began to subside. I sunk into the most peaceful state of fulfillment I had ever felt. We then cuddled until I fell asleep and when I awoke she was gone. No name, no number, just a scribbled note on the desk.

“I know now that I am a live. Thank you for helping me feel like a woman again. I am sorry for the note but this is all I can leave you, accept the knowledge that I will always treasure this moment beyond any other. All my love.’

She may have treasured that night, well, I guess I did too but, after being in such a state with a woman and now alone again, I wondered if I should ever let myself care and feel again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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