Superstation Sex: The Prequel

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[Federation Super Station, Ten Forward Lounge]

This time it had been a beer mug. Karli had managed to piss off a landing party of Cardassians visiting the station for a cultural exchange program and for her efforts, got hit in the head with a beer mug.

The fight had gone just like all the others, a Cardassian made eye contact with Karli and didn’t flinch, a moment later Karli was calling him out. After trading insults and threats, a drink was thrown in her face and Fury plowed into them with fists flailing.

The odds worked out to six against two and though they were both holding their own, a thrown beer mug found its mark and bashed her in the forehead. Seeing that she was going down, a few bystanders stepped in to stop the fight and gave Fury time to fight to her side before being calmed along with the Cardassians by the public peace makers.

Security showed up and took statements and as always, Karli’s ability to start a fight without touching anyone saw them go free with little more than a verbal dressing down from the Security Chief.

The tally tonight, Karli one big gash in her forehead, swollen knuckles and several bruises while Fury suffered a torn shirt (one of his favorites) a black eye and swollen knuckles as well. Having the worst wound between the two of them, Karli had “won” the game they played of “who gets hurt worse wins”.

They had laughed all the way to Karli’s quarters, retelling the fight from their view point while clutching at aches and pains, still drunk, still high on adrenaline.

[Federation Super Station, Deck 247, Crew Quarters 211B]

Fury followed Karli into her quarters and immediately headed for her med kit, laughing about her facial expression when the drink was flung in her face. He grabbed the med kit and went to the sofa where she sat waiting for him to return, he grabbed a bottle off of the table as he went and handed it to her.

He sat the med kit down and opened it, removing the dermal regenerator as he said “You were amazing!..”, then grabbed her chin with one hand and turned her head so he could see her wound better, “..I thought the spoon in his forehead was going to pop out when you told him his breath smelled like Klingon testicles!”.

Karli flinched as he took charge of her head and the healing of her wounds — there weren’t many people she trusted pointing medical tools at her — but she took a side-mouthed swig from the bottle of liquor to calm her nerves and then smirked, “He was only offended because he’s -smelled- Klingon testicles before…he was the most effeminate Cardassian I’ve ever seen! And he knew I could tell, that’s why he got all huffy and in my face! But I wasn’t worried, cause you’ve always got my back…”

“Damn straight!..” he replied with a grin, then furrowed his brow slightly as he said, “hold still!..dermal regenerators and eyeballs make for a bad combination..”. The dermal regenerator closed the wound as it passed over it and he found himself almost sad that he’d have to release her. He pulled the device away from her forehead and tilted her face even further up towards him as he inspected the wounded area.

She held still for a few seconds, as Fury healed the wound. His touch was strong, but gentle and he was leaning close enough that she could smell the slight tinge of rum on his breathe and the even fainter, but even more intoxicating scent that she thought of as his ‘Orion Musk’. Karli found herself staring at the strong curve of his jaw and his thickly muscled neck, and she felt a sudden pull to lean closer that, in her drunken state, she might easily have given in to were he not so firmly holding her head in place.

He smiled to her, “Not so much as a’re back to bein’ purdy as ever” he said as he released her chin. He knelt down in front of her, putting him almost eye level with her breasts and it was from sheer force of will that kept his eyes on task. His breath caught for a moment as the scent of her hair passed by, he blinked in concentration.

Taking her right hand in his, he looked at the regenarator and tapped on its control panel with his thumb. He configured the tool for a moment then held her hand up as he ran the device over her bruised and split knuckles. He glanced up to her and seeing her looking at him, he looked back down to her knuckles. “Gotta remember to use more elbows when fighting species with ridges on their face..”, he said absently.

“Or use more furniture…” she offerred, and took another swig from the bottle. When he finished with one hand, she flexed it briefly and glanced to the one holding the liquor. “This one’s okay…let me do you.”

