Lessons from Sadie Ch. 04

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Two nights before my unexpected experience at school Sadie led me through the pathways of anal sex. Remember she had already directed my fingers in that direction as a form of stimulus, and that night I was busying myself with that pleasuring. I was happily applying my tongue to her engorged clit, enjoying the sounds of her excited breathing. My fingers were spread so that while my index finger dallied in her vagina, with the subtle movement she had guided me into, my third finger was gentle teasing in and around her asshole. The difference in tensions of the two entrances was so intriguing. My cock was aching, longing to get involved in the action when Sadie touched my head and I looked up at her raised, impassioned face.

“Would you like to go in there?”

“Here, of course.” I said, wiggling my index finger.

“No, the other one. Where you’re working right now.”

Put my cock into her ass? Was that allowed? But wasn’t that how I’d felt about using my finger there? “Won’t it hurt you?”

“It did, when it first happened—but that was—Well, I can take it now. Like to take it now.”

And she sat up and turned her body so she was kneeling forward, her hand reached back, closed around my swollen cock, and drew me towards her raised ass. She placed my penis head against that tight hole, then lowered it to her vagina. “Once in there and then out.”

Puzzled and uncertain I slid my cock deep into her vagina, thrilling at the sensation of it. “Now out—all the way out.”

Regretfully, I retracted. “Now, you’re nicely lubricated to enter.” And she placed me back at that tight little entrance. “Now, just gentle pressure.”

I just couldn’t imagine my generously sized cock getting through that tiny opening. But with my first push I was an inch inside her and I heard her deep sigh of pleasure. As a pressed tentatively her hips suddenly thrust back and I was plunged into that deep mysterious passage. The forbidden place, I would have thought.

But God, it felt deliciously tight as I began thrusting back and forwards and Sadie’s hips responded.

“Reach round to my clit,” Sadie grunted.

I put both arms around her, hands spreading over her heaving belly and slid my fingers down into the moistness of her labia, where her little button was as erect as I’d ever felt it. I began strumming my fingers over it while continuing the deep slides into her ass. The excitement of it was making my balls ready to explode and I listened more attentively to her rapturous breathing, getting to recognise the sound of approaching climax. Sharp breathing quickening, before becoming more vocal, a husky guttural sound that rose to almost squeal pitch on an ‘Ah’ sound.

She wasn’t quite to that yet, and I was enjoying this new experience, so different from the vaginal penetration. It was like having my erect cock pass along a series of tight rubber rings, with the first one the tightest, only everything was much warmer and more active than that.

Really excited now, I plunged full depth while my fingers flickered on her clit. I was about to burst. I humped faster, harder, forgetting everything about care, just riding on a wave of

exhultation that I could cum in this new found lobby.

And it was just then that Sadie’s grunted,’Ah’ began, repeated, higher pitched as she neared her own climax. She threw back her head and I lay over her back as I pushed deeply and she hissed, “Oh, yes, Jack. Aaah.” Knowing she was there I was able to let go and that moment of wild release as I spurted up inside her was like no other I’d had up to that time. She, for her part, was crying out more than she had ever done thudding her buttocks back against me. My climax seemed to go on and on.

At last we collapsed together across the bed, sweated and


“If illegal bahis you ever try that with any of the many conquests you have ahead of you, be very careful. I’m already stretched there, but first time, no matter how much your fingering might have encouraged her,

can be difficult.”

“Was yours?”

“Yes, but we won’t talk about that now.” She turned her face to mine. “Let’s talk about your next conquest. Anyone in view?”

I told her there wasn’t and that was the truth but just two days later a real plum literally dropped into my lap. And it just showed how easily word of mouth can create your reputation.

In my earlier story I mentioned how much I was attracted to the blonde Miss Orry, our class tutor at school. I had always reckoned she couldn’t have been more than fiveyears older than me. Maybe twenty three, twenty four. But such a trim figure, and she always wore thin sweaters that emphasised an elegant looking bust. Not large, but surely delectable.

Anyway, ever since my sessions with Jan and Mandy I had the feeling that Miss Orry had been giving me long inquisitive looks. Well, last session that Friday our group had a mixed gym session in which we did some circuit training and I was surprised to see Miss Orry come in and take over from Mr Martin, our usual instructor.

