Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 03

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The next morning was spent recovering from a wicked hangover and relaxing by the pool. The afternoon again brought rain, but it passed quickly. When the sun came back out, Roland took his guitar for a walk down the beach.

This stretch of beach, beyond the strip of hotels and restaurants, was flanked by a large park and nature preserve full of palms and other heartier trees. Roland looked for a nice place to sit, play, and watch the sun go down. Almost an hour after leaving the hotels far behind, he found what he was looking for.

A small tree-topped rise overlooking the beach, perfectly suited to all his needs was just ahead. As he neared, he saw a group of people already gathered there – must be some locals, he thought. As Roland walked past he realized they were waving and calling to him. One of them held up a guitar.

He went over, and met the nicest bunch of Thai guys. They shared their Leo Beer and he shared the bottle of rum he brought. They shared no common language, but they jammed together there on the beach. The sun set and they built a small fire, taking turns playing and singing songs.

A short time after sunset, a small group approached from the beach. As they entered the fire-light, Roland could not believe his eyes. It was the waitress with a few of her friends. They dropped the cooler they carried nearby, and greeted the boys.

The girl from the restaurant walked right up to Roland and said, “Are you surprised see me?” She smiled and sat down next to him on a log.

“Yeah, I’m surprised. What…what are you doing here?” stammered Roland. They were face to face, and he could see her unusual, beautiful features – almond eyes with long dark lashes, high, wide cheek bones that tapered to a small chin, taken together with her dark complexion it was a striking mixture of Chinese and Malay features.

“They called me, and said ‘come, we have a party with one farang guitar man. Bring your friends,’ so I came,” she said, and added, “because I thought the man was you.”

“Wow, I can’t believe this. How do you know these guys?” Roland asked, still slack-jawed with surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, trying to regain some composure,” my name is Roland.”

“My name is Calee,” she replied in her soft, quiet voice. “Ok, so, they are from my village,” she continued, looking straight into Roland’s eyes, “rubber farmers, and they came to Phuket for a short trip…and to take me home.”

“Home?” Roland said with visible, unexpected and unwarranted disappointment.

“Awww…” Calee said, a little touched by Roland’s appearance. “Yes, we are from the mainland, in the south. I come here to work, and now the season is over. What about you, when do you go home?”

It had not occurred to him that even if he somehow met ‘the waitress’, and they had an unlikely sexual encounter, he would be leaving almost immediately or how she might feel about it. “I leave in a few days.”

“Me too.” Calee said with a soft smile and a nod. Then, her eyes narrowed and she continued, “Where is your wife?”

“She’s not my wife…” he looked into the fire and grew sad, despite Calee’s presence beside him. “She’s not even my girlfriend anymore. She left yesterday morning.”

“Oh no… are you sad?”

“Not at the moment,” Roland said, still slightly awed to be having this conversation.

“She is beautiful.”

“You don’t have to rub it in.”

“What? Rub it…”

“Never mind, it’s just a saying. But you’re much prettier than her, so maybe I’m better off that she broke up with me. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here tonight.”

“Hmm,” Calee thought, then smiled her wide, relaxed smile. “Ok, I rub it.”

“No, no… I mean, if you want to… No, just… how about we hang out tonight and see what happens,” Roland tried to correct himself, as he blushed and grinned at the thought of Calee rubbing his cock.

“Hang out? What is that?” Calee frowned and shook her head and jawline- length black hair. “I’m sorry, I can’t speak English very good.”

“No, it’s my fault,” Roland said as he placed his large palm on her back. She felt so warm. “It means be together…just be together, talk, have fun… understand?”

Her smile returned. Calee took Roland’s hand and squeezed it. “Yes, I want to be with you tonight.” She saw Roland’s eyes widen, and her smile did the same. “We can be together…and talk…and have fun.”

Roland was now concealing his giant erection from not only Calee, but also the rest of the growing group. Any unhappy thoughts of Olivia had disappeared, replaced with the reality of Calee sitting beside him.

She was innocent and naughty, exotic yet comfortable, shy but brave too…what a fascinating young woman, Roland thought. They knew next to nothing about each other, but the attraction between them was undeniable.

The drinking and singing got progressively louder. Guys and girls were pairing off, wandering around the outskirts of the fire’s light.

“Want go somewhere more quiet?” Roland asked Calee, and gave tuzla escort her small hand a firm squeeze.

“Yes,” she said, again, keeping disarming eye contact, “I hoped you would ask.”

