Tequila , Peaches

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Shay was smiling to herself as she removed the bottle of Jose Cuervo from the liquor cabinet. She had been really laying the tease on Ken pretty heavy in the local bar they met in a few weeks earlier. She had finally asked him over for dinner and before she knew it, their teasing had escalated into a challenge.

Shay loved Tequila Shots and they had come to a stand off as to who could ‘WOW’ the other better.

“It’s in the bag ,” she said to herself as she closed the liquor cabinet. Confidence in her game was something she was very sure of.

Ken grinned from ear to ear as Shay waltzed into the den with the bottle of Cuervo in hand… she was wearing a big yellow men’s dress shirt. Somehow, with all of the lingerie she owned, in Shay’s eyes, she never looked better than when she was wearing a big comfy button down shirt that came down almost to her knees. He lay on the floor on the pile of pillows Shay had so painstakingly placed there leaning on his elbow as she approached him with a sly smile on her face.

Shay winked at Ken and playfully licked her lips as she bent over to hand the bottle to him. He could just barely see down the front of the loose fitting shirt and felt a sudden twinge in his pants as she caught him looking and smiled. “You just hold on, Shuggar” she whispered to him. “There’s plenty of time for that.”

Shay slowly walked across the room to the coffee table where Ken had left the salt shaker and bowl of cut limes. She stopped halfway and looked over her shoulder to make sure he was enjoying the show so far, and was pleased to see his gaze was transfixed on her sway as she moved. She picked up one of the lime wedges and slowly rubbed it over her lips, occasionally pushing it in and out from between her lips, giggling to herself as an involuntary groan escaped from Ken’s mouth. Shay knew she had him.

Pleased with the amount of teasing she had done thus far, Shay grabbed the shaker and bowl of limes and made her way over to the pillows where he was waiting for her. He sat up to take the salt and citrus from her and placed them down next to him. Then, grabbing her arm, he pulled her down quickly so that she landed on top of him. He placed a hand behind her head and brought

her mouth to his, tasting the lime on her lips that she had taken such great pleasure in teasing him with a moment before. Ken felt his cock begin to grow as Shay sighed into his mouth, caressing his tongue with hers. He loved the feel of that little diamond against him, it didn’t matter where.

Ken rolled Shay off of him so that she was lying on her back amongst the pillows. “Now,” he said, “if we’re gonna do body shots tonight, we’re gonna do em my way.” He winked at her as a sassy grin came across Shay’s face. He leaned over her and leaned in to start kissing her neck as he began unbuttoning the shirt from the top, He began nibbling gently on her earlobe as he reached her bra. Grabbing the front closure between his thumb and index finger, he quickly snapped it open. As he finished unbuttoning her shirt, Ken sat up and reached for the bottle of Cuervo. He opened the bottle and, holding his finger over the opening, turned the bottle upside down, allowing just a bit to drizzle onto his finger. Leaning back over Shay, he took his finger and painted her lips with it, watching her close her eyes and savor his touch. Once he was satisfied that her lips were properly covered, Ken leaned in to kiss her, enjoying the taste of his handiwork.

After he had taken the time to savor the tequila off Shay’s lips, Ken moved back to her neck, kissing and escort ataşehir sucking lightly. She cooed softly as he worked his way down her neck, and then down along her shoulder blade. He kissed down further until he reached the top of her unbuttoned shirt.

Slowly but deliberately, he peeled the sides of the oversized shirt to the side, kissing her newly exposed soft flesh as he went. He felt her tremble a bit in spite of herself as he exposed her breasts, watching her nipples harden a bit more as they became exposed to the open air. He continued to kiss his way down her body until he reached the S charm at her belly button.

Playfully, Ken stuck out his tongue and twirled the charm in slow circles, watching Shay squirm. He sat up for a moment to take in the beauty before him and sighed to himself. “Now,” he whispered to Shay, just barely audible, “the fun begins.”

Ken first grabbed a piece of lime and leaned over Shay’s left breast. She watched him as he gave a playful lick of her nipple in order to prepare her. Ken squeezed the wedge of lime in his hand in order to release some juice. Once he felt the lime begin to release some of it’s tangy juice, he began to rub the lime over Shay’s nipple and areola, softly at first, but becoming more firm as she began to be coated with the citrus. Once he felt that she was properly doused with lime, he moved up to her face, kissing her soft lips first, and then tenderly placing the still juicy piece of lime between her lips for later.

