Summer of ’79 Pt. 04

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That night we left around 9:30 to go to a bar, The Fast Lane, where Cheryl knew some of the staff. We both dressed casually, jeans and t’s. There was a long line, but the guy at the door let us right in, after Cheryl slipped him 10 bucks discreetly and I paid the 20 cover charge. The place was already crowded but the only music was pre-recorded from a past show. She explained to me that the bands didn’t start until 10 or sometimes 11.

We got a couple of drinks, beer for me, rum and coke for her, and we walked around, Cheryl stopping to chat with a couple of people she knew. She introduced me as a new friend, and her acquaintances gave us a knowing smile. When we were alone, I asked her what she meant by calling me her friend, and the looks we got from the people we met.

“Robbie, baby, I couldn’t exactly introduce you as my cousin. We’re going to dance tonight, and it just might get kind of steamy. We can’t exactly do that if people think we’re cousins. Those looks….I’m sure they think I’m here with a very sexy, younger guy with very naughty plans for later, and they’re right. You don’t mind that, do you?” She looked at me with her sweet and sexy smile.

“Not at all, honey. I’m just not used to being looked at like that.”

“Neither am I. I told you, you’re the first man I’ve been with since Mark and I split a year ago. Not that I haven’t had opportunities. Sometimes I come here with a couple of girlfriends and we get hit on all the time. But I just dance with the guys, maybe let them buy me one drink. I don’t want to lead them on, and, to be honest, I don’t care for one night stands. I haven’t done that since my pre-Mark days. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself, but it left me feeling cheap.” She paused, looking at me in earnest. “I’m really kind of choosy, Robbie, and I don’t just sleep around. I’m so glad you’ve been here, baby. I needed to be with someone, but it had to be someone who loves me. And thank god it was you! Even if Alan was 18, I’d NEVER have anything to do with him if he was the one your parents sent. I love him and all, but he creeps me out.”

“I love him as well, obviously. But I can understand what you’re saying. Alan is a seriously fucked up guy. We’re not close at all. I get the feeling we’re going to end up just going our own ways as time goes on. And honey, you didn’t have to tell me you don’t sleep around. Whether you did or didn’t is none of my business…..but I’m kind of glad you didn’t. I like that you’re particular. It makes me feel special.”

Cheryl took my hand and kissed me. “Robbie, you are special. Maybe the most special man I know. We’ve been having a lot of fun, but it’s so much more than fun.”

Before we could say anything more, the lights went down and people cheered. The band came out…to this day, I can’t remember the name…..and broke right into some good dancing music, loud and quick tempo. We started dancing, like most of the people there. It was great just watching her. She clearly loved dancing, and she had some great moves with her hips and her lovely legs. And the way her breasts gently shook was awe inspiring. But best of all was her smile, that brilliant smile that said she was having a great time, she loved dancing to the music, and she loved being with me. I hoped I was halfway as appealing for her.

There were a few songs like that, and then a slow song came up, and Cheryl moved into my grasp. My hands were around her waist and hers were around my neck, and we just stared at each other. I could have gotten lost in her dark brown eyes. It was almost hypnotic. If they only played slow songs the rest of the night, it would have been fine with me.

A couple of faster songs came next and by then, we were both hot and sweating. “Can you get us a couple of beers, baby?” I said of course and went to the crowded bar to get a couple of bottles while Cheryl found a couple of seats for us to rest.

When I finally got to her, there was some guy sitting with her, and it was obvious from looking at her that she wanted him gone, that he wasn’t a friend of hers. She saw me coming and looked at me like her savior.

I said, with more courage than I could possible feel, “Excuse me, you’re in my seat.”

Mr. Whoever looked at me with a sneer and said “Thanks for the beers, kid. Your seat is in the kiddie section” and he went back to talk to Cheryl, who was desperate to have him gone.

I really didn’t know what to do. He was about 30, a lot bigger than me, and he looked like the type that had more than a couple of bar fights in his past. I, on the other hand, spent my life avoiding physical confrontations. But I couldn’t just leave her.

I figured the best thing to do was to pretend he wasn’t there. I held out my hand for my cousin and said “Come on honey, let’s dance some more.”

She figured out what I was doing, smiled and took my hand and got up.

But this guy wouldn’t take the hint. “Really? You’re going to pass over me for this child? What are you, his sister? Why don’t you send him home to mommy and canlı bahis I’ll take you home and give you a real good fucking.”

