Test Drive

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Have you ever looked at a man’s arms and just wanted to lick them? The smooth skin on the inside of their lower arms with all those gorgeous veins that move when they write or… My tongue just swells and I feel drool begin to form inside my mouth for all those raised veins make me think of what his cock will look like.

Well, I’m a girl, so I can adore these things on a man.

Rhett had arms just like that. I was mesmerized while watching him complete the paperwork for the purchase of my new cruiser. I wanted a motorbike built like a man. A big, powerful, muscular chest, tapering down to a firm, comfortable seat… Easy to ride and handles well… I couldn’t help comparing Rhett to my new bike, especially when he stood next to it outside and moved it so I could take some pictures with my camera. He moved it into place effortlessly, as thought it was light as a feather instead of the actual weight of nearly 300kg.

It was then and there that I decided to take it for a test drive (the bike that is) even though I had already bought it… I put the question to Rhett, trying hard to keep the flirtation out of my voice. But he knew what I was up to by the cheeky little grin that turned up the corners of his delicious mouth, ending with a flash of his perfect white teeth.

He told me to hang on a minute while he found the key and then, after he swung one sexy leg easily over the bike, invited me to hop on.

I was already on fire but the loud, insistent throbbing of the engine, escort ataşehir coupled with the exotic scent of his aftershave, turned me to molten lava. It felt like I was drunk and I asked him if he minded me holding onto him. He responded by gripping my hands tightly and placing them so they rested against his firm chest. I was in heaven and my engine was throbbing as intensely as the bike.

He chose a quiet road instead of the freeway so we rode through quite a few curves, giving me the feel of how the bike handles on winding roads. I wondered if he could feel my curves pressed up against his back. Could he feel how hard my nipples were through the fabric of our clothing? I wondered if he could feel the thumping of my excited heart.

He pulled off the road and into a deserted car park, coming to a stop under the shade of a very large tree. He cut the motor and sudden quiet engulfed us both.

He took his helmet off and turned his head to speak with me but this brought his cheek in direct contact with my left breast. Thank goodness for the height difference between the rider and the pillion seats. His face looked flushed for a moment but then came that cute cheeky grin again and he asked if I wanted to ‘get off?’

To which we both started chuckling.

I reluctantly climbed off the machine away from the already familiar scent and heat of his body. He stood up and moved beside me, asking how I liked the ride.

I thought honesty was the best way kadıköy escort in this case and told him that if I had to choose between him of the bike , I’d ride, er, I mean TAKE him any day!

He then turned towards me and placed both hands on my shoulders while looking into my eyes, He mumbled something about my sexy helmet and then he undid the chin strap and pulled the helmet off my head, placing it on the bike seat in one smooth movement.

I suddenly felt naked, as though he had removed all my clothing, slowly, one piece at a time. His eyes were suddenly darker, his pupils more dilated and probably a mirror of my own. I read his question and answered with the only possible word… “YES.”

He kissed me softly at first, growing harder and more demanding and I instantly knew he had enough strength to match me in bed.

The thought of us in bed made me press my hips against him and forced me to gasp “OH!” when I felt his stiff reaction pushing out and reaching all the way to the outside of his spectacular left thigh. The bike was instantly forgotten as I reached down one hand between our bodies to feel along the straight long rod in his pants. His cock jumped under the pressure of my hand.

Touching his cock made me wonder what he liked to do with it or what he liked having someone else do to it… Did he like it pulled and sucked on and did he just want it buried in a nice warm cunt or did he want it played with for much longer than normal? Spat on and maltepe escort bayan drooled all over while force-fucking a willing throat? Did he like to be taken to the edge over and over again and then be forced to cum long and hard and messy, all over a waiting face and cum-hungry mouth? The questions buzzed around in my head making me dizzy with need.

When he asked me if he was allowed to take ME for a test drive now, I knew I had to ask the questions burning inside me. I asked him to either nod or shake his head in answer to my following questions.

I asked:

“Do you want me to suck your cock?”

He started nodding right away.

“Do you want to fuck my face? Roughly?? While holding my hair and pulling it?

He was still nodding

“Will you slap my face?

Will you slap my tits? Hard??

Will you fuck me?

Will you fuck my cunt?

Will you fuck my ass too?

Will you let me suck your cock clean after it has been in my ass?

Will you slap my ass while you fuck it?

Will you cum on my face and tits?

Will you kiss me afterwards??

Will you lick it off my face?

Will you lick my ass?

Will you let me lick yours?

Will you let me play with your ass?

Will you let me finger your asshole?

Will you let me use a toy in your ass if I promise to start off small and be gentle?”

He did not stop nodding all the way through my many questions and at the end he even got more excited than me at the prospect of ass play because I had accidentally stumbled upon a secret fantasy he had always played with in his mind of having his ass taken by a woman with a strap-on.

[Please let me know what you would like to have happen next so my fantasy can becum yours…]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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