Hair Dye Fun

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“I need to dye my hair in the morning,” my wife says to me as we sit in the living room watching TV. My mind starts to race. My wife, D, dyes her hair every two weeks, well she does the roots. This takes her about two hours from start to finish, and this is our play time. You see I am very kinky, and she is not. So every two weeks we play. Sometimes it is just me coming into the bedroom after her hair is dyed, and she has to sit in a chair for 35 minutes for the color to set. These times I will get naked, sit at her feet, rub and worship them until the timer goes off, then I will jerk off. Other times I will tie myself up on the bed, mostly, and she will lock my wrists behind my back and let me stew for a while, then tease me and jerk me off.

We have been getting slightly kinkier in our play, which suits me fine, as I am so much kinkier than her. So when she said she was going to dye her hair in the morning, well my mind started to plan. After dinner I went to my closet and went through my fun cabinet. Tomorrow was going to be fun.

I woke up that morning, Sunday, at 5:00 am. I do not sleep that much so this is a normal time for me. D will wake up after 8, so I have a few hours to myself. After looking at Facebook, emails, and playing a few games, I opened up my favorites and picked one of my many porn movies I have saved. My movies are all kinky, I do not watch normal porn, why bother. My tastes include chastity play, bondage, domination, things of that nature. So I spent the next hour or so watching porn and stroking.

I was watching movies of men worshipping sexy women’s feet, then jerking off on them, then being forced to lick them clean. This is one of my major kinks. I watched a few other movies of women pegging their husbands, which I wish D would do, but she is just not into it. I must have edged at least 10 times in that hour and a half. I was so horny.

My phone beeped. A text from D. She was ready to start her hair. Time to play.

I entered the bedroom, walked into the bathroom, and leaned against the counter. She looked at me, I looked at the floor, at her feet.

“What? What do you want to do this morning?” she asked me in that slightly agitated voice.”

“That depends on you,” I respond. “I have a scenario that will be good for me, with minimal input from you.” I know this will get her, she doesn’t mind my play, but she likes her participation to be minimal.

“You have a few minutes while I get ready, so get to it.”

“Yes my love,” I respond. I go to my closet and open the fun cabinet. I start to pull out the items I have been contemplating all morning. I get out my wrist and ankle restraints and put them on. I take a rubber glove and place it over my already raging hard cock so I do not drip all over the bathroom floor. I take out the paddle, my nipple clamps with a small rope tied to them, a leather paddle, and my dildo shoe. Now let me explain the dildo shoe. I took a white sandal that I bought her years ago and put a long screw through it under the toe area, and there I screwed in an 8″ dildo. I get her to wear it while sitting in a chair and as she rocks she makes me give the shoe a blowjob. She is fine doing that to me, so today should be good.

I reenter the bathroom and go to the commode door and close it. There is a hook on it to hang a bathrobe, and I hang the sandal on the hook over the open toed area. Having maltepe escort looked at this last night I knew if I did this the dildo will be at the exact height for me to give it head. I place a lock between my ankles, keeping them very close together. I place a nipple clamp on each nipple and let the rope dangle between my legs, then wrap it around me cock and balls a few times, making the rope taught, but not tight. I face the dildo a few inches in front of my face, and say, “OK, your turn.”

She walks behind me and starts to rub my ass, then hits it with the paddle. Well she already figured out that part, lucky me.

“So what are we doing this morning?”

“You are to lock my hands behind my back. You are to say green light, yellow light, or red light. Green light I will give the dildo a fast blowjob, yellow light will be slow and deep, and red will stop me wherever I am on the dildo until you say yellow or green again. Simple, right.”

“Not bad, hands.” I place my hands behind my back and feel her lock them together. I hold them up out of the way of my ass.

“Green light.” I look ahead and start on the dildo, doing an in and out in 1 second. Now as most men, I am straight, but I love a dildo, and I love the look of a hot woman with a strap-on. So this is a big turn on for me. I do this for maybe 10 or 12 bobs of my head and then she starts to paddle my ass. It is hard to keep up a good pace sucking that dildo while she hits my ass with the paddle, but I manage, as I love it. She gives me 10 or 15 hits to each cheek, then stops. Oh well, I wish she would spank me more, and harder, but anything I can get I will take. Another minute and I feel her place a blindfold over my eyes.

“My little touch, yellow light.” I can feel my cock jump at her touch, and her words. I slowly bob my head in and out, taking two seconds to take the 8″ dildo all the way to the back of my throat, so my nose touched the sole of the sandal, and two seconds out till just the tip remains in my mouth. I do this a few times, thinking she has gone to start her hair. As I get most of the way in I hear “Red light.” I stop immediately. I have 6 inches of that rubber cock in my mouth. I just stand there, blindfolded, locked up and nipples clamped. I am happy. Then she starts on my ass.

She paddled one cheek, then the other. She hit lightly, then harder, then really hard, mixing it up nicely. Like I said she doesn’t hit me hard enough, usually. This time she was. I was squirming around, yelping with that dildo in my mouth, effectively a gag, which was her intention. I was in pain, for the first time in a while, but there was no way I was going to tell her to stop. If she was going to get into it this morning, I was not going to stop her, so I took it, happily.

She finally stopped spanking me, then started to rub my ass lovingly. “Yellow light” she said. I continued to slowly suck the cock in front of me. Then she grabbed my cock in the rubber glove and slowly stroked it. She was stroking my cock to the same pace I was sucking the dildo, so it was like I was giving myself a blowjob. I was in heaven. She did this for only a minute or two, then she paddle me once more on each cheek, hard, then placed the paddle on the counter next to me and went to her side to dye her hair. Damn that was hard, but nice. I continued to slowly suck until I heard “Green light.” So I went back to escort maltepe my once second in and out.

