Swap , Discover Ch. 03

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A few weeks had passed since the weekend in the hotel. Jeff was in two minds about the whole experience and was starting to question his own needs and desires.

Maybe, as he approached 40, it was a mid-life crisis, he consoled himself. Maybe it was as a result of his relative lack of experience before he had met Susan, that he now felt the need, the urge, for something more.

In his late teens Jeff had been like any of the hot-blooded males he hung around with. There was lots of talk about girls but relatively little action. Occasionally he would get lucky and he got his share of kisses and the odd fumble under a blouse.

It wasn’t until he was 19 that he had sex for the first time. It was with a friends sister, three years older than him, who got very drunk at a party in her house and led him upstairs into her bedroom. She wasn’t particularly attractive, but Jeff wasn’t going to turn down the chance of getting his hands on her plump tits. To his delight he found she wanted more and minutes after touching a girls pussy for the first time he was accepting her offer to go further. Minutes later it was over, a few quick strokes and he had come inside her and she had passed out asleep on her bed.

Some months later he met Susan and realised that she was special. It frustrated him that she kept him waiting until their wedding night to have sex but it delighted him that he was her first. Her body excited him then, and continued after all the years to excite him now. Unfortunately while they had some good moments in bed those occasions were rare and Jeff had come to the realisation, he thought, that Susan’s needs would never match his own.

Frustration had overcome him on one occasion and while away on a stag weekend with friends 3 years previously he had accepted the advances of a woman 10 years his elder and brought her back to his hotel room. The sex was passionate and energetic and Jeff enjoyed the freedom to do as he pleased and to satisfy his physical needs without being held back by feelings of love for his partner. However the feeling of guilt that he still felt, meant that that night of passion had not been repeated.

Jeff was surprised, very surprised, when Susan had responded positively to the suggestion of wife swapping. He had suggested it, as it was a fantasy of his, but had never expected her to go along with it. As the day of their first swap approached he was sure she would back out and was delighted when they had headed off together to meet their new friends.

So far they had swapped on two occasions and Jeff felt disappointed, somewhat, by the experience.

He had been so excited by the prospect – maybe he expected too much.

On the first occasion his partner for the night had been Debbie. Debbie was a stunning blonde with the figure of a model and from the moment they met Jeff was entranced.

When they returned, alone, to his house, things progressed smoothly at first. They kissed and caressed and then moved to the bedroom. The kissing continued and as his excitement was growing, Debbie interrupted things, to go to the bathroom.

She seemed to take for ever preparing herself and eventually returned to him. Her make-up and hair were perfect and she wore only a lace bra and panties. Jeff was instantly erect and took her into his arms.

However, despite her beauty, sex with her was rather clinical. Jeff found she expected him to pleasure her without paying him much attention. She came quite quickly, then lay back, appearing uninterested as he pumped into her until he came. She rolled over then, and slept soundly, leaving Jeff disappointed and frustrated.

The second time was with Joy who Jeff and Susan had traveled to meet with her husband in a hotel.

Joy was a heavy woman for whom Jeff had no real attraction. He had quite a few drinks before agreeing to go through with the arrangement.

In the bedroom Joy was in control. It was her first time swapping and she was going to enjoy herself. The sex was quite wild and Jeff did enjoy playing with her enormous heavy breasts. He let himself go, as she did, and they spent the night sucking, nibbling, probing every piece of each others bodies and she sucked him dry, letting him come in her mouth, all over her big tits and in the hot depths between her heavy thighs.

Next morning, Jeff woke first. Without the benefit of drink, the sight of her overweight naked body did nothing for him and he dressed and crept out, feeling dirty and again under whelmed by the whole experience.

Susan told him little of her experiences. He was unsure if she enjoyed herself and guessed she was going through with it all just to please him.

He was surprised then, when she kartal escort bayan mentioned to him a party which she had been told about by Debbie. From what he could gather it was a swappers party with a specially selected guest list. He had reservations in his head about his own potential enjoyment of it and also putting Susan though another experience to please him.

After some thought he decided to give it one more try and Susan passed back the message through Debbie that they would attend.

The Saturday night arrived and Jeff watched Susan as she dressed. She had her black hair tied up and wore a plain blue dress down to her knees. The material was light and her breasts strained against it. To his surprise she wore no panties and she winked at him as she announced she was ready.

In the taxi she seemed excited and looked gorgeous. Jeff had his arm around her and they kissed quite passionately. Just as he moved his hand to her bare legs the taxi slowed and pulled up outside the house.

In the house the hostess asked Jeff for his keys and she put them in a bowl with a number of other sets. Jeff smiled, he didn’t think these things really happened, but obviously he was wrong.

There were 5 other couples there and the hostess explained that the keys would be drawn at 11 pm, 2 hours away, and that the party would continue to 1 am at which time the new couples would go off to the home of the man whose keys the lady had chosen.

Jeff and Susan, got drinks, and started to mingle and meet the other people. Jeff watched Susan, noticing how relaxed and confident she appeared. After a while he began to relax more, also, as the wine took effect.

As 11pm approached, he took time to check out the ladies present, and wonder who his partner might be later.

