Lip Service

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Lip Service is Part Two to my first Literotica submission, Wilderness WanderLust, listed in the Erotic Couplings category. I hope you enjoy both! – Alyce

* * * * *

One of my favorite little maxims is “If you play, you pay.” Of course saying this doesn’t automatically ensure that every decision I make is well-thought out and carefully examined for all possible dangerous repercussions. Actually, what it does mean is that I can tell you how to live your life best, but please ignore the mess I’ve made with my own.

When I first propositioned David, I’ll admit, it was a little spur-of-the-moment. Frankly, I had been so keyed up and outrageously horny (ah, Springtime) that the words were tumbling out of my mouth before I really had considered how a physical relationship would affect our professional one.

Not that I’m regretting the sex (oh sweet mother of pearl.. the sex…) mind you, but all I’m saying is sometimes the greater the pleasure, the greater the pain.

Our Spring breezed into Summer, and before I knew it, Autumn had appeared on my calendar. The year was flying by. The busier I became, the faster my days turned into nights. Long, frustrating nights, I should add.

It had been about four months since David and I took our morning hike that lovely Spring day. We had such a fun morning, learning each others bodies, what set each other off… But, the initial spark had blazed, then dulled, faster than I could have imagined. Perhaps we had spent most of our energy on the anticipation.

Not that we no longer flirted when we had the chance, but the intensity of the moment sure seemed to have waned. It was disappointing—for me at least. I could only guess what went through David’s head these days. He always seemed so damn preoccupied. One day I decided to see if he was still interested in having “the occasional fling”.

“Good morning, Mr. Thomas,” I said cheerily, leaning into his office. I held a box of grocery store goodies in my hand. I gave him a naughty smile, raising my eyebrows. “You want one of my muffins? One left.”

He looked up at me and grinned. “Yes!”

I laughed and handed him the box. He pointed his thumb at a chair. “Have a seat.”

“What’s up?” I asked as I sat.

“How are you?”

“I’m well,” I paused. I noticed the funny look on his face. “What?”

“I’ve been thinking about you.” He stretched, his arms reaching high above his head while he arched back. I feasted my eyes on his large frame, his broad shoulders, his expansive chest with just the right amount of hair and these large nipples completely made for tonguing… Well, ahem, so the hair and nips were hidden behind his shirt, but hey, I have a vivid imagination and a good memory. Hmm. I noticed that he also put on about ten pounds. When he relaxed again, his large left paw landed on his crotch and he adjusted his pants. I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“And your point is?”

“My point, Ms. Anderson, is that I want to see you again.”

“Oh.” Ok, now, I’ll admit, as much as I HATE playing the role of a stereotype, I could not stop the next phrase from passing through my lips. “So why haven’t you called?”

“It’s been one thing after another. You know I had the McAndrew project to deal with, then I had to address the Sauder-Weider issue…” Now David rolled his eyes. “And of course there’s Lisa’s schedule.”

Lisa. Lisa Thomas. Oh, did I mention that David is married? Must have slipped my mind…

I ignored the reference to his wife. “Listen, David, we didn’t make any promises to one another. If you don’t want to continue this—” I waved my hand, searching for the right words.

“I do! I think about you whenever I get the chance.” He leaned forward, sliding his desk chair towards me. “You think I don’t want to be with you?” David grabbed my hand and pressed it into the bulge in his pants. His dick was hard. “I think it’s obvious that I really want ‘this’ to continue.”

My fingers stroked up and down the rigid length through the fabric. “I get sick of seeking you out, David. And, this isn’t the first time you’ve said how badly you’ve wanted to get-together, then something always comes up, and it isn’t usually this.” I squeezed his cock once before releasing it.

“I know, I know.”

“You know the 3 rules, and number two is respect for one another. That’s all I’m asking.” I sat back in my chair.

“David?” Michael Barton stood at the door, peering in. “Do you have the papers on the Alpine seminar series?”

“Ah, yeah, hang on.” David slid his chair away from mine and started to rummage through the mess on his desk. He looked guilty. I didn’t.

I decided to take my leave then. I stood and slipped out past Michael, giving him a quick smile. He just nodded and shot me a knowing look. I had no doubt that Michael suspected something naughty was going on, but I also knew that he wasn’t the type to speculate or gossip.

