Leann Finds a Friend

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Leann found a lover after eight years of marriage, her husband became involved in work, golf and not her, it was not planned, but inevitable.

Leann met Malik at the gym, she worked out three or four times a week, it helped burn off tension and energy. She was benching, not a lot of weight, she was resting the bar on her chest, a few seconds later there was a hand helping her lift the bar off her chest, it was 70 pounds, not heavy, she was doing high reps.

She looked up and she could see up his shorts, he asked if she wanted to do another rep, he would spot her, she said yes, as she looked up. She finished two more reps and enjoyed the view. He asked her if she needed to be spotted, she had one more set, Leann finished the set, while she enjoyed the view.

Leann sat on the bench and thanked him, is name was Malik, she needed to finish on the treadmill, she was already sweaty but needed 30 minutes of cardio. Leann wasn’t sure what she was looking at when she looked up Malik’s shorts, the front of his briefs were full, what did he have stuffed up there.

She was doing seven minute miles on the treadmill, her gate was long, and she was pumping her arms and legs. Across the room she could see Malik watching her, she looked at him and waved, he smiled.

Her run was over, she really didn’t want to talk but Malik was walking towards her. She was dripping, he touched her arm, you need a protein drink.

Leann wiped the sweat from her face and arms, “thank you,” she said.

They sat at the health bar, he ordered for her, see if you like this one, he said, she smiled. He sat next to her, she hoped she didn’t have body odor, they talked, he was really close. He complimented her on her stamina and her tight body. Leann enjoyed his praise, she put her hand on his arm and said, “thank you.”

They were smiling at each other, Malik put his hand on hers and squeezed it. Her pulse was racing, she leaned closer to him, he reached under the table and put his hand on her thigh, she smiled and said, “that feels nice.” They finished the drinks and walked out, Leann said thanks for spotting me.

Malik said, “we can work out together,” they walked to Leann’s SUV.

Leann said, “let’s sit and talk, we can exchange numbers,” they got in. The dark windows gave them privacy, they faced each other, Malik reached out to touch her, his arm reached her waist, he pulled her in, they kissed, a gentle kiss with probing tongues, she was surprised that this big black man could be so gentle and thoughtful.

She knelt in her seat and wrapped her arms around his neck, “maybe the back seat would be better.”

He pulled away and they went for the back seat. Leann pushed the button and the seats folded flat, she laid back on the seat and open her arms to him, he lay beside her and kissed her, his hand rubbed her thigh and followed it up to her crotch. Her legs spread for him.

Leann kept thinking about his crotch and the bulge, she started talking, “I looked up your shorts and saw the bulge, I’m curious,”

Malik smiled and rolled on his back. He said, “take a look.”

Leann sat up, knelt in the chair and went for his waistband, he lifted his hips and she pulled his shorts and briefs down, she stared at his big black cock. He watched her face, she sat back and said, “I’m not sure what that is,” he grabbed her hand and put it on his dick, she squeezed it, she lifted it up and it stretched out, she wasn’t sure what to do next.

Malik asked if she was ok, she just looked at him, she felt it swell, she grabbed the base with her other hand and gently squeezed. She stared, he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her head towards his cock, she started down but stopped, she looked at him and said, “I don’t want to do anything here.”

She had both hands on him and started stroking him, he was getting hard, he said, “you should stop,”

Leann said,” I want to see it hard,” he laughed.

It grew, she slid her hand over the tip and down the shaft, her hands were stroking him.

She stopped and looked at the big black cock, “I’m not sure what I can do for you.”

Malik said, “keep playing with it”, she started stroking again. The head was huge, she kept stroking, she leaned over and kissed the head, her mouth opened and sucked on it,

Malik started pumping into her mouth. His hand went to the back of her head, he was fucking into her mouth, she pulled her mouth off again, “you’re too big.”

“Just a little more,” said Malik, her head went back down, her mouth opened she smiled and sucked him. Both her hands and her mouth were on his cock, he wanted to cum, he was slowly fucking her mouth, Malik grabbed his cock and started stroking it, his cum spurted into mouth.

Leann felt the first spurt, it hit her tongue, she sucked, it flooded her mouth, she tasted cum before but never so much. His hand pushed her head down, the black cock went deeper, cum spurted again down her throat, the cock hit the back of her mouth and spurted again, she had to canlı bahis swallow. Her mouth tightened around the cock as she swallowed, the cum slid down her throat, he kept pumping into her mouth.