Fury laughed and grabbed the bottle from her as he stood and moved to coffee table in front of the sofa, setting the regenerator back in its box on the nearby chair as he passed. He turned to face her and sat down on the coffee table then paused as it squeaked under his weight but then seeing that it wasn’t going to collapse, he took a swig from the bottle and held kartal escort his hand out to her..making sure that he didn’t make eye contact as he knew that he was very close to losing his ability to control his desire for her.

She snaked the regenerator back from the box and scooted forward on the sofa, then gripped his forearm and pulled his hand towards her. She found it difficult, however, to control the direction his hand was facing. His arms were simply too big for her to grip all the way around, and she didn’t want to touch his hand where it was bruised, so instead she laid it on her knee and leaned forward to inspect it there. It took only a few seconds of concentration to fix, and then she was tracing her hand over the back of his as if searching for some further injury, “Did I miss anything…?”

The moment she had tilted her head down to look at his hand, his gaze turned on her and admired all the unique beauties in her form. He looked back to his hand as she sat it on her knee..any reservations or self control he had left flew out the airlock at that point.

He sat the bottle down and leaned forward, his now free hand reaching up under her chin and gently tipping her face up towards him. The hand on her knee unconsciously squeezed lightly at the tension he was feeling as he met her standing on a high platform and looking straight up into space, it was dizzying. His higher reasoning shouted at him through the fog of alcohol, trying to get him control himself but every other part of his body drove him forward as he kissed her lightly on the lips then pulled back slightly and paused to see what consequences awaited.

A look of surprised confusion flew across her face. She’d been fantasizing about him doing just that for weeks, but she’d considered it an impossibility. He’d finish his command training soon and likely be assigned someplace out of touch. There’d been an unspoken agreement between them that they’d remain just friends…but then he’d kissed her.

After half a second of confusion and with the alcohol making her brave, she seized the chance she’d been given. Leaning forward quickly, she put one hand to the back of his neck and pulled, pressing her lips somewhat sloppily against his. Her other hand clutched the one he still rested on her knee.

Fury released her chin and closed his eyes as their lips met, awkwardly at was after all their first kiss..but after a moment, he adapted himself to her and returned the kiss passionately.

He pulled his lips from hers as he felt his heart pounding in his chest and his breathing quicken. His desire for her was growing beyond the point of control and his instincts began driving him forward, pushing past what little reasoning ability he was capable of at the moment.

Reaching up to her elbow, his hand slid up her forearm to the hand resting on the back of his neck and firmly grabbed her by the wrist as he stood. With a gentle but unstoppable motion, he pulled her to her feet and then slid the fingers of his free hand along her jawline to the back of her neck.

The hold on her wrist didn’t waver, it was loose enough not to hurt her but locked in place as the other hand cupped the back of her neck and head, both holding her in place and turning her face up to his as he leaned down and kissed her again.

The hand above the wrist he’d claimed curled into a fist around the dermal regenerator, though she didn’t resist him or his lips. She was keenly aware of the chance that he still might pull away, leaving her in her quarters — alone and humiliated. The thought briefly flashed clear in her mind that she should push him away first, before he had the chance to leave her hanging.

It took a great effort of will to put her free hand up, palm flat on his chest, and press away while turning her head to the side. She breathed heavily as she shook her head, and looked down at his chest rather than meeting his eyes, “You don’t want this…” she mumbled, “…you’re just drunk.”

The hand on her neck held her still as he leaned down, pressing his jaw against the side of her head and pushing against it until her ear was tilted up towards him. His lips rested against her ear and he breathed out in an near whisper, “I’ve always wanted this..”.

He released the grip on her neck and slid his hand up to the back of her head, intertwining his fingers in her hair then pulling firmly, letting her know she wasn’t going anywhere as he kissed her softly just in front of her ear. His lips pressed gently against her, lovingly, in vivid contrast to his hands that were forcefully holding her in place as he said, “..and so have you..”.

Karli’s every nerve was on fire as she closed her eyes and listened to the whisper in her ear and felt his hands pulling at her hair. Her fist uncurled and the dermal regenator fell to the floor. Her free hand reached up to feel his face — something it had only ever touched once in violence, when their brawling one night had turned briefly maltepe escort bayan on each other.

