Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 05

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Landing in Juneau, Jake brought the floatplane in smooth as silk. He had become quite talkative on the way back, pointing out different sights as we passed over or near them. It was loud in the plane, so he had been yelling almost, just to be heard. The girls had ridden out in the very back, but on the way in he had asked them to sit right behind the front seats.

As we docked, I jumped out and managed to grab a line on the plane, holding it for Jake. He had instructed me a little bit on what to do, so I didn’t look like a total fool scrambling around. I held the plane in to the dock, and he got out, tying it off.

Jake insisted on helping the girls out, and I saw his hands do some traveling as they clambered down. Julie turned to face him when his right hand slipped into her crotch.

“Hmmm…somebody seems to want some more. You know Jake, for an old guy you sure get turned on quite a bit.”

“Well missy, It’s been a long time since I’ve had a lady, and even then, that lady was nothing like you or your friend, not even close. I can’t seem to help myself at all. I wish I could sample you two one more time.”

“That can be arranged Jake. I liked fucking you too. You have a great cock, and I liked the way it felt way up inside me.”

“Really? You’d let me…I mean…we could…”

“Jake, I’d love to be with you again, and I think Anne would too. We both loved the way you fucked us, and we also like it when a guy is so head over heels into having us too. Besides, we both have a thing for…”older” men like you.”

“Well…I’ve got a motel room in town for the night. I had figured on being in town all day. Then Bill showed up and wanted to have a look see at the place…so…Ummm…Well, damnit…would you and Anne like to spend the night with me? I’ll take you out on the town, and then we could all…uh…sleep at my room. That is if you two would want to do something like that.”

He was looking at me, then at each of the girls. I was guessing he couldn’t believe his luck already and that he was still in nirvana from earlier. Julie looked over at Anne, who was nodding vigorously in the affirmative.

“Dad…would it be all right if we hung out with Jake tonight and caught up with you tomorrow?”

“Yeah. I’m sure I’ll make out okay without the two of you tonight. Just don’t wear Jake out. We’ll need him to sign the deed and stuff later. I’d rather not chance losing the place before we ever got it, if you know what I mean.”

Julie and Anne smiled and then giggled. Jake looked at me and blushed.

“I’ve been around quite a bit in my time sonny-boy…don’t you fret none about this ol’ man. I’ll be there when it’s time to sign all them papers, you can bet on that for sure.”

“Well then, you three have fun. Maybe, if you are out and about later, May and I will bump into you all.”

Anne and Julie had their arms hooked up with Jake’s. He was looking younger and smug too. Of course, who wouldn’t with two such beauties on their arms, obviously wanting to be with him as they were. I watched as they walked down the dock heading off for a night that Jake would probably never, ever forget. I hoped he would survive it okay.

I was just a touch jealous of him too. I mean, with the girls dressed in their cut-off’s and shirts, and knowing what they were capable of sexually, I knew he was in for one hell of a night. I could imagine the stares and comments that threesome would elicit as they went out and about. Two very young ladies with an old codger like Jake. I smiled to myself at that thought.

Calling May on my cell I soon had arranged for a ride to the yacht. When she got to the landing I was getting hungry as well. Getting in on the passenger side I saw Carl and Jan were in the back seat too.

“What’s say we all go out and get something to eat?”

“Where’s Julie and Anne?”

“Oh, they went with Jake. He’s going to keep them company tonight and bring them home in the morning.”

“All night? He’s going to be with them all night? Will they be safe?”

“I think the question should be, will Jake be safe with them all night?”

“Did…something happen out at that cabin then?”

“Oh yeah…Julie and Anne tried to negotiate a ‘deal’ with Jake. They managed to get him to cut his price in half. But I felt bad about that since I was prepared to pay the full price anyway. Julie and Anne really made his day though. He is very impressive in his own right. Must be the clear air and good food up here or something.”

I canlı bahis went on to explain what had happened, blow by blow. May and Jan were laughing at the end and Carl looked a bit jealous. I knew that feeling for sure. Who would have thought that old man would be such a lady-killer anyway?

We ran back to the yacht and I showered and dressed. When May came down she looked so hot I wanted to take her right there. She was wearing a short skirt and sleeveless blouse. It was quite obvious to me that she had no bra on, and as she pirouetted in front of me, she flipped up her skirt in front and I realized she had no panties on either.

“Damn May. You’re going to have every man in Juneau out after you tonight, dressed like that.”

“Yeah? Well I dressed like this for only one man. He’s a real handsome and fun guy to be with, and he also knows his way around a gal’s body pretty good too.”

“Oh really? Are you planning on dumping me for this real man then?”

“Silly. You know you’re that guy. The only one that has the keys to my heart at any rate. I want you to be able to play with me in any way you want tonight. In public or private, whichever you desire.”

She stepped in close and hugged me tight. I kissed her as my arms went around her. Holding her I could feel her heart beating wildly. I looked into her eyes, and saw a certain something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I knew that she was feeling special.

