Sweet Sister

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It had been some time since I had visited my sister, Ellen, and her family. I’d spent a lot of time on the road traveling for my company. I called my boss and told him that I would like to take a few days off, if it was o.k. with him. I told him where I would be and that I would check my e-mail and voice mail in case there was an emergency with one of my clients.

Then I called Ellen and asked if I could drop by since I had some time off. Ellen seemed pleased that I was coming by. I then called the company scheduler to set up my clients with other customer reps for a few days.

It was early in the workweek, but everything worked out. I arrived at Ellen’s late Tuesday afternoon. My brother-in-law, Bill, greeted me at the door. “Good to see you, Brad. Ellen will be along shortly.”

Bill helped me carry my stuff from the car to the house. “Don’t want to leave the company laptop lying about.” Bill laughed, “I know what you mean. I carry one about too and the software engineers really get pissed if they think you might leave it where someone could steal their brain children.”

Ellen was waiting for us. She had a tray with three beers on it. “How are you, Brad?”

“I’m fine. You two are looking great.”

“Well, with both Kim and Bill, Jr. away in college, we get more sleep,” laughed Ellen.

I popped the tab on the beer. “You mean out of sight, out of mind?”

” Well, sort of. We worry a bit, of course, but we’re not awakened by one or both of them coming in a two or three in the morning.”

They each took a beer. Ellen asked, “How long can you visit?”

“Just a couple days. I don’t want to impose.”

“Nonsense,” Bill spoke up. I was hoping you could stay through the weekend. We’re installing a hot tub and, since you have one at home, I hoped you might be able to help.”

“I’d be glad to, but since it has been so long since I’ve spent a weekend at home, I’m not sure I remember what a hot tub is.”

Ellen laughed, “Come on, one more weekend away from home won’t make much difference.”

“I’m just glad I don’t have pets or house plants, I would be sued for cruelty by someone.”

“Well, we’d like your help, if you can stay.”

“O.K. I don’t know if I can help if it is much more complicated that hooking up a water line and plugging in the heater.”

“Nah, that’s about it. We got it located where we want it. And except for hooking it up and assembling some precut decking and seating around the tub, it is finished.”

“Except?” Ellen said. “Don’t forget the gazebo kit.”

“That should be easy to assemble in an afternoon.”

“Sounds like a case of when the kids are away, the parents play.”

Bill chuckled, “It’s nothing like that. I’m hoping to get lucky and get your sexy sister naked and skinny dip with her.”

Ellen giggled and punched Bill on the arm. She and I looked at each other. I wondered if Bill knew that Ellen and I were closer that most siblings. I changed the subject and, since I dropped in rather unannounced, I suggested that we go out to dinner. My treat.

We went to a nice steak house. Afterwards, I stopped at a liquor store and picked up a couple of bottles of the wine, which we had enjoyed at dinner. Once we back at their home, we kicked back and opened the wine. We talked about Kim and Bill, Jr. And Bill and I talked about work. He is also a customer rep and also deals with some crazy clients and situations at times.

Ellen was pretty quiet. She just sort of gazed at me as we worked our way through both bottles of wine. Bill looked at his watch, “It’s late, tomorrow promises to be a busy day.”

I grinned, “Better you than me.”

“Thanks a lot, but I’d better hit the sack.”

Ellen and I chatted as we finished the second bottle. She seemed a little depressed and she was a bit tipsy.

How are things going, Ellen?”

“Pretty good.”

“No, really. How are things going? You’re my big sister and I know when something is bothering you.”

“Well, with both kids away in college and Bill so involved in his work, I feel rather useless.”

“Oh, good. I thought it was something simple like you were worried about being seen while you and Bill got naked and seduced each other in your new hot tub.”

“No, it’s not that. I just feel rather useless. Bill works so hard and I haven’t worked since we had kids.”

“What do you mean you haven’t worked? My God, Ellen! You worked so you and Bill could buy this place after you got married. I remember Bill complaining about macaroni and tuna so you could save money for the mortgage. Then when Bill, Jr. was born, you stayed home. You stayed home and kept house, and cooked, and did laundry, and did everything else a Mother does while you raised two kids. Don’t tell me you’re useless. You’ve worked your butt off at home while Bill gallivanted about the country kissing the butts of his employer and clients. You’ve earned this slack time, Ellen. Enjoy it.”