My blood was boiling, not so much over how dismissive he was towards me, but mostly for how crude he was towards Cheryl. He could see it in my eyes and he was laughing, like he knew there was shit I could do about it. I swallowed my anger, which tasted like hot metal in my mouth, and Cheryl and I walked to the dance floor, abandoning our beers. The guy shouted “Don’t you turn your fucking back on me, boy!” and he grabbed me, turned me, and the next thing I knew I was flying down on my back and my head felt like an explosion went off in my brain. I could hear someone scream and Cheryl was by my side as if to protect me.

Thankfully, it ended there. A couple of bouncers came and grabbed the guy and, I presume, threw him out. A couple of people helped me up. I shook the stars from my brain and realized I’d been hit pretty damn hard on the jaw. It was tender as hell there, and a couple of teeth felt loose. Cheryl was crying over me, holding my arm. I was taken to a room in back, where the manager met us, apologizing profusely. He said he knew who the guy was and asked me if I wanted to call the police and press charges. I figured nothing much would come of it legally, and besides, then it would come out I was with my cousin, and somehow someone would figure we were being more than just cousins. I declined, and also declined a ride to the ER. Cheryl asked me if I was sure, and I told her I’d be fine, just needed a night to sleep it off. The manager told us to come back any time, gratis, and we headed home.

Cheryl drove quietly, but with tears streaking her cheeks. I felt like I had gone 10 rounds with Muhammed Ali. My jaw on my right side hurt like hell, and felt like it was swelling up. I was most concerned about losing a couple of teeth and told Cheryl that. She said, with a voice that showed how upset she was, that she’d call her dentist in the morning and he’d check me out.

We got home and Cheryl helped me out of my clothes and got me an ice pack for my aching jaw, as well as a couple of Tylenol. While Cheryl got comfortable and did some things in the bathroom, I laid on the bed stewing. I was a wimp. I should have at least tried to defend her honor and not just ignored him. What kind of man was I?

Cheryl came to bed in a long t-shirt and took the ice pack off. “20 minutes on, 20 off.” She stroked her fingers through my thick hair and she looked like she was about to bawl. “Robbie….oh, baby” and she just kind of fell apart, falling on my chest and crying a river. I couldn’t touch her, feeling unworthy. I was so weak.

Finally her tears stopped. “Robbie, are you ok? You’re so quiet.”

I mumbled “Yeah, I’m fine. For a pussy.”

She blinked hard at that. “What the hell are you talking about?”

I was just quiet, After a a couple of minutes she said, tears all gone, “Robbie, talk to me. Don’t shut me out.”

“I was a wimp, ok! I just walked away, I didn’t stand up for you, and then I even got my ass kicked! What kind of man does that?” I laid there fuming at myself.

“Oh, Robbie…’re being a fool, you know that?” I couldn’t even look at her. I was so angry at myself. “How do you think you should have handled that bully? By fighting him? You think that would have really made things better? Look at me, Robert.” She never called me Robert, no one did. “I said….Look. At. Me!”

I turned my head but I was still furious. “You think that fighting him would have made you a man? That getting into it with a drunk bully would have made you tough? I thought you were smart. Maybe you’re only book smart.”

I was stunned by her words. “Cheryl, what the hell…”

“Let me tell you something, cousin. You handled that situation exactly the right way. You tried to ignore him. He was a pig of a person. Some childish women might have liked the way he behaved, might have wanted to see two men fight over them. If you ever meet a woman like that, RUN like hell from her, as far as you can. Women like that are poison, narcissistic monsters. They’re children at heart. Adults would never want you to have fought that asshole. Not only could you not have won, but most importantly, it’s low behavior. You were such a man, a real man, when you tried to ignore him. If you had tried to fight him, especially if you took the first shot, I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted. I know I would have thought a lot less of you.”

My anger at myself was fading off, but I still wasn’t sure I handled it right. “Cheryl, you don’t understand. Men are supposed to show some backbone and we’re supposed to defend the women in our lives, especially the ones we love.”