They stood and walked hand in hand down the small hill toward the beach. Roland watched Calee’s hips rise and fall, her tight ass barely concealed by her cut-offs. Her tight fitting green T-shirt was scrunched around her waist and left a sliver of her abdomen exposed – where it disappeared inside her shorts in a gentle curve.

“Do you know how good you look?”

“Haha…I know you like to look at me,” Calee said, peeking down at Roland’s erection bobbing up and down with each step, under his Khaki shorts. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Why me? Too many pretty girls everywhere. I’m just a normal girl,” Calee said as they reached the base of the hill. On the beach, in the dark, she turned to face Roland and their eyes met.

“I’ve never seen a girl like you…you are beautiful…in a magical way. Something in your eyes, the way you move, the way you look at me…do you understand?” Roland held her hands as she looked up at his face.

“Yes,” she replied and inched closer, her lips slightly parted. “Maybe we never meet again, but… I feel like you. Same-same.”

Under the stars, to the music of the waves, Roland leaned down to kiss Calee. Her lips parted further as they touched his and their tongues met, softly dancing in her mouth. He released her hands and held Calee’s face. She grabbed Roland’s waist and pulled their bodies together, her small breasts pressed into his stomach, and her thigh against the firm heat of his cock.

Roland let his hands slip from Calee’s face as he pressed his tongue more firmly against hers. She pressed back, and a gentle, “Mmhh,” escaped her lips. His hands brushed her neck, her back, the outer swell of her breasts, eliciting another, “Mmmmhhh,” and he encircled her waist with his hands, coming to rest just inside the top of her shorts.

“Ahhh,” Calee voiced as their lips and tongues parted.

“Is this ok, Calee? I don’t -“

“This is perfect, Roland,” she said, smiling up at him.

“Call me Rollie,” he said, quickly returning his tongue to hers, his hand on the smooth, warm skin of her firm belly and the small of her back.

“Mmm, Rollie,” she said briefly resuming her kiss, before abruptly pulling away. “Wait, Rollie.”

“What is it?” he said, worried he’d done something wrong.

“They are calling. Time to go.”

Roland hadn’t noticed, but up on the hill, Calee’s friends were packing up their things, and making a bunch of noise.

“Come,” Calee said as she grabbed Roland’s hand and led him back up the rise.

“Do you have to go home so soon?” Roland asked with a mix of hope and disappointment in his voice.

“Yes,” she said. “We have to go home…and hang out,” Calee added, smiling. “We will get a ride. More faster.” She squeezed his hand hard as they made their way back to the group.

“I never did this before – ” Roland blurted out, as they stumbled up the hill.

“What, make Thai girlfriend? Me too, first time farang boyfriend,” Calee said, and she spun around in front of Roland.

“Yes, but that’s not what I mean. Will you spend the night with me?” On higher ground, she stood face to face with him and inspected his face. Their eyes, adjusted to the dark, locked in on each-other. She ran her fingers over Roland’s eyebrows, the bridge of his nose, his stubbly cheeks, and his lips, before they kissed again. With more passion, their faces and mouths pressed together. Hand on Calee’s chest, Roland pushed her gently away, her tongue lingering on his lips.

“And then, maybe we will never see each other again -“

Calee tongued Roland’s lips and mouth, her nose brushing against his. He raised his hands to Calee’s small, round breasts, and applied gentle stroking pressure through her shirt.

Standing slightly above him, Calee found Roland’s erection resting right against her crotch. She wrapped her arms around his hips and pulled him against her, grinding her now damp pussy on his cock through her jeans and his khakis.

“Mmm, Rolie… it’s ok. We don’t know what happens tomorrow…ok?” His hand was now squeezing her ass, while Calee grinded against him.

“Ok, Calee,” Roland said, his hands maneuvering to the front of her shorts.

“Mmm, wait…we have time. Now we have to go. Come on,” Calee said as she turned from Roland, and he followed her up the hill.

Once they reached the top, they were greeted by exaggerated ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, or the Thai equivalent, as Calee’s friends teased her good-naturedly. In response, she grabbed Roland tightly and lifted herself several inches up to kiss him on the cheek.

Packed up and ready to go, the group waked away from the beach and into the wooded park on the other side of the hill. Roland and Calee laged a few paces behind, sneaking the occasional kiss.

They came to a parking area with a dirt tuzla escort bayan road, and a pick-up truck, which would apparently take all twelve of them home.

Three guys across the front bench seat, two couples in back, and three of Calee’s friends – girls who all worked at nearby hotels – Roland and Calee in the bed. Seated snugly beside Calee, the idea of bouncing down an unknown dirt road in the bed of a pick-up bring driven by a drunken Thai rubber farmer didn’t seem so bad.

