Teasing the Teacher Pt. 01

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John Stark taught senior English. He was a handsome, athletic man of 40 years. But not average handsome. His movie star good looks had always brought him the adoration of his female pupils and teaching peers.

His students had never been a distraction or a temptation to him sexually or emotionally despite the constant innocent flirtation and longing gazes he had numbingly received over his 15 year career. But something was different now. John had been slow to notice its insidious progression.

As he neared middle age, the attention and interest that these young women had always shown him was changing, day by day it seemed to him. There was less giggling, less blushing, less secretive whispering and more inappropriate contact, if not direct come-ons.

Sometimes a set of hard-nippled breasts would rub against his back in the crowded hall. He’d turn to see some little minx from one of his classes licking her cherry-red candy flavored lips.

Sometimes there were hands on his ass or if the hallway was really crowded, someone one might even subtly brush her finger over his cock.

Was it the girls who had become more forward in their advances over the years, or was it his age and looks that suddenly began to intrigue them? He wondered.

John was not the type of man who would be offended by such advances and felt no degradation by any of it. Nonetheless he made his mind up to quit teaching after the school year.

If any of his 18 year old students wanted to fuck him why shouldn’t he just fuck them silly. Why should any man have to constantly endure the kind of teasing he had been receiving for the sake of appropriateness or social standards that he had no say in forming. It was absurd.

He could not teach with the constant arousal these flirtations stirred in him. Eventually tuzla escort he might be accused of something and be shamed by his peers anyway.

The final straw in this decision was Bobbi Jo Scarlet. The petite brunette cheerleader sat in front of his desk by her friend Annie. They were always looking at him seductively and flirtatiously and texting each other.

One Thursday before Halloween, Bobbi Jo sat in her desk tip-toeing and raising her knees as high as she could, spreading her legs so John would be sure to see her panties while he taught. He saw them. Little white panties with cute little hearts all over the crotch.

She showed them all class period, subtly rubbing the inside of her thigh and showing off her perfectly toned flawless legs. After he returned from lunch hour, John found the panties in his top desk drawer.

The very next morning, there was Bobbi Jo, in a similar short skirt, posing for him in the same exact way except wearing no panties. That was enough. If his students were going to fuck with him like that, he would fuck with them back. John instructed her to remain after class.

She had evidently given thought to what she had done and anticipated a retribution of some kind. “It was Annie. She put them in your desk, Mr. Stark! She took them at the locker room!” Bobbi Jo proclaimed emphatically.

John smiled, she was going to make this easy. “Put what in my desk, Bobbi Jo?” He opened all of his drawers pretending to search for for some unaccustomed or unusual item.

He shook his head, “No, I don’t see anything.” He looked quizzically at his student.

“What did Annie put in my desk?” John asked casually.

Bobbi Jo looked relieved. “Oh. she said she was putting something of mine in your desk. That’s all Mr. Stark.”

John sighed. “Let me be blunt. tuzla escort bayan I think you’re coming onto me.” he speculated.

She was sitting tight legged in a chair next to John’s. He moved his chair closer to her. “You know, Bobbi Jo, I have to say, I really like some of the skirts you’ve been wearing lately.” He put a hand on the top of her bare thigh and ran it to the base of his student’s hem, innocently.

Her eyes widened and she sighed longingly. “You do Mr. Stark?” she asked.

She looked down at his hand. Her legs were covered in goosebumps.

John smiled and pulled his hand back, drawing a thoughtful expression. He sensed her excitement at his touch. “I do really like them, but I feel like I sometimes see more than you want me or anyone to see,” he confessed.

Bobbi Jo pulled her chair closer “Oh no Mr. Stark. I want you to see me. I want just you to see under my skirt. That’s why I…” She paused.

John smiled. “That’s why you gave me your panties?”

She averted her gaze and he could see tears welling in her eyes. John really liked her. She was brave, he thought. Coming onto a teacher like this? That took some guts. Yeah he liked her. But she deserved a little teasing of her own.

John held her around the back of the neck and drew her face close to his, kissing her neck and cheek. She responded by pressing her body closer, wanting to leave no doubt that she was receptive. John began kissing her mouth aggressively and rubbing her inner thighs. He knew she wasn’t wearing any panties.

He didn’t care that school was still in session or that any random student, teacher or administrator might bolt into the room in an instant. He found himself actually liking the risk.

Bobbi Jo relaxed her legs, eagerly inviting her teacher’s confident hands.

He escort tuzla began to rub her wet shaved pussy and she squeezed him around the neck forcing her tongue far into his mouth.

She had spent months at home awkwardly masturbating about a moment like this.

John moistened her vagina with his touch and slowly inserted 3 fingers, one at a time, as deep as he could get them as he began to massage and rub her clit up and down and side to side with his thumb.

Bobbi Jo rocked her pelvis in rhythm with him, working herself close to an explosive orgasm as she moaned loudly. Mr. Stark knew her clit better than she did, she thought. How was that possible?

She raised herself off of her chair, forcing her hips wildly against her teacher’s skilled hand. “Don’t stop! make me cum Mr. Stark! Please make me cum!” she moaned and pleaded.

Bobbi Jo had never in her life felt so much sexual tension build up between her thighs. She wanted to release it badly.

Suddenly, without warning, he just stopped. John pulled his fingers out of her tight aching vagina and quit rubbing her clit. She looked at him in confusion as he thoroughly licked all of her sweet tangy juices from his fingers.

“If you tease, you’re going to get teased” John declared sternly. “If you want me, prove it or tell me. Don’t flash me up skirts or give me dirty panties.”

God she tasted so good. John wanted to lay her out on his desk and lap her fresh pussy like a hungry wolf. He wanted to suck and vibrate her ripe clit until she fucking screamed with ecstasy. But not today. Instead he opened his briefcase and took out the panties with the red hearts. He tossed them to Bobbi Jo and smiled with satisfaction.

“I came in them twice this morning, you sweet little tease.” he said.

Bobbi Jo was speechless. Her whole abdomen throbbed painfully with the dull itchy ache of her ruined orgasm. She held the wet cum soaked panties in her hands, imagining Mr. Stark’s cock wrapped up in them. She had a lot to think about tonight.

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