Sunita’s Restraint Evaporates

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Yes, she had known him for longer than Shyam. And yes, Dileep had more than once told her that had he met her before she had met Karan he would have married her.

She sighed. There were more men in her life than she ever thought could have been possible. And she found a strange mix of contradiction and delight in the assorted roles those men sought; she maintained cordial relationships with all, managing to keep them within the bounds with a certain dexterity. Except Shyam. With whom, that one stormy night, in his hotel room……

As her eyes wandered back over the horizon of twinkling lights she felt a warm glow suffuse her body. Shyam. Who possessed her so completely, and with whom she felt woman. The breeze blew a little strongly and she wrapped her saree a little tightly to keep warm. Today, it would have to be the saree to keep her warm. Karan was traveling, and Shyam anyway couldn’t be in her bed at home. She felt the warmth spreading a bit as she thought of Shyam’s broad shoulders……

“What are you thinking of?” asked Dileep, bringing her back to the here and now. He had dropped in after several months and had been happy to find her at home alone with the kids. He had lingered on, and managed to avoid leaving as it went past the kid’s bedtime. Not that she asked him to leave – she was happy to have his company, and she knew that she could keep him within certain bounds, just as she had for so many years.

Dileep stood at the railing looking at the same twinkling lights as she was looking at, and he looked sideways at the woman he had loved for so long from so far. Like each time, he felt his throat constrict as he looked at her slender neck, the chest with its broad expanse of skin, the breasts, small but sufficient, and gentle curve of her hips and their swell. Her lower lip, always broad and curved suggesting a permanent state of seduction. How many times he had imagined himself sucking on those breasts, and how strongly he came every time he imagined her. Small Sunita, smaller than him. He could not ever fantasize about her except with her on top. Riding him and taking him in to her petite frame. Her breasts in his large powerful hands. Or her ass, as he raised and dropped her down on himself. It hardly took much to feel the trembling hum in his cock at the thought of Sunita. And he would bite his lip to manage the intensity of his cum without waking up his wife. “Sunitaaaaaa!” his brain would scream, and the rush of his wasted seed would spurt and splatter.

Over and over again. The same image of this woman standing next to him. He sighed and wondered what kept him from making a move on her. She heard the sigh and looked at him. “What?” she asked a smile playing on her lips. This was a game she had played several times, especially so with him. Her hand moved across the railing and she covered his hand. She felt him flinch. “Arre! What’s so difficult about me touching you? Does it make your skin crawl?” she laughed.

“Sunita, stop playing games,” he replied, his voice loaded with the emotion of his need for her. She felt it