“I want you…” she affirmed, though she was only just at that moment truly admitting it to herself. As if given permission to act on the desire, her body curved towards him and the hand attached to the wrist he still held struggled to grasp him.

He released her wrist and slid his hand around the small of her waist, the other still clutched her hair as he turned her face to him and kissed her deeply, ravenously. He pulled her hips to him and leaned forward, towering over her as she leaned back into the support of his arm.

He pulled his lips from hers only slightly as he said, “Show me how much you want me..”, then kissed her again, pressing the growing bulge in his trousers against her belly.

Being in such an off balanced and controlled position, her options were few, but an artist like herself never lacked for creativity even while intoxicated. Her hands were free, so she used them to hold on to Martin’s neck and shoulders while she picked her feet off the floor and wrapped her legs around his middle. She could feel the hard mass in his pants pulsing against her crotch, and her kissing grew more fervent as she met his challenge.

Fury released her hair and moved the free hand to match the other wrapped around her waist. With her hands holding onto his neck and shoulders and his arms wrapped tightly around her midsection, he leaned back a little to center their combined balance on his legs as he kissed her deeply.

He wanted to throw her on the bed and help her tear her clothes off then ravage her until she cried to stop..but being their first time together, he didn’t know what she wanted in bed and decided to go as slow as possible.

“Take me in the bedroom…” She whispered into his ear, as if hearing his thoughts.

Without hesitation, he carried her effortlessly towards the bedroom, still holding her firmly to him and kissing her the entire way only pausing now and then to turn his head and look over her shoulder at where they were going.

Once in the bedroom, he put a knee on the bed then laid her down gently. Once her weight was on the bed, he pulled his arms out from under her and propping himself up on one elbow, his free hand tugged at her shirt until there was room for him to get a hand in.

Still pressed between her legs, he pushed a hand up under shirt and cupped her breast as his kisses ranged from her lips, to her chin, then jaw and then onto her throat and neck.

Karli picked up on the shirt where he started and pulled it off over her head in between kisses, then started on his. She pushed it up to his arms and then got distracted running her hands up his back and down his taught stomach. She found the clasp to his pants between them and loosened that too. “Gods, clothes are such an inconvenience…” she mumbled, shoving impatiently at his trousers.

Fury as well picked up on his shirt where she started and paused long enough to pull it off between kisses as he held himself up so she could get to the clasp on his pants, “No kidding..”, he mumbled back.

Then sighing in frustration for a moment, he rolled over onto his back and pulled his pants off, kicking them to the foot of the bed as he rolled to face her and propped himself up on an elbow. His free hand worked at helping her get her pants off as he kissed her arm, then shoulder, then down to her breast and finally to a nipple.

She had to pause in her efforts to remove her own pants as the touch of his lips on her nipple sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. “Ooh…” She pushed her chest out a little, pressing her breast into his mouth. But her eagerness to feel skin to skin contact everywhere won out.

After a little more wiggling and lifting of her hips she managed to get her pants down to where she could kick them off. All that lay between her and the man of her dreams now was a thin layer of panty. His body felt hard and strong above her, and he commanded presence even more easily naked than he did in a uniform. He excited her in a way that no other man, human or otherwise, had before, and she quickly become overzealous in her efforts to kiss him.

He had taken his lips from her nipple as he felt her squirming out of her pants and smiled at her zeal, though he was fervent as well and barely able to pace their love making, he was determined to take his time and enjoy every inch of her body.

Repositioning himself, he slid an arm under her neck and placed its hand on her opposite shoulder, now hovering over her and blocking her from moving with his bicep on one side of her head and his hand on the other, he leaned down and kissed her deeply, passionately, roughly. He twisted his hips to rearrange an uncomfortable position and laid his now hard, hot and throbbing cock on her hip as he rested his free hand on her stomach.

He paused there, feeling her abdomen tense and relax from her quick breaths, enjoying the feel escort pendik of her soft flesh and kissing her deeply.

