Tales of My Friend’s Bae Sonali Ch. 01

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Hey, My name is Paras and I live with my friend Gaurav at one of the most costly apartment’s pant house of Juhu, Mumbai. Gaurav’s girlfriend Sonali is from Pune and she often comes to our suit and stays with us. I am a manager as well as part-owner of a very prestigious gym in Mumbai and Gaurav is a struggling male model as well as does a part-time marketing job.

It was a fine cool winter eve, I had just completed a 7-mile run and was dripping with sweat, in desperate need of a shower. After stretching for about 10 minutes I walked inside the house and noticed that Sonali was over and watching TV in the hall. Sonali is a 26 years old dusky colored petite babe with huge 36E cup boobs and a perfect round 36″ Ass who is also struggling to get in the Bollywood and apparently I knew she secretly likes me.

I struck up in a small conversation with Sonali and asked her where Gaurav was. She said he was still at work and wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. She said once he came home though they had dinner plans with another couple down the street and would have to leave immediately, so that’s why she came over ahead of time.

I sat down on the floor to continue stretching while I talked with Sonali and that’s when I noticed she was watching, Quantico.” I couldn’t help but make fun of Sonali for watching such a stupid show and she admitted it was a guilty pleasure of hers that she wasn’t proud of. In this particular episode, Priyanka Chopra was getting shower bonked by the white guy. Stupid or not, I have to admit that Priyanka in a bath looked good and I started to think about her and her sexy Ass, an ass I had beaten off to on numerous occasions.

As I finished up my stretching I was about to excuse myself from the room when Sonali very abruptly asked, “What is that smell?”

I knew immediately she was talking about me so I laughed, stood up, and said, “That would be me so excuse me so I can go shower.”

Sonali laughed and replied, “Please do, you smell like sweaty sex and ass.”

Jogging up the stairs to my room, I quickly removed my shirt, shoes, and socks, leaving me in just my shorts. I then slipped on my sandals and went back downstairs because that was the only bathroom, with a shower, in the house. Before I went to the bathroom though I ran into the family room and gave Sonali a big, sweaty hug. She screamed, hit me, and told me to get the fuck off of her, all while laughing. Sonali had such a good sense of humor and I was so happy for my buddy Gaurav that he found someone like her.

Now inside the bathroom, I took off my shorts and started the shower to let it warm up. Once it was good I stepped into the shower and began to rinse off. Grabbing the bar of soap, I began to lather myself up and as is often the case, when I got to my penis I spent an extra few seconds soaping it, which caused it to become slightly aroused. Having just seen Sonali watching the Quantico, my mind again went to Priyanka’s Ass and my cock began to grow harder under the touch of my hand. Within moments my dick was at it’s full, hard, 8 inches, so I made the executive decision to sit down in the shower and rub one out. I absolutely loved sitting in the shower, playing through a fantasy in my head, while I stroked my cock. This often led to longer showers, but I wasn’t in a hurry so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

A few minutes into my session there was a loud knock on the door to which I replied, “Who is it?”

“It’s me Sonali, I have to use the bathroom, can I come in?”

Having not cum yet, this interruption made me a little upset and I yelled back, “Can’t you go downstairs?” As the last words were coming out of my mouth I already knew the answer. The toilet downstairs was broken and didn’t flush, so that wasn’t an option.

Before Sonali could even reply to remind me I said, “Nevermind, I forgot that one is broken. Give me a second and I will be right out.” Instead of waiting though Sonali opened the door and came running into the bathroom.

“Sorry, I can’t wait, I really have to go,” she said. I then heard her lift the toilet seat and begin to pee.

“Wow, what do you have the bladder of a 3-year-old?” I said, still sitting in the shower, behind the shower curtain, with my hand still holding my engorged member.

“No, I’ve been holding it until I finished the episode of the Quantico, so I’ve been holding it for like 30 minutes,” Sonali replied.

The sound of Sonali peeing wasn’t turning me on. However, knowing she was just on the other side of the curtain, with her pants around her ankles, her pussy exposed, and in a vulnerable state did excite me a little and I began to slowly stroke my dick.

“Well hurry up and finish and let me take my shower peacefully please,” I responded.

Then Sonali, sensing what was really going on with me inside the shower, straight up asked me, “Are you masturbating in there?”

