That 69s Show Ch. 03

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

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Episode 3

The Neighborhood Picnic

In Which Jackie Begins To Understand Her Own Needs!

The annual Neighborhood Picnic was going great! As usual it was held in the Pinchmyhottie’s back yard and the Foreskin’s driveway. Why? No one knew, that was just the way it happened each year.

As was the tradition, everyone wore bathing suits although there wasn’t a pool in sight. The closest thing to a pool was the Burkhardon’s spa which was blocks away. Dog’s were grilling, corn on the cob was boiling, kids were running around yelling and spilling stuff every where.

As usual, Donna and Jackie were getting lots of attention. But this time Jackie was noticing that Donna was getting more attention than she was. Jackie was the most beautiful girl in town. She knew that to be true. But she noticed that for some reason some guys looked right past her to ogle Donna!

‘Humph, I don’t know what they see in Donna,’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m prettier. I’ve got a nicer smile. What do they see in that big lumberjack?’ Trying to be subtle she looked her friend over. Donna looked the same as always ‘Long red hair, needs a trim, lots of split ends!’ Jackie critiqued. ‘She’s just bulging out of that suit. She really doesn’t have the figure for a bikini. She’s too top heavy! Nobody likes sloppy big boobs,’ she decided.

Never the less, Donna had a constantly evolving group of young men attentive to her while Jackie was left alone to critique the other women at the party. And to admire her reflection in the patio door. Her hair looked great, she decided.

“Donna,” she started to speak.

“Oh, there you are Jackie,” responded Donna. “Look, I’m going to try to hook up with Eric in a few minutes. We haven’t had any alone time in almost a week and I’m horny as hell! I just hope he hasn’t well, developed any more. He was all I could handle last time!”

“But, I…” she was cut off at once.

“Oh, here comes Eric! God, those pants make his butt look great! Oh, and look at that bulge! He’s not even hard, you know! What a man!” gushed Donna.

Jackie could see for herself! Eric’s groin was prominently displayed in a pair of pants that were skin tight and highlighted his tight muscular butt, too. Jackie found she could not take her eyes off the masculine display that was strolling toward her.

As she watched Eric briefly cupped his crotch, seeming to adjust his package. And Jackie could tell that that package was easily larger than any she had seen!

Drawing Donna to one side Eric bestowed a peck on her cheek before whispering something that caused Donna to giggle and playfully slap his chest. She left the hand there as they chatted out of hearing of the others at the party.

“What’s up with Jackie? She’s starting to creep me out the way she stares at me! She used to ignore me like she does everyone else. What’s different?”

“Are you kidding, Eric? I thought I told you! Jackie’s a real size queen! That’s why she’s gone from Kelso to Hyde to Fes. I’ve heard endless descriptions of what she likes and dislikes about all of them! She goes on and on about how disappointed she was with Kelso! How Hyde mostly wanted to get high while they fucked. And when Jackie found out how well endowed Fes was she just went ape-shit! She about wore him down to a nub! And now she’s heard from the rumor mill that you have a dick that’s bigger than any two of them.” She chuckled. “It’s driving her crazy that she can’t get your attention!”

“Well, she’s annoying. And flat chested! Look at her gawping at us! She should be jealous of you, you’ve got a great figure!” His hand started to move to her most obvious attributes but Donna intercepted his hand.

“Hey, Jackie, Eric and I are going for a walk!” She raised her voice to get the smaller girls attention.

“Yeah, great, well, I’m going to get a drink” Jackie told Donna’s back as she was already walking off with Eric, her hand in Eric’s back pocket.

Jackie started off in search of a beer but stopped half way there. ‘If Donna and Eric are going to hook up it will probably be in Eric’s bedroom. I wonder if he’s as well hung as Donna says? No, no way! She’s just kidding me. Still…” Making up her mind Jackie slipped into the Foreskins house and snuck upstairs to Eric’s room.

“Ugh, men are such slobs!” she told herself as she looked around the room. Hearing footsteps coming up stairs she hid herself in the closet, leaving the door ajar so she could see the bed.

Laughing and giggling Donna and Eric entered the room. Clutching each other they fell across the bed and began kissing and fondling each other.

They rolled back and forth. Spit was swapped as the young lovers wrestled. Donna used one hand to pull Eric closer as they kissed and with the other fondled his growing bulge. As Eric’s hands cupped her E sized boobs, Donna moaned and began to try to unbutton and unzip his pendik escort pants.