Ellen stood. She staggered a little. I stood and put my arms around canlı bahis her. “Thanks, Brad. Nothing like having a snotty, smart assed little brother tell you off.”

“Ellen, I’m serious. You shouldn’t put yourself down. You are a neat lady. I love you.”

“I’m just kidding. I love you too, snotty smart assed little brother. Good night.” Ellen gave me a sloppy kiss, which was more kiss than sloppy.

As she turned to walk away, I swatted her on the butt. “Big Sisters! Hah!” Ellen giggled as she walked away. I thought to myself, that she had a pretty solid feeling butt for a woman who had had two kids and who “had never worked.”

Everyone was quiet at breakfast. Bill and I talked about the hot tub. I told him I would read the installation instructions and that we could figure out what needed to be done tonight.

After Bill left for work, Ellen excused herself. She had had too much wine the night before and was going to lie down.

About 11:00 a.m. or so, the phone rang. Ellen roused herself to answer it. It was Bill. He asked Ellen to pack a suitcase. One of his company’s big customers had run into some major software problems and he was going to have to fly to Seattle for a couple of days. He would pick up the suitcase on his way to the airport.

I helped Ellen get Bill’s stuff ready. She packed him a couple of sandwiches, veggies, fruit, and a juice drink to take with him on the flight.

After Bill picked up his suitcase, I took a nap and Ellen did whatever a woman who “had never worked” did around the house.

I was awakened when the bed moved. I opened my eyes just as Ellen lay down beside me. “What . . .”

“Shhh. Put your arms around me and hold me.” I put my arms around her as Ellen snuggled close and laid her head on my shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just want to get close to you like when we were kids.”

I turned and kissed Ellen on the forehead and hugged her closer. We both drifted into sleep. I awakened again when Ellen’s hair brushed my face. I opened my eyes just as her lips touched mine. She held my face in her hands as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was so surprised that I hugged her closer and returned the French kiss.

After what seemed an hour, we broke the kiss. Ellen sat up beside me, “Well!” She then began to rub her hand across my t-shirt. “Remember the time I walked into your room without knocking and surprised you while you were masturbating while looking at pictures in a skin magazine?”

“Yeah, I was really embarrassed about being caught with the magazine,” I laughed. That was right after I turned eighteen and could buy the mags without lying about my age. And having my sister catch me naked and with my dick in my hand was embarrassing too.”

“And it was just before you graduated high school. And I had just finished my freshman year at State. Do you remember what happened next?”

“Yes. How could I forget? And why would I want to forget? You said that I didn’t need to masturbate to pictures of naked women. If you could watch me masturbate to a climax, you would take off your clothes and I could masturbate while looking at a real live naked woman.”

“Then you locked the door to my bedroom, went through the connecting bathroom and locked your bedroom door. I was lying on the bed with a limp dick. You were wearing a kimono when you came back in. You stood beside the bed as you took the kimono off over your head. As you raised it up your legs my dick started to rise with it. When it got above your waist and I saw your pussy, it stood up. I was hard by the time you raised it past your breasts.”

“After you got the kimono off, you stood beside the bed, cupped your breasts, looked at my hard dick, and said that I must like what I see. I touched your leg and you pushed my hand away, saying I could look but not touch. Then you got on the other end of the bed and sat cross legged in front of me.”

“I was so wet. Then you stood up, Brad, and adjusted the pillows. I’ll never forget the sight of your hard cock standing out in front of you. Then you got back on the bed facing me. You leaned against the pillows, spread your legs so I could see your cock and balls and then you began to stroke your cock.”

“I was fascinated. And excited. I’d never seen a live naked man or a real erect penis before, let alone being on the same bed together. You closed your eyes as you stroked.”

“And you started to rub and pinch your nipples which got me harder.”

“Then you lay on your back, across the bed and right in front of me, as your continued to masturbate. You asked me if I wanted to help. I did and I didn’t so you took my hand and wrapped it around your cock. You covered my hand with yours and slid both of our hands up and down your cock shaft.”

“Then you got into it so much, Ellen, that you straddled my legs and used both of your hands to jack me off. I lay back and watched your breasts bounce and sway.”

“I didn’t think it was possible, but your cock got stiffer just before bahis siteleri you began to cum. Then you arched your back and groaned as gobs of thick creamy cum shot onto your stomach and chest. The only thing you said was, ‘Ohhh, don’t stop!’ After you stopped cumming, I licked some off my hand.”

