Sweet Punishment

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I walk through the door, closing it slowly behind me and placing my bags on the floor. It feels like I’ve been on the road forever. Leaving all of my things in the foyer I make my way down the hall to the bathroom and turn on the shower’s hot water full blast. The steam fills the room as I let the water drain the tension from my body.

As I rinse the soap off my chest I hear my phone buzzing on the counter, like an incessant bee reminding me that there is life outside my shower. I shut off the water with a sigh, wrap a towel around my waist and look over to see who needs my attention now.

It’s a text message. From you.

You should have let me know you were coming home early. Call me.

Dammit. Another plan ruined.

The cold air of the hallway makes its way under my towel, causing a slight shrinking feeling in that special place. I dial your number, trying to decide how I’m going to explain the fact that I wanted to surprise you.

The phone rings. No answer. Click. “You have reached the voicemail box of…”

Dammit again. I make my way down the hall to the foyer while I dial a second time. The metallic ring from the phone speaker mixes with a strangely familiar buzzing…

I glance at the small table in the entryway and notice the buzzing cell phone lying there. My eyes travel further down to the floor, taking note of the strappy heels lying, discarded, on the tiled floor. Still not quite connecting things, I trace the path from the foyer to the basement door and find myself looking at a pile of azure fabric that would form a blouse if it had a figure to hang from. I open the door gingerly and make my way down the stairs, barely pausing to consider the jeans discarded at the bottom. My steps quicken as I make my way into my bedroom.

There, laid out on the center of my bed, I find myself staring at a lacy black bra and an equally lacy pair of black thong panties. I am so absorbed by these that at first I fail to even notice the small white card folded neatly on my pillow.

Get dressed and come outside; formal wear is expected, underwear is not. I like the black suit.

Confused and more than a little disappointed, I toss the note back onto the bed. As it flutters down I notice writing on the back.

Just so you know; the only underwear I brought with me is lying on the bed right now…


The front door closes behind me as I stare in awe at the long black limousine parked at the curb. The rear door opens soundlessly and I duck my head inside to see you sitting there in the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen. The slit up the side falls open to reveal your gorgeous legs almost all the way to the hip. Black fabric stretches tight over the flat stomach you’ve worked so hard to keep toned. Luckily (for me) your exercising hasn’t taken anything away from your breasts, and your pert pair fill out what little material is there to keep them contained. The small bump of each nipple is not lost on me, and it excites me to know that your card didn’t lie. The single strap over your shoulder just barely keeps the dress up and shows off plenty of skin above the neck line. The necklace I gave you for our one-year anniversary rests in the cleft between your ample breasts and fames your delicate neck like a fine work of art. Your long silken hair is delicately plaited and thrown over your shoulder where it drapes lightly over one breast.

“Hello gorgeous,” I smile. “This is unexpected.” I lean in for a kiss, only to be met with a raised finger.

“You, sir, are in trouble. I expected you to call kartal escort bayan me when you were on your way home.”

“I’m sorry honey. I was going to…” You cut me off before I can finish explaining.

“Sit. We’re late, and you’re being punished.”


“Did you enjoy the concert, dear? You didn’t appear to be paying very close attention to the music.”

I give you an incredulous look. How can I be expected to focus on the orchestra when a dazzling woman keeps interrupting my concentration by stroking my dick through my pants?

“Are you kidding me? You had me so worked up I couldn’t stand up for the final ovation.”

You grin slyly at me. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

You are such a tease. Don’t think I didn’t notice that mischievous little smile that played across your oh-so-kissable lips while your tantalizing fingers ran up and down the length of my shaft.

“And the limo ride? Did you notice the delightful colored lights on the ceiling?”