Cheryl sat down on the bed right next to me and took my hand. “Listen to me, Robbie. I was in no danger, he didn’t put a hand on me. He was crude and obnoxious, but that was it. Hitting him would have just escalated the situation. And then he would have done god knows what to you before it got broken bahis siteleri up. What you did, not rising to his bait, took more courage than almost any other response. You walked away from a fool. You didn’t let your ego get to you.” She caressed my cheek, on the other side from where I’d been hit. “I know men are pressured to be macho, but you were so brave. And I know if he’d try to put his hands on me, you would have interceded. He didn’t so you did the right thing. The manly thing.”

Cheryl laid down, her head on my chest, her legs entwining with mine. “Hold me, you big dope” she teased. Despite the pain in my jaw, I smiled and put my arms around her. I still needed to work this out in my own head, but I saw her points. And she felt so incredibly good pressed against me like that. “I love you, honey” I whispered with a slight lisp.

“And I love you too, baby. Let me show you how much. Just lay back, and I’ll take care of everything.”

She slithered up along my body and kissed me tenderly. It hurt to kiss her back, but it was worth it. Her kisses were worth any pain. But she didn’t push it, keeping it gentle. After a while she kissed her way down my neck, down to my chest. Her body was on top of mine, rubbing together. Her breasts, so soft and warm, were caressing my chest. She sat up and peeled off her shirt so they could rub against the hairs on my chest. “MMMM that tickles in such a nice way” she whispered breathlessly.

“It feels pretty great to me too” I responded lustily. My cock was rising to the temptation. My arms were around her upper back, but then she was kissing her way lower down, licking my tummy and blowing on the soft patch of hairs there, which made my skin kind of jump. Cheryl tugged my briefs down to my knees and grabbed my erect penis, caressing it lovingly.

“Relax, baby. This is going to be so good” Cheryl moaned, dragging out the last word in a way that excited me deep inside. She rose up and hovered over my groin, then the held my cock and rubbed the head all around her lips and her clit. We were both shuddering, and as my hands held her hips, Cheryl lowered herself down and her pussy absorbed my cock. She just sat there for a few moments, just kind of squirming around. I looked at where our bodies were joined, and it was such a sexy sight, seeing our pubic mounds joined together. My hands gently traced from her hips down her thighs and then back up again. She was lightly playing with my chest hairs as we just felt the immense pleasure of being joined together.

No words were spoken. Everything we needed to say we said with our eyes. Even more than the night I lost my virginity, this was the most intensively loving experience of my inexperienced life. Eventually, though, we both needed to move some, so Cheryl started raising her hips, nice and slow, lowering the same way. Her hands found mine and we interlocked our fingers as her loving motions sent small waves of wonderful pleasure through both our bodies. I couldn’t even feel my jaw anymore; my whole body and mind were concentrating on Cheryl. I barely even looked at her body; at that time, her face was the only thing that mattered to me, so beautiful and full of love and desire.

Our fingers squeezed and relaxed as pleasure flowed. Gradually, Cheryl moved faster and my hips lifted to meet her. We made this last a long time, at least half an hour. Finally, we just kind of agreed it was time for our release, and instead of moving faster, she bent forward and pressed herself against me as we kissed, ignoring the pain in my mouth. This was worth it. Her hips ground against mine, our pubic bones mashed together. We both were panting hard and then Cheryl cried out as she came, and my cock became slick with her juices. She whispered in my ear, her breath warm and chilling at the same time, “Cum for me baby. I want to feel your warmth inside me, please.” I couldn’t resist any longer and let go with a long stream of my semen. Our juices mingled, becoming frothy, and we both let our bodies relax. She kissed my cheek and neck, and I kissed her shoulder. I was warm in the most pleasant way.

Cheryl was nuzzling against me, much in the way a kitten does. “You’re such a wonderful lover, baby.”

“So are you, honey. Wonderful.”

“That’s because you have so many women in your background to compare me to” she teased, with a light giggle in her voice.

“I don’t have to have a history to know what’s great. If there is a better lover out there somewhere, I don’t care. You’re perfect for me.”

“You’re sweet, but you’re silly too. But sweet, most of all. We’d better get some sleep, Robbie. We’ve got to get you to a dentist tomorrow. What are we going to tell your parents?”

“Are you kidding? Nothing. You think we should tell them I was drinking in a bar with you and I got into a fight?”

“Yeah, probably not. They love me, and I want to keep it that way. Good night, baby. Love you.”

“Love you too, honey.”


The next morning Cheryl called bahis şirketleri her dentists office and they said they could fit me in at 11:45. We were drinking tea and coffee, and my jaw was really aching, plus it was swollen and had a nice black and blue color to it. I figured it would be just about gone by the time I went home. Mom and dad didn’t have to know about this.