“Then you fell back onto the bed, spread your legs, shoved two fingers of one hand into your pussy and used your other hand to rub you clit.”

“Then you rolled over next to me, slipped a finger into my pussy next to mine and rubbed my clit with your thumb. And I began to cum. You stayed with my clit until I relaxed.’

“Then we showered together and got dressed before Mom and Dad got home.”

“I almost choked at dinner when Mom asked you what you had done that afternoon and you answered you had read a magazine and had taken a nap.”

“And when she asked you, you almost giggled when you told her you had showered and taken a nap too.”

I looked at Ellen. Her face was flushed and her hand had worked its way under my t-shirt. I could feel that I had a pretty good hard-on. “That was the beginning of a new relationship between us, Ellen.”

“Yes, I almost wish we could go back in time. “Speaking of the time, where did the afternoon go? I’d better fix us some dinner. Are hamburgers o.k.?”

I set the kitchen table while Ellen cooked. We didn’t talk much while we ate. We cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes together. I closed the blinds as Ellen put away the dishpan and dish drainer. As she was hanging up the dishtowel, I stepped behind her and put my arms around her waist and hugged her to me. She tipped her face up to look at me. “I love you, Ellen.” Then I kissed her. Ellen turned in my arms, put her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. I wondered if she could feel my hard cock.

“Let’s go upstairs, Ellen. We need to finish what we started this afternoon.” I led Ellen up stairs to the guest bedroom where I was staying. I started to pull off my t-shirt. “Get undressed.”

“I don’t have a kimono any more.” Ellen unzipped her jeans and was pushing them and her panties down her legs.

“That’s o.k.” I pushed my slacks and shorts to the floor. I stepped out of them as Ellen removed her blouse.

She unhooked and removed her bra. “Now what?”

“Sit crossed legged on the end of the bed.” Ellen got on the bed as I arranged the pillows. I lay down, spread my legs and began to stroke my cock. Ellen watched for a minute, then moved up beside me. She spread her legs and began to rub her pussy.

We silently masturbated together for a few minutes then Ellen reached over and began stroking my cock. I placed my hand on her pussy and began to run a couple of fingers between her lips, around her clit and up and down her slit.

“When you get ready to cum, I want you to cum on my tits. Bill never cums anywhere except inside of me. I’ve wanted to watch him shoot cum on my tits but he says it isn’t right. It’s something a slut would do.”

I got on my knees and straddled Ellen’s hips. She grasped my cock in both hands. When I told her I was ready to cum, she let me finish jacking myself off. I carefully aimed and shot a wad on each nipple. Ellen watched as I then alternated between breasts and blew the rest of my load.

Ellen began rubbing the cum around her breasts and licking her fingers. I wanted to dive between her legs and eat her pussy, but I contented myself by finding her g-spot with my fingers and helping her get off by rubbing her clit and pressing her g-spot.

Ellen and I silently lay side-by-side for a while “Penny for your thoughts, Brad.”

“I think we shouldn’t be here together.”

“I know.”

“I want to make love with you, but I know we shouldn’t”

“I know. We were a couple of kids who got carried away with the excitement of discovering that sex was fun.”

“Yes, and being sister and brother made it illicit and even more exciting and fun.”

“I don’t regret what we did, or at least my part in it, Ellen, but . .”

Ellen leaned over me, “Shush. I’m glad we’re here together. We can’t change the past. And I wouldn’t change it, even if I could. I enjoyed making love with you, as awkward and inexperienced as we were.”

“I enjoyed it too. I guess we grew up and learned together.”

“Speaking as a worldly old lady and as someone who has been around the block more than a few times, pardon my language, but some of the best fuckings that I ever got, I got with my little brother.”

Before I could answer, Ellen kissed me. She was rubbing my stomach and chest. “You must work out. Your stomach is flat and hard. I wish Bill would work out. He’s got a bit of gut.”

The telephone rang. “That’s probably Bill.” Ellen slipped off the bed and walked to the door. I watched her walk away. Her butt was firm, her back was straight and she had solid firm legs.

“That was Bill. He had a good flight. He just got back to his hotel from the client’s office. bahis şirketleri He said it probably was going to be Friday afternoon, if they were lucky, before they finished the work.”