“I really like these pants,” Donna said as she worked. “They really make your butt look good! And they REALLY show off your cock! I’ve never seen you look so, sexy, so HOT!” she exclaimed.

“Glad you like ’em, doll,” Eric responded as he kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his shirt.

“Oh, you look so muscly!” Donna exclaimed as she took a moment to stroke his chest and abs. She leaned in to lip and tongue Eric’s nipples which caused him to gasp with pleasure. “You look good enough to eat!”

“We’ll get to that,” chuckled Eric. “You look terrific too, you know!” His hands were back cupping and fondling Donna’s large tits, his thumbs strumming her rapidly hardening nipples through her bikini top.

In the closet Jackie was staring. Donna’s boobs were too big for Eric’s hands to handle she saw. There was more breast flesh than he could cope with. Smiling at her young lover Donna shook her shoulders, causing her boobs to flex and shiver, to swing from side to side in a display that brought drool to Eric’s lips. And stiffness to his dong.

“You just like my big titties,” Donna teased him as she reached back to undo her bikini top. Arching her back she quickly rid herself of her top. “Come here and make my big titties feel good! Suck ’em, play with my nipples!” she commanded.

“Since you ask so nice! You’re right, I love these big titties! Let me show you…” his voice died as he sank his face into her chest. Moving slowly he licked and sucked both tits. Using both hands he lifted her breasts and smothered himself between her bosoms lavishing her with licks and kisses as he sank deeper and deeper.

‘Boy, look at him go!’ thought the hidden observer. ‘No one’s ever paid that much attention to my titties!’ It looked exciting to Jackie as Donna reacted to Eric’s technique by pulling him closer and closer.

Back and forth Eric went, first sucking one nipple then the other. Squeezing and caressing both boobs he worked feverishly building Donna’s excitement as he went.

“You know, Donna, you seem to be even more of more than a handful than ever! Are you getting bigger titties?” Jackie could hear the excitement in his voice.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You boob crazed maniac!” She giggled. “Well, yeah, I had to get another bikini for this years picnic. I’ve gone to a Double E cup.” She said it as if it meant nothing to her but Donna knew how Eric would react. Sure enough, he groaned a little as he tried even harder to press his face into her cleavage.

“But don’t get all bent out of shape,” she cautioned. “I’ve just put on some weight and it went right to my boobs! Guess I’m just lucky! Oh, come on, suck harder, oh, I DO like that!”

Smiling down at her lover Donna relaxed back onto her elbow watching as Eric continued to lavish attention on her breasts.

“C’mon,” she instructed. “Kneel up here and let me at it!” She tugged and pulled off his pants and then when he was kneeling on the bed in front of her she slowly, slowly pulled his underpants down. Both Donna and her hidden observer saw more and more of Eric’s massively thick dick come into view.

‘My God!’ Jackie thought to her self. ‘That’s the thickest dick I’ve ever seen. He’s bigger than any one! Fes has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Not even Fes is that large! Kelso and Hyde have nothing in comparison!’

And Jackie almost gasped out loud as she heard Donna exclaim; “Come on, Eric, lets get you hard! I’m horny for your big dick!”

‘He’s not even fully erect? wondered Jackie. ‘How big is he going to be?’

She was going to find out she realized as Donna gripped Eric’s foot long dick with both hands and started to run her lips up and down the stiffening shaft.

Letting go of his dick, Donna pulled him further upright and began to polish his balls with her tongue. Eric’s dick stretched up and up, arcing over her head and swaying side to side as she worked. Donna pulled away momentarily to admire the results.

“I swear, Eric, you seem longer than the last time. What did you measure this morning?” she wondered.

“Almost 13 inches,” he announced. “But not any thicker than before, still just over 9 inches!”

Luckily both lovers were so involved with each other they didn’t hear the gasp that Jackie was unable to suppress. ’13 inches long and over 9 inches around’ she thought to herself. ‘Fes wasn’t even 9 inches long! Hyde was almost 6 and a half and poor Kelso, barely 5 inches and he’s so proud of it!’ She chuckled to herself. ‘But look at that! Eric’s gigantic! I’ve got to find a way that I can feel that monster inside me.’ Almost with out realizing it Jackie was playing with her rapidly moistening cunt. Her hand was down the front of her shorts as she stared out of the closet at Eric’s immense dick as Donna continued to worship it.

Gurgling, liquid noises came from Donna’s lips as she strove to suck down more and more of Eric’s rapidly hardening dick. Mewling and sighing maltepe escort she bobbed her head in ever longer strokes trying to take in all that Eric had to offer.