About 3 hours later my cell rang. I glanced at the caller ID. It was the office, and I knew it was David. pendik escort I let it ring four times before I answered.


“Hello, Ms. Anderson,” David’s deep voice trickled into my ear. Even though I was annoyed with him, my body disobeyed and a little jolt of want ran though me.

“Yes? What can I do for you?” I really wanted to blow him off, but my libido tends to rule my better judgment.

“Why did you leave my office so abruptly?” he asked.

“I didn’t want another awkward moment with Michael.”

“Where are you now?”

“In my car.”

“Coming back?”


And then we enjoyed a moment of silence.

He broke it first. “What are you doing on Wednesday, next week, early evening?”

“I guess I have no real plans.” I flicked on my turn signal and pulled into the lot where I parked my car.

“Can you stop into my office on Tuesday?”

I should have said “no” and been done with the whole situation, but I found myself agreeing before I ended the call.



He wasn’t in his office when I arrived, so I sat and waited. I had been careful choosing my outfit that day. The fitted light blue sweater hugged my chest, drawing immediate attention to my perky girls, while the slim ankle-length charcoal-colored skirt played over my soft hips and behind. A slit in the skirt ran to mid-thigh. I added a pair of knee-high black boots to compliment the ensemble. All the right curves were accentuated. My long chestnut-colored hair was pulled up and away from my face. I left a few small locks loose; I wasn’t going for a severe look. Actually, I felt pretty damn good about myself. A quick glance in the bathroom mirror down the hall today revealed two confident sparkling blue eyes.

I crossed my legs and waited. Two minutes had barely passed when David appeared. His eyes swept up my body and a little groan slipped from his throat. My lips curled into a tiny smile. Hey, I like to be appreciated for my looks just as much as I like my head to be respected.

“Mmph…” David winced in apparently some sort of sexual longing. He reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet. His eyes stayed glued to my rack. One hand quickly glided across the front of my sweater before he released me. The damn office door was open as usual.

“Good morning, Mr. Thomas. How are you today?” I purred softly. Funny, I could always forgive him for being so insensitive towards me when he got that look of lust on his face. It tended to inflate my ego.

“Unh…” he sucked in a deep breath through clenched teeth, adjusted the swelling in his pants, and sat down. He took my hands again and pulled me to stand between his spread legs. He gave me a look that screamed exasperation.

“Don’t be mad.”

I frowned. This was not a good way to begin any conversation. I steadied myself. “What?”

“I have to finish preparing the Alpine seminar series project—by Thursday morning. There’s no way I can see you on Wednesday.”

I shook my hands free from his and stepped back. Well, didn’t it figure? I reached for my leather coat and purse, saying nothing.

“Hey,” David stood and stepped towards me, wrapping his fingers around my left arm. “I have no choice.” His big blue eyes searched mine for… forgiveness? Hardly, I thought bitterly.

“The Alpine project should have been completed a week and a half ago,” I answered. I was right. There was no reason he shouldn’t have finished it. I shrugged off his grasp and backed away.

“I’ll make it up to you.”


“I had really wanted to see you tomorrow too. You’re not the only frustrated one here.”

“I’m not going to argue.” I turned and marched towards the office door.

“I’ll call you,” he said as I left.

I fought the shudder of anger that ran through me and kept walking.


That was 3 weeks ago. I know the world would’ve been shocked to learn that he didn’t call. I know that I shouldn’t have been so disappointed, but I was. I had thought…

So there I sat, my head in my hand as I sat at my desk, agonizing over my latest project. For once I was really swamped with work, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Still, that was probably a good thing. My mind was kept busy with more important matters other than David.

David. As if on cue, he appeared. I was aware of someone filling the doorway and I looked up. He didn’t smile. Neither did I.

“Hi.” He cleared his throat.

“Something I can do for you?” I asked. I was still pissed. No one likes to be blown off. And frankly, I have no idea why I accepted his callous treatment towards me.

“What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” he asked.


“I took the day off. I wanted you to spend it with me.” David leaned his bulky frame against the door.

“Oh.” I looked down at the work on my desk. Ok, I had several ways I could handle this. I could tell him, A, to go fuck himself, B, that I’d love to spend the afternoon with him, or C, that I would like to escort pendik see him tomorrow, but really didn’t trust him to come through. I didn’t have to decide. David made the decision for me.

