Le Cinq à Sept: Retrouvaille

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A sexual escape. A tryst. Le Cinq à Sept is the ability to enjoy the act of sex and companionship without the complications of being in love.


It had been a simple dream. Really rather unremarkable, except that he had been in it. Years had passed and although Kent had never disappeared from Emma’s thoughts, she had carefully been able to suppress them. Strange that he would have randomly popped into her head while she slept, when he had never done so before. It was this unnoteworthy dream, like one finger tap in a pool of water, that set the ripples in motion.

For the next couple of days Emma thought about him. Kent had been one of her closest friends once. There was an unquestionable trust that they had once shared with each other. He called her out on her shit when necessary, listened to her bitch without complaint, was her secret keeper and put up with her even when she was being silly. Their friendship, for many years, was invaluable to her. The more she thought about it the more she wanted a piece of that back. It would not be possible to pick up where they had left off, but something would be better than nothing.

There had been moments of indiscretion in their past where the desire of each other had driven them to ignore public and social boundaries. Emma had cheated on every boyfriend she had with Kent, even her fiancé. She had lost her virginity to him at 17 and in what was intended as a joke, but became a reality – he claimed precedence to any who came after. Having staked his claim of being first. When she was married, she was determined to honor her vows. To be faithful. It wasn’t out of love for her husband but more a duty to the oath she had taken.

For a brief time, Emma and her husband spoke about divorce. He moved out. It was without hesitation that she went to Kent no longer restrained by conventions. They fooled around, but didn’t have sex. Her husband was still too much in her head and idiot that she was, she didn’t think it was fair to Kent. Walking out of his apartment that night would be a thing she would long regret.

After reuniting with her husband, Kent made it clear what he wanted from Emma. He wanted to fuck her again like it was before she was married. It was this impasse that had severed their friendship. Emma, mother and wife, chose responsibility over pleasure.

But time had passed. Those desires were long forgotten. What harm could connecting with him on social media hold? When he accepted, she had every intention of maintaining a normal conversation.

The first week or so, it was as she had imagined. They messaged about their lives, families, careers. So many years to catch up on. Now in their forties, it felt like no time had passed in some ways, but in other ways they had missed so much. Emma was excited to have his friendship back. However miniscule it was to what it had been. And then one night the conversation took a turn. The sexual attraction had reignited. Messages that had begun with flirtatious undertone grew to boldly erotic

What was it about him? Years have been lost but the spark was almost instantaneous. Not the same, but more intense. Is it the absence, is it the change in them having gotten older? They were not the children they once were. With a word, a sentence, he could impact Emma in a way she had never experienced before. He drove her desire with no apparent effort. It is not love, it is carnal. It becomes a need that will not be denied. Her heart pounds, the heat grows. He tells her he owns her and she can only agree. The moments with him strip her raw. Emma had made the mistake of telling him no once and it was mistake she did not intend on repeating. Even the thought to do so had left her.

There were months of this. Sexually explicit content. Self-gratification in the absence of the physical presence of each other. There was safety in the 2,600 miles separating them. They could build fantasies and flex their imaginations knowing seeing each other to fulfill wasn’t a possibility. But when a trip brought her within close proximity, the line between fantasy and reality had the chance to blur.

They made plans to meet for dinner at a restaurant near her hotel. It is innocent on the surface, two old friends catching up over a meal and a couple of drinks. It happens all the time. When they see each other, Kent cocks his head to the side, like he does and smiles his smile. Year melt away. Who they were and who they are dissolve into each other. They embrace in greeting.

But for them it is different. How could they have ever doubted that it would be anything but? An underlying current in every movement. Double meanings in the words spoken. The sexual tension between them. They flirt shamelessly. There is no harm in flirting.

Career. Spouses. Kids. Vacations. Bucket List. They tell each other the funny stories that have been amassed in the years apart. Laughter. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s like it was. No posturing. Just them. There are no topics too embarrassing. canlı bahis There is only ease of knowing each other again. They reminisce on their joint stories.

