Teasing the Teacher

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Glancing at your schedule for today, your heart skips a beat when you see you’re taking my class again. You knew it was wrong but you loved seeing me in skimpy little outfits, teasing you throughout each lesson even though you know nothing can happen between us seeing as you’re my teacher, that doesn’t stop the fantasies…

Before class I head to the bathroom to adjust my black lacy bra, and reapply my lipstick. Going over my little seduction plan in my head, I smile as i run my hands through my curls, thinking you don’t have a chance. Giving myself one last look over, I head to class.

Walking into the room, I smirk to myself as I notice you watching me out the corner of your eye. Lengthening my strides, I sway my hips seductively as i make my way to my seat. You glance over, unable to help yourself, interested in what revealing outfit I’ve decided to torture you with today.

I’m wearing a dark red strapless top that clings to my body, leaving little to the imagination. A black mini skirt that barely covered my ass, and thigh high stilettos. You groan inwardly, wondering how you’ll be able to focus on the lesson with such a little vixen sitting right up front.

During the lecture, I cross my legs under the table, my skirt riding up, showing another inch of my smooth skin. Leaning forward, I rest my chin on my hands, knowing that you can now clearly see my cleavage. Staying like this for a few moments, I watch as your eyes flick between me and the board, clearing your throat slightly.

Fighting a grin, I un-cross my legs and leave them open slightly, allowing you to almost see straight to my pussy. Tapping my pen on my bottom lip, I slip it in my mouth, moving it in and out slowly as if i were sucking a cock whilst one hand slips under the table to caress my thigh, climbing higher and higher.

Eventually you give up after forgetting what you were saying multiple times, and you announce we’ll be watching a movie the rest of the class. I slouch back in my chair slightly and open my legs further so you can see I’m not wearing any panties. As the lights go off and my hand slips under my skirt, you think this might not have been such a good idea after all…

You watch as my fingers trace my pussy lips, entranced ataşehir escort bayan by my boldness. Slipping a finger inside me, you imagine you can hear my moan next to your ear. Taking it out, I push another finger into my wet little snatch, pumping them in and out slowly. Taking them out again I bring them up to my lips, pausing long enough for you to see the glistening juice of my arousal before popping them in my mouth and sucking them clean.

By the end of class your cock is rock hard, hidden by your desk. As you dismiss everyone, I stand up and turn my back to you, bending over to gather my things. Your voice is only slightly off as you stare at my ass, asking to speak to me. I straighten up and go over to your desk, barely able to conceal my excitement.

As I lean back against your desk slightly, you stand up, realizing that my eyes are level with yours. Moving forward, you stand so close that I’m sure you can smell my faint perfume. Biting my lip softly, I trail my hands up along your chest until I can intertwine my fingers behind your neck.

“You wanted to speak to me sir?” I murmur. You still haven’t moved, your pulse racing at the thought of anyone catching us in this position.

“Go lock the door.” you demand roughly, a shiver of excitement running down my spine, I do as I’m told. When I come back, you grab my hips and pull me sharply against you, my soft, supple body moulding to yours.

“Do you have ANY idea what you do to me?” you growl, “teasing me every god damn day with that fuckable little body of yours.”

Determined not to let you have all the fun, I shake my head innocently. “No sir, I had no idea I could drive you so crazy…”

I trail my hand down your chest, pressing against the growing bulge in your pants, my eyes widening and my full dark lips curling into a wicked smirk at the size.

Spinning me around you grind your cock into my ass, my gasps sending shivers along your skin as you bite my neck. “Mmm sir, please let me taste you. You’re not the only one who’s been going crazy everytime we meet,” I murmur, my soft voice deepening with my arousal.

Raising your hand you smack my ass sharply, relishing in my excited squeal. “I have barely been escort kadıöy able to stand your teasing for the last fucking term and not been able to touch you. But now, it’s my turn,” you say with a grin.