Debbie and her husband were there as expected, and while she looked stunning Jeff silently hoped that he wouldn’t have to spend another night making love to her unresponsive body.

As he obviously couldn’t draw his own wife that left 4 others to consider.

The hostess, Sheila, was a woman in her mid 40’s. Her hair was dyed blonde and while she was not fat, she was overweight. Her low cut top left little to the imagination, showing off her ample assets.

Sally was also older, thin and showing her years a little. She made quite a contrast with her husband – she appeared quite shy and correct, while Tim her husband, was expensively dressed, loud and pushy.

That left 2, a petite red headed woman called Marion, who seemed shy and reserved and a younger woman with short brown hair called Amanda. Amanda was no looker, her face quite plain, but her redeeming feature was her breasts, which through her top seemed to Jeff to be both big and firm.

If he could have chosen, Jeff decided, he would settle for a night with his face between Amanda’s breasts.

At 11 the hostess called for silence and the bowl of keys was produced. The women drew lots to see who chose first and the men sat back watching to see the outcome.

Debbie had the honour of first choice and to everyone’s amusement drew her own husband, Ken. The keys were returned to the bowl and this time she drew the host of the party who embraced her and together they sat to one side, her on his knee.

Sheila the blonde hostess, drew next and Jeff was relieved not to be chosen.

Next was Sally, the thin older woman, and again Jeff relaxed when Debbie’s husband Ken was chosen.

Next up was Susan and she walked forward looking a little nervous. She pulled out a set of keys and Tim, big and brash, let out a roar of delight. He gave her a big kiss and led her to an armchair in the corner where he sat her on his knee and gave her tits a rough squeeze through her dress.

That left a 50/50 chance of getting Amanda, Jeff told himself. Marion had the choice of keys and she walked up to the bowl, slim, and pale.

Jeff held his breath, then his mind raced when he saw her holding his keys. She came over to him and they kissed awkwardly, then sat down.

People were sitting in their couples, chatting and in some cases kissing. Jeff again wondered why he had got himself and Susan into this – but also realised he had no choice but to go through with things.

Music started and some people danced together. Jeff occasionally glanced over to see Susan, kissing and dancing with Tim. He felt a pang of jealousy as he watched her and concern for her as Tim was openly pawing her, his big hands all over her ass as they danced.

Conversation with Marion was a bit strained. Jeff studied her as they spoke. She had light red hair, not quite to her shoulders. Her face was pale with little make-up and her escort maltepe clothing gave little away in terms of her figure. She was very slim and petite and compared to Susan’s soft curves Jeff imagined that Marion must have tiny breasts. At one stage she walked across the room to get a drink and from the sway of her lower body Jeff did imagine that under her loose skirt she might have quite a nice ass.

As midnight passed the atmosphere got even more relaxed and some couples, as they kissed, let their hands wander over each others bodies. While Jeff and Marion occasionally kissed it felt awkward and did not develop.

Marion’s husband came over, to tell her he was leaving, and kissed her goodnight. They watched him leave, his arm around Debbie’s beautiful body as they headed for the front door.

Jeff realised it was time to leave so he went to find Susan, to say goodnight. He didn’t have to go far. He checked the kitchen, opened the door letting the light flood in on the sight of his wife, on her knees, sucking vigorously at the rigid cock of Tim. Tim smiled when the door opened and Susan turned, embarrassed to see Jeff standing there. Jeff muttered goodnight and left hurriedly.

Outside, as Marion had been drinking only soft drinks all night, she suggested that she drive them home rather than getting a taxi. Jeff agreed and got into the passenger seat.

They drove about a mile away from the house and to Jeff’s surprised she pulled over into a dark carpark.

They sat in darkness as she apologised for her nervousness at the party and explained that she felt uncomfortable with her husband watching her and was unable to relax. She would understand if Jeff wanted to go home alone and forget the whole thing.

Jeff reassured her, told her that she was doing fine and that he too was tense and unsure.

She thanked him and leaned over to kiss him.

She held the kiss, their lips together, and moved closer to him. Then he felt her tongue, probing between his lips and when he opened his mouth slightly it slid in, darting and exploring.

This kiss was so much different from their stifled exchanges at the party and Jeff felt himself being pushed gently by the force of her mouth as she moved over on to him. He lifted his arms, let his hands encircle her and gently pulled her into his embrace.

This was a different woman to the shy female from the party, he thought, as she kissed him even more passionately. She was breathing heavily, kissing his lips, cupping his face, kissing his cheeks. As his tongue met hers again, she moved, her hips grinding against the substantial swelling now evident in his trousers.

Jeff was aware of the passing cars on the road only a few yards away, but also even more aware of her thin hand, fondling him through his pants and then with more urgency pulling open his belt, followed by the button on his trousers and then tugging down his zipper.

She wasted no time in letting her cool hand slide into his shorts and run down his entire length to cup his balls.

He reached down, let his hands move over her ass through her skirt. He fondled it, roamed over it, confirming his earlier hunch that it would feel nice and fleshier than the rest of her petite body. From his movements he could feel that she was wearing a thong and he tugged gently at it creating sensations down between her cheeks and round to her pussy.