Kent places his hand on Emma’s bare leg. This first proposition for Emma to accept or ignore. But Emma was ready to play tonight and raised the stakes. Covering her hand with his, she challenges him, “Don’t start something you aren’t willing to finish.”

“And what if I am?” he asks. Non-committal, but still dripping with possibilities.

Emma is not shy, she moves his hand further up her leg, pushing her dress up, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” There had been conversations and daring bravo over the months. Emma had been clear regrets were no longer an option for her. If he wants her, she was his to take.

He laughs as he does. They laugh together. But he doesn’t move his hand.

The playfulness continues. The necklace Emma was wearing was unique. When he asks about it, she teasingly replies, “Perhaps later I will show you what it can do.”

The heat starts to build at the possibility. Kent grabs her hand and puts it on his pants above his cock. He’s hard and she wants him. Badly. Then he laughs as if it’s a joke. That’s just the way he is. A dare or a joke – it’s for her to choose. She doesn’t laugh. She touches. Rubbing him over his pants it makes them both hot.

When it is time to part, Kent walks her to her car. He reaches out to hold her hand. A gesture that would seem mild to those around them, but what has been building demands some type of contact. It is left unsaid between them, but there is a lengthy history for them of cars and parking lots.

When they reach the rental, she takes her hand back to go for the keys. Emma turns to him to say goodbye, he is closer than she expected. Without preamble his mouth comes to hers and takes. There is need for both of them. The wire has been lit. Their bodies collide and cannot be close enough. He pushes his into hers until she is against the car and she can feel his erection. Grabbing her ass he pulls her closer against his cock, using the car he pushes more until their bodies meld to each other. Their hands explore, getting used to the feel of each other again.

Emma knows she has never been this wet before. Her knees are weak with the want of him. The temptation. The desire. Moments. Minutes. Who knows what time has passed before they break apart panting. His forehead goes to hers and he says simply, “Hi.” Because that is him, Emma can’t help but laugh. “Hi,” she returns.

She is putty in front of him. Desperate for his touch again. He knows she will not refuse him. If he wanted to take her here and now, on top of the hood of the car she would let him.

“I wish we had an empty room.” And with that, he has said what was hanging between them.

Emma smiles, “I think you grossly underestimate my resources.” An empty room, because she is traveling with her husband and the husband is not invited.

What Kent doesn’t know is that that she booked a room three months ago. Because, just in case. Because it fueled the possibilities and the imagination. Because if this came up, she wanted all options to be available. They weren’t teenagers anymore and neither could risk getting caught in public.

He must know now that the choice lays before him. Before he can answer, she adds “You know there is safety here. We will never fall in love. We have this complete and absolute trust with each other – because it’s us. I will never ask you to leave your wife and you will never ask me to leave my husband. We know what this is. We have no false expectations. You just need to decide if this is what you want.”

His response is simple, yet undeniable “I want to own you.” With that she can feel the heat in her cunt. Just a few words and that is the effect he has on her. That is what has defined them for months. His desire to completely possess her and her want to be dominated by him. Not fucking him tonight would be a tragedy.

“If you mean it, I have a room put aside.”

Kent doesn’t pause, he looks straight at her, “Yes.”

Is this really happening? After all the preamble, the buildup, the hundreds of messages. Emma gives him the information on the hotel, but they are still against each other, neither wanting to break contact with the other. Their bodies are desperate for each other.

He cocks his head to the side again with that smile of his and says “See you there.” As he walks away, Emma has to take a deep breath to calm herself. She had to concentrate. She didn’t want to keep him waiting by taking a wrong turn.

As she arrives at the hotel, Emma is physically shaking. As she receives her key, her heart is racing. He’s not here yet. A quick look around the lobby and then she messages him the room number. His response is quick: be there in a minute.

It is a typical hotel room. Emma has been in so many they all blend in together. But this one, will stand out in her memories she was sure. This room bahis siteleri with it simple design and boring colors – would not be forgotten.

Kent knocks. The heat returns to Emma immediately. As she opens the door, he is standing there in what appears to be perfect calm. He cocks his head again with the smile, “Hi.”

