Tempted By A Chubby Teenage Slag Ch. 03

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**sorry it’s been so long everyone! Hope you enjoy part three of this series!**

It had been a few months since I had spent my crazy few days at university staying on my friend Kim’s sofa.

Her chubby, slaggy friend Lisa had come to visit and as soon as Kim had fallen asleep Lisa joined me on the sofa for a little extra-marital fun. The next morning while Kim was at her tutorial we had spent another hour or so fucking.

Kim had caught us while I still had my cock up Lisa’s arse, and been understandably upset.

Later that even she had confided in me that her upset was caused by jealousy and Kim and I had then had sex.

I was looking forward to returning in a few weeks’ time, Kim and I had been texting a lot and she was looking forward to having me in her bed again.

My wife is more distant than ever, I get the feeling she is actively avoiding me. It’s possible she’s seeing someone else too. If she is, good for her.

I use a different messenger for Kim, one I keep secret, so whenever I get messages on this app I know they are from her. Except for my latest one.

The alert had pinged and I checked my phone;

“hey babe its lisa. kim giv mi ur numbr hope u dunt mind.

am pregnant. i think its urs. thort u shud no.”


I was glad I was alone in my study.

When Lisa had told me I could cum inside her I had taken this to mean she was on some form of contraception, not that she wasn’t bothered if she got pregnant or not!


Another message came, this time from Kim.

“Hey you, just heard Lisa’s news. Wow. What are you gonna do if her baby is yours?”

Kin and I texted into the night, discussing the situation, and I decided I needed to see Lisa in person to discuss our options.

Lisa was due to visit Kim at uni a few days later so I made up some excuse about handing in coursework and drove up to see them.

I pulled up outside Kim’s student house and she let me in, giving me a hug as I came in the door.

I kissed her on the cheek and we both smiled seeing each other once again as memories of having sex came back to us.

She looked beautiful, her dark hair in a loose ponytail and a black sloganned t-shirt on with a pair of tight jeans hugging her shapely arse and her full breasts heaving against my chest. She led me upstairs and on her bed sat Lisa, wearing a tiny white strappy vest with her gigantic tits spilling out and a pair of cheap black leggings so stretched you could see her pale skin and the straps of her thong. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders.

Kim was beautiful, but Lisa made my dick ache like nothing I have ever felt before. Kim was a beauty you would marry and gaze at over a candlelit dinner, but Lisa was the slag you would visit when you needed something regrettable and dirty.

“I’ll let you two talk…” Kim said awkwardly before leaving. “I’ll go to the library for an hour or two.” she said as she closed the door.

I turned to Lisa. I had expected to feel annoyed, but all I could think of was how great a fuck she was.

“So…” I said awkwardly.

“So.” Lisa replied, leaning back a little with her palms on the bed, even this action causing her tits to jiggle a little. I was becoming certain they were bigger. She was a 38GG when I fucked her, she definitely looked bigger.

“You’re pregnant then?” I asked, stating the obvious.

Lisa nodded, resting a hand on her chubby belly.

“Yeah. It’s probably yours, you’re the only bloke I fucked without using condoms at that time.” she said.

“Why did you say I could cum inside you?” I asked.

Lisa shrugged. “I was really horny, sorry babe. You didn’t ask if I was on the pill or anything, you just asked if you could jizz inside me. I thought if I let your spunk leak out of my cunt I wouldn’t get pregnant”

God damnit. I wanted to talk about this but all I could think about were her tits falling out of her tiny vest.

I sat beside her and put a reassuring hand on her thigh. escort ataşehir She turned to me and bit her lip, noticing how I could not take my eyes off her tits.

“They’ve got bigger since I got pregnant. I’m a 40HH now.” she purred.

Holy. Fuck.

“Are you pissed of that I’m pregnant babe?” she asked.

I shook my head. I put my hand on her belly.

“So you’re definely pregnant by me?” I asked. For some reason this was just insanely sexy to me. I had shot my load inside this slutty 18 year old and now she was pregnant.

She leaned down and took a little plastic tube from her purse. She held it so I could see the “pregnant” indicator.

“Yep. You got me pregnant babe, I’m gonna have your baby.” she said, shifting closer to me. Her blue eyes burned into mine.

I gently rested my hand on one of her breasts and squeezed gently. Her eyes rolled back and she gasped. “Being pregnant is making me horny all the fucking time.” she groaned, gazing at me as she rested her hand on my crotch and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

I slipped my hand inside her shirt and squeezed her bare breast and leaned in to kiss her. She began devouring my mouth and we tore at each other’s clothes until we were naked.

I pushed her back on Kim’s bed and got on top of her.

“Fuck me daddy.” she breathed, spreading her thick legs as I gazed down at her.