Once the lime had been stowed away for safe keeping, Ken moved down towards Shay’s right breast, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking gently. He swirled his tongue in circles over her areola and nipple. He felt Shay’s nipple harden against his tongue, as he lovingly bathed it. Once he

felt he had sufficiently moistened her skin, Ken reached for the salt shaker and emptied a healthy pinch into his hand. Taking great care as to not put salt directly on her nipple, Ken sprinkled the salt around her areola onto her moistened skin. Now that the table had been properly set, Ken smiled to himself as he looked over to the bottle of tequila. He picked it up and playfully swayed it back and forth over her, grinning as her eyes followed the path of the bottle. Carefully, as not to spill, he brought the bottle to her stomach and drizzled Cuervo into her navel, stopping as he filled her to the brim. Then, holding his thumb over the top of the bottle, Ken slowly dripped a line of tequila up her soft belly, up over her ribcage, stopping the path right between her breasts.

As Ken placed the bottle on the floor next to them, he moved to Shay’s right breast. Lightly, as not to rub the salt against her delicate skin, Ken began licking in slow circles starting just outside Shay’s areola, moving in closer with each circle, until his lips were once again on her rock hard nipple. He sucked gently as he took in the saltiness on her flesh and moaned softly as he heard Shay sigh in pleasure. Ken pulled himself away from her sweet nipple in order to move down her stomach towards the waiting tequila. Again, he twirled the ‘S’ charm around with his tongue, then moving to dip his tongue into her navel and feel the burn of tequila at the very tip. Ken paused to look up at Shay and smile as he then planted his lips around her navel and softly but steadily sucked the tequila out. After bathing the inside of her belly bo with her tongue in order to make sure he had gotten all of the sweet nectar, he began licking his way along the path of drizzled tequila. Ken became dizzy kadıköy escort with the combination of the tangy bite of the tequila mixed with the gentle saltiness of her skin. This, combined with the soft smell of jasmine on her skin just intoxicated him.

Ken finally made his way to the end of his line of tequila drops, swallowing one last time before he moved to Shay’s citrus covered nipple to try and cut some of the Cuervo’s kick. Immediately, Ken took her left nipple into his mouth, hearing her gasp as he suckled her hard, massaging her other breast as he did so. Once he had taken the lime completely from her skin, Ken cradled himself into the crook of her arm as he stretched up to kiss her, the lime wedge still in her mouth. They kissed passionately for a long moment, sighing into each other’s mouths. Ken finally pulled away, taking the lime between his teeth and sucking the remaining juice out of it.

Placing the spent lime back into the bowl of citrus, Ken smiled down at Shay. “Well,” he said with a smile on his face, “that was a wonderful before dinner drink… what did you have in mind for the appetizer?”

Shay took a moment to regain her composure and a long slow smile came across her face. She knew she had been had hands down. Ken could see the mix of lust and love in her eyes, and it drove him absolutely wild.

“Well, for an appetizer, I figured maybe we’d figure out if you knew how to eat peaches,” Shay offered.

“You don’t know if I know how to eat a peach?” Ken asked.

“Dunno… just checkin” Shay smiled as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Well then,” Ken retorted. “That sounds to me like another challenge, and I’m never one to turn down a challenge. I’ll be right back.”

As Ken stood up, Shay giggled as she noticed the effect she was having on him, or having on the front of his pants at least. Ken made his way to the kitchen, and found the bowl of peaches that Shay had left out to ripen. He picked one up and held it just under his nose, inhaling the sweet smell and feeling the fuzz just tickle the end of his nose. He placed the peach back into the bowl and strolled back into the den. Shay was still lying there among the pillows, all stretched out and comfortable. Ken was stopped in his tracks at the site before him, and had to shake the haze out of his head before he could continue.

Ken dropped to his knees next to Shay and placed the bowl of peaches down on the floor next to them. Staring deeply into Shay’s eyes, he tossed a peach up and down in his left hand.

Shay was so impressed with the Tequila Shot, she knew he would be over the top on the Peach Eating Test.

