Letters to Sue: Bethany

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How’s my favorite warm email twat this evening? Are you still seducing men?

I just finished telling you about playing “Virtual Warrior” with Cora for the first time. If you remember, Cora was the mid-40’s mother of a college friend. I slipped my hard rod into Cora several times that summer before my final year of grad school. That was just the beginning of an interesting relationship with that family that summer. I was able to get my college friend Melanie all hot and wet later that summer.

I’ll tell you how I seduced Cora’s daughter Melanie later this week. But, first, I want to tell you a bit about what happened with Cora’s other daughter, 18 year old Bethany.

Two weeks after I had Cora’s lips on my dick, I was invited to the family’s summer cabin on a large lake north of town. Cora wasn’t there, but both Bethany and Melanie were along with a few other friends. I arrived a day later than everybody else because I had to work. When I showed up at about 9 in the morning only Bethany was there. The rest had run into town to pick something up. Bethany was getting the boat ready. The family had a couple of boats including a large cabin cruiser that could handle the waves on this big lake.

Bethany was wearing a white string bikini. It was incredibly skimpy and showed off her taught 18 year old tanned body. She obviously had spent a lot of the time out on the lake. You could also tell that she loved to water ski by looking at her well-muscled legs and strong shoulders.

When Bethany saw me, she smiled and waved me down to shore. “They’ve all gone to town. I thought I’d take the boat out and tan while drifting. Would you like to join me?” I said “sure” and helped her launch the boat. Bethany took the boat across the lake behind one of the islands into an isolated cove. It was absolutely beautiful back there.

“No one will bother us here”, Bethany said. “The skiers don’t come back here and the fishermen have all left for the day. We’ll have the place to ourselves.” She climbed up onto the bow of the boat, stood up and spun around holding her hands in the air. The water was perfectly calm. “Isn’t this wonderful?” I said “yes”, meaning both her fine young body and the scenery. “Hand me those big towels behind you and bring canlı bahis the lotion. I want to sunbathe up here.” I did as Bethany asked. She had dark hair just like her mother Cora and, more importantly, large breasts just like her mother. They were barely constrained by the skimpy white fabric of her suit.

Bethany spread out the towels and then sat down. She was wearing mirrored sunglasses so it was a little tough to tell what she was looking at, though I imagined she was occasionally checking out my body. She started rubbing suntan lotion.The air smelled of coconuts.

“I suppose I should thank you.” “For what?”, I said as I watched her rub on the lotion. I could see my upper body in the reflection of her sunglasses as she turned to look at me. She smiled and said “for my mother, she was such a bitch until two weeks ago.” “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“Oh, c’mon, I heard you two when I was out in the driveway. She’s never been that loud before. Oh, and I saw your pretty little ass as you slipped into the bathroom.” Bethany laughed. “Don’t be embarrassed. You should be proud of yourself.” She smiled at me again. “After mom got divorced and Melanie left for college, my mother started dating. She was a little cock hound there for a while.” I was surprised at the 18 year old’s bluntness, but I didn’t say anything.

“None of them made her sound like you did.” I blushed. “Now that she’s started dating Joe, she’s been bitchy all the time. At least until a couple of weeks ago.” She smiled at me again. “I think she goes out with him because he has lots of money. He mustn’t be very good in bed. He’s such a tight ass.” Bethany sure liked to talk. I hardly said anything, just felt red and a little smug from what she was saying.

She talked some more about her mother and then her sister. Then “My stupid boyfriend decided to spend the summer working in Yellowstone.” Bethany was lying on her stomach sunning with her face away from me. Her legs were idly kicking in the air. “I’m probably going to get as bitchy as my mother.” There was silence except for the wind in the trees and some geese flying overhead. Bethany was still lying on her belly.

“I think you should do something to keep me from being a bitch.” She rolled over and looked at me.” bahis siteleri Show me what you got. Show me what made my mother scream so hard.” “Are you serious?”, I said. “You don’t want me to be a bitch all summer, do you? Besides, it’s not like I’m asking to fuck my mother’s boyfriend. You’re not her boyfriend and I just want to look anyway.”