“Listen, I know I’ve been paying you a lot of lip service, and for once I’d like to use my mouth for something other than pissing you off.” He started to smile.

Ok, he wins. I found myself grinning back. I shook my head. “Mr. Thomas, you are quite the bastard, you know that? I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“Tomorrow, about 12:15. We’ll leave from here.” His wicked tongue ran over his thick lips.

Today I wore the glazed look in my eyes. “I’ll be there,” I sighed. Gee, I really had to work on my backbone.

David grinned, winked, and left my office. I sent my head back to my hands and groaned.


The next day I headed into the office and finished up on several odd jobs I had been putting off. My mind was elsewhere, however, and I watched the clock all morning. I had forgotten to ask David just where we were heading, so I threw on a pair of jeans and a form-hugging tee. The “girls” looked stellar in it. But I assumed it didn’t matter what I wore.

I pulled my hair up with my hand and considered putting it into a pony-tail, but changed my mind and let the mane fall down my back. It was soft and shiny. I had scented it with patchouli that morning. At 12:10pm I grabbed my backpack (I had no idea what he had planned so I packed a few essentials) and headed for the parking lot. He had parked by my car. I trotted over and he unlocked the door for me. I slid inside, placing my backpack on the floor at my feet. Glancing up, I noticed he was dressed casual too, in jeans and a sweatshirt. I let my eyes wander further up.

“Ready?” he asked from behind dark sunglasses.

“Yup.” I put on my seatbelt as we left the parking lot and headed to destination unknown. “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise,” he grinned, reaching over and pulling me to him. He kissed me hard on the mouth.

“Please watch the road,” I said as we whisked down the highway.

“Relax!” he fiddled with the radio.

He was in a good mood, and it was catching. I laughed.

We were back in our fun zone. Flirting, talking about everything from work to the latest local scandals. We drove for about 20 minutes before David turned off the highway. A short distance farther and we were bouncing up a dirt road through the woods. I didn’t know the area. It was a bit chilly for hiking, but what the hell! Between adrenalin and lust, I was sure I’d be fine. Besides, David’s body always put off a nice amount of heat.

After racing up about 5 miles of loose dirt and gravel, we turned into what appeared to be a driveway. Past a long row of old pine, was a tiny cabin nestled back far from the prying eyes of the whole world. I looked at David, wondering. He shut off the car and gave me the biggest smile.

“Here we are!” he announced.

“Did you buy a cabin?” I asked.

“Belongs to a friend,” he answered. Then he waved a set of keys at me. “And he let me borrow these.”

I looked back at the cabin through the windshield. A tiny curl of smoke rose from the chimney.

“Ready? Let’s go.” David and I climbed out of the car and we met at the front. He took my hand, leading me up onto the porch. I turned and took in the view. It was a beautiful Autumn day. You could smell the blending scents of the turning leaves, cool breezes, and smoke from the fireplace. It was a slice of paradise.

David unlocked the door and we went inside.

I stopped, completely in shock. The man actually made the effort to do something sweet—for once.

He must have been there earlier. The cabin was small, really only two rooms: the one we were standing in and the bath. The main room housed the fireplace, with it’s happy little blaze. A small table in the corner was set with red wine and 2 glasses. There was a huge bed stuffed into another corner, and a comfy-looking sofa sat opposite. The bed was turned down. Soft music floated in the background.

David’s hands landed on my shoulders and his body pressed against my back. I could feel his erection straining through his jeans and poking me just above my hips. He pulled my hair away from my neck and nuzzled me just under my left ear. I shivered, feeling my nipples immediately harden.

“Am I forgiven?” he whispered softly into my ear.

“Almost,” I answered, a small smile dancing across my lips before my eyes closed. “Almost…”

He cupped my breasts then, gently kneading them as he ground a slow rhythm against my body with his crotch. I reached upwards and back, catching his face between my hands. Tilting my head up, our eyes met and David bent to kiss me, his warm tongue pressing slowly into my mouth. He rolled my nipples between his fingertips, occasionally pinching them hard.

I turned my body and pressed myself to his chest. He hugged me, so tightly.