Roland, Calee and her friends were bunched pretty tightly together, and held onto each other as the engine turned over and the truck pulled into the road. The girls, drunk and uninhibited, practiced their English with Roland, while Calee, arm hooked around Roland’s leg, squeezed him tight.

The two learned all about each other because of those noisy, nosey girls. Calee learned that Roland was from America but lived in Korea, was twenty-eight, taught English and was in a band. Roland found out that Calee had a boyfriend back home that she didn’t love, was twenty-one, and like her friends, learned a little English to work in the tourism industry.

The most boisterous of the, upon closer inspection, very sexy girls, revealed that she had an Australian boyfriend who was coming back to see her on his next vacation, and that she had been encouraging Calee to find a foreign boyfriend.

The pick-up swerved around a tight curve, jostling the passengers in the bed, and one of the girls tumbled into Roland.

“Sorry, sorry…” she said while removing herself from Roland’s lap. She said something in Thai that had all the girls rolling on the pick-up bed, laughing.

“What did she say,” Roland asked Calee.

She squeezed him tighter and said, “I tell later,” leaning her head against Roland’s chest.

The pick-up was now travelling smoothly on the hotel strip, and they knew the ride would soon be coming to an end.

“We get off first…right here. Come on,” Calee said as the vehicle stopped in front of her now closed restaurant.

They hopped out, and said their goodbyes. Roland gave his guitar to the driver of the pick-up who thanked him profusely. The guys shook hands, while the girls waved and laughed again and the pick-up drove away.

On the street, dark and quiet, Roland held Calee close, arms around each other, faces inches apart. There they stood for a few seconds, almost kissing, just looking into each other’s eyes.

“Come on, let’s go to my hotel,” Roland said, and Calee nodded in assent. He led her down the road to the nearby White Orchid. “So, what did your friend say in the truck?”

“Rollie…I like to say your name…do you want to know what she said?”

“Yes, Calee,” Roland took her hand and led her down the fern-lined path toward the hotel entrance.

“Ok…It’s funny,” Calee said as they stepped into the lobby. “Wow, this hotel is so nice,” she said, wide eyed.

“She said…”

“Oh, yes. It’s just so beautiful. I feel like I’m on honeymoon, like American tourist,” Calee said, and squeezed Roland’s arm. He looked down at her and smiled. “Ok, I know…She said, ‘don’t be afraid of his big, white thing,’ ok?”

“That is funny,” Roland chuckled as they passed the dark, quiet halls, and continued along the outdoor path to his villa. “So, are you scared?”

“Ha… Is it very big? I think it is…” Calee tried to slide her hand into Roland’s pants and find out.

“We’re almost at the villa, so you can see for yourself. Come on,” he said.

Roland opened the door and led Calee inside. “You can check out the villa first. Make yourself at home,” he said, as Calee scampered around the suite, oohing and ahhing.

“I have never seen a place like this,” she said, exiting the bathroom. She trotted through the salon and into the bedroom. “This is…I don’t know the English words. Wow!”

“Go see the balcony, out the sliding door. Want a beer?”

“Yes,” she said, and disappeared into the warm night air. “Wow, so beautiful!”

Roland retrieved two beers from the mini-bar and went to join Calee on the balcony. As he stepped through the bedroom, Roland saw Calee standing in the balcony doorway. Her clothes lay on the floor at her feet.

Calee’s thin, brown frame leaned against the door jam. Her perfectly round, firm breasts with their small dark nipples, the easy curve of her belly, the rise of her hip bones, her thin thighs, and the space between them, a barely-there spray of fine black hair, vanishing above her yet hidden treasure – all washed over Roland.

“So beautiful,” he said.

“I’m not scared,” Calee said, “so, can I see it? Your big, white, thing?”

“Only because you’re not scared,” Roland stepped across the room and placed the beers on the balcony table behind Calee. She turned to follow him, to keep her body facing his. He removed his t-shirt, and Calee ran her fingertips through the hair in the center of Roland’s chest.

“Ooh… please. Let me see…”

He slipped his thumbs into the escort tuzla waist of his shorts, and pulled them away from his body, but didn’t lower them. Calee leaned forward and looked down.

“Huhh- so wide,” she said with a gasp, her finger-nails digging into Roland’s chest as her whole body flexed. “Please, Rollie, let me see it all,” Calee cajoled. She looked up and Roland met her with a kiss, his hands moving from his waist to her rump. He felt her nipples stiffen as they brushed his stomach.