Without hesitating I pushed my cock against her pussy lips and felt her soaking cunt swallow my cock whole. She yelped as I reached full depth and gripped me to her, pressing her giant 40HH tits against my chest.

My hands pawed hungrily at her body and I began thrusting, lunging my cock into this pregnant slut’s pussy.

She moaned underneath me, stroking her legs against mine as I lifted myself up on my palms to look down at her. Her tits swayed from her belly button to under her chin as I slid my cock in and out of her cunt, gasping with each inward thrust.

The sight was enough.

I pushed to full depth and felt my balls tense up as I began squirting thick spurts of cum inside Lisa’s pussy, holding each other’s gaze as she felt my cum filling her.

Gasping as my cock twitched in her pussy, she giggled. “Making sure I’m definitely pregnant babe?” she asked as she rolled her hips, making her pussy squeeze my cock.

I laughed aloud. “I just couldn’t help myself.” I said through laboured breaths as I slid my cock out of Lisa’s cunt. She cupped her pussy with her hand and stood up, but before she went to get a towel, I stopped her. “Wait… let me watch it.” I asked.

Lisa grinned and turned to face me, standing with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly apart as my cum immediately began leaking out of her cunt and coating the inside of her thighs.

She looked so sexy, her chubby body flushed from fucking, her heavy tits swaying gently, her legs coated in my cum.

“I can’t wait to see your belly get bigger with my baby.” I said, grinning up at her. She stroked her belly, smiling.

My cock began swelling again and I leapt off the bed, pushing Lisa to her knees, standing with my cock level with her face. I pushed my cock against her lips and she opened her mouth, taking my cock into her wet, warm mouth.

She began making soft sucking actions and I eased my cock in and out in time with these actions. I held the back of her head and began pushing the tip of my cock against her throat, making her gag slightly with each touch. She didn’t protest so I began thrusting into her mouth, feeling the head of my cock enter her throat each time, Lisa’s throat making the amazing wet sound only deepthroating a cock makes. I fucked her throat, marvelling at how well she could take it, looking down to see her throat visibly swell as I forced my thick cock in.

Her tits bounced against my legs as I fucked her face roughly, holding the back of her head as I forced my cock down her throat over and over until I felt my limit come, and I groaned aloud as I held kadıköy escort my cock in her throat and began shooting globs of cum straight down her throat.

She gagged and spluttered as she gulped my cum down, a single retch as she held my arse cheeks, letting me know she could handle it.

My cock finally spent, she leaned back and gasped for breath as my cock left her throat. Her eyes were watering, her thick, slutty makeup running, her eyes covered in black smears as she knelt, her hands on her thighs as she caught her breath.

She grinned up at me.

“You’re such a dirty bastard, here with your 18 year old pregnant side chick swallowing your spunk while your wife’s at home.”

I smirked back at her. “She’s probably getting dick elsewhere herself.”

Lisa stood and finally took a towel from Kim’s washbasket. Her thighs were still sticky with my cum and her chin was wet with saliva and the cum she hadn’t managed to swallow, which she began wiping off.

We grudgingly dressed in anticipation of Kim’s return and sat on the bed.

The haze of lust temporarily abated, I realised I was sat with a fat 18 year old girl that was pregnant by me.

“So… what now?” Lisa asked.

I rested my hand on her belly and leaned in to kiss her. “We’ll figure it out.” I said.

“Kim’s really pissed off. She told me you and her shagged. She was really jealous about you shagging me first and now I’m pregnant by you. I think she was hoping you and her would be a thing, but when I have your baby, she’ll always be reminded I fucked you first and if you and her have any kids they’ll be half-brothers or sisters with our kid.” Lisa explained.

I nodded. I had anticipated Kim being upset about the situation.

My phone went off. I checked the message; “Is it safe to come in or are you two busy?”

Kim was either joking or anticipated that Lisa and I would have sex.

I replied and I heard her feet on the stairs before she let herself into her room. She seemed to notice Lisa’s now make-up free face and shook her head.

“Lisa, will you go downstairs for a bit? Make yourself something to eat or something?”

Lisa took her leave and left Kim and I alone.

I could tell she was frustrated.

“Have you two seriously been having sex?” she snapped.

I nodded.

Kim frowned. “Fine.”

“I can’t believe I’m still friends with that slag. She knew how much I liked you and not only did she have sex with you, she wasn’t using birth control? How could she be so stupid! How are we supposed to be anything if she’s walking around pregnant by you? When she has the baby I’ll have to see the baby you and her made all the time!” she vented at me. “I was clever enough to use bloody birth control otherwise I could have been pregnant too! How about that? Would you want to get two 18 year old girls pregnant at the same time?” she snapped at me.

I shrugged. “I guess it would make it even if you were pregnant too…” I said.

She raised her eyebrows. “Are you serious? You want to get me pregnant too?”