Marion moved again, sliding down his body until her knees touched the floor.

Again, she wasted no time. Jeff looked down to see her red head hiding his hard cock, then he moaned out loud as her tight hot mouth took him deep inside it.

Her mouth moved fast from the start, sucking, tugging, pulling at him.

He told her how good it felt, how it was building up, how he would come if she didn’t stop. She responded by looking up, telling him she wanted to taste him, then resumed her frantic sucking.

Jeff sat back, focused on the sensations engulfing him, then moaned as he shot his juices deep into her throat. She swallowed, gently kissed and licked him as his hardness subsided.

Jeff sat watching her, as she returned to the drivers seat and started the car. They drove in silence and soon she was parking in the drive of his house.

Inside, he poured a drink and they sat together on the leather settee. They kissed again and to his surprise she immediately reached to touch him and to open his trousers.

As they kissed she stroked his limp cock, gently coaxing it back to life again.

As he felt himself stirring Jeff moved closer and let his hand move on to her bare knee and slowly upward under her skirt.

She paused, helped him by standing and sliding pendik escort off her skirt. He reached out and with both hands pulled her thong down over her hips.

Before he could touch her, she pushed him back into the chair, his cock pointing to the ceiling. Jeff watched as she straddled him, looked down at the thick curls of pale red hair glistening with her wetness as she guided him inside her.

Jeff was surprised at how wet she was, at how turned on this seemingly timid little lady had become.

Again, her movements were urgent. She leant back as she moved her body up and down the entire length of his stiff cock. Jeff barely needed to move. She was completely in control, generating intense passion.

AS her moaning increased he continued to watch, fascinated by the change in colour of her face and legs and then the look of pain and pleasure on her face as she reached orgasm. Jeff waited, until he was sure she was coming, before releasing himself deep inside her.

They kissed, giggled, held each other, then she led him by the hand to his bedroom.

He undressed, lay on the bed and she returned from the bathroom, naked.

He looked at her tiny breasts, with small pale pink nipples. She saw his gaze, blushed, a pinkness colouring her cheeks and the white skin of her chest and breasts.

Jeff had always been attracted to curvier girls, always in his mind prepared to compromise a good looking girl for one with a nice big pair of breasts. Whether by luck or choice his limited experience with women had always been with girls with bigger than average breasts.

Now to his surprise this plain looking woman was standing naked in front of him, with breasts barely big enough to merit wearing a bra, and his cock was stirring once again and he had an urge to touch her and to feel his tongue on her nipples.

He kissed her again, let his hands touch her, feeling the nipples hardening instantly to his touch.

He bent his head and kissed them, letting his tongue flick at them. Her reaction surprised him. She moaned very deeply, pulled his face into her chest. Jeff continued to suck and lick, aware of the intense reaction it was generating. Her nipples were like pebbles, hard and swollen, and her body pulsed as he sucked them.

He had never appreciated how sensitive a woman’s nipples could be and was loving the feeling of pleasure he was giving her.

Marion appeared to be in another world.

Then without warning her body shuddered and she cried out as another orgasm engulfed her. Jeff licked gently then relaxed with her, amazed that a woman could come purely through the action of his mouth on her breasts.

Soon their kissing resumed and Jeff let his hands roam over her curvy bum, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. She was aware of his attention and moved to give him better access, turning on to her knees and raising her bum up for his touch.

Jeff bent, kissed her white cheeks, and let his tongue run over them and up the length of the crease between them. As he licked her his fingers probed under her, sliding into her wet pussy and smearing her juices over her creamy flesh as he did.

She whispered to him that she wanted him inside her and opened her legs slightly as she did.

Jeff knelt behind her, reached under to guide himself towards her wet pussy. Her hand stopped him, directed him upwards between the cheeks of her bum.

Jeff paused, unsure, until she turned and smiled.

While this was always a fantasy it was new territory for him and he felt incredibly turned on but also unsure. He had tried to persuade Susan on a number of occasions to let him take her in her tight soft ass but she always refused, even stopping him from exploring with his fingers.

His cock swelled even further, rigid in his hand, as Marion adjusted her position, offering her soft ass up to him.

He gently slid a finger into her ass, then another, probing and stretching. She felt a little loose so he rubbed some of the juices from her pussy along his cock then positioned himself.

There was some resistance at first but then he slid forward deep inside her, feeling the tightness of her muscles around him.

She moaned with pleasure and together they moved in a gentle rhythm.

The pleasure was intense and after a short spell of gently sliding into her, Jeff felt himself tense, and then with deep long strokes he buried himself inside her and felt himself spurting deep within her.

Jeff kissed her, thanked her, then cleaned himself up in the bathroom.

When he returned she was asleep, her small body spread across his bed. Her arms were above her head, her tiny breasts exposed, her pink nipples swollen from the attention of his mouth. Between her legs her pale red bush of hair was matted slightly with the mixture of her own juices and Jeff’s semen.

Jeff lay beside her….content. Maybe, he considered, this swapping thing is a good idea after all……………

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