Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 02

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It was getting to be about two AM, and we were taking our time in the old head-to-toe position. Mom’s energy hadn’t flagged a bit, and she was finding new ways to use her tongue on me. Maybe I’m vain; well, I know I am, so I couldn’t help asking Mom how my dick looked getting all this lovely stimulation.

“Let’s say you had to write a descriptive essay for school: Portrait of a Penis, for instance. How would you go about it, Mom?”

“Well, dearest,” she began, then took a moment to put the head of my cock in her mouth. Goddam! She was working that knob!

“I know an artist isn’t supposed to get involved with the model,” Mom continued. “but with a magnificent specimen such as this! Mmmmmmmm!!”

“Now, back to your assignment, young lady.” I admonished.

“Yes, sir.” Mom said obediently. I could feel her fingers nestling into my pubic hairs.

“I would begin with an over all description of its dimensions.” Mom said. “I’d say: This fine penis is appended to a wonderful and virile young man.” As she said this, she craned her neck about so that she could give me an appreciative look.

“and that’s so true, Conner. So, back to the penis… It is of a length approaching, oh, eight and a half inches. It’s very impressive!” I felt a soft kiss on the side of my shaft, and then Mom’s warm lips riding up and down its length. As she bestowed her attentions, I was sucking gently on her asscheek.

“Give me a nice hickey there so I can look at it in the mirror when I’m alone, Conner. I want you to leave your mark on me. I’ll look at it and say: ‘Thank you, sweet Conner,’ while I rub my pussy.”

“We’re straying from the topic, here, young lady!” I said, and gave Mom a sharp slap on the ass. “Back to work.”

” It has a very plump head which swells and then subsides as I touch or kiss it. I’d have to say I’m in love with the head. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

It’s of a purplish color, and it has a kind of dull shine to its skin. And it’s very taut when fully erect. Why, it looks as though it might burst! Oh! And it smells good, too. Did you know that Conner? That it smells so sexy? And sometimes a clear, liquid seeps out of its little lips. I lick it up, or I rub it off onto my nose.

Let’s see. There are beautiful blue veins that extend from the root of the shaft all the way to just below the helmet. They provide the blood supply that such a large penis requires. I love them, too, for doing such an important job!”

Mom fell silent for awhile.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Mom?” I asked. In response, Mom moved down a bit further and rubbed her face in my nutsack.

“I’ve never been happier, sweetheart.” she replied.

“Conner, we did talk about having intercourse before, remember?

“Oh!” I said teasingly. ” Did we now? Intercourse? Hmmmm. Do you think we should have intercourse now?”

“Yes, Conner. I do. I think it would be very nice to see how such a nice cock feels inside me.”

“But you’re my mother, aren’t you?”

“That would make you a motherfucker, I suppose.” Mom said, and we both broke out laughing.

“What did you call me, girl?!” I said with mock ire.

“You heard me, fella.” Mom rejoined.

“Well, just for that bit of impertinence, I’m going to give you the fucking of your life, little lady.”

Looks like I’m getting my wish!” Mom said, and I could feel the heat coming off her cunt. I pushed her off of me, rolled her onto her belly, and instructed her to get her ass in the air. Mom dutifully obliged, and I soon had a mouth-watering view of her hindquarters. I moved up on my knees so that I was in a good position to thrust. I adjusted Mom’s height, pulling on her pelvis to fine tune it. I let my hard-on ride between her asscheeks to warm things up a bit. Mom instinctively reached back between her legs and lightly fingered my balls. Sweet Jesus! This was going to be some ride. I could feel it.

I let my cockhead slip past the outer labia, and it became coated with her warm cunt juice. Mom got into groaning again when she felt me there , and I had to caution her to not be loud.

“Put your head into the pillow if you need to.” I instructed.

Her moans were muffled now. I liked hearing them – sort of a testament to the effect I was having on her. But I didn’t want to deal with the old man.

“Are you ready to fuck, Mom? Because I am so ready.”