I was caught, literally in the act. I probably could have lied (and should have) but I didn’t think it was anything ataşehir escort to be afraid of, so I confidently replied yes. There was a moment of silence that was probably only 3-5 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

Sonali then asked, “What are you thinking about in there when you are stroking yourself?”

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation but Sonali’s tone sounded like she really wanted to know, so I told her. “Well, seeing Priyanka bathing is what I was thinking about when I started.”

“When you started? What does that mean? Are you thinking of something else now?” Sonali inquired.

“As I knew she always stares at my body and appreciates my abs I was damn sure that Sonali is also interested in my manhood too. I replied “Yes, to be honest, now I am thinking about you, sitting on the other side of this curtain, with your neatly trimmed pussy exposed, and your pants around your ankles. And now I just had the thought of what type of panties do you have on if you have any on, to begin with,” I admitted rather boldly.”

“Wow!” Sonali said rather quietly. “Well to answer your question, I am wearing panties. They are called cheeky panties and they are pink and I love them because they fit so nicely over my ass cheeks. Oh, and since we are being honest, I should probably let you know that I’m now completely shaved, so there isn’t a single trace of hair on my pussy.”

“Well, that is all good to know,” I said as I started to stroke my cock a little harder inside the shower. “And in the name of honesty, I should let you know lately when I’m masturbating I sometimes think about that night you watched me fuck my friend Jenifer in my room while you rubbed your pussy by the door.

“Wow!” I heard Sonali say as a slight moan also escaped her mouth. “I’ve also thought about that night and how I wish I could have gotten a better view of your big cock as it slid in and out of Jenifer’s mouth and pussy.”

Listening to these words come from Sonali’s mouth I took a chance and pulled back the curtain on the shower. What I saw was Sonali still sitting on the toilet, her fingers rubbing her smooth, cleanly shaven pussy, and a slight smile on her face, as our eyes met. She, in turn, saw me laying there in the shower, water cascading down across my six-pack abs, and my hand tightly wrapped around my 8-inch cock, stroking it slowly up and down.

With our eyes still locked onto one another, I stood up and sat on the edge of the tub, dripping wet. Still stroking my cock, I was now sitting directly across from Sonali, our pleasure spots mere feet away from one another. She leaned back, bringing her hips forward on the toilet and closer to me so that I could get a better view of her. I studied her fingers as they slid up and down the lips of her pussy. I watched as she would roll her finger over her clit and then slide her finger back down her lips, before inserting one, sometimes two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Up and down. In and out. Sonali continued to rub herself with such an unbridled passion that her pussy began to get wetter and wetter. At one point I could see the juices of her pussy covering her fingers so Sonali took them into her mouth seductively and enjoyed her own taste.

Up and down. Up and down. I continued to stroke my dick as I sat on the edge of the tub. Not having the soap from the shower to lube my cock, my strokes were beginning to feel a little rough. To make up for it I took a small bit of saliva from my mouth and spread it over the head of my cock and resumed fucking my hand slowly. Seeing this Sonali sat up and began to lean over towards my cock. For a second I thought she was going to take me into her mouth, but instead, she positioned her mouth 2 inches above my cock, opened her mouth, and slowly dripped her saliva over my cock, all while she continued to rub her pussy. Now nicely lubed, I began to pick up the pace on myself when Sonali then removed her fingers from her pussy and offered them to me to taste. I immediately deep throat those two fingers and slowly let her withdraw them from my mouth while I cleaned them with my tongue. The smell and taste were intoxicating and I enjoyed every second of it. Oh, how I wanted to dive in between her legs and taste more, but this was my friend’s girlfriend and I needed her to cross that line first.

Still sitting on the toilet Sonali finally kicked off her pants and underwear so she could spread her legs further apart. Before returning her fingers to her pussy, Sonali did a quick detour and removed her shirt and bra. I had seen Sonali’s giant 36E breasts a month ago when she watched me fuck Jenifer, but that was in the darkness of my room.

Here, now, at this moment, her giant tits were on full display and I could see them clear as day. I could see how her natural tits swayed as she rubbed her pussy up and down and how her nipples had hardened and become erect under her touch. Spread fully nude in front of me I couldn’t believe Sonali was doing kadıköy escort bayan this.