Leann stayed down on him, she never gave good blowjobs and was surprised Malik came so fast, she was also surprised she swallowed, it was a first. Leann pulled her mouth off, cum ran out of her mouth, down her chin and dripped onto his cock, she turned her head looked at Malik and said, “sorry I dribbled.”

Malik said, “you’ll need more practice”, Leann laughed.

Leann held on to his shrinking cock, she gave it a kiss and sucked the head, it felt good in her mouth, she put it farther in, the head hit the back of her throat and she pushed it farther into her throat with her hands, she hummed on it. Leann was bobbing her head and forcing the deflating cock it into her throat.

She pulled her mouth off, sucking all the cum and her spit and then swallowed. He looked at her and said, “thank you ” she smiled, her chin and throat were covered with his cum. Leann reached into her gym bag and pulled out a towel, she cleaned herself up and wrapped the towel around the black cock.

That was more cum than she’s seen in her whole life, for some reason she felt satisfied, she hadn’t had an orgasm but she enjoyed taking care of Malik. She looked at him and said, “I think you took advantage of me.”

Malik said, “when can I do it again?”

They laughed, Malik lived within walking distance, she asked if he lived alone, he said, “yes.” They exchanged numbers, Leann offered him a ride home, he accepted, she said I’m running late, they moved to the front seat.

Leann dropped him in front of his house, they didn’t spend much time together, but it felt like a week of memories.

Fifteen minutes later she was home, the more she thought about him the hornier she became. Malik had his hand between her legs but didn’t even get a chance to rub it, she was too interested in his crotch.

She could still taste the cum in her mouth, she enjoyed his taste and feel in her mouth. She grabbed her phone and sent him a text, “thank you”, is all the text said.

His response was, “I never saw your body”, her morning was open, “9:00 AM, I can come over”, he texted back. “see you then.”

Leann was excited, mostly about the unknown, his dick was too big for him to fuck, and blow jobs were a little one sided, she smiled and thought we’ll see. She needed a shower, she smelled like cum and sweat, she started stripping and walking towards the bathroom.

The rest of the day was uneventful, especially compared to the morning. She woke up, she wasn’t sure what was coming up but it was more exciting than anything in her marriage. She dressed cute, short skirt, jogging bra and a tank top, easy to peel. She drove over to Malik’s, nervous but excited, she walked up and knocked, the door opened Malik was standing there, he invited her in.

He watched as she walked past, her ass looked like two puppies under a blanket, he followed her in. He showed her to the couch, she remembered his text, “I never saw your body”, she stopped and turned, Malik sat down.

Leann turned toward him. “Well, I guess it’s my turn,” she kicked off her shoes and peeled down her skirt, she pulled off her shirt, she stood there in her panties and jogging bra. Malik watched her, he could see her lips through the panties, she did a slow spin, her ass was perfect, she sat on his lap, facing him.

Malik put his hands on her hips, she told him she was nervous, she knew his cock wouldn’t fit in her, he laughed and said, “we’ll take it easy.”

Malik put his hands under her bra and pulled it over her head, he kissed each nipple, Leann kissed him, slow with tongue, his hands were on her ass. He said stand up, he rolled down her panties and she stepped out of them. He leaned forward and kissed her mound, he ran his tongue down the slit, she grabbed his head, his mouth felt good.

She squatted on his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, she could taste her pussy, this was a first. She was enjoying everything he did, maybe it was just the attention he gave her, she wanted to look at his cock.

Leann stood up, “I wanna see it, ” Malik stood up, she stepped back, and watched him pull down his shorts, his black cock hung down, she smiled and reached for it, he pulled back and said, “lay back on the couch,” she smiled, in a second she was on the couch, leaning back in the corner with her legs spread.

He knelt in front of her, his lips went to her pussy, he put her legs on his shoulders, he kissed her and licked the length of her crack. She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy, he pressed his tongue against her clit, she rubbed against his tongue, it was the best she’s felt in forever.

It was building, she felt it, she wanted it, she started cumming, she groaned and was having a real orgasm. It was over, her legs dropped, she looked down his head was still between her legs, his tongue bahis siteleri still licking, she pulled him on top of her, she kissed his lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, his face was shiny, she smiled, “thank you”. She kissed him.