“But we’re out in the open”, I protested. “There’s no one here. Look around. I’ll take off my top for you if you let me look. C’mon honey.” I couldn’t turn down Bethany offer after that. I was getting hard from the situation but not quite stiff yet as I slid my trunks off.

“oooh, that is nice. No wonder my mother was so pleased. Look at how strong your ass is too.” Bethany then faced me and took off her white bikini top. Her full pert breasts were right in front of me. Bethany grabbed them in her hands and licked the nipple of one. Then she reached for my cock.

“You’re not going to let me be a bitch this summer are you? I gotta have this.” Bethany held my hard dick in her hand and started rubbing her tongue around the tip. I could occasionally see my dick reflected in her sunglasses. She ran her lips down one side and then brought her wet tongue up the other. I reached my hands over and slipped off her white bottoms. Both of us were now naked on the deck as she began to suck on my cock.I pulled her a little closer so I could start playing with her clit. My fingers felt her wetness as they entered her. She had such a fine young body.

Bethany stopped sucking my cock. It was wet from her mouth. She looked at me and then started rapidly stroking me. “Did my mother suck you?”, she growled at me. “I want you to fuck me like you did her. Can you do that?”

Since she asked, I pulled her over so she was straddling me. I still couldn’t see Bethany’s eyes since she had the sunglasses on but her mouth was open. I grabbed her hips and gently eased my hard dick into her. She was so much tighter than her mother but not much wetter. I firmly grabbed her hips and rapidly thrust upwards into her. I watched her face register a look of suprised pleasure.

“Oh, my. Oh, my, no wonder she screamed. You feel so good.” I kept the motion going. Her body felt slick against mine from the sun, the sweat and the lotion. bahis şirketleri The boat was gently rocking in time to our intense fucking. Bethany started squealing and I felt her tight twat tighten even more over my cock. “Oh baby, this feels so good.” She collapsed. Her warm breasts pressed against my chest. Bethany was kissing me. My hard cock was still inside her tight wet pussy. I felt so horny knowing I had fucked her mother a couple of weeks before. I felt even hornier knowing that Bethany knew.

I rolled Bethany over and climbed on top of her. I grabbed one of her legs by the ankle and lifted it up. I took my cock in my other hand and slapped it against her wet pussy. “Put it in my cunt, baby. I want to feel you inside again. I’m ready for it.”

Bethany spread both her legs wide. They were flat against the deck. She obviously had some flexibility from being both young and a skier. I slapped my dick against her pussy again to get it completely stiff again. I saw my sweaty torso reflected in her glasses.

I plunged my dick into Bethany. She screamed with pleasure. Her hair was spread across the deck. She really had a fine tight pussy and with her legs this way I could feel every inch of myself enter her. I slowly then rapidly pushed in and out. Bethany just grunted with each motion. Suddenly she grabbed my ass and pulled me in tight. She just held me there, twisting her head back and forth. She grunted again as she came.

She pulled herself out from underneath me. I was now kneeling in front of her. Bethany took my cock in her mouth. “I love the taste of my pussy juices. I like the taste of jizm too.” It was then that I saw the image of a boatload of fishermen reflected in her glasses.

I wasn’t about to stop her as she started sucking me and giving me a hand job. She kept playing with me and I watched her young tits and ass move in front of me. “C’mon baby, cum for the nice fishermen. They’ve been watching for a while. They need to see the finale.” She really got into it. I could tell she liked putting on the show. “C’mon. Cum on my face. I can feel you’re ready. C’mon”. She stroked and sucked just the right way and I shot a huge load out on her lips.

She held my cock with one hand and wiped her mouth and then licked her fingers. She stood up, smiled at the fishermen and wrapped a towel around her. Then she climbed back into the boat. As I was doing the same I noticed the fishermen were holding their beers up in a well-earned salute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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