Faster and faster she began to rub her pussy. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head and her body began to lightly shake. I knew this meant she was nearing an orgasm. Faster and faster she began to rub her clit with her right hand. With the left, she began to ram two fingers in and out of her pussy. I leaned forward to get a closer look and as I did I lightly blew on her pussy. This sensation sent her over the top and Sonali began to scream, “FUCK! i’m CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMING!”

For about 10 seconds Sonali rode her fingers and the wave of her orgasm. I remained bent over, inches away from her pussy, as she came down from her high. I could smell the sex leaking out of her and I wanted to taste her again if she’d let me. Letting her gather her senses, I continued to stroke my cock and things were beginning to build deep within my throbbing cock. Sonali read the hungry look on my face and again offered her cum soaked fingers to me, which I again devoured and bathed with my tongue. Withdrawing her fingers from my mouth, Sonali then rubbed her pussy a few more times before sticking them in her own mouth.

“I love the taste of my own cum,” Sonali said, “I love it so much that when I cum on Gaurav’s cock I always put it in my mouth.”

“I was getting more and hornier and I told her “But your boy doesn’t have as big as mine, or has he?”

She smiled and told, “that Gaurav is only like 4 incher”.

I said, “I knew it, you wanted to get bonked by me for a long time so what are you waiting for, It’s time for you to have some real fun with the big thing you always wanted to get bonked with a babe?”

Hearing my words and understanding my body language, Sonali got off the toilet and lowered herself to the floor, in the bath and grabbed my dick in her hand before licking my dick shaft and sucking it hard with her mouth afterward.

“I’ve had 3 boyfriends and 2 one night stands but I’ve never had an as beautiful and big cock as of yours,” she said.

My cock got even harder after hearing that and Sonali started to deep-throat and gagging on it, in between sometimes she sucked my balls too.

After five minutes of heavenly blow job from her beautiful pompous lips, I couldn’t keep my calm so I grabbed her and made her stand-up and kissed her sexy lips like a mad bull as my dick was between her thighs and caressing her pussy lips. In the moment of excitement, she bit my lower lips so hard that blood came out of it but I didn’t do the same to her because Gaurav might smell something out of it.

Instead, I turned her around removed her white top and ripped her bra into pieces and started smothering her tits so hard that she felt the pleasure of pain more than when she bit my lip. Those 36E cups were so big that it was impossible to cover it with one hand. My testosterone levels were sky high and my urge to bang her was out of all the limits.

I turned her around and kissed her again before kneeling down to her, I grabbed her right leg and put it behind my body over from my right shoulder so that her pussy was perfectly accessible to my mouth.

I slowly licked her clits before putting my whole tongue inside her pussy. She was moaning softly and her eyes rolled up of pleasure as she came on my face and I knew now was the time.

I got up and kissed her and asked her to grab the curtain rod near the ceiling and position herself so we can do it in standing doggy style.

She replied, “But you are not wearing a condom.”

I said, “Real man can control their orgasm you must know, Ahh!! But there aren’t many of us out there. So just chill out and enjoy the fun of being with a real male unlike the boys you had before me”

She was in position but as she was still unsure of unprotected sex she was trying to say something like “But!…But!” before she completes the sentence I just drilled her pussy with my long dong and all she can do was scream with pleasure and the pain from my cock.

I told her, “Shut up and listen to me there is one rule with me, any Women whenever and wherever is having sex with me should only open her mouth to moan or to suck my dick just obey the real man, alright sweety?”

“she gasped yes with a low pitch moan.”

I slowly started stroking my meat in and out, the sight of my clear cut abs thumping on her big Ass chicks were making me more and hornier. I started to increase the pace of the strokes and grabbed her hair in my right hand curling them around my forearm. I started fucking her as fast as I can and as there was water on our body her ass chicks were making huge noise. As big of a noise that I was afraid that my neighbors might know what’s going on in our home but ignoring it I kept nailing her while grabbing her tit with my left hand.

After banging her so hard for few minutes I slowed down and took off my cock from her tight little pussy. Her ass chicks were totally red from the hard escort maltepe strokes of my body, I knelt down and buried my face inside her ass-chicks and started kissing and licking her pussy and to her surprise, I suddenly entered my right thumb inside her anus to which she shouted Ahhhhh! And jerked her body.

