Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 03

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The nurse came into the room. It was the young one again, with her short, tight, sheer uniform and all. She had her head tipped downward, ineffectually hiding the small smirk on her face. That gave him time to shove the papers out of sight before she could notice.

The words flooded out of her suddenly, without pretense, in the hurried rush of a child who’s worked hard to memorize something very specific to say, but is too embarrassed, or afraid they might forget their recitation if they don’t say it the first chance they get.

“The woman next door has been soiling her bum.”

“They’ll cover your body with boiling cum.”

The nurse shrieked quietly, though for him not unexpectedly, with a sound of mixed delight and horror. Her face lit up as if she’d been given a diamond engagement ring, while her eyes flew wide in almost mock dismay. The grin that crept across her face reminded him of a jack-o-lantern, at once both comical and sinister. She assumed the predatory expression of a hungry Cheshire cat who has cornered the Dormouse.

His own words had come out of his mouth faster than he could even think to stop them, as if he weren’t even there. When it came to working his mouth, and sometimes his own thoughts, when he was thinking about saying or writing something, he was a spectator in his own body. Try as he might, he couldn’t choke the words back. Of course he’d known it was coming. He always knew, without effect, or hope of effect. He didn’t even know what he was going to say until he himself heard the words leave his lips.

“Sticks and stones,” she said.

“Pricks like bones.”

“Dangerous chasm.”

“Fucking orgasm.”

“Giving me fits.”

“Squeezing her tits.”

She smiled through the whole rapid-fire exchange, only just holding back an open laugh. Armed with just the right words to evoke just the right kind of rhymes, she was in complete control, wielding the power of a school yard bully or a vindictive teacher, with the same evil, addictive satisfaction.

The young nurse looked back out at the nurse’s station, showing them her grin again, like the silent, toothy glare of a victorious lion cub, looking back at its proud mothers while standing over its first kill. She turned back to him, hesitating, as if working up the nerve to do something very bold. She looked back out at the other nurses one more time, drawing confidence and approval from her instructors, then turned back to him. Still just a little reluctant and self-conscious, she closed her eyes as she said the words.

“Do you need me to get her to care for that blister?”

She did’t have to make it so easy. His affliction would have lead him there anyway, and probably with something far more creative, if she’d just trusted to luck. But with such lead, the continuation was obvious and unavoidable.

“There’s no better place to stick cock than your sister.”

Her mouth quickly formed a wide, gaping hole of shock in her face, which seemingly froze in place. He tried to hide his embarrassment, but there was little need. His thin, weak blood flow barely even began to flush his cheeks. It took no effort to hold his blank stare. That came all too naturally to him these days.

She played her teasing, torturous game with him a while longer, like a small boy pulling legs off of insects, getting exactly the sort of responses she expected, while squealing again at the occasional truly clever or shockingly unexpected response. She left feeling, he was sure, quite entertained and more than a little bit wicked. But not nearly as wicked as he, and he wasn’t even in control. She seemed to have no sense or conscience with respect to how the ordeal affected him.

To banish the feelings, and the memory of the exchange, the verbal rape, he pulled out his cherished papers to continue reading.

Interlude 3 : The bursa escort Alien Plan
The aliens came to this forsaken planet
Not merely to visit, observe or to scan it
They planned some revisions
How we make decisions
As well as our choice of the creatures who ran it

It should be apparent to any close reader
These aliens never said, “Let’s meet your leader,”
Their plan, it would seem,
Was an illicit dream,
To make all of humanity into their breeders

This alien force was not some early raid,
From a large stellar battle fleet, poised to invade
Not part of an army,
These aliens, smarmy,
Were coming here to law enforcement evade

Thousands of criminals caught in the stars,
All sinister miscreants warped as quasars,
Were able to wrestle
Control of the vessel
Transporting them where they’d exist behind bars

To assure that they had made a clean getaway
Without any chance that for their crimes they’d pay
They came to our world,
Where their shuttle was hurled,
To start the events that you read of today

They came to our planet with resources minimal
To make it a base for ambitions quite criminal
They’d take full control,
Of each human soul,
By using technology that was subliminal

The idea of stellar assault is erroneous,
The actions you read of are purely felonious,
They came with a plan,
For each woman and man,
To kidnap our bods by exploiting our loneliness
Phase IV — Target : Mrs. Brown
Kay Brown was a woman of so many charms,
With generous bosoms, one could lie in her arms,
Full, red lips like wine,
That made a man pine
To furrow the fertile, rich fields of her farms