‘She’s overmatched,’ observed Jackie. ‘She can’t get down more than 7 or 8 inches! I could do better than that!’ Her body was rapidly responding to the stimulus of seeing the most immense dick she could imagine and the work her hands were doing now on her pussy and titties.?”You want me to come in your mouth?” asked Eric as he watched Donna doing her best to get more of his thickness into her throat.

“I want to feel this monster deep into me!” Donna replied. Quickly she sprawled back onto the bed leaving Eric kneeling in front of her. Jackie could see for the first time, just how immense Eric’s rock hard cock was. Pulsing with his heart beat, it stretched more than a foot in front of him. Steel hard, it arced up in the air, swinging wildly as he moved into position.

Both Donna and Jackie stared in awe while Eric placed the head of his dick between her legs. Donna’s moan was loud and deep with longing. Jackie’s was silent but there was just as much lust in her reaction as Eric began to fuck his red headed lover.

Minutes later Jackie quietly convulsed into an orgasm. She had seen more dick disappear into Donna’s snatch than she ever could have imagined. And Donna was pleading for more as Eric worked harder and harder between her thighs.

Jackie had another orgasm as she watched the two on the bed change positions time and again. Donna pleading with Eric to go faster, harder, deeper. Eric was filling Donna pulsing cunt with as much as she could handle. And Jackie could see that there were inches and inches of Eric’s hugeness that remained outside of Donna’s drooling cunt.

Convulsing in ecstasy Donna flew into another orgasm, her third. Jackie was almost there seconds later as Eric pulled out his oversized dick and sprayed Donna with his semen. Rope after rope splashed onto Donna. It landed in her hair, on her tits and she even caught some in her mouth as she stroked him again and again, milking every last drop from his softening prick.

Pulling back from their kiss Eric said “We should get back. We don’t want people talking do we?”

Hastily the young lovers redressed and, still tucking themselves together they headed downstairs to the party.

In the closet Jackie slowly pulled herself together. That was amazing she thought to herself. Eric is a HORSE! I can’t believe Donna could take so much and Eric still had inches and inches left over! And his stamina was incredible, he fucked her so hard I thought he was going to hurt her. But she wanted it all! Jackie’s hand cupped her still leaking pussy.

She waited almost ten minutes before she snuck out of the closet. Her hair was a mess but she thought she could sneak into a bathroom to freshen up.

Just as she reached out for the doorknob she again heard footsteps in the hallway. Like a flash she dove back into the closet before she could be seen!

Before she could close the closet door the bedroom door creaked open as a wildly kissing couple stumbled in.

‘That’s Eric again,’ observed Jackie. ‘And that’s Midge! Donna’s mother!’ What could be going on wondered Jackie?

“Oh, Eric, it’s soooo good to see you again,” moaned Midge. “I couldn’t stay in California knowing that you were still here. I had to come back to see you!” What she had to see seemed obvious to Jackie as both of Midge’s hands were cupping and stroking Eric’s rock hard dick.

With a groan of lust Midge sank to the floor in front of Eric. While stroking his dick thru his pants she looked up at him. “Have you gotten bigger since the last time?” she asked with a flutter in her voice. “I love how these pants show off your bulge! You have such a BIG dick! I remember every second of our last meeting. I’ve never had such a big dick in my life. You’re incredible! So fat, so long and even bigger now!” she crowed as she pulled his cock into the open.

‘My God, they’ve done this before! Donna AND her Mom! What a couple of sluts!’ Jackie moralized. ‘Eric is amazing though! Look how big and hard he is! And so soon after giving Donna the fuck of a life time!’ Jackie’s hands were back under her clothes as she watched.

In the bedroom Midge had managed to rid Eric of his pants and underwear. Still wearing his shirt he fell back on the bed as Midge climbed over him.

“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk,” promised the panting mother. “I’m going to drain you and this immense cock!”

And as Jackie watched over the next half hour Midge did her best to fulfill her promise. She rode Eric until she had almost all of him deep inside her while she hit peak after peak of ecstasy. Jackie thought Midge had at least four orgasms. She herself had at least three, watching as Eric sucked and fucked. He paid lots of attention to Midge’s D Cups as she rode him. Squeezing her tits, licking her nipples and sucking her while she humped and rode thru spasming convulsion kartal escort after spasming convulsion.