Mom just put her face into the pillow. The sounds she made were quite bursa escort amazing as

I slowly began introducing my cock into her. I gave her a couple of inches, and pumped her a few times at that depth. Then I gave her more. With each thrust, I watched as my cock withdrew sporting a fresh sheen of pussy dew, and dragging the inner lips with it. They clung to it like a child’s arms around a favorite stuffed toy, unwilling to let its special friend go.

By now, judging from Mom’s frenzied lowing, and the tight , pulsing embrace my cock was being treated to, I was going ‘where no man has gone before’.” I could see that my pubes were beginning to graze up against the milky whiteness of her buttocks. I let my body drape down onto her back, and I nibbled gently on her neck as we continued a slow, rolling grind.

I decided to take things up a notch and, gave a pelvic thrust that had my belly flush with her satiny ass. The response was immediate. Mom’s head arched up with the pillow clamped tight between her teeth, and she bucked like a rodeo bull. I stayed deep and hung on for the ride. I’d had appreciative bed mates before, but my little whore-mom was rolling out the red carpet! Not giving an inch, I began moving Mom up towards the head of my bed. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought my dick was on crack, it was feeling so good.

“That’s my girl.”I whispered as she pushed back lustily into my groin. “That’s the ticket. You’re the finest fuck I’ve ever had, Mom. Hands down.”

One of my assets as a sex partner is my ability to hold off my climax while staying on the edge of it. I began to slowly withdraw my member from my mom’s greedy pussy. It was cool watching it come out, and soon nearly all my full length was in the open air. The rim of the head was just emerging from the pink labia, and Mom began to beg me to fill her again. The pillow dropped from her mouth.

“Conner. Please! Please don’t go.” she gasped, breathing hard. “Come back into Mommy, please. Okay, baby?”

“I’m not going anywhere. What are you talking about, woman?”

She turned her head back to look at me, and I’d never seen my mother looking like this before. Her eyes were kind of wild, and her pleading tone could be discerned in them as as well as in her voice.

As our eyes met, I slowly began to reenter her. The look of gratitude and lust on her face got me going in a big way. Mom brought up a deep groan.

“The pillow, Mom. Use the pillow, for Christ’s sake.”

Mom took the pillow between her teeth, and her sounds were quieted.

I figured that now was the time for some slamming sex, and here is where I truly shine. I am quite aerobically fit, owing to my swim training and competing, so I’m able to pound pussy for quite some time. This, along with my aforementioned gift for controlling my orgasms, placed me in high demand with my female friends. Most any night, I could pick up the phone and find a chick ready to drop everything and invite me into her bed.

I began doing full-length, up-to-the-hilt strokes. I started out slow, my hands holding on at Mom’s waist. I gradually increased the tempo, and the force. The flesh on her ass moved in undulations each time the flat of my belly slapped up against it. Mom raised up on her arms which gave me a look at her breasts swinging wildly beneath her. Pretty cool! It seemed she had gotten the noise under control, as she’d abandoned the pillow. She rested on her forearms, and I could see her looking back between her legs, watching me in action.

“How’s the view, Mom?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmm!!” she replied.

“Can you say more? That’s not telling me much.”

“So beautiful.”

“What’s so beautiful, girlfriend?”

“The way you’re fucking me, hon. Mmmmmmm.”

“Well, a tight, horny twat like yours is part of the equation too, you know.”

“That’s so good of you to say, Conner.” she said, squeezing tightly onto my swollen rod. I stayed in deep for awhile and enjoyed the sweet, convulsive spasms that ran through her.

“Atta girl. Show him you’re his best friend.”

I quickened the pace in ernest now, and soon I was pumping full-tilt. The only sounds were Mom’s muffled moans (she had fetched up the pillow again in her mouth), my full, deep breaths, and the soft, slapping sound of our bodies colliding each time I stroked into her. We were flying high, let me tell you. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and I rode her like a horse. Whew! Some amazing shit! A light sweat bursa escort bayan was visible on her back. I came down close to her head, and pressed my face to the side of her head, not letting up with my ramming one bit. I could see the side of her face – the muscles tight about her jaw, her neck tendons prominent from the strain of her exertions. I brought my mouth to her ear.