“Ok, Calee,” Roland softly said, returning his hands to his shorts. He unbuttoned them, unzipped the fly, and let the khaki shorts fall to his feet.

“Uhhh- ” she gasped again as Roland’s cock sprung loose, and she took a step back onto the balcony. “Its…too big, Rollie. How can I…”

Roland followed her out, and brushed her short hair with his fingers. “Its ok, Calee. Let’s take everything nice and slow.” He stroked her neck and back as he led her to sit on the loveseat.

Calee didn’t say anything at first. She only looked at Roland’s penis in amazement. She reached out to touch it, to run her dark fingers over the bulbous, red, head and thick pinkish-white shaft.

“You are so big. Twice as big as…”

Roland didn’t let her finish, kissing her slowly while she handled him. His hands gently stroked Calee’s thighs. She cradled his balls in her palm, his cock resting on – covering her thin forearm to her elbow.

“I don’t think I can – “

“I though you weren’t scared,” Roland said softly, his hands sliding farther up along Calee’s inner thigh. “Don’t worry,” he whispered in her ear, barely audible with the waves crashing in the distance and the strong sea breeze rustling the palms, “I will take care of you.”

Roland’s fingers approached Calee’s groin, and he felt the intense heat just beyond. The soft brown skin beside her pussy was already damp, as was the loveseat she sat on.

“Oh…ooohh…” Calee moaned as Roland slid his finger along her slit.

“Lie back, Calee,” Roland whispered in her ear again, kissing her there, then behind her ear, and down her neck. She smelled like incense, orchids, and firewood. He took his time, and touched his lips to every inch of her cocoa skin.

“Yes, Rollie,” she breathed, leaning her back against the cushioned arm-rest, and bringing one leg behind Roland along the back of the loveseat. He sat, his engorged cock up in the air.

Roland kissed her clavicle, throat, and chin, before tonguing her lips and mouth. She responded in kind, as he worked his finger slowly between her moist, sensetive, folds.

“Mmm,” Calee moaned as she toyed with Roland’s penis, tugging and twisting as he moved lower and tenderly kissed her breasts.

“Hahhh-” she gasped when Roland circled one areola, then the other, before gently nibbling her nipples. He licked and softly tugged as they swelled, then slowly inserted his index finger into Calee’s wet opening.

“Huhhh- huhh-,” again Calee gasped with pleasure. While slowly moving his finger in and out of her, Roland, alternatingly, took her breasts in his mouth, licking and sucking them.”

“Mmmmmm~” Calee moaned, arching her back as Roland kept toying with her tits using his mouth and tongue. As Roland slid his middle finger inside her, Calee’s hips moved in response. “Aaahhhh-“

With his two fingers, Roland twisted and turned, gently stretching Calee’s extraordinarily tight pussy. “Are you ok?” he asked, feeling the snug fit.

“Aahh – aahh, yes Rollie…” Calee cried, her juices flowing around his fingers.

He brought his thumb down through her whispy tuft of pubic hair, and began to gently press just below it, at the base of Calee’s clitoris.

“Ooooh, oohh -” Calee was now riding waves of pleasure, tingles of sensuality throughout her body like she never experienced before. She had never been pleasured, never pleased, never made so wet.

Roland couldn’t ignore Calee’s pussy any longer. She was dripping down his arm. The heat and aroma – a sweet, floral musk – overwhelmed his senses. As he gazed at her shimmering slit he stroked her swollen clitoris with his thumb, and she became even more wet.

“You are incredibly sexy,” Roland whispered in Calee’s ear.

“Mmmmm~” was her only reply.

He lowered his head between her thighs, inhaled deeply, filling his head with her scent, and delicately licked Calee’s ruby, petal-like lips.

“Uhh, what are you…uunnng~” she cried, her protest masked with pleasure.

“It’s ok, Calee. I’m just getting you ready, and you will like this. Ok?” Roland sensed her unease and tried to sooth her, while continuing to stroke her deeply with his fingers.

“Ahh, but I never…mmmm, ahhh, really you want to? ~”

“Yes, Calee, I so want to taste you,” Roland said, increasing the speed of his fingers just a little.

“Ok, Rollie… I won’t be scared,” she said, her hands now stroking Roland’s face.

“Calee…” he said as his face disappeared between her opening legs. Roland, despite his longing, again moved slowly. He kissed Calee’s abdomen, below her navel, and her tiny patch of silky hair.


Roland ran the tip of his tongue down Calee’s groin, and up the other.

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