That one earns you another glowering look. The only thing I noticed during the half-hour ride to the concert hall was you. It wasn’t enough that you let the slit of your dress ride up until I could almost see that sweet pussy of yours. It wasn’t enough that you began to tweak and pinch your nipples through the thin fabric of your gown halfway through the ride. No; the worst part was that you made me sit there across the car from you the whole time. I had to sit there and watch you play with your nipples while you stared at me with that teasing half-smile on your face. I had to watch as your smile was replaced by an open mouth as you gasped quietly. It was miserable and exquisite, all at the same time.

Seeing the look of frustration and longing on my face, you giggle playfully.

“You go and mingle at the reception. I’m going to the bathroom and I’ll catch up.”

I watch as you walk away, the tight fabric of your dress showing off the fact that you’re indeed not wearing any panties. Your swaying ass makes my cock twitch and begin to harden once again. You’re driving me crazy and you know it. You know you could make me do anything. I’m addicted to you, and teasing me mercilessly is your favorite past time.

I duck into a corner and make a quick adjustment to the growing bulge in my pants before heading to the lobby. Quickly losing interest in making small talk, I make my way to a corner and try to spot you in the crowd. A moment of concern hits me as I realize that you’ve been gone ten minutes, so I head back to where I last saw you.

Suddenly an arm reaches out of a small side door. I feel a hand wrap around my elbow and I am pulled into a small, dimly-lit closet. Before I can react or even think, I feel your hungry lips press urgently against mine. My mouth opens slightly and your tongue darts out to flick against my upper lip. Your neck calls out for a caress and my hand happily obliges as our tongues dance back and forth together. I devour your lips hungrily, savoring the sensation I’ve ached for since I first saw you tonight.

You break away from my embrace and push me back against the wall before sinking to your knees in front of me. I watch you, scarcely daring to breathe for fear it might distract you. Your fingers, having already caused me untold torture this evening, gently undo my zipper and disappear inside. I feel you wrap your hand around my already stiffened cock and it readily slides out of my pants. You briefly glance up at me with a flirty smile before turning your attention to the erection escort maltepe in your grasp. The tongue that was teasing my lips a moment ago flicks out and traces a path from the base of my throbbing member to right beneath the tip. You lean forward and place kiss after kiss on the line your tongue drew, sending a shiver up my spine. Despite my efforts to stifle it, a moan escapes my lips. I hear you softly chuckle and I look down to see you contemplating the part of me before you.

I silently beg you to continue. Your lips part and you duck your head forward, placing the head of my dick inside your mouth. The hot wetness is interrupted by your tongue as it runs around the tip and makes another moan come from within me. I look down to see more of my manhood disappearing into your mouth. My cock twitches as you take it deeper and I feel your groan of pleasure more than I hear it. I am in ecstasy now, barely holding back the orgasm I can feel building. You lean even farther forward, taking even more of me in. I stare down at you as you pull back and plunge down onto my cock again. You pause and look up at me, staring into my eyes as you please me with your mouth. The effect is unbelievable; feeling your hot, wet and wanting mouth sucking my dick as your eyes lock onto mine.

It is almost enough to push me over the edge, but I hold off with everything I have. I want this wonderful sensation to last as long as possible. You break our eye contact after what seems like an eternity and once again turn your attention to the task at hand. I feel your fingers dig into my legs and, amazingly, you fit even more of me into your mouth. I can’t really be sure because of the huge sensation I’m feeling, but I figure that I must be nearly all the way to your throat. Your nose rubs on my trimmed patch of pubic hair. I am so close to cumming that I can hardly stand it. You slowly pull back, pulling your lips across every inch of my shaft. You pause at the head, giving it one last swirl with your tongue before removing my member completely from your mouth.

You look up at me with a grin of pleasure on your face. “My oh my. Someone is enjoying themselves.”

“Honey, this is the best punishment ever.”

“Silly man,” you giggle. “That wasn’t your punishment!”

“What do you mean?”

You look at me with a devilish twinkle in your eyes. “This is,” you say calmly as you slide my still-wet dick back into my pants and zip up the fly.

“You’re joking,” I stammer, unable to believe what just happened.