Ellen walked back to the bed. She had a confident walk. She was as good looking as she was twenty years ago. Her breasts were firm. She had a trim waist and her pubes were covered with a luxuriant thatch of curly auburn hair.

“We better call it a day, Brad.”

“O.K. “You want to shower, Sis?”

“Yes, but alone.” She leaned down to kiss me again. And she squeezed my cock as she turned to leave. “Good night.”

“Good night.” I turned off the lights and listened to the shower run. I thought how I would have enjoyed washing her body. I also thought about the cock squeeze. I fell asleep without deciding what was its real meaning.

Then next morning, I showered then walked down to the kitchen. Ellen had just finished starting the coffee. She was wearing a housecoat and fuzzy slippers. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and kissed her neck. “Good morning, Sis.”

“Good morning.” Ellen tipped her head back and kissed my cheek. She put her hands on my arms. Her breasts rested on my arms. I walked us over to the kitchen table and turned Ellen around so she was leaning against the edge of the table. I unfastened her housecoat. “What are you doing, Brad?”

“Something I wanted to do last night. I sank to my knees and buried my face in her luxuriant curly pubic hair. “Nooo, Brad. This is wron . . ,” Ellen moaned. She became silent as I worked my tongue up and down the edges of her labia.

We stopped long enough to seat Ellen on the table and for me to pull up a kitchen chair. Ellen leaned back on her elbows as I resumed licking and sucking her labia. She laid down on her back and pressed my face into her pussy when my lips found her clit.

She had one leg over my shoulder and I was holding her other leg up as I sucked and kissed her hard little clitoris. She began to moan. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and licked and sucked her juices from her vaginal opening. Ellen began to shudder. I moved my mouth up to her clit. I sucked her clit hard as Ellen pushed her hips and her pussy up hard against my nose, mouth and chin.

She lay quietly on the table as I licked her thighs and pussy clean of her juices. I looked up as she sat upright. She shrugged off her housecoat and leaned back on her hands and straight arms. As I stood up, she leaned forward and kissed me. “So that’s what I taste like?”

My hard cock pushed out the front on my sweat pants. I watched as my naked sister pushed three fingers into her pussy then licked each finger clean. “Do you like the taste of my pussy, Brad?” Before I could answer Ellen slid around on the tabletop.

The morning sun, shining through the blinds, illuminated her body in alternate bands of sunlight and shadow. She slipped off the table. “Let’s go upstairs.”

I followed her to the stairway. I watched her climb the steps. Ellen stopped at the head of the stairs in a pool of sunlight streaming through a small window. As she turned and looked down at me, she rubbed her right hand across her pubes and belly, then she cupped her left breast. “Come to me, Brad.”

I pulled off my t-shirt and sweatpants. Watching Ellen climb the steps and caressing herself had really pumped up my hard-on. My cock was standing straight up against my stomach as I began to climb the stairs.

Ellen extended a hand and I took it when I neared the top. We walked hand in hand into the master bedroom. As we passed the mirror above the dresser, she stopped and began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I look ridiculous!”

I looked and Ellen and her reflection. “You’re beautiful.”

“No, no! Look at my feet. I’m naked except for these silly fuzzy slippers,” Ellen giggled again.

I stepped behind her as she kicked off her slippers. I put my arms around her waist as I leaned down and kissed her on the side of her neck. I squatted down a little and pressed my hard cock into Ellen’s butt crack. She spread her feet and my cock slid between her thighs. I slipped my hands up her torso and gently cupped each breast. We looked at our reflection. “I want to make love with you, Sweet Sister.”

Ellen covered my hands with hers. ‘Yes, lets, My Brother.”

We separated and walked to the bed. Ellen fluffed up the pillows and pulled the blankets and top sheet back. I adjusted the blinds so the room was lit with filtered sunlight. Ellen lay down near the center of the bed. I kneeled on the edge of the mattress and looked at the beautiful woman awaiting me.

I lay on my side next to Ellen. The pillows smelled of her. “I don’t want to ruin the mood, but do you want me to wear a condom?”

Ellen turned onto her side to face me, “No, it’s not necessary. I had that taken care of years ago.” She leaned forward and kissed me.

We put our arms around each other and stroked each other’s back and flanks as our kiss became deeper and more passionate. Ellen leaned back a bit and slid her hand down my stomach to my cock. As she stroked and gently squeezed my cock and balls, I was able to make love to her breasts with my fingers, lips and tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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