Un-tucking my top out of my skirt, you lift it over my head. My black bra contrasting nicely with my pale skin. My round breasts rise and fall with my breath, almost spilling out of my bra. Next, you rid me of my skirt, stepping back to admire my gorgeous, soft ass.

Grabbing your ruler you tell me to spread my legs. Standing there in only my thigh high stilettos and black bra, I await your next move. You strike me across the ass with the ruler, a nice red line forming on my round cheeks. Unhappy with my lack of response, you strike me again harder, a cry forcing it’s way from my lips.

Stepping close, you massage my ass, momentarily taking away the pain. “I am going to whip you ten more times with this and I want you to count them. After each strike, you will beg for another, saying how wet you are and how you deserve punishment.”

Giving me a moment to absorb that, I nod and you move behind me again. Shaking my ass slightly, I gasp as you hit me again. “One. Please sir, may I have another. Please sir, it feels so good when you strike my ass. I deserve it sir, teasing you with my outfits every day…”

Grinning inwardly, you strike me again, stifling a moan at the sight of my ass glowing red. “Two. More sir. Harder. Please sir, please strike me again. Strike me with your palm, I love the feeling of your hands on my ass. Please sir, I’ve been so naughty. Punish me sir, please.”

Alternating between using your hand and the ruler, you strike me ten times, your cock rock hard at the sight of me. Stepping close you un-snap my bra, one hand pulling and twisting at my tits, the other caressing my lower stomach. “Did you like that?” you ask, wanting to know if you’d over stepped your boundaries or not.

“I loved it.” I answer, catching you by surprise. Turning around, I lift myself onto your desk and get rid of your shirt and jacket, running my hands along your chest, I shiver at the feeling of your skin against mine.

“Somehow, I don’t believe you,” you whisper, picking up our conversation. maltepe escort Taking your hand, I place it at the entrance to my pussy and you force your two fingers into me, marveling at my wetness.

“Believe me now?” I moan into your ear as you pump your fingers into me. Writhing as your hand hits my clit, I stop and move further back on your desk. Stripping the rest of your clothes off, I bite my lip against another moan when I see the size of your throbbing cock.

Looking up at you through my lashes I ask you innocently “may I taste you now sir? Please…” I wrap my fingers around the base of your member, stroking you lightly as you moan your consent. Pushing you back in your chair I sink to my knees in front of you, biting the insides of your thighs lightly. I use one hand to stroke your shaft, planting kisses all over your member before wrapping my lips around your head, flicking my tongue along your sensitive skin.

Sucking hard on your shaft, I moan at your size, taking you into my hot mouth, twirling my tongue around your head. Cupping your balls with one hand, I massage them slightly, eliciting a moan from you.

Standing up, I wince slightly at the pain in my ass, before straddling you, sliding my wet heat along your achingly hard cock. Grabbing my hips roughly, you bite my neck making me moan loudly, as I dig my nails into your shoulders. Smacking my ass lightly, you smirk as I gasp, my body jerking at the stinging pain. Drawing your face to mine, I take possession of your lips, tracing them with my tongue.

You thrust your dick into me, my tight walls spasming in pleasure around your throbbing member. I tighten my muscles around you, feeling you freeze for a moment before I raise myself up and drop back onto your cock. Grabbing my ass, you kiss me back, passionately. As you pick up the pace, I push my hips against yours, feeling you fill me, stretching my tight muscles, gasping in your ear, my hot breath on your neck sending shudders through your body.

As you feel your orgasm nearing, you growl into my ear, saying you want to cum in my ass, but I don’t move. I pound myself on you even harder, pushing you even further to the brink of bliss. You shout my name as you explode inside me, pure pleasure running through your veins as you hold me tight.

Leaving you there, I get dressed and start walking toward the door. Turning back, I catch your eye “if you want my ass, take me to dinner tonight…you won’t regret it.” I say with a grin, before slipping out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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