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Oh, but he was close now alright. Just a little bit longer – a little bit more. He moved his left hand to cup his balls and squeeze them as he continued to stroke himself with his right hand. His foreskin moved up and down, open and closed across the head of his cock.

Opening his eyes he looked at the computer monitor and refreshed his memory of her sweet little titties, her shaved mound, and her long nailed finger toying with her clit.

“uh..uh…mmm.” The moan trailed off as he heard a noise in the hallway.

“Dude…you there?”

As suddenly as that the sensation was gone. He was already starting to go limp; the saliva lubricating his shaft that moments ago was “her” love juice was now just saliva again. “Yeah, what?” he called through the door.

“Can I come in?” The doorknob shifted as Stanley started to open in without waiting for an answer.

“Fuck! No! I’m…uh…changing.” It was too late. Reaching for his pants he knocked the keyboard drawer off his desk with a clatter, tangling the cord in his feet. Turning in his leather computer chair he saw Stan looking at him, his face quickly going red.

“Oh man. Um, man, I’m really sorry.” Stanley stammered. “I, uh, was, um, just…” He trailed off. “I’ll come back in a few minutes. Sorry dude.”

“Yeah. Good idea. You do that.” Sometimes he hated having roommates. They helped cover the bills though, and that was important.


Dylan spun expertly in his computer chair, lifting the wire attached to his headset with just enough time for it to clear the back of the chair while he waited for a call. The phones were dead tonight, hardly anyone was having troubles for some reason – work went like that though. Sometimes he world was full of idiots, sometimes everyone seemed to just get along fine.

It suited him just fine though. His stomach was cramped just behind his balls from being caught in the act earlier and unable to finish. His fantasy so rudely interrupted that even resorting to a careful shampooing in the shower hadn’t relieved the pressure. The lack of phone calls at this late hour, (well, he guessed it technically was early, morning just hadn’t started yet for most people) also gave him more time to fine tune his already exquisitely sculpted fantasy.

She would be waiting for him as he drove up, probably wearing some sort of negligee. Something green, and silky. He wouldn’t knock on the door; he would just walk in, and…

“Sweetspeed Tech Support, how can I help you?”

Bill next door had just got a call, which meant the phone system would redirect the next call to him, still, it was slow. …He would just walk in, and he would catch her in the act of pleasuring herself. One of her legs over the top of the couch, looking down at her hand cupped around her shaved mound. Her other hand with one of her fingers in her mouth, sucking on it, probably imagining his cock.

He would watch her arch her back as she came closer to orgasm, hear her moan as she found that sweetspot. He coughs, and she quickly turns her head back over the arm of the couch, not the least ashamed of being caught pleasuring herself. Her hair slips free of it’s clip, dark copper streaming over the cushion and his blue eyes catch her brown ones as she looks at him, holding him entranced.

“Why don’t you come over here and help me with this?”

“What?” He says, slightly confused at this timbre of her voice.

“I said, why don’t you come over here and help me with this? I’ve checked this guy’s DNS settings three times but he still can’t surf.” He snapped back to reality as he realized that Bill was not the tight little redhead of his fantasies, much to his dismay.

“Yeah, I’ll just…” His phone beeped to let him know a caller was waiting. “On second thought Bill, I have a call. See if Gene in Tier 2 is available.” With that he clicked the connect button on his phone.

“Sweetspeed Internet tech support, Dylan speaking, how can I help you?” His phone voice was smooth from practice.

“I um, am having some technical difficulties.” Her voice was soft and throaty at the same time, if that was possible. “My, um, modem isn’t connecting I don’t think.”

“Well ma’am, I can check your status, kartal escort bayan what’s your address?” He began walking her through the regular rigmarole they followed for every customer. Check the address, check the IP. Ping the modem. If it doesn’t work, have the customer unplug and replug it in. “I see your modem isn’t responding to my pings. Can you unplug it from the power bar or wall, and plug it back in?”

“Well, Dylan was it?”

“Yeah, Dylan. That’s right. Is there a problem with unplugging it?”

“Only that, well, I’m not exactly at home right now.”

“Well Ma’am..”


“Well Sandy, there isn’t much troubleshooting I can do if you’re not at your computer. If you can call us back when you’re back at your computer, I’m sure we can help you resolve your connectivity issue. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Well Dylan, there might be. Do you have a few moments?”

“I do, is it a billing issue then?”

“No, it’s a connectivity issue. But hear me out before you answer.” She paused expectantly.

“Ok, go ahead, I’ve got lots of time. Not many calls at 3am.”

“You sound like a nice young man. How old are you?”

Not knowing exactly what that had to do with anything, Dylan considered before asking. He decided it couldn’t hurt to let her know. “26, why?”

“Ah, so you’re legal then, I wanted to make sure before I said anything naughty.”

Dylan sat in stunned silence.