The Browns’ happy marriage was certainly strained
For her part, she pouted, and whined, and complained
She’d mumble and cough
That she never got off
Cause the farmer did not keep his wife entertained

Now Farmer Brown’s spouse was a rock solid fox
Built like a brick shit house that hardened all cocks
Old Brown was just nuts
Or maybe a putz
For treating his wife like a discarded box

The sex had trailed off when their youngest was born,
It was almost as if Farmer Brown had been shorn,
She tried to hold back,
Staying in her own sack,
So she often made due with a fresh ear of corn

But dear Mrs. Brown could not handle the drought,
She had deep, rich soil, needing more than a spout
She used her fine form
To gather some storms
Making certain her crops were well-watered throughout

Yes, sweet, hot Kay Brown had a lover or two
There was old Sheriff Jake, and that handyman, Lou,
There were Nate, Zed and Frank
Jack, Bob, Bill, Ed and Hank
And more than a few times an evening with Sue

Tonight Mrs. Brown slept alone in her bed
Believing this night would leave hungers unfed
When beside her Tom stole
To fulfill his role
In replacing the contents of his mother’s head

Good Tom’s youngest sis was his true love, a cutie,
While his mom, loved as much, was a sensual beauty
He surely could feel
Both had deep needs so real
Such that screwing them both was no crime, but his duty

With his mother before him, so soundly asleep
Thomas readied himself for his fate like a sheep
Though the shepherd that led
Thomas into her bed
Was an alien mind that kept his buried deep

Before he began Thomas relished her shape
Removing the sheets that hid her to the nape
He admired her type
With wide nipples, so ripe
A full-figured beauty who left him agape

The sound of her breathing was such a sweet sigh
Beneath her closed lids lay eyes blue as the sky
He relished the view,
Before he would do
The one thing that he thought he’d never dare try

He set down the seedpod and thing-a-emitter
Aware she’d had men to compare and consider
But bursa escort bayan faced with a test
The marine who was best
Resolutely climbed in to convince her he’s fitter

With soft warmth her dear son breathed on one ear lobe,
As a wandering hand began fondling one globe,
So happy was Thomas
That he made a promise
Someday to give thanks to his warped xenophobe

Years ago, in a summer, hot, humid and green
Young Thomas announced he had joined the Marines
As he boarded the train
Sad Kay prayed he’d remain
And to help him decide she made one tearful scene

“Be home when I can,” said the son she adored,
As away went her baby, she sadly implored,
“Please, don’t go away
Find some way to stay
And if you remain, I’ll give any reward…”

Blue eyes met blue eyes, and the message was sent
He knew, and she knew, what she really had meant
The meek words she dared
Hid a secret lust shared
That was subtly conveyed as his mother’s intent

He filled with confusion as he read her sad face
He’d not thought his mother could fill his heart’s place
Reserved and kept clean
For his sweet Bobbie Jean
But from then he considered this alternate case

Now all these years later, she woke to his groping,
And sexual yearnings with which she was coping
A hand on her breast
And one in her nest
Set her big, warm heart racing and thumping and hoping

Then lips touched on lips in a raucous sensation
Of kissing a sinfully close blood relation
With the passionate press
Of his chest on her breast
She eased her legs wider in clear invitation

She lay back in trembling anticipation
Prepared for a wicked invading sensation
The marine hit her beach
As she hoped he would reach
For a soldierly, brave and complete penetration

Young Tommy was frozen in rapt hesitation
His mother seized onto the tense situation
As well as his ass
As taut as hot glass
Which she used to pull him into full penetration

Soon Tom took the mission, refusing to fail,
His hard cock held ready, its task to impale
Breath caught in her throat,
As he rocked her love boat.
Only when filled completely could she next exhale

The first thing Kay thought as her son’s cock receiver
Her poor, dear, sweet baby was sick with a fever
She felt the fierce scorch
Of her son’s new blowtorch
That was fired by alien flame, to bereave her

If Kay Brown had known she would hardly have cared
Since the feel of his cock was like fire ensnared
Like burning flames frozen
In one who’d been chosen
To give her a fuck that burned so hot it flared

She’d never believed it might all come to this
Held in her son’s arms sharing this sort of kiss
With legs spread and wet
As his stiff bayonet
Stabbed deep into her soul yielding forbidden bliss

