Surprise, Surprise

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My boyfriend had left our hometown and was at university, about 50 miles away. Although he came home at weekends, I missed him terribly during the week and the phone sex we had was no substitute for the real thing.

One day I managed to get the afternoon of from work and decided to drive up to surprise him. I drove up to the campus, parked up and made my way to his room where he was staying at the university.

My plan was to wait for him to finish his lectures that day and surprise him by being naked in his bed when he got back. I knew I had a couple of hours to spare so thought I would be able to have a shower and make sure I was presentable. He had already got me a spare key so I was able to let myself in.

When I got in I could here the shower going and guessed he had got out of lectures early. The image of him naked in the shower with the water cascading over his body got me feeling horny and I decided the best thing to do was to join him.

I quickly stripped off and silently made my way into the bathroom. I pulled open the shower cubicle and shouted “Surprise, Surprise!” It certainly was for both of us as it wasn’t my boyfriend kartal escort standing there but a complete stranger.

We both stood there for what seemed like minutes staring at each other, before he started looking me up and down. Now I’m not the smallest of girls in the tit department and I could see the smile growing across his face as surveyed them. It wasn’t the only thing growing as I saw his erection rising in front of me. He held out his hand and asked me to join him and after a seconds hesitation I accepted.

After closing the shower door he proceeding to spray the water over me so that my body was glistening. I could feel the moisture running down my legs and wasn’t 100% sure whether it was water or my own pussy juices, as I was that turned on. He took the shower gel and started working his hands over my body. The feeling was sensational, even though he was deliberately not touching my tits or my pussy. I was on the edge of an orgasm, when he turned me round, pressed up against me, his hard cock pushing against my arse, while his hands reached round and took a tit in each hand and started massaging them. My nipples maltepe escort bayan hardened immediately as my whole body shuddered to a climax.

I bent over as best I could, and felt him rubbing his length against my pussy lips, which parted easily, allowing him to slip the tip of his cock into me. I pushed back against him, encouraging him to insert his full length and he duly obliged. It felt so good as I reached down and fingered my clit. He started slowly with his strokes but it wasn’t long before he was pounding his cock into my cunt for all he was worth. I was pushing back at his every stroke and was soon having orgasm after orgasm. I felt him tensing and I urged him to shoot his load in me and he needed no second invitation. I could feel his cum filling me up as he gave it everything.

He soon slipped out of me, and we finished the shower. We got out and started drying off while we both had big grins on our faces. I insisted n helping to dry his cock and balls and we me touching him he soon started getting hard again. I pushed him back into the room and forced him to lie down on the bed. I positioned myself escort pendik between his legs and started licking his cock, which by now was fully erect. I ran my tongue over his full length before taking him deep into my mouth. He tasted and felt wonderful.

I wanted to feel him inside my pussy again so straddled him and guided him into my soaking wet pussy. He slid in easily as I was so wet and I was soon sitting on his balls. As I began to move up and down his shaft, he reached up and grabbed my tits and started playing with them. I was determined that this time, he was going to cum on my face that when he indicated he was nearing the end, I slipped off him, knelt in front of him and got him to wank himself off. His hand was moving at such speed on his cock I could hardly see it as he came and stream after stream of his hot man juice hit my face. Some went in my mouth, some on my chin and I was dribbling it everywhere. I took him in my mouth and proceeding to suck him dry, not wanting to miss a drop of his lovely cum.

I then tidied myself up, got dressed, said thank you and left the room. As I got to the car, I sent a text to my boyfriend saying I wouldn’t be able to make it as something had come up. I smiled to myself as it dawned on me that neither of us knew you the other was and that no names had been said. I might have to pay another visit to see if I can find out who the mystery stranger was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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