“You probably get lots of calls from women wanting to hear a strong voice on the other end of the phone don’t you Dylan? I know I sure like your voice; you sound so professional.”

Still stunned he continued to sit silent.

“Are you still there Dylan? I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

He managed to control the nervous stammer in his voice, for the most part. “Yah, I’m um, here. Go ahead.”

“Well, first off, I want to know, you’re not a really big fat guy are you? Not that I mean you can’t be, or that you can’t be a little bit, just, you aren’t like, huge are you?” She seemed to run on a bit.

“No, I’m about average I guess. You?” Time to take the initiative, the call was wierd, but it was interesting too.

“Yeah, I’m about average I guess. A bit on the small side perhaps, but not tiny. Can I ask you another question?”

“You just did, but yeah, go ahead.” It had sounded funnier in his head than as it came out.

“Ok, I might run on a bit here, but I have a question I want to ask you, and you’re going to need a bit of background. Is that alright?”

Dylan nodded, then realized she couldn’t see that through the phone. She was really getting to him. “Yeah, that’s fine, just explain it to me as best you can.”

“Ok. Here goes. I’m a kitchen manager at Dino’s down on Kingsway.” Unless he was crazy, that was right across the street from the sweetspeed building. “That’s right across the street from where you work I think.” She continued on without waiting for a response. “It’s 3am on a Wednesday night, and to tell you the truth, I’m incredibly horny. I just got off the worst closing shift I’ve ever done, and I’m tired, but right now I’m reaching out, because the only guy I have to call when I need something like this is in California this week.”

“Ok…is this for real? Or is this a prank.” Dylan moved himself closer to the computer and talked a little lower, hoping the cubical walls would muffle the his end of the conversation, and hoping this computer desk would cover the tent he’d pitched in his khakis.

“No, this is real. I don’t usually do this, but, well, do you get a lunch break tonight? We could meet up, go for a walk, maybe…you know.” Her voice took on that slightly plaintive tone that some women get when they know they’re about to get their way.

“I have a lunch break – where do you want to meet?” She could be a psycho, she could be a crazy, but by now he was so horny he had to find out. Answering his own question he continued. “How about outside the Sweetspeed tower? I have sandy brown hair, I’ll be wearing a blue windbreaker.”

“Ok. I’ve got red hair and I’m wearing a red wool coat. I’ll wait for you, how long until you’re down?”

“10 minutes. I’ve got escort maltepe to get someone to cover my phone.”

“I’ll see you in 10.” She sounded a bit triumphant.

All he could think of as he wrapped his windbreaker around his waist to hide his erection was ‘this can’t be real.’


10 minutes later he realized it was. He stepped off the elevator and walked through the deserted lobby. He could see a slim woman in a red coat standing outside. He waved his keycard to unlock the door, and she stepped inside.

“Dylan?” The question in her tone was obvious.

“Sandy?” Her voice was lighter in real life. He almost stepped back as she stepped closer and put her arms around his neck. When her lips touched his the smell of mint on her breath was strong, and her lips tasted sweet.

Breaking the kiss she said “Do you know anywhere we can go?”

“Yeah, I do, sort of. Follow me.” Inspiration had come to him in a flash. He led her back the way he had come across the deserted lobby and into the elevator that opened as soon as he pressed the call button. Pressing the B1 button he turned and looked at her just in time for her to wrap her arms around his head and press her lips to his again. Backing up he felt for the emergency stop button as soon as the elevator started moving and pressed it. She elevator shuddered to stop as she pressed her pelvis against him.

“I know this is weird..” Her voice was husky and her breath still minty “..but I need to be fucked so bad. You’ll help me won’t you Dylan?”

Words failed him as he tugged at her coat, opening the large buttons clumsily as she continued to kiss him. He could feel her teeth as she nibbled at his lower lip, feel her hot breath on his face. He moaned a bit as her coat dropped, her arms at her sides while her mouth was still pressed against his.

Then she was fiddling with his belt. No, his windbreaker arms where he’d tied them. Then she was fiddling with his belt, that quickly. Her fingers were ice as they brushed across his belly as she undid the top button of his Khakis, but the sensation was welcome as she plunged her hand into his briefs and wrapped her hand around his cock.

She broke the fevered kiss to speak. “It’s not huge, but it’ll do. Are you ready to fuck me?”

His hands had already unbuttoned her blouse – she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts were small. B cups – maybe. He ran his hands down her sides and against her pants. They had an elastic top, nothing to undo. He continued to run them down, pushing down at her waistband, she wasn’t wearing panties either. Her pants ended up in a puddle on the elevator floor, and she lifted one leg so he could slide his hand around her ass and under into the wetness between her legs.

She was wet. Sopping wet, her pubic hair sticky with wetness and her inner lips engorged and sticky with juice as well. He slipped a finger up into her and she moved against him, taking all she could. It wasn’t much, even as slim as she was he had a hard time reaching around while still allowing her to jack him off inside his pants. He slipped his finger out of her and pushed his pants and underwear down, baring his shaft for her to more easily stroke him.