“Oh Bill. I just can’t believe that I’ve finally found the man of my dreams. I’ve waited so long for you. It has been worth the wait too. I only wish we could have met years ago. That would make this time even sweeter.”

“You know May, I never knew I was missing anything until we began this trip. I had given up trying after my wife died. I was so out of the loop I just figured I’d never hook up with anyone like this or like you again.”

“Well, you’re stuck with me now. I hope that I can manage to keep you happy for the rest of our lives.”

“I don’t think you will have a problem with doing that May. Not one problem at all. I love you so much…”

“I love you too Bill. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Shall we then?”

I knew she was going to think I meant leave to catch up with Carl and Jan, but when I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and brushed her naked pussy under her skirt her gasp was one of need and surrender. I teased her for a little bit, fingering her very wet and hot nether regions. Then, kissing her hard on the lips with lots of tongue, I broke apart and took her hand in mine.

“Come on wench. We need to get something to eat so I can take care of you properly later on.”

“Wench? Listen up you…you…pirate…I’m YOUR wench. Remember that. Whatever you want me to do for you, I’ll do. Forever. Because I love you, but also because I’m YOUR wench.”

“Okay then MY wench. Lets get going to the restaurant. We’ll eat out, and then I’ll eat in. You’ll be my…dessert.”

I lewdly licked my lips with my tongue and May laughed. She ran her hand over my pants, grabbing a quick feel of my hardening member as we walked out on the deck.

“Hmmmm…feels like something is coming up there Captain. Is that a mast in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

“It’s a mast. Yep. A rather large and hard one. A rare wood to boot too. I’m sure you’ll get a touch of it later tonight wench.”

“I hope so. I’ve always wanted to try out a rare wood mast.”

“Yeah? Maybe later tonight we can hook up with Carl and Jake. Then you could experience a three mast schooner.”

May laughed out loud. Just as she did, Carl and Jan appeared coming from below.

“What’s so funny?”

“Bill just promised me a possible three mast schooner.”

Carl and Jan looked confused.

“What’s so funny about a sailboat?”

“It was the context. Bill had…oh never mind. I’ll catch you two up on the joke later. Lets go eat first. I’m starved.”

Leaving Auke Bay docks, we drove into the main part of Juneau. I was kicking myself for not getting Jake’s hotel’s name. At least that way I’d have an idea of where the girls were this evening. I remembered that Jake had mentioned a particular restaurant in the old downtown area.

After some searching, we found a place to park not too far from Jake’s favorite eatery. Walking in as two couples, we looked for all purposes like any other people in town. I think that the condition of dress of May might have been an exclusive though.

The bahis siteleri surprises kept on coming too. The restaurant turned out being an upscale place that seemed to be busy too. We were lucky in being able to get a table almost at once. As we sat down, I heard a familiar voice behind us.

“There, see? I told you your daddy would show up sooner or later. This is the best place in Juneau to eat for sure. Yep. It may be in a hotel and it may not look like much from the outside, but this is the finest place in all of southeast. Well…in my opinion anyway. Of course, there is that one place in George Inlet down in Ketchikan…but that one is very high brow.”

Jake and the girls were sitting just beyond our table, and we hadn’t seen them due to the way the layout kept diners more private. They were just getting served so they hadn’t been there too long either.

“Well, I heard that this was a good place to eat so we came here. So far, I’m pretty impressed. You continue to surprise me Jake. You really do.”

“Heh…just because I’m an ol’ codger and a real Alaskan, don’t mean I don’t know good food and good places to stay at. I’ve been coming here for years. Even before I worked on the pipeline and did my prospecting. When I could afford it, this was where I always came and stayed.”

“I never meant that…”

“Yeah, yeah…I know that. I’m just so full of surprises for an old man ain’t I? Say, while I think of it…you should try the Salmon steak they have here. It will help you with that memory problem you seem to have. I got to eat now. I’m gonna need my strength later for sure. These young things kinda walked my legs off here tonight so far.”

The twinkle in his eyes was the only thing that gave him away. To anyone listening he sounded serious and a bit…well…cranky. Looking into his eyes, I was reminded of my father who had been a lot like Jake. Gruff, get the job done and then enjoy the rest of the day however you wanted.

I noticed that Julie was sitting close to Jake as she could on one side and Ann was on his other side just about as close. It was obvious that they were with him…and I was sure that there was some groping going on between all three of them too.

I turned my attentions back to our table and mostly to May. Carl and Jan were busy looking over their menus and May was just watching me. I looked at her and then, unable to read what was on her mind asked her why she was staring at me so strangely.

“Um…what’s on your mind May? You seem to be staring at me kind of…weird.”

“Oh…I’m sorry Bill. I was just thinking of what I’d like to be doing with you right now. You have no idea of how…horny I am at the moment.”

I slipped my hand down between her legs. As my fingers slid up her inner thigh, I could feel the heat she was giving off. The closer I got to her pussy, the more she spread her legs apart. I saw a couple of guys across from us staring at her. I knew that they could see her bare pussy and probably were jealous as hell of me and where I was.

