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Ambrosia (what a name!?) opened her eyes and looked out her bedroom window to see green leaves and to hear birds singing merrily. She smiled serenely as she stretched her sun-drenched, sleep-warmed body. Time to get out of nice warm bed and into the world. Good thing there was nothing to do today. Sunday, relaxation day, no work, lots of time laze around.

Crawling slowly down off the four poster bed she set her feet on the floor, surprised to find that it wasn’t as cold as she was expecting it to be. She stood right in a shaft of sunlight. Not surprising considering it was almost one in the afternoon.

She went to the bathroom, stark naked, brushed her teeth and showered quickly. She took a towel from the rack and slowly smoothed it over her body drying the shower and soap off of her. She stalked back to her bedroom, naked once more, and went looking for something to wear.

Finding that her favorite jeans, shirt and undergarments had to be washed she slid into a blue thong and man’s white button down shirt. She scooped up her favorites and slowly made her way downstairs and to the laundry room.

Turning the knob to the desired setting she added a large scoop of lemon scented detergent. She loaded the clothes and went up to the kitchen for breakfast. Orange juice and Count Chocula cereal. Always a good combination. She put her feet up on the chair across from her and brought her bowl up under her chin and began to eat her cereal, once and a canlı bahis while reaching for a drink of juice.

It didn’t take long to eat, almost as long as it took the washer to get to rinse. Time for liquid softener. She put her dishes in the sink and filled them with water. “I’ll just do them later with the supper dishes. No hurry.”

She took her time going to the laundry room, just as she entered it hit the end of the rinse cycle. She opened the lid and dumped in a big splash of liquid softener. Just as she closed the lid and reached back to put the bottle of softener, she felt a hand on the back of her neck.

She tensed, not knowing what was going to happen. As she tried to stand up the hand held her firmly against the lid, firmly pinning her arms underneath her. There was nothing she could do. Screaming would not help, her nearest neighbours was some distance away, one not home and the other deaf. No, screaming would do no good. She attempted to struggle, the more she fought the harder he held her, not painfully just effectively pinning her to the washer. There really was nothing she could do.

With his other hand he traced her spine, up and down, up and down. He felt her shiver from pleasure, he knew where to touch her. He slid his hand down her back and squeezed her ass cheeks, slightly roughly and switching back and forth for several minutes.

He slid her shirt up her back and almost to her shoulders. He dragged his fingers down her bahis siteleri back causing her to shiver again. He rubbed her ass and tucked his hand into the gusset of her panties. She gasped at the intrusion. He pulled them down swiftly and disguising his voice commanded her to step out of them. Knowing she could do nothing she had to do as he asked, she stepped out of her panties and kicked them aside.

He positioned himself behind her and started to rub his erection against her. Hating herself for it but she couldn’t help herself, it felt so good she began to rub back. He moaned as she moved against him. He drew his hardness lower and took one hand to rim her lovely lips.

She began to pant and wiggle her ass. He knew now was the best time, before she realized what she was doing. In a swift gentle motion he thrust into her. She realized what was happening, and began lamely to struggle. He held her down still. He thrust into her slowly and gently. It was teasing her so much she started to wiggle and thrust back.

The more she moved the harder and faster he thrust his hard maleness into her. Both of them began to pant and moan. When the washer finished she climaxed. He thrust in one last time before he too was swept up by the sexual current.

He lay atop her resting. Once their breathing had slowed she asked, “now that you’ve fucked me who are you. I might as well know who you are, you’ve already had your way with me.” She just hoped that it wouldn’t bahis şirketleri anger him.

Once again disguising his voice he told her to put the laundry in the dryer but not to look back. She’d find out soon enough and if she looked back there would be hell to pay. Not knowing what that might entail she did as he asked.

Once the laundry was in the dryer he pressed himself against her again, hard and ready for the next round. “Mmmm baby, you smell so good.”

She recognized his voice, but he shouldn’t be home for hours. Unless it wasn’t him. He took her by the waist and turning her he lifted her to sit on the dryer. He saw the shock in her face as he reached across her to start the dryer.

He smiled and she opened her mouth to speak. He silenced her with his lips, she simply couldn’t think or talk when he sucked her clit that way. He brought her to another climax very quickly and she screamed his name and pulled his mouth against her even harder.

He pulled himself up to his full height and looked into her eyes. Again she tried to speak, this time he silenced her with a kiss. He put his thumb against her clit and two fingers into her pussy, letting the dryer help him. After another earth shattering orgasm he pulled his hand and lips away.

She started to protest and he kissed her again. As her eyes fluttered closed he thrust his cock into her again. Harder this time and more demanding he pumped into her as she moaned and screamed.

She couldn’t control herself and fell into the spiraling climax once more after only ten minutes. The very second the dryer buzzed he shot his load into her hot steamy pussy. Laundry would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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