“I didn’t know this was your area of expertise,” I said to her as we crossed over between apparatus.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she said, which could have been innocent, but the look that went with it intrigued me.

When the session finished and the others dashed off to the showers, boys to the left girls to the right, Miss Orry called me over and asked if I’d help put away the rest of the equipment. Fair enough, I thought. As we placed the last mattress in place in the storage cupboard she said, “Thank you, Jack.” And treated me to a lovely smile.

When I got to the boys’ changing rooms, they had all gone. The floor was pretty dry so I guessed that not many had bothered to shower. Feeling I needed a freshening up I stripped off my athletics gear, noticing that being near Miss Orry had brought my penis semi-erect.

And magically, at that very moment Miss Orry popped her head around the door, her eyes glanced quickly down, and widened. She apologised as I stupidly tried to reach for a towel to cover up. Then, as she stepped further into the room I saw that she was wrapped in only a towel.

“I really am sorry,” she breathed. “But my shower isn’t working. I wondered if I might use yours.” She paused, and glanced again to where my towel was making a poor job of covering the effect she was having on me. “When you’re finished.”

Finding my breath and noticing how the tops of her breasts seemed to be heaving out the cover of her towel I said, “No, you go first. I’ll wait outside.”

She had moved real close and her eyes looked up into mine, “Suppose I don’t want you to go outside.”

I tried be nonchalant but the very nearness of her had me all but panting.

“Can I be very frank with you, Jack?”

Dumbly I nodded my head.

“Well, I couldn’t help hearing Jan and Mandy—and what they were saying about you.”

“Anything good.”

“All of it good—-very good.” And to my delight she reached out and placed a hand on my shoulder. “So good that I think you could be the one to do me a big favour.”

And she went on to tell me about her boy friend and the deal they had made to remain virgins until they were married. “I kept my part. But that bastard has been having it off with his secretary. Won’t touch me. I mean not completely. Well, two can play at that game.”

I stood there stupid with amazement. Was she asking what I thought she was asking.

“Would you —help me lose my virginity?” illegal bahis siteleri And she smiled at my shocked expression.

“But you’re my teacher,” I gasped.

“Well, for a short time I want you to be mine. Will you?”

I could feel my head nodding but I was paralysed with disbelief that I could be this lucky.

“Good,” she said, and there in front of me she dropped her towel and added, “I’ll get a shower first, eh?”

Her body was everything I had dreamed it would be. Firm rounded breasts with rose pink centres. Delicious curving from waist over hips, temptingly rounded belly leading down to a fine fair triangle of hair.

All of this, yet I was momentarily frozen by the fact that this was my school teacher I was ogling. And would a virgin display herself with such abandon? As though reading my thoughts she smiled and touched my cheek. “I have never been self conscious about my body,” she said, before adding, “You like what you see?” I could only nod.

“Right, I’ll shower.” She stepped into the cubicle before turning back and breathing, “You can join me if you wish.”

I immediately dropped my towel and stepped towards her, seeing her eyes lower to my thickening cock. “My goodness, Jan and Mandy weren’t exaggerating.”

As soon as I was under the steaming spray she began soaping my chest, then handed the soap to me to return the favour. If I say it was a pleasure that would be to minimise the sensations that ran through me as my hands soaped those delicious breasts. Her own hands glided down my body and her fingers strayed over and around my now high pointing cock. I soaped down her belly until my own fingers were roaming over her pubic mound touching briefly at the sensitive corner of her labia. She gave a quick intake of breath.

“Time to rinse, dry—and then—-” And her fingers tightened around my cock. “He has important work to do.”

We dried each other with such intimate care that we were both breathing faster as I followed her, each of us wrapped in a towel out to the obvious place. The store room where we had recently replaced the mattress.

She pulled off the towel, yanked at mine and spread them on the mattress before sitting down on the edge. I sat beside her and she came into my arms her lips searching for mine. Her tongue immediately stroked over mine, while her hands rubbed up and down my back. My own hands could not wait to caress those breasts, and now my fingers lingered around the nipples, stroking and gentle tugging at them. She moaned with pleasure, so I broke from the kiss, ran my lips along the side of her neck, mouthed the smoothness of her shoulder before tonguing across each of her breasts,concentrating finally on the left nipple which I licked then suckled on. The sensation was exciting to me, and her moans and bodily trembling told me it was having it’s effect.