She was relaxed, she had his face in her hands, his weight was on his elbows. Her arms went around his waist, she pulled him close, her hands slid to his ass and squeezed, she tilted her hips up and ground against him. She felt his cock between her legs, it was hard, Malik was moving is hips, she felt the big head against pressing against her lips, he reached down, she tilted her hips, he guided the head to her open pussy and pushed in.

Leann wrapped her arms around his neck, the pressure of his cock sliding between her pussy lips felt good, it didn’t hurt but the pressure made her eyes water, he pulled back and pushed into her, he was fucking her. She felt the head pop in, she let out a little grunt, “fuck me, keep fucking me.”

He was steady fucking in and out of her, the pressure of the monster cock made her squirm, she was crying from the pain and pleasure, “stop” you’re too big, he pulled out a little, Malik stopped.

Leann started rocking her hips, taking him deeper, a little at a time, she didn’t know how deep he was, his head was pressing deep inside her.

“Keep fucking me, but don’t go too deep,” Malik started fucking again, long slow strokes, she met his thrust, he was fucking faster, she was hoping he’d cum.

He started fucking harder and faster, she felt him cumming, spurt after spurt, she kissed him while he flooded her insides.

She felt his cock shrinking, she pushed her hips up, he was hard enough to push deeper, she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her hips, his half hard dick was all the way in her, she felt his crotch against hers.

“Stay in me”, she said, he started fucking her again, his half hard cock was perfect, it filled all of her pussy and his crotch hitting hers was making her cum, she squeezed him and started grunting. She came again, this was the perfect fuck.

Malik lifted himself off of her, she felt him slowly pull his black cock out of her, the big head was still in her, she felt it pop out. She laughed, he lifted the soft cock and put it on her stomach, she looked down, “you made me sore.”

Malik laughed, I think you should kiss him and thank him, she started sliding down until she could put the tip in her mouth. It was wet and slippery. She wrapped her hand around the soft dick and put it in her mouth. She sucked it and smiled, “thank you Mr. Cock, you taste good.” She felt it grow in her mouth.

She pulled it out of her mouth, “I think I’m fucked out, what are you going to do if you get hard”?

Malik answered, “fuck you doggy style”, she put him back in her mouth and sucked and licked his dick.

“I’ll let you cum in my mouth, you seem to enjoy that”, he started to fuck her mouth and throat, she used both of her hands to stroke him, the position was awkward. His cock was hitting her throat, her eyes watered, he was fucking her mouth hard, she had to stop. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, “I can’t take it,” said Leann.

Malik stood up, he lifted her back into the corner of the couch, he knelt between her legs and lifted her knees, he placed his cock against her pussy. She reached down and pulled her lips open, her cunt was already full of his cum, he shoved the head in, it was easier this time.

Malik wanted to fuck, Leann’s knees were up and against her chest, slow thrust, drove his cock deep, she could feel him in her stomach, she was grunting with each thrust, she knew she couldn’t stop him.

He started fucking harder, longer strokes, he watched her face, she was moaning and grunting, but not protesting. His cock was deep, she put her hand on her stomach, she felt him moving inside her, her pussy was filled with black dick.

Leann knew she had to keep fucking, Malik needed to cum, “I can take it,” she said, “cum in me, “he kept fucking her. She squeezed the walls of her pussy, that felt good, she started to cum, she was moaning and crying, he kept fucking, he came.

Leann wrapped her arms around his neck, “lay on me, I like you between my legs”. After enjoying the afterglow they sat up.

They sat on the couch, “next time we’ll use the bed so we don’t ruin the couch”, said Leann, Malik laughed.

“You really cum a lot.”

I’m only fucking you, so you get it all,” said Malik.

Leann said, so I can come over anytime? Malik said, “yes, anytime you want,” I work nights so I’m home during the day. She reached over and held his dick, Malik said, “if I get hard I’m going to fuck you again.” She stopped playing with him.

Leann asked if she could use the bathroom, Malik said, of course, he took her hand and showed her the bathroom, she cupped her crotch as she walked, she shut the door behind her. Leann cleaned up the cum that ran down her thighs, her pussy was a sloppy mess, she brought a towel back to sit on, she was bahis şirketleri still leaking.

Leann sat on the couch facing him, she spread her legs, she wanted him to see the damage he inflicted on her pussy.