Even though she was smaller than her well endowed daughter Eric was enjoying playing with her titties, sucking, licking, pulling, tweaking and other wise amusing himself as Midge grunted and gasped while hitting peaks of ecstasy time after time.

‘She’s taking more than Donna could,’ observed Jackie to herself. ‘Look how deep he it! And there is still more! So thick! So LONG! What a fucking horse dick!’ Her latest orgasm struck as she watched Midge take almost all Eric had to offer.

After half an hour Eric groaned deep in his chest while Midge shrieked in another culmination. Without missing a beat, Midge slid between his legs and sucked Eric’s spewing dick into her eager mouth.

Having drained her young lover Midge kept up her oral attack. With in minutes Eric was hard again and Midge jumped back on top of him and began to moan in pleasure as she felt his gigantic member slide right back into her.

Leaning forward, lying on top of Eric Midge brought his hands to her heaving tits.

“Play with my titties, lover. I like it when you pluck my nipple and squeeze my big titties.” She cooed as he obeyed while she writhed, trying to take him deeper and deeper into her soaking wet cunt.

In the closet Jackie continued to stroke herself to peak after peak watching Eric finish off the hot mom in the neighborhood. ‘Donna’s got bigger tits than her Mom!’ Observed Jackie. And Eric is really playing with those melons!’

‘Donna is going to FREAK when I tell her what I’ve seen this afternoon,’ gloated Jackie. ‘She’s so in love with Eric. Wait until I tell her who else is getting a taste of that huge fucking dick!’

On the bed Eric roared with pleasure as Midge pulled his dick out of her cunt and dove onto it!

“I need to see you cum, lover” she moaned. “I need to feel you cum all over my titties and my face. Cum for me, honey, empty those huge balls of yours!”

In response Eric’s cock erupted again and again while Midge directed his dick and slathered his goo over her tits, onto her face and finally, into her mouth where she nursed the final dregs of his epic discharge.

Once again, Jackie was silently convulsing as three fingers drove into her cunt while she watched the scene. The young stallion and his slightly older lover cuddled and kissed for a few moments before they rose.

Jackie lay back in the closet while Midge and Eric got dressed, stopping time and again to kiss and fondle each other. She decided to wait again until the coast was clear before she left.

Twenty minutes she was jolted awake when the bedroom door again opened. By the time she had silently scrambled to see who was now in the room the couple was locked in a deep kiss at the far side of the bed.

‘Jeeze, Eric just never stops does he!’ she thought to herself. Who ever he was with had her hands welded to his butt and was trying to pull him to herself harder and harder.

Standing with her back to the closet the mystery woman finally broke the kiss and reached behind herself to loosen her bikini top. As the top fluttered to the floor Jackie saw that the girls tits were so large that they could be seen from behind on each side of her rib cage!

“Oh, yeah,” the newcomer sighed as Eric groped and fondled her chest. “That’s right, lover, suck ’em, play with my big titties!”

“God, I love these Double F cup boobs! I couldn’t keep my eyes off ’em while you were standing around down there!”

Jackie, crouched in the closet, wondered who the latest of Eric’s lovers could be. Double F? So BIG! She didn’t think any of her classmates were THAT big! Even Donna was only a Double E!?”Ha! I saw you sneak off with those other flat chested floozies!” She didn’t sound real upset. “I knew if I waited you’d be back! But do you have anything left for poor little me?”

“Oh, I think I can get it up again. That is, if you help! Why don’t you wrap those huge tits of yours around my big dick and see if you can’t get me hard!”

“Oh, you know I love to get a dick hard between my big titties!” she groaned as she slid to her knees. Turning half toward the closet she smiled up at Eric as she tucked him between her massive breasts. In his softened state he disappeared from view.

‘Holy fuck! That’s MY MOM,’ Jackie realized as she watched the excited couple. ‘Eric’s going to fuck MY MOM! And not for the first time!’ Her hands were busy playing with her tits and pussy as she stared at the erotic scene in front of her.

To her horror Jackie heard a noise behind her in the closet as she leaned back from what she was watching.

Eric’s head turned to glance at the closet but he made no move to leave the oral ministrations that Pam was adding to her work as his dick finally stretched up out of her cleavage.

His attention went back to the gorgeous woman worshiping at his crotch as her lips went up and down his now fully hard shaft and then began to suck and lick his over sized balls.

“Oh, Pam, you do that so well!”

“Thanks, lover! You have so much to work with! Maybe next time I can shave your balls?” she suggested. “I love a smooth ball sack. And it makes your dick look even larger!” She moaned at the thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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