May’s eyes were closed as my fingers found that very special place between her legs. I slipped one inside here and gently stroked it in and out as my thumb rubbed her clit lightly at the same time. She actually moaned as I did that too. The guys at the other table heard her and they began to talk quickly to each other in as quiet a way as they could.

Carl and Jan had gotten quiet and looking around at them I realized that Carl was fingering Jan just like I was fingering May. Carl looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah…Jan is dressed just like May is. Exactly as a matter of fact. At least, in the types of clothes she has on. Those guys are getting a double treat right now. Fun isn’t it?”

“Don’t you know it Carl. Do you think that if we invited them, they’d come with us or would they run?”

“Not sure. Probably they’d come along for the…heh…ride. Or should I have said rides?”

I chuckled and noted that at our mention of those other guys, May’s pussy had flooded with wetness and I had also felt her muscles grip me even tighter than they had been. I knew that she would probably be open to having them invited along.

We ate and I did order the salmon as Jake had mentioned. It was delicious. After dinner we went for a walk around downtown Juneau, taking in the capital buildings and some of the tourist sites as well. At one point we actually got to meet and shake hands with the Governor. He was walking out of the Capital building going to bahis şirketleri his car. Several people around us crowded around him talking to him and we just fell in with them.

Heading back to the car we laughed and joked around a bit. Carl and I were also touching and feeling our ladies as much as we dared in so public of a setting we were in. Daring…so daring. A few months ago I would have laughed at anyone if they had told me I would have done half the things I had done so far on this trip.

Back at the yacht May and I went to the main cabin and made love. I stripped off her clothes, piece by piece…kissing each area of her body as it came to be exposed. By the time she was naked I was as horny as I had ever been.

May, for her part was just as thorough with me too. I almost came when her lips brushed over the head of my throbbing hardness as she removed my shorts. We fell into bed and I moved down between her legs. I was kissing and licking…enjoying her taste and wetness. She laid there, moaning and keeping her hands on my head as I drove her into an orgasm…and then worked her up into another.

I pulled away only after giving her several nice orgasms. She was still hot too. I moved up, my cock bumping into her leg, then thigh, then pressing between us as I kissed her lips. She took my tongue into her mouth, and sucked on it. I had my hands on her nipples, rolling them and lightly pinching them as we kissed.

Suddenly she moved out from under me. Leaving the cabin she told me she’d be right back and to not go anywhere. When she came back in a bit later she walked right to me, and knelt between my legs. I had moved to sit up when waiting for her, so I was right on the edge of the bed.

The next thing I felt was a cold tingling sensation on the head of my cock. As her lips encircled me, she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock and whatever she had done, it made it feel so good. At first I thought it was an ice cube…but it wasn’t. Later I learned that she had a mint of some type. Whatever it was, it caused me to regain my erection in no time at all and almost made me cum in a few seconds of her touching me there.

She kept sucking and playing with my cock until I felt like I was going to explode. Then, pressing my chest back with her hand, she shoved me onto my back and moved up between my legs as she did. Straddling me, she lowered her hot wet pussy onto my shaft and just held there with the head just inside her opening.

Looking into my eyes she smiled and slowly…ever so damn slowly, inched down my shaft. It took her what seemed like hours to get down on me fully. Each precious inch was heaven too. I could feel her pussy muscles working me as she went, and I think she was doing most of that with intent. Once she was fully impaled on me she held there and just stared into my eyes.

Suddenly, she rose up and then let her body fall onto mine. She repeated this and soon she was just bouncing on me. Each bounce caused her breasts to jump around and I decided to try to get her nipples into my mouth and suck on them. That turned out to be a feat of impossibility.

Soon I felt her tighten up around my shaft and that tightening caused me to cum. When I began to cum she pulled off and took my cock into her mouth. As I came she swallowed all I had to give her, and that was a rather large load.

Afterwards she lay on my chest, my cock back inside her pussy. I was semi-hard and she was gently rocking back and forth, keeping me in that state. Our lips were together, tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths. We were like that for about an hour. No talk…just soft kisses and gentle rocking.

I woke up later and we were still together, but I was soft. Just laying there feeling the heat inside her caused me to start to throb and grow. When I was fully hard again, I started to push in and out of May’s tightness. Not long after, she woke up with a smile.

“Mmmmm. That feels so good. I love your hard cock when it’s inside me like this. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

“Like this?”

As I asked her that I began to drive in and out of her hard. My speed picked up and as I held her body hard to mine, my hips caused her to almost bounce on each stroke. Her cries were those of a woman in the throes of passion and sexual heat and hearing her drove me to fuck her harder and faster.

We both came hard…May shuddered for a bit then gasped several times. Her breathing was interrupted with her body convulsions as her orgasm raked her body. I was worried for a moment then realized that she was cumming as hard as I had ever seen a woman cum before.

After that…we both fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept until late the next morning.

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