She squatted then, and quickly took him in her mouth. The ice of her hands and the heat of her mouth made him gasp with surprise, then moan with pleasure as she began to lick him. He slid his hands into her hair, unconsciously pushing her bangs back so he could get a better look at her sucking him. It had been a very long time since he’d had his cock sucked – and sudden as this was it was all the more enjoyable for it.

She tightened her lips, and took the hand off his balls that she’d been using to massage them, and slid it between her legs. She bobbed her head against his cock, pushing the foreskin back a little bit painfully, and keeping her lips tight fucked her mouth with his cock. She moaned, and the moans sent shivers up his spine as the vibration tickled his lower body.

Then she was done, raising from her squat to kiss him. He considered flinching away, but he’d never been all that shy about sexual fluids. She raised her hand from her pussy and slipped the fingers in between pendik escort their lips, licking them. He licked too, their tongues fighting over the wetness on her fingers. She tasted musky, but a little sweet.

“Fuck me Dylan. Now. I want your cock in my pussy, and I want it hard and fast. Don’t hesitate, don’t slow down, don’t pull out. Just fuck me now, on the floor until you come. Got it? Her voice was very matter of fact. “If you manage to do well, come in me, fill me up, then maybe this can happen again – alright?” The question didn’t need to be answered.

He pushed her down and she raised her legs. His cock slipped into her easily, her pussy wet and accepting. He could feel her squeeze around him, and he started. His first thrusts were slower as he got used to the depth she liked, but soon he was pounding her fast. His knees pushed against the rough carpeting of the elevator floor and burned a bit, but it was sensation lost in the drive to pound his cock deep into her cunt. She whispered to him, to ld him to fuck her hard, faster. Told him to come, told him to fill her. He pounded faster and faster, feeling like a rabbit he’d once seen hump another rabbit – at rabbit speed.

Her muscles tensed around him and he pulled out farther and plunged deeper to heighten the sensation. He could feel the head of his cock coming out of her pussy lips and back in, she moaned.

“Cum in me. Cum in me. Fill my cunt up. Fill it up. Hurry up, fill my cunt with your cum.” Her voice was inside his ears, inside his head. He started to moan hard and she encouraged him. “Yeah, moan, push, grunt. Get ready. Cum in me, fill me up. Fill my pussy.”

No woman had ever talked so boldly to him before, it inspired him to fuck her harder. Very soon he started feeling the shivering. He was just about there; right where he’d been when Stanly had come in his room earlier. He pumped harder, and faster. Felt his pubic hair pushing against her engorged clit, feeling it poking out at the top of her slit. She was just moaning now.

“Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming.” And he was, waves of it, he could feel his cock contracting and squeezing it out. It felt like fire coursing out his cock, flooding into her. She was wet, so wet. So was he, covered in sweat, his shirt sticking to him.

“That’s exactly what I want. Now…I want something else.” Her tone discouraged any argument he might have. “You’re going to pull out, and then you’re going to go down on me.” He was a bit squeamish at that. “You’re going to lick my pussy clean, lick all your cum out of it, then you’re going to kiss me. I want to taste it. Do it well and we’ll do this again – leave me messy and you won’t see me again.” He nodded. “And make sure you get me a good mouthful of it, no spitting it out.” He nodded again.

He pulled out, his cock already a bit limp. He kneeled down and she raised her hips up with her legs spread even wider for him to get access. Her pussy was soaking, her cunt hair plastered against her mound, white cum seeping out.

“Lick it clean Dylan. And bring it back for me.” No girl had ever asked him to do something like this. But he did it. Despite the smell, and the taste of his own semen, he did it. He licked her clean, and kept every drop in his mouth. Then he stretched back out and kissed her.

Her tongue went crazy in his mouth, licking around in it, sucking it all out of his mouth. She grinned at him, and opened her mouth so he could see. It was just like looking at a girl who’d given him head until he’d come in her mouth, but he could still taste it in his own. She swallowed.

“So, you liked it eh?” Her hand was on his cock, hard again. He hadn’t realized how much it had turned him on, but he was ready for round two. She tugged on him, then stood up and started putting on her pants again. “Maybe we’ll do it again someday. Maybe even soon.”

They finished dressing in silence, and then she pulled the emergency stop button back out. The doors opened onto the basement level, and she pressed M.

Still in silence they waited for the elevator to go up a floor. When it stopped she turned and kissed him, pressing her pelvis against his. “That was good. You did good Dylan. I’ll call you.”

With that she stepped out of the elevator and strode across the foyer as if she owned the place. He scratched his crotch where their fluids were drying somewhat uncomfortably. At least the pressure from earlier was gone.

He pressed the button for floor 21. Back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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