Emma, looks at him knowing if he walks away now it would break her. But she gives him the choice he once gave her, “Are you sure?” she asks.

The answer comes swiftly and solidly. Kents hand is in her hair pulling, as his mouth is on hers. His need as strong as hers. He walks them further into the room and the door shuts behind him. The sound of the door closing is the sound of their choice. There will be no stopping for either of them this night. She is his to be taken and he knows it. He revels in it. Emma is ready to be claimed. He owns her. She was his to command, to use as a play toy. She ached for him and could refuse him nothing.

The kissing is something she has missed. The art of it, the feel, the intensity it establishes. He turns them and backs her up against the wall, the hardness of his cock clear as it pushes against her. Striking a pulsating need of her own.

Their hands are everywhere on each other. Remembering the feel of each other. Emmas hands run through his hair. It’s longer but not too long, the way she likes it on him. As his mouth leaves hers, they are gasping again. Kent moves his mouth to her neck. Their bodies were desperate for each other, instinctively knowing what is coming. One of his hands holds her neck in place as his other runs down her body to the edge of her dress. His hand meets skin as he slips under the dress and up her leg. Grabbing her ass, he pushes closer as he grinds himself against her.

Emma is throbbing with need. When she goes to remove his shirt, he tries to keep it in place. He’s always been like that. “It’s me,” she manages to say. Kent let’s go of the shirt as he pulls I over his head.

Kent rides the dress up further and she helps him pull it off of her. He watches her, eyes filling with want. She stands in her carefully picked lace bra, underwear, stockings and high heels. His look is one of consumption and she know he will possess her body and soul tonight. They collide again. His hands running over her breasts, squeezing, touching, pinching, driving her further with so much want. She has to touch him. Together they manage to get his pants undone and his underwear off. When her hand touches his cock, he moans into her mouth. Gently at first. A caress. Lightly. She pauses at his head, teasing with her thumb and he moans again.

Her bra gets unhooked and falls to the floor. The necklace swinging slightly between her breasts. Skin against skin fills part of the need while stroking the fire stronger. She pushes up against him, feeling his cock through her underwear. Not able to stand the non-direct contact anymore, the underwear follows the path of her bra onto the floor. But the thigh highs and heels stay.

By now Kent is completely naked. His cock is on her. Relentlessly close to where it wants to go. It feels the wetness from her. She cries out softly with the weight of desire. How much she wants this, scares her.

“Suck me,” he says. And she does, because she is his to command. She is on her knees in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth. Wrapping her hands at his base, she slowly goes up and down while looking up at him. He watches her rejoicing in knowing she belongs to him this way. Emma flicks her tongue around the head of his cock. He tells her where to touch, where to lick, where to play and she follows his instructions like a good whore would. His pleasure is her pleasure.

Kent grabs her hair, guiding the rhythm and helping to drive him further into her mouth. Breaking contact to take her necklace off, Emma sucks on it briefly to make it wet. She returns to sucking his dick and turns the vibrating necklace on. He can hear it vibrate and pauses for a moment unsure of what she is about to do. Emma runs the necklace across his scrotum making her way to his ass.

In their many fantasy conversations online, he had said he never had a vibrator in his ass before and she wanted to make sure this night included firsts. It seemed appropriate given their history. She could feel him tense as he realizes her intention. Increasing the suction on his cock, she is speaking to him without words and he relaxes again. She plays first with the hole of his ass with her finger. Getting him used to someone touching him there. Then she slides the necklace into his ass, still working his dick with her mouth.

Kent groans with pleasure, enjoying the sensations. The vibration of the necklace in his ass. Her wet mouth is warm on his cock. The feeling of her tongue caressing him. The suction she is making. One of her hands massaging his balls. He pumps into her mouth over and over again. His hand intertwined into her hair, he starts to fuck her mouth. He’s so close bahis şirketleri and Emma can feel the urgency build.

“I am going to cum in your mouth”. It is a warning of sorts. If you don’t want this pull away now. But Emma does want it and increases the pressure from her mouth on him. Silently challenging him. Do it.