“This is where we belong ,my little sweet ass.” I whispered. My words came out punctuated by my rapid breath.

Mom let the pillow go and looked up at me with an expression of full agreement on this point. I winked at her and kissed her on the neck. We went back to the sex olympics then, and Mom was really in the groove. She seemed to know intuitively how to play hostess to a hungry cock.

In the middle of our frenzy, I stopped and lay my full weight on her back. We both stayed their, our breaths coming deep, and hers interwoven with whimpering tones of pleasure. I withdrew and gently rolled Mom over onto her back. We were both drenched in sweat. As we lay there face-to-face, I brushed wet strands of hair from her face.Mom looked at me with a smile of profound satisfaction and love. God, I was happy I could give her the fucking she so deserved.

I reached down and guided myself back into her. I slid into her tight, moist sheath as though it had been custom-made for me.

“Are you ready for the grand finale, sweet thing?” I said. I leaned down and kissed her. She put her arms around my neck and returned the kiss with warm, quivering lips. I could feel the energy in both our bodies.

“Conner, I’m so very happy.” Mom said quietly, her fingers running through my damp hair. “Boy, we sure did fuck, didn’t we?” she said, beaming at me and kissing my cheek.

“we certainly did, Mom. But we’re not quite done, now, are we?”

“No. I suppose not. I mean, I hope not, Conner!”

With that, I began moving inside her. I raised myself up onto my arms and took in the view of Mom’s ecstatic face and the sensual liquid motion of her breasts. I brought Mom’s legs up onto my shoulders, and we fucked slowly for awhile, me watching her satisfied face, while she seemed fixated with watching my cock doing what it does so well.

I felt that it was now a good time to bring things to a close. It was getting on to five thirty, and there was a dim trace of early daylight creeping into the room. Remembering Mom’s wish to see me shoot my load, I pulled out and moved up higher towards her head, straddling her. My hard-on was waving in her face, and she reached up and stroked it gently. It was about as swollen as it can get and was aching to explode. All the more so with Mom for an audience! I hadn’t cum for several days, and I knew that there would be sperm galore.

“Will you ejaculate now, Conner? I do so want to see you do that!”

“I haven’t forgotten. Keep you cunt hairs on, darling.” I said with mock chagrin.

I instructed her to keep her eyes on my pee slit, and to finger my balls while I stroked off. Naturally, Mom was uber-agreeable to this arrangement.

I gripped my shaft and gave it a firm squeeze. The helmet swelled further still, and its smooth rounded contours presented themselves to Mom’s gaze.

“That nice fluid is coming out, Conner.” Mom said, seemingly mesmerized by what she was witnessing. With her free hand, she drew a fingertip over the glans lips and the pre-cum came away with it, a clear filament of it stretching back to its origin like pizza cheese. Mom sucked the tip of her finger, as our eyes met.

“I can’t wait to see what else comes out!” she said enthusiastically.

“No sooner said than done.” I said, and began to jack myself.

Mom rested one arm on my thigh, and continued her attentions to my tightened scrotum. I quickened my pace, and could feel my belly muscles tightening in anticipation of release. My whole body was on board, and my breathing became deep and rhythmic. Mom wet a finger and coated the tip of the helmet. Her eyes were alive and sparkling like a child’s on Christmas morning. Damn! It was going to be fine, indeed, to see her reaction when the cum started flying!

I was close, now, and I played on the edge for a couple of minutes.

“”Will it be soon, honey?” Mom asked, then said, “Oh! I’m sorry, hon. I hope I’m not spoiling things by saying that.” She blushed slightly, and I reached out with my hand and stroked her face.

“It’s okay. It’s better to just watch, though. Be escort bursa patient.”

My balls were on high alert, waiting to make their delivery. A thread of precum dangled and swayed from the head, and Mom watched its steady progress until it reached a spot between her tits and glistened there on her skin.