The hand she wasn’t digging through his hair went automatically to his cock when she felt it against her. She stroked it, traced it’s length and it’s head, went down further to discover the balls hanging below it. She tried to memorize the feel of it, and beneath even her light touch it seemed to grow harder. Meanwhile her lips were busy exploring Martin’s mouth, cheeks, chin, jaw, the soft part of his ear, and down the side of his neck as she returned his rough kisses with some of her own. The taste of him was incomparable.

He tensed as he felt her hand take hold of is cock and as she reached down further, he growled softly from his throat as the urge to take her burned white hot in both heads. Still, even through the fog of lust he wouldn’t be rushed. He had waited a year or more to be with her and it was a moment he would relish.

The hand on her stomach slid down and pushed its fingers between her panties and her flesh, the back of the hand raised the fabric while his fingertips pressed further down. He moaned as his fingers gently slid across her hot, wet pussy and pushing even further down, he didn’t stop until his hand was buried in her panties. With the palm of his hand covering her entirely, his fingers began gently petting her, softly gliding around her opening. His palm moved almost imperceptibly, slowly and softly pushing against her lips and her clit as he rubbed her into a greater state of excitement.

She moaned softly into his neck, and her grip paused and tensed around the base of his cock. His fingers were stirring up the fire in her loins, and had he been a smaller man she would have rolled him over and sat on his length right then. As it was, his hold on her head and shoulders kept her anchored below him and all she could do was thrust upwards with her pelvis every few seconds, her body rolling up and down in time with her waves of desire, and her hand stroking his cock.

He growled an “Mmmmmm” sound as his eyes clenched shut, the sensations were almost too much to process, the feel of her grow hotter and more wet at his petting, her hand squeezing him, her body arching and bucking, urging him on.

The hand in her panties began pulling them down, first tugging on one side then moving to the other as they worked them off her hips and as she lifted her pelvis to help, he yanked them down to her knees as he kissed to her ear and said, “How you wanna be?..”, kiss, “ this..”, kiss, “..hands and knees?..”, kiss, “..on top?”.

In her state, she would have taken anything, but since he was giving her a choice… “Turn me over,” she breathed, and paused to kiss him. “I want you behind me.”

He returned the kiss then without hesitation grabbed her leg closest to him with his free hand then lifted her off the bed slightly using the forearm under her neck, flopping her over on her belly in one throw. Even before she had finished one bounce on the bed, he shoved himself up and grabbed the panties still hanging around her knees, yanking them off all the way as he climbed towards the foot of the bed.

She pushed up from the bed with her hands and drews her knees forward. She tossed her hair out of her face as she glanced back at him to see where he would position himself.

His hands went to her waist and pulled her back towards him up onto her knees as he maneuvered around her calves and feet to position himself behind her.

She smiled at him over her shoulder and curved her back slightly which pushed her shoulders and breasts forward and up, and her butt into a more tempting angle.

He smiled to her as he saw her watching him over her shoulder then seeing her take the standard Orion female mating position (head down, ass up, their version of “missionary”), he finished positioning himself between her legs.

One of his hands released her hip and grabbed the base of his cock before he moved forward and inhaled sharply the moment its head touched her. He looked to her as he began rubbing it up and down along her pussy, covering its head in her juices preparing her for the rough ride ahead.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, making a loud noise of pleasure as he teased her with his cock. She grew even wetter than before, and felt the growing urge to have him inside her. As he rubbed backwards, she tilted her hips quickly and caught the tip of his penis at the mouth of her pussy.

He smiled as he watched her, then as he felt her catch him in her opening, he pushed forward, watching his cock slide into her pussy and her lips wrap around him. He stopped once the head was in and releasing the base of his cock, he put both hands on her hips both to give her a chance to acclimate and to watch her reactions as he pulled her back onto him a little further.

She moaned again as he split her pussy lips with his length and she settled back nearly far enough to feel his balls against her inner thighs. After the first pleasant shivers finished coursing through her she slowly pulled her hips forward a little ways and then pushed back far enough again so that her ass was resting against his abs, and he was entirely inside her. “Gods, your cock feels great…”

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