As his mom, she’d walked in, once, while he stroked and grunted
Her eyes quickly shut as she’d screeched it growth stunted!
She now knew it grew
To six inches, times two
The magnificent proof that she’d wrongly affronted

At the same time, she knew that she must be restrained
He’s her son, her own child, the lust must be contained
She’d raised the fine boy
He wasn’t her toy
Her base, criminal fantasies must be kept chained

And yet far, far too many long years had been lost
With the line between proper and passion uncrossed
The line was now broken
With words still unspoken
Both scared, hesitating, and weighing the cost

It was sad when it happened to Oedipus Rex
But her son had wonderful biceps and pects,
To the Greeks it was tragic
While for her it was magic
She admitted she craved such incestuous sex

Her husband in bed had so often been lazy
While her son’s frantic thrusts hammered in her like crazy
He pounded so quick
With escort bursa a cock long and thick
The sensations made her thoughts weak, foggy, and hazy

For his part, young Thomas, or that which remained
Resigned to his fate, although he’d not complained
He knew that time spent
With his female parent
Would at climax leave both of them fatally drained

Away, in the Corps, he would train, sweat and fight
Heart torn by twin loves, knowing neither was right
And then he came back,
To his mom, and her rack,
And his sweet little sister with tempting delight

Kay Brown now considered this strange situation
In bed with a soldier’s strong infatuation
It was her only son
Who was using his gun
On his dear mother’s piping hot, tasty field ration

Long ago Mrs. Brown thought that any cock fits her
But faced with her son’s cock it suddenly hits her
Those pricks were mere trifles,
Just pistols and rifles,
Compared to her young marine’s mighty howitzer

His cock was like Sinbad’s, a curved scimitar
That stabbed in her hard as it reached in up far
With a wicked, fine curve
That hit the right nerve
To shoot Mrs. Brown through the night like a star

She’d long hoped her dear boy would in time cuckold her
When he’d left, he’d so calmly and stonily told her,
“Be home when I can,”
The boy came home a man
Now that man showed he’d grown not just bigger, but bolder

“Be a good boy for Mommy!” dear Mrs. Brown cooed,
“Give your hot love to Mother!” Kay Brown sweetly wooed,
“I’ll give you love, Mother,
Love my cock, no other!”
He growled, as his mother he frantically screwed

“Oh, Baby! Sweet, Baby!” she cried, “I am yours!”
As their feelings exploded on invaded shores
She loved her marine
Especially between
Her legs, with this weapon she’d found she adores

“I love you, too, Mom!” Thomas bellowed victorious
As he relished an act that could make him notorious
In his fit condition
His full ammunition
Shot into a conquest both worthy and glorious

In bed here, engulfed in his iron clad arms,
Subdued by his manly, and mighty thick, charms
Wet, spread, melting hot,
Absorbing each shot,
She beamed knowing not all sons so love their moms

She didn’t need old Sheriff Jake to have fun
Or Nate, Zed, Frank, Jack, Hank, Bob, Bill, not a one
Not handyman, Lou,
Ed or talented Sue
Kay Brown found her fill with her strong, willing son

That one thought, how fucking her son was a crime,
Shoved her right to the brink as she blurted out, “I’m…”
Choking on the next word,
No more sound was heard,
As she writhed like a spasming, climaxing mime

The sight of her silently stretching and trembling
Torquing and jerking and goddess resembling
Left Thomas in awe
Of all that he saw
It was too bad that her brain paths were disassembling

The seedpod beside them was glowing in rhythm
With her frantic thrashing as Tom shot his jism
Its tentacles reached
Her neurons were breached
And so began Mrs. Kay Brown’s neural schism

Her son filled her quivering body with semen
She lay in his arms truly glowing and beam’n
The alien came
To take her fried brain
So from here on it all felt as if she was dream’n

It firstly invaded the nerves of her spine
Her small cerebellum was melted to brine
Her axions singed,
Her neurons unhinged,
She dwindled away by galactic design

The number of pod people now stands at four,
This phase of their plan will await just one more,
They next would proceed,
With a whole town to breed,
But before that, poor Emma must walk through the door
The old man allowed himself a small smile this time. The young nurse had had no idea how wickedly life could be lived, really, really lived, given the right circumstances, and motivations. No idea at all.
A writer must conjure, contrive and emote
Express and then stress about each word he wrote
Since he took the time
To make these lines rhyme
The least you could do is to bother to vote

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