The taste of him is in her mouth as he grunts his ejaculation into her. He slows until it’s over and she removes the vibrator. They break apart, briefly. “Wow,” he says. It’s simple, but a compliment from him.

They make their way to the bed. Their bodies still needing closeness, the feel of each other. It’s as if the little bubble they have created would break if the contact did and the outside world so careful out of mind would rush back in.

They continue to run their hands over each other. Stroking, gently. He smiles and says, “Hi.”


“Is this weird?” he asks.

“No. Not weird.”

They talk some more. Laugh some more. There is an invisible hourglass with sand filtering through it. Time is slipping away. The real world threatens intrusion. He leans over to kiss her and the heat returns. “I have fantasized about this for months,” she shares.

Kent laughs, “I want to be inside of you. Again.” A sentence and she is wet. How does he have this impact on her? No one else does. No one can drive her need like he does.

“I want you to cum inside of me again,” she whispers.

But Kent has something he wants to see first. They have messaged and driven each other to climax without being in the same room. He knows she touches herself to make herself cum, just as he does. In his head, he has seen her do this and now wants to see it in real like. “Open your legs and touch yourself,” he says, “I want to see you.”

Emma spreads her legs open, her fingers finding their way to her pussy like he wants. She cannot say no to anything he wants, nor does she want to. She has been so turned on all night and finally the feeling of her fingers on her clit is a prelude to what surely will be an explosion. He watches her, as she squirms under her own touch. He tells her to play with her nipples with her other hand and she does. Pinching them erect. Kent knows what else he wants to see. She teased him with pictures. “Suck your nipples,” he tells her. Emma bends her head up and pushes her breast back. Her tongue flicks first one and then the other nipple. She sucks each one for a couple of moments while her other hand never leaves her clit.

When he thinks she is close, when she is writhing on the bed in front of him with need, when she can feel his hardening length against her body, he is ready to consume, “I want to take you. Rough,” he states.

“Then do it.” Emma may like to play the sexual submissive with him, but her real world personality is never far from the surface.

There are no further words. Kent bends her legs back and plunges into her wet cunt. As he enters, she groans. For months Emma has imagined feeling his stiff cock inside of her. There is no more teasing her. He wants to feel her orgasm tighten around his dick. To know he brought her to climax. It comes and he can feel her pussy clench.

When she is done and spent, he turns her over. He has never taken her ass before and he intends on rectifying that before the night is over. Emma, always ready for the unexpected with Kent, has a small thing of Vaseline in her purse. He slathers himself as he looks at her ass in the air, just waiting for him. Kent enters slowly the first time, his hand on her steadying her. Then he grabs her hair with his other hand and pounds into her.

Kent tells her that he owns her and she answers, “Yes!” He tells her to scream his name. He cums inside of her with his name still on her lips.

Slowly extracting, he rolls over. They know what needs to be done, the sands of the hourglass have long run out. But it will be with certain amount of sadness to leave this room. “I have to go.” he says, giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Yes, he has to go. Back to his wife and family. And she has her own husband and family to get to. They had these precious hours together and it is enough.

He dresses slowly. Perhaps trying to draw out the time in the bubble. “Aren’t you getting dressed?”

Emma is in no rush to leave, “Me? Not right now, I am going to shower first.”

Kent laughs, “Good idea. But don’t brush your teeth. I want you to kiss him with that mouth. He has no idea what you have done tonight. But I do.”

Coming over to the bed, he sighs. “I have to go,” he repeats.

“I know. It’s ok. It was good seeing you tonight, my friend.” It doesn’t bother her that he has to leave. Emma knows the rules.

He cocks his head to the side again and smiles, “Hi.”


“You’ll be back in October?” he asks.

October, months away. “Yes.”

“You’ll be alone.” A statement not a question.

Emma laughs, “Yes. I will be alone. I was going to make plans with friends, but if you want to get together for lunch or coffee, we could meet up.”

“For coffee?” he asks. A running joke between them if they would be able to manage coffee without jumping each other. “I have to go.”

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