“My boy friend’s done that,” she whispered, near gasping her words, “But, oh, oh, never so effectively.”

She lay back and without stopping my ministrations to her nipple I went with her, my hand movingup the inside of her thigh, where the skin had that indescribable smoothness. I allowed my fingers to ruffle through her pubic hair, and touch that first little labial corner. Her thighs parted and I let one finger run along that eternal crease, feeling it swelling under my touch.

“That,” she gasped, “is as far as my boy-friend has been allowed to go.” And one of her hands began gently massaging my cock.

“Never this?” I queried, and licked down over her belly until my tongue was fluttering over and moistening her labia. Her hand pulled frantically on my erection as she sighed, “Oh, God, that’s– that’s—amazing. No, never–he never —-oh, don’t stop.”

I felt and saw the more natural juices moistening those canlı bahis siteleri delicious lower lips as my fingers moved to part them and reveal the little button there. My tongue flicked back and forward across it and her hips rose to meet my efforts. Her breathing was a series of grunted gasps while her hand worked furiously at my cock.

“What can I do? What can I do? Oh, it’s—“

I briefly raised my head to tell her, “Use your mouth—on me.”

“Like this?” And I felt her lips drift tentatively over my swollen glans, before moving, close mouthed,down my whole length. But as my fingers began probing around her vagina while my tongue strummed her clit, her mouth opened to take in my bulbous end. Almost immediately as I quickened my movements her head began thrashing and her mouth released me as she almost howled, “I’m going to cum.”

“Not yet you’re not,” I said and quickly moved myself between her trembling thighs, posing the tip of my cock at her open vagina. “Now just relax. I’ll be gentle.”

“I can’t relax. I want it so much.” She drew in a massive breath as I entered about two inches into her. “Oh, yes—I need it.”

A further two inches and I felt the expected obstruction. I raised my head to look into her eyes.

I was almost tempted to say, “Kiss it goodbye.” But instead I said,” You ready for this?”

“O, God, yes. Don’t stop now.”

I drew back my hips and then drove into her with one long stroke heading for her cervix. I felt the obstruction give, then it was gone and my cock plunged on and up into her, as she tensed with the initial pain but almost immediately began humping her hips in tune with my own movements.

Within seconds she was yelling my name as her orgasm took her. I kept up the intensity of my strokes as she mumbled incoherently. Then I was cumming too, pumping all I had up into that delightful wetness.

We lay for a moment on the mattress, “Thank you, Jack,” she murmured.

“Thank you, Miss Orry.”

She giggled, “Oh, you can’t call me that after what we’ve just done.”

She leaned over me, “Well, it’s gone.”

“As commanded,” I said my hand moving gently between her moistened thighs. “Will you tell him?”

“I haven’t made my mind up. Oh, Jack you were so big.” And her fingers strayed along my flaccid member. My own fingers were tickling at her clit. And she gasped, “Oh, can we do it again?”

“Might be nice. Now that you’re qualified.”

She laughed and my cock twitched under her fingers. “It’s coming back to life.” Then she surprised me by bending to my tingling member and running her tongue along it, ignoring the taste and aroma of our recent coupling. In no time I was stiff and ready again, and her breathing was increasing in pace.

I entered her quickly and she growled her pleasure, as I ploughed her gently, raising my body to ensure each stroke ran along her clit. The walls of her vagina immediately began to respond, drawing on me like a series of suction pads. For minutes on end we moved in unison and then her hips started bucking fiercely and I pounded more selfishly until we came with a massive mutual exclamation of triumph.

“So good,” she sighed, lying back splayed like a starfish on the mattress. God, I’d fucked my teacher the realisation wouldn’t leave me.

The next time I saw Sadie, the following night actually, she was highly impressed, “Your teacher? Goodness, Jack, even I didn’t expect your progress —your reputation—to grow that fast.”

She held my head between her hands,”Mind you don’t expect the ladies to drop into your web so easily all the time. There will be times when you’ll need lots of subtle technique. But while yourluck holds, enjoy it.”

She drew my head to her naked breasts, “Now after you have done the honours with my body I think you are ready to hear my story and how I came to be this way.”

And what Sadie told me about the treatment she received is reserved for the next chapter in this tale of my sexual development.

The end of chapter 4

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