“Come here.” David broke the embrace and led me by the pendik escort bayan hand to the sofa. He sat and positioned me to stand between his long legs. “I like this shirt,” he said, his fingers rubbing softly over my nipples. They thrust towards him, begging for his attention. David leaned in and caught the left one with his teeth, biting it gently through my shirt. I moaned and dug my fingers into the hair at the nape of David’s neck. He nibbled while I squirmed, completely and happily at his mercy. His hands squeezed my full behind, massaging my flesh through my jeans, his fingers pressing between my legs.

Finally I couldn’t stand the teasing. I pulled David’s mouth from my breast and turned his face up. We kissed, softly, lips sucking, wet tongues playing around the corners of each other’s mouth. His hands found their way under my shirt, pulling the fabric up and over my head. He tossed it to the floor and spun me around. I felt skilled fingers unhook my bra, and it followed the shirt. Once again, he turned me to face him.

David buried his face between my bare breasts kissing my skin as he quickly undid my jeans. He jerked the pants down my legs and to my ankles before he stood back up. I held on to him to steady myself. I felt a little… on display—naked while he was still completely clothed. I think he knew this.

“Not so tough when you’re stripped down to the skin, are you?” David breathed huskily into my ear. I looked at him in surprise. He laughed low.

He was behind me once again, and he finished removing my jeans, pulling my blue cotton panties off with them. I had kicked off my sandals at some point during the earlier bump and grind.

I stood there, completely naked, my back to David. The air felt cool, and my nipples were responding to more than David’s attentions. Goose-flesh covered my skin. The chill only added to the butterflies dancing in my stomach. For some reason, I was nervous.

And it felt so good.

David’s hands were on my shoulders again, and I jumped under his touch. He urged me forward onto the sofa, and I knelt, my back facing him. He positioned my arms over the back of the furniture, so that I was stretched forward, my knees left on the sofa’s edge. My legs were spread lewdly, exposing my soft pussy lips as they peeked out from between my legs. David drew a finger oh-so-gently along my slit. I sucked in a quick breath.

So he was going to tease me.

I heard a rustle of clothing behind me, and glanced back. David quickly shed his sweat shirt and jeans. As usual, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His thick cock was hard and bouncing in anticipation. The head was almost a dark purple. It looked as though it would burst.

However, David didn’t bring his erection to the sweet folds of my pussy. Instead, he knelt behind me, his face level to my backside. He paused, and I felt his fingers spreading my sex, opening my most private parts. I laid my head on the back of the sofa and shivered in anticipation.

Then his mouth was on me, his face buried in my pussy. He rubbed his lips, his nose, his chin, his entire face in my quivering wetness, before plunging his tongue deep inside me. I arched involuntarily and thrust my ass high, baring myself, begging David to continue his wicked assault on my nether regions. He didn’t disappoint me. I felt his thumbs pull my lips apart and immediately, he found my little clit. He went to work, mouthing my tender nub between his lips furiously. This instant intensity always pushed me right to the limit and held me there, poised past arousal but not quite to orgasm. It was the sweetest agony.

David sucked my clit hard, his thick lips moving over the sensitive bud while I rolled my hips, grinding my slippery flesh into his face. Every other minute or so, he’d break away and sweep his tongue along my swollen lips, pushing his tongue deep into the folds of my pussy. He pulled away for a moment, and I felt myself being invaded with two long fingers. He roughly thrust them in and out, opening me to him even more.

As he fingered me, David’s tongue began a ticklish journey upwards. I felt the tip touch my ass, and I jumped. He pressed his tongue against the tight hole and teased me, tasting my ass while I gasped, helplessly stretched over the sofa. Then he was back at my pussy, his fingers gone, but sucking once more at my slit, pulling my lips into his mouth.

“Oh fucking yes… yes… suck me…” Sometimes I couldn’t believe the words that poured out of me. I humped back against his face, thrusting my hips higher into the air. I could feel my orgasm starting way down in the heat curling my toes. My chest flushed pink, and my belly had started to tighten. My breath was ragged. Almost… there…

David stopped. He pulled back abruptly and held my hips still. I jerked and looked over my shoulder, eyes wide with need and confusion.

I watched as he licked his lips. I saw that little mean glint in his eye. He knew what he just did. I felt my temper flare and tried to pull away.

“No,” David said softly, but firmly. I paused. His hands moved to my shoulders and he guided me onto my back. My legs he lifted, and his hands pressed behind my knees. He bent my legs up and forced my knees towards my shoulders.

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