They talked, Malik enjoyed her company, he was normally quiet and kept to himself, Leann had never talked to anyone like she talked to Malik, pussy, fuck, cum, she never used words like that.

She looked at his black cock, she had never seen a big black cock, she asked Malik if all black men had such big cocks, he said his was the biggest he’s seen, “lucky me” said Leann smiling. “Look, my pussy is swollen, it had too much Malik,” she liked showing her pussy to him.

Leann leaned back, Malik said, “nice view”, she wanted to play with herself, her finger slid down to her clit, she rubbed it. Malik asked if he could help, Leann said, “no, I just want to look at your dick, he laughed. Leann has never touched herself in front of anyone, but looking at Malik’s naked body made her horny. She masturbated but couldn’t cum.

Leann stood up, “I have to go,”

Malik asked, “are you sure?”

Leann answered, “I probably could fuck you again.”

Malik laughed, “I’m not sure I could cum again.” Leann left, she was glad they didn’t fuck again, maybe next time they’ll make love, slowly.

She went to the gym, she had to stretch, she used muscles she hadn’t used in years. She thought about changing her workout, she wanted to strengthen her thighs and lower back. Her workout was quick, she didn’t want to stress her sore muscles.

That night she sent a text to Malik, “have a nice night and thank you.” Malik returned her text, hope nothing is sore, she read it and laughed, “I heal fast,”

Malik responded, “we’ll have to pace ourselves.”

“You have to quit pounding me with that big black dick,” she texted back. Malik responded with a picture of his dick hanging down from his crotch.

“Thank you” she responded. She stared at the picture, she zoomed in on it, studied it, it made her heart race, it put a smile on her face.

A few days had gone by, Leann was busy but she had Malik on her mind, she looked at the picture of his cock several times during the day, she needed a rendezvous with Malik and his package. She texted him several times during the day, they joked back and forth, she ended the last text with, ‘I want some black cock”. Malik said tomorrow 10:00 AM, I will be waiting for you.

The next morning Leann was anxious, she should have left at 9:45, she left at 8:00 AM and parked outside his house. She waited for him, Malik pulled up, but he was not alone, another black man was with him, he recognized her SUV, he tapped on her window, he said come in.

Malik kissed her when she got out of the car. She followed him and his friend, he opened the door they walked in, Malik introduced her to Tom. They had been friends for years, they were as close as brothers.

Tom sat on the couch, Leann followed Malik to the kitchen, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, it was a long passionate kiss, “I’ve missed you” they kissed again, his hands were on her ass, he squeezed and ground against her.

His cock got hard and she felt it, Malik said, “don’t be bad, we’ll have to wait until Tom’s ride picks him up.”

She reached down and grabbed his cock, she opened her mouth and pointed to it, Malik said “wait, Tom will walk in on us.” Leann dropped to her knees and kissed his cock through his pants, she undid his belt and pants and pulled them down. She guided his cock to her mouth, she shoved it in and sucked, he couldn’t stop her, Malik lifter her by her arms, Tom will catch us, “let him watch”, said Leann, “I can’t wait.”

He led her to the couch, he told her to strip, she did, he stepped out of his pants and pushed her to her knees, he grabbed his cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. Her mouth opened and she took him in her mouth, his cock hit the back of her throat.

Tom stared in disbelief, he had never seen a white girl sucking a black cock, Leann said, “you can watch,” Tom was quiet. Leann was sucking and stroking him, let Tom see your pussy, Leann lifted off her knees, she was bent over, still sucking Malik, her pussy was facing Tom.

“Have you kissed a white girls pussy,” asked Malik. Tom leaned forward and kissed Leann between her legs, his tongue licked her, his hands went around her hips and he pushed his tongue in her.

Leann felt Tom’s mouth on her pussy, she was focused on the dick in her mouth, it excited her, her passion clouded her judgement. Tom stood up and undid his pants, he was hard, he wanted to fuck Leann, he fingered her pussy, it was wet. He rubbed the tip of his cock along her pussy, he found her opening and pressed in, Leann felt him enter her, it felt good, different from Malik, Malik was too big.

Tom was slowly pushing into her, fucking her, Malik was fucking her mouth, she didn’t question what was happening.

Tom was fucking deep and pounding her hard, Malik’s dick was being shoved down her throat, her eyes watered, this was another great fuck session. Tom was cumming, he was deep, she felt his cum. Tom stayed in her, he finally pulled his soft dick out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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