It usually takes her twenty or thirty minutes to fully dye her hair. During this time she went between green, yellow, and red a few times. She must have been watching me in the mirror as the times she said red I had that dildo most of the way in my mouth.

I finally heard her walking around near me, time for her to clean up. I was on red at the time, with about 5 inches in my mouth when she started to paddle me again. I was still sore from before, but I took it, gladly. I heard the door I was attached to open and she pulled it toward me, shoving the dildo all the way into my mouth. I shuffled back as she opened the door so she could use the toilet. The door stopped. I shuffled back a step.

“Stand still.” I did, loving the command from her. She then swung the door back and forth, literally fucking my face. She went slow, fast, and deep and shallow. I was so hard and leaking into that glove. She finally stopped and said,” Green light.” I went back to fast in and out. I heard her pee, then nothing. She must have been reading Facebook. I was still on green, so I was still going strong. My nipples were hurting from the clamps, and my jaw hurt, but there was no way I was stopping, she was doing great today.

I heard her flush and come out to wash her hands. “Red” she said. I had just the tip in my mouth so my jaw could relax a little. She moved around me, ignoring me as she put everything away. I felt her start to stroke me again, it felt so good, and so wet. She noticed this too.

“You have leaked a lot. I think you should eat some of it.” She pulled my head back off the dildo and then removed the glove from my cock. I had a feeling what she was doing. She replaced the glove on my cock and pushed my head forward. “Yellow.” She had run the glove with all my precum in it all over the dildo, so I slowly went in and out, savoring the taste of myself as I did it. I ran my tongue under it as I bobbed my head. I love this, like actually sucking a cock. She did this twice more until most of the liquid was out of the glove and in my stomach.

She let me bob my head slowly until I was almost at the end and then she said,” Red.” I stopped, the tip almost touching the back of my throat. “Lift your head, do not let go.” I lifted my head up and this had the effect of lifting the sandal strap off the hook, so now I was holding the full weight of the rubber cock and shoe in my mouth. I sucked on it and made a small vacuum so I wouldn’t drop it. I felt her undo the string from the nipple clamps to my cock, then she started to pull. I had no choice but to turn around and slowly hobble after her. With my ankles locked together so close it was slow going, and the pull on my nipples was very painful. I managed to traverse the bedroom furniture with her help. She finally stopped pulling on my nipples, so I stopped. She dropped the rope, causing a yelp from me as the clamps were pulled down slightly.

She reached behind me and removed the wrist restraints.

“Kneel,” is all she said, so with my hands free, but still blind and holding the dildo shoe, I knelt. It was a little awkward, but I did it. I felt a sandaled foot on my cock, and a bare foot nudged my hand. I knew what to do. I proceeded to rub her foot. She started to rock in the rocking chair, causing her to maltepe escort bayan flex her sandal on my cock, pressing it into my stomach over and over. I continued my massage of her other foot. After I would say 10 minutes she switched feet. There was still a shoed foot crushing my cock, and another in my hand. It was hard, keeping the dildo in my mouth while simultaneously rubbing her foot while having my cock and balls crushed, but I did. After I would say another ten minutes she pulled the foot from my hand and I felt it nudge the sandal in my mouth. I pulled the straps apart a little and guided her foot into the sandal. I placed my hands under her leg to hold the weight.

She moved her other foot down so it was on my balls only and started to rock again. It was great, she was pushing on my balls, and at the same time she was fucking my face.

“Stroke.” I moved my right hand down and started to stroke myself, with the glove still on. I did this slowly, loving the stimulation overload.

“Edge,” she said as she picked up the pace on her rocking. I stroked really fast for a few times and had to let go. I was so horny from everything I did to myself this morning, and everything she had done to me, I had to really concentrate on not cumming.

“Glove.” She is fond of one-word commands. I figured out what she wanted as she removed the dildo from my mouth. I pulled off the rubber glove, once again full of my precum and pulled it over the dildo. I rubbed it around and got most of it out. As soon as I pulled the glove off she shoved it back in my mouth.

“Cum!” I reached down and stroked my cock for all I was worth, as she picked up her tempo on the rocking. I was so close, it was great. As I was two or three strokes from cumming I pulled her foot all the way to my face, shoving the dildo as far down my throat as it would go, touching the sole of her sandal with my upper lip. The orgasm was intense, I shot load after load of cum onto my stomach. From all of my edging and the last 45 minutes of bliss, there was a lot. I started to slow down my strokes, but I heard her say, “Faster, don’t stop.”

She knows this will hurt, but also knows I love it when she hurts me, so I picked up the pace, stroking hard and fast. The orgasm was over, but I kept stroking. It started to hurt. I was breathing heavily around the dildo that was still down my throat.

“Stop.” I stopped stroking, gladly, and removed the shoe from my mouth. I let go of her foot, spent. I felt her rubbing the dildo on my stomach, knowing full well what she had in store for me. I opened up my mouth in anticipation and felt the cum covered dildo enter my mouth once again. I sucked on it, getting it clean as she once again was stepping on my balls and fucking my face. She repeated this three more times before her alarm went off. It was time for her to get in the shower and wash the dye out of her hair.

She pulled out of my mouth and put the dildo in my hand. I removed the shoe from her foot, and my blindfold. I saw her shoe and put it on her foot.

She stood up, patted me on the head and said,” I hope that was good for you. Continue and then clean up.” She pointed to my stomach as she said this and then headed to the bathroom. I looked down at my stomach and saw a few more globs of my cum. I ran the dildo through it and sucked it clean a few more times until all of my cum was in my stomach. I repeated this with the glove a few times too. I was very happy, full of my cum, and sore from kneeling on the floor for so long. I got up and washed everything and put it all away.

I can’t wait until she dyes her hair again in two weeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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