A knock sounded on the door.

“Can I come back in yet?” Lisa asked.

Kim sighed and let her in.

“Did I hear you say you want to get pregnant too?” Lisa asked Kim.

Kim struggled to answer. “I… don’t know. I have to admit I’m really jealous of you Lisa.”

Lisa turned to me. “What are you waiting for! Get her pregnant! We can have our babies together!”

Kim turned to me, looking lost and confused.

“Should we? Should I let you get me pregnant? I’ll be finishing uni soon, I could have a baby with you? It would be cool to have a baby at the same time as you, Lisa…” she said tentatively.

Lisa grinned. “I’m gonna go back downstairs. Message me when you’re ready for me to come upstairs.”

She left before we could protest and Kim and I stared at each other.

“Can I even get you pregnant right now?” I asked.

“I’m not on any birth control. I’ve just had a cold so I stopped maltepe escort bayan for a few weeks.” she replied.

She shifted closer to me on the bed.

“I want to do this. I want you to get me pregnant. I know it’s crazy, but I really want this.” Kim said.

We nervously shifted closer and wrapped our arms around each other. “I’m going to carry on fucking Lisa I told her.”

Kim nodded. “I know. We have a wierd thing. I’m just gonna go with it. Just don’t ask for a threesome, okay? When we have sex, it’s just you and me, clear?”

I nodded. Shit, I wasn’t arguing with this.

We undressed and laid in one another’s arms, Kim was shivering against me as we kissed, her full, D-cup breasts heaving against my chest.

I had a hand squeezing her arse, my fingertip touching her pussy.

She pushed me back and rolled on top of me, resting a leg on either side of my thighs.

“Ready to get me pregnant?” she grinned.

I nodded and she lifted up, taking my cock inside her. I lifted beneath her as she enveloped my cock, cupping her breasts with my hands as she began to rock, gyrating her hips against me.

She built up speed as she rode my cock, bucking her hips as she moaned.

“Squeeze my nipples.” She gasped, prompting me to squeeze, roll and pinch her hard nipples and suddenly she climaxed, her eyes closing tightly as her mouth fell open in a soundless scream.

“Cum inside me!! Cum in me and get me pregnant!” Kim commanded me as she bucked her hips ferociously, triggering my orgasm and I gripped her hips, lifting mine as I felt my balls purging their load, flooding this girl’s pussy with sperm.

She pushed down, rolling her hips to coax out every drop of cum, gazing down at me with a wide, satisfied smile on her face, murmuring “cum inside me babe, give me that cum.”

Spent, I flopped beneath her, breathing deeply, lazily fondling her breast.

She lifted off me and laid on her back, lifting her hips, smiling at me. “I’m not letting any of your cum escape.” she giggled.

“Tonight, will you sleep in the bed with me and Lisa can sleep on the sofa?” she asked.

I agreed eagerly.

We messaged Lisa to let her know she could come back upstairs.

Lisa came in grinning and Kim grinned back.

“Am I gonna need to get some more pregnancy tests in a couple of weeks?” she beamed. Kim nodded coyly and Lisa hugged her.

“How does it feel getting us both pregnant?” Lisa asked. I grinned, realising these two gorgeous girls were crazy about me; I had got one of them pregnant and the other one was likely pregnant.

That night, when we finally settled down, Kim and I cuddled until Kim whispered “Lisa’s asleep…” before slipping her hand inside my boxers.

We slipped out of our underwear and I rolled on top of her, Kim wrapping her legs around me as we quietly had sex. We kissed deeply the whole time until finally, I gripped Kim tightly and we embraced as my cum spurted into her.

We shifted, Kim snuggling up to me until she fell asleep.

I heard a whisper from Lisa from the sofa.

“Is she asleep?”

“Yep.” I replied.

“My turn…” she said, lifting a finger and beckoning me.

I carefully lifted out of the bed and walked to the sofa where Lisa laid naked on top of her blanket.

“Have you any idea how horny I am having had to listen to you fill Kim up with cum again? Get in my pussy you bastard.” She commanded my recovering cock.

The sight of her bare tits got me hard instantly, and I laid on top of her, her pussy soaking wet and twitching as I nuzzled my way inside her.

We rocked together with restraint, knowing Kim would be furious if she woke up to find us fucking while she was in the room.

I sucked her nipples while we fucked, groaning quietly as she gasped with each suck and lunge before finally I kissed her neck, whispering “I’m gonna cum…” into her ear.

She moaned and lifted her hips as my cock jerked inside her, spurting what cum I had left.

She giggled and kissed me. “I think I could fall in love with you, you dirty cunt.” she grinned.

“You gonna keep fucking me when I get a big pregnant belly?” she asked.

“I can’t wait to fuck you when your belly is swollen with our baby.” I whispered.

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