The doctor took x-rays and did an exam. Thankfully, the damage was minor. He said “You should have ducked quicker, kid.”

“Tell me about it. Everybody’s full of advice after the fact.”

The good news was my teeth were safe. He just needed to pack them off for a couple of days to stabilize, and I had to change the cotton tubes every 4 hours. He prescribed a mild painkiller for 3 days, but I didn’t need them. Soft foods only. Come back in 3 days.

So for the next 3 days, Cheryl nurtured me and catered to me. She made milk shakes for me, mashed potatoes and eggs and other easy to eat foods. But we couldn’t kiss each other, and it was frustrating for both of us. We’d cuddle on the couch or on a chair in her backyard. But that kind of closeness with no kissing for two people who loved to kiss each other was driving us crazy. Sex without the affection just wasn’t as much fun. And I hated that she could give me head and I couldn’t reciprocate, and I told her so.

“Baby, I love you for feeling that way. It touches me right here” Cheryl said as she tapped right over her heart. “But sex isn’t about obligation. You don’t owe me anything ever if I do something to make you feel good. I do it because I want to. It makes me feel good to make you feel good. And right now, I really want to make you feel good.”

“Well, I want to make you feel good too, Cheryl” I said in my best mush mouth imitation.

“You will. We’ll make up for this lost time when the dentist says you don’t need the cotton. We’ll still have 6 days together, baby.”

“You know, it doesn’t sound like very much. Like it will be over in the snap of my fingers.”

Cheryl was quiet at that thought. “Robbie, I don’t know what to say. I feel that way as well. The only thing we can do is make the time as special as we can. And hope that damn cotton really comes out tomorrow.”


Thankfully, it did.

The dentist said the teeth were getting more secure in the gums, that I could eat more solid food, but nothing like apples or tough meats for another week. Otherwise, I was good to go. How little he knew.

I think Cheryl sped all the way home, going well over the speed limits. We got into the house and were locked in deep, passionate kisses before the door was closed all the way. My jaw was still tender, but I couldn’t have cared less. I wanted her lips, all day long.

We managed to get to the bedroom, throwing our clothes off as we staggered through the house, leaving a trail that could be easily followed. By the time we got there, all that we wore was my briefs and her yellow panties with pink lace trim. “Get on the bed, honey!” I kind of ordered her. Panting with lust, Cheryl practically leapt on the bed. “On your hands and knees!”

“Fuck yes, anything you want baby. Anything!”

I got behind her, my face just inches from her lovely round ass covered in yellow and pink cotton. My hands were practically shaking as I caressed her cheeks, soft and full, with both hands. I then started kissing her ass all over, quick kisses and big ones. I pulled the panties into the cleft of her ass and into her pussy, making her moan and quiver. I kissed and licked the bare flesh and Cheryl was making these animal sounds.

After a long time of worshiping her ass, Cheryl cried out “Dammit, Robbie, do something about my pussy already! I’m fucking dying here!”

I couldn’t tease her any longer. I pulled her panties to the side and just buried my face in her delicious pussy. My hands held her cheeks apart so I could lick her from down by her clit all the way up to her anus, which I circled with the tip of my tongue, I kept my tongue there as I used my fingers to play with her pussy. I thrust two fingers inside as my thumb circled her clit and I kept my tongue busy in her ass. Cheryl was grinding back into me, fucking my fingers and trying to take my tongue in her tight ass. She was grunting hard, like some sort of sex demon, consumed by lust. Her pussy gripped my fingers tight as she came with a wail and I just kept the pressure on. I wanted her to cum as many times as I could elicit from her body.

“Spank me, fucker! Slap my ass!” I heard her demand.

I brought my free hand down in a resounding SPANK! and her ass shook as she cried out. I SPANKED! her again and again, until her ass was a pinkish-red and you could see the shape of my hand. Cheryl was cumming over and over with these guttural sounds coming from deep inside her.

“Fuck me! Hurry up, you bastard! Fuck my hot cunt!”

I didn’t know who this person was, exactly, but I was determined to give her what she wanted. I pulled my briefs down to my thighs, got behind her and quickly buried my cock in her grasping cunt. There was nothing slow or loving about us. We were pounding into and against each other, my cock filling her pussy hard and fast.

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