After a few, I got up and kissed her back turned her around and asked her, “Do you wanna do the position that you’ve never done before?”

“Ya sure, but how do you know that I haven’t done it before? I mean Gaurav is so much kinky guy and we have done almost all the positions”

I laughed at her and said, “I am confident because the position I am going to fuck you in is not for small dick guys, you need a long meat piece to successfully enter the cunt.”

“Interesting, let’s do it then,” she said.

I pushed her to the bathroom glass sucked her boobs for a while and stretched her nipples for a few seconds before grabbing her left leg with my right arm and placed it over my right shoulder.

Sonali was a regular Yoga doer so she was flexible enough to stay in the Barbell position. I slowly entered my rod inside her hot vagina and started tongue fight while kissing her. I was enjoying the moment as I was fucking the girl I wanted from a long time in my most favorite position. I kept fucking her while kissing her lips and sucking her boobies one by one.

After few minutes when I got fatigued I slowed down to almost so speed and suddenly buried my whole 8 inches inside her, my dick banged in to her cervix wall so hard that she screamed the hell out of the throat and was unable to express anything, I did it 3-4 times before taking my boy out of her pussy.

“I genuinely said sorry for the hard strokes to her.”

“Why sorry? I liked it. Frankly speaking, I never knew what it was about having true sex until you started bonking me today. I feel like the pain is inevitable to have pleasure, later on, you are doing great, keep going,” as she winked at me.

It was still an hour left before Gaurav is going to reach home so I asked Sonali,

“Would you like to get fucked in your boyfriend’s bed?”

“Why not in yours?”

“Because I like to fuck cheating babes in their partner’s bed, It makes me feel so good and excited.”

“You are an asshole, aren’t you ashamed of doing this to your friend?”

Before I could say anything she said: “Janti hut u kya kahega, saale chal aa ja bistar garam karne (I know what you gonna say asshole, come get in the bed and fuck me) and we both laughed loudly.”

We dried up our selves with a towel and she started walking towards the bed, her round firm ass-cheeks were looking so good that before she reaches the bed I grabbed her and bite her ass-cheeks gently. She turned around by surprise so I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her up whilst she wrapped her legs around my waist and we started kissing intensely.

I gave her a ride to the bed. When we reached the bed I threw her on the bed like a toy and started to ruthlessly rub my cock with my hand.

“I am going to fuck the hell out of you Sonali, You are the sexiest babe I’ve ever seen, you have the most magnificent boobs I’ve ever seen and your pussy is just like a vacuum to my cock and it’s so tight and smooth”

I jumped on the bed and made her legs wide spread before entering her vagina in a classic missionary position and started pumping her hard with a clear view of the curvy body and big tits while occasionally rubbing her boobs with my hand.

She asked me, “Do you know how to make me cum? Because I have never experienced orgasm while getting nailed by any of my man’s cock.

“Really? I am surprised, even though you say you are less sensitive your boyfriends must be dumb to not take you the orgasm.”

“I think you can just brag about it but you also won’t be able to do it so stop abusing others unless you can do it.”

“You wanna bet Sonali?”

“I would bet anything for that experience Paras.”

“Anal next time if I make you come inside 2 minutes or I would do whatever you say,” I said.


I quickly put both her legs on my shoulders while she was lying on the bed leaning my face towards her’s between her legs and started fucking her forced missionary about in 15 seconds she knew she lost her asshole to me.

“It feels so good don’t stop; she screamed.”

It was clearly visible on her face (the pleasure) about what was coming up, she hell-bent her back and smothered bed mattress with her nails, her body started shaking like there was a jackhammer planted inside of her and inside a minute of the bet placed her vagina blasted out a ton of a cum and she screamed as loud as she can with all her energy and ended up almost in a numb state on the bed.

I kept on gently fucking her while kissing her neck passionately. The whole hardcore stuff was forgotten and we indulged in having sex like true lovers. When she came into her senses after a while she planted a long smooch on my lips and turned me around on my back.

She kissed my chest, played with my nipples going further down and kissed and smooched my abs one by one and started to lube my dick with her saliva again. That was one of the best and passionate blowjobs I’ve ever had so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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