“So, you wanna know if I know how to eat a peach?” Ken asked with a smile.

“Uh huh” Shay answered in a whisper.

“Well, I’ll show you my idea of how to eat a peach, and you just let me know what you think.”

Slowly, Ken raised the peach to his mouth, parting his lips and sinking his teeth into it. As he took a chunk out of the peach, the sweet peach juice began to run from his mouth and drip down his chin. He slowly chewed and swallowed his mouthful of the sweet fruit and slid down so that he was

laying on his side next to her.

“You know what makes a good peach, darlin?” Ken asked. He continued before Shay could reply.

“When they’re just right.. when they’re so ripe that they’re bursting with juice and the flesh is so incredibly soft that it just melts in your mouth. Uh huh… that’s one good peach.”

Ken handed Shay the peach as he hooked his finger into the waistband of her panties. maltepe escort bayan He smiled at the look of desire in her eyes as he slowly tugged down. As Shay raised her hips, she gasped as she felt Ken’s fingers brush over her sweetly trimmed mound. Ken continued to pull down her panties until he finally was able to slide them off completely and cast them to the side. He reached up and retrieved the peach from her hand. Shay was completely frozen, quite unsure of what Ken’s next move would be. Instinctively, she parted her legs as he moved in between her thighs.

“Now, Shay,” he said. “This is a particularly good peach. Can you see just how full of juice it is? How moist? how delicious?” As he said this, Ken held the peach in his left hand over Shay and squeezed it as hard as he could. After a couple of seconds, juice began to drip out of the fruit and onto Shay’s already wet pussy. She groaned as she felt the peach begin to coat her, and squirmed a bit as the juice began to flow down her pussy and into her ass crack. She looked down at Ken, completely ridden with lust and whispered “You know, I like peaches too.” She grabbed the peach from Ken’s grasp and began rubbing it over her pussy, twisting it around; coating herself even further and mixing the juices of the peach with her own. Hungrily, Shay brought the peach up to her mouth and took a bite of her own. “Emmmm,” she sighed to herself. “Now,” she cooed, “eat your peach, baby.”

Ken immediately moved himself so that he was laying on his stomach between Shay’s legs. He stuck his tongue out and slowly pushed it inside her, starting at the bottom of her slit, he slowly slid his tongue up inside her, drawing out the sweet mixture of Shay’s wetness combined with the nectar from the peach. He sensed Shay’s breathing get faster as he explored every inch of her delicate insides. Her moans and sighs echoed in his head, and only served to push him on further.

Ken pulled his head up from his feast to cool Shay down for a sec. He waited there as she slowly regained her breath and composure. Just as she was coming to, he smiled and carefully pulled her lips apart, exposing her hard clit. “You know,” he said. “I think we may have gotten some peach here too” Ken darted his tongue again and swirled it around her clit. All of the air in Shay’s lungs was expelled in a long moan as Ken artfully danced over and around her clit with his tongue. As her breath started coming in short gasps, Ken reached under her with both hands, grabbing her by the ass cheeks, and sucked her clit into his mouth. As he gently sucked, his tongue still brushed over and over her clit in her mouth. He knew that it was just a matter of time for her, and began to suck harder while still applying pressure with his tongue.

Shay suddenly reached down, and snaked her fingers into Ken’s hair, pinning his face against her. She gave out one final sharp moan and arched her back as her fingers tightened her grip in Ken’s hair and her entire body began to explode in sensation. Ken found himself bathed in her sweet

wetness as Shay rode her wave of pleasure. He tightened his hold on her now throbbing clit each time he felt her start to come down, only to send her back up amongst the clouds and the rain again. Shay finally grabbed Ken by the hair and pulled his head away. He sat up and looked over her as she rode the final aftershocks of her orgasm.

Very pleased with himself, Ken laid back down next to Shay and pulled her into his arms. She collapsed against him, obviously drained. He held her there for a minute, feeling her warmth radiate against him.

“Hey Shay?” Ken whispered into her ear

“Uh huh” she sighed.

“So… um… do I know how to eat peaches?”

“Uh huh” she answered.

” Kenny…got any suggestions for dinner?” Shay asked, as she slowly spread her legs and smiled.

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