You stand up and straighten out your dress. I can still see your nipples, poking out the sheer black fabric like two little rocks. You reach for the door and slowly twist the handle before looking back at me over your shoulder.

“I told you that you were being punished. The night isn’t over yet, so take a minute to compose yourself and join me in the lobby.”

You step out of the closet, leaving me in stunned silence.


I’m still in shock as we slide back into the waiting limousine. My erection still hasn’t gone down and I have to stretch back across the luxurious leather seats just to be comfortable. The divider window rolls down and you lean forward to exchange a brief conversation with the driver. Your hand snakes back and pulls the hem of your dress to the side so that your gorgeous naked ass is thrust back at me. Your clean-shaven pussy lips glisten slightly under the colored lights, and it is all I can do not to stand up and fuck you right there.

Concluding your discussion and rolling up the divider pendik escort again, you turn and flash another one of your devious smiles at me.

“You look like you have something on your mind.”

I decide I’m done with sitting passively while you tease me. Your dress is still pulled aside, giving me a tantalizing and perfectly-framed view of your gorgeous ass. I lean forward and slap one of your silky cheeks, turning the pale white skin a bright pink for an instant.

You let a small gasp escape your lips.

I’m not satisfied with light spanking, so I get down on my knees and scoot close to you. You shift your knees farther into the seat and push your exposed cunt back at me. I take a moment to appreciate the sweet smell of your excitement before running my tongue lightly over your wet lips. The taste of you explodes in my mouth and I’m suddenly ravenous. I drive my tongue inside you, eliciting soft moans of pleasure.

I feel your juices running over my lips and I duck lower to flick at your clit. Wetting two fingers in my mouth, I slide them back and forth across the entrance to your pussy. Your knees start to shake with pleasure and you collapse sideways into the plush seats.

I grab your ankles and flip you over onto your back. Your dress has stayed up and your pubic mound is framed by the Y of your legs. You stare at me lustily with eyes glazed over by ecstasy. I part your knees slowly and lean down to continue my mission. Starting at your knees, I kiss my way towards my destination. When I reach the crease of your leg, I nibble the skin playfully.

You look down at me between your breasts. I glance up and I can clearly see your nipples poking through the light material of your gown. You reach up and pinch one nipple. “I want you to make me squirt all over this seat.”

Without wasting time, I return my tongue to your already-sensitized clit. My fingers, still wet from your wetness, slide easily inside you. I’m content to just leave them still, teasing your clit with my tongue. But you have other ideas and you start to thrust gently against my hand. I oblige you by gliding my fingers in and out. I know what you want, but I want to tease you more so I keep my movements slow and small. I can feel the muscles inside your body tightening and I know I’m close to making you cum hard. The anticipation must be as exciting for you as it is for me.

Sensing your approaching climax, I curve my fingers upward and stroke faster. I feel the raised flesh of your G-spot and I flick it with my fingertips. Your breathing quickens and your moans grow louder. I know you’re close now and I go back to work with my tongue. I feel your thighs squeeze my head as your climax builds inside you. I keep up a fast pace with my fingers and you shout out in pleasure. The heat inside you increases and your toned muscles clamp down on my fingers as your orgasm explodes. I feel a flood of juices over my fingers and taste the sweet tanginess of your cum on my tongue. I refuse to let up, adding a third finger and filling your pussy even more. You are shaking now, trying to control your body and failing. I feel you tighten again, gushing more and soaking your ass in cum. I pull my fingers out slowly and spend a moment lapping up your sweet nectar from the swollen lips of your pussy.

I look at you with desire burning in my eyes. “I want to fuck you right now,” I say pleadingly.

“Oh baby that would be fantastic,” you sigh as the limousine comes to a gentle stop. “But we’re here now, and I’d hate for you to miss out on the next part of the evening.”

You take a small cloth out of your purse and use it to dry yourself off. You raise your dress up to your waist as you step out the door, giving me another view of your round ass.

“Come along, lover. Your punishment isn’t over yet.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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