I was jacking my tool at a brisk pace, feeling an erotic electricity tensing every muscle fiber in my body. I clenched my teeth and threw my head back. Then, looking down, as I felt the initial movement of semen traveling toward the head, our eyes met. Mom watched as if under a spell as a shudder ran through me.

Disregarding my own advice, I groaned aloud.

“Fuck, yeah!!” I bellowed, thinking: who gives a goddam whether he hears me or not. The first discharge was small, and just dropped onto Mom’s belly. Still, she seemed awed by it. But then came the full-on power shots. The next surge was fully loaded, and a thick wad of semen flew from the head as though it was shot from a cannon.

“My goodness!!” Mom cried, and I was proud that it impressed her so. It had enough force to go right over Mom’s face and land on the wall behind her.

The following discharges were strong, too, though their strength diminished with each one. I aimed them to hit Mom in the face, and my marksmanship served me well. I pumped four or five more times, each but the last reaching their target. Some jizz got into her hair, and the loads that landed on her face began to drip slowly towards the pillow. I was breathing heavily, and my cock was jerking around like an epileptic. Soon, though, still twitching, it began to slowly descend. Mom lay there speechless.

“Thanks, Mom.” I said, feeling my body sink into a post-coital tingling warmth.

“Whew! Well… what do you think?” I ventured.

Mom had the most beatific smile on her face. I felt as though I’d anointed her into the church of sensual pleasure (non-denominational, of course).

“Oh. Conner. You’re thanking me? God. It’s all backwards. I’ve never lived like this before. Thank you, dear. I am so grateful. I think I’m a new woman!” she said.

“How did you like the last act?” I inquired, knowing it could be hard for her to talk about it.

Mmmmmmm! Conner, you stud! It was magnificent! Now I know what a potent man is capable of. Wow!” she exclaimed, and I was filled with pride.

My flaccid cock now rested on her belly, oozing the last of its spunk.

“Conner.” Mom said haltingly. “What about…you know… all this sperm. I’m not sure…”

“Wait a second.” I said, and reached for my iphone on the bedside table and went to the camera function.

“Say ‘semen’!” I instructed.

Mom giggled, and that was smile enough. I snapped a photo and showed it to her.

“My word, Conner!! It’s amazing that all that came out of you! But I don’t want to just wipe it away. It deserves something better.”

“Well, you could eat it, Mom. That’s what most girls do. It’s still nice and warm. Try it.”

Mom scooped with her fingers, and let some cum drop into her mouth.

Ooh! It’s yummy, Conner. Mmmmm! I’m going to eat all of it!”

With that, she took to the task of cleaning up her face. it was great watching her enjoy herself. An idea suddenly came to me.

“Mom, why don’t you save some. Here put it in this.” I said, grabbing an empty glass from the floor where I’d left it.

“And here’s what you can do with it, if it’s something that appeals to you: mix it into your food when you have breakfast with the old man. You can be eating my cum and remembering how good it is to be well-fucked while shit-head sits there griping about who knows what.

“What a devilish idea, young man! I like it!” Mom said gleefully.

Mom found enough remaining cum to put an inch or so into the glass. I thought to myself that I should arrange to be there when she pulled this stunt. What fun!

“You can leave it here for now, Mom.”

“Okay, Conner.” she said, then sat up at the edge of the bed. She put her arms around me and we kissed a long, sweet kiss.

“I’m going to shower now, hon.” Mom said. ” I just hope I don’t glow all over the place. He might notice.”

“Who knows.”

“Okay, baby. And let’s find time to do this again. Is that okay?”

“No, Mom. That’s not okay. But again and again. Now, that I’ll agree to.”

“You rascal.” Mom said, smiling at my response. She nuzzled my neck, then got up to dress. I lay sprawled across the bed and watched her. When she was dressed, she tiptoed to the door and listened. She turned to me and threw me a kiss.

“Til next time, sweetie.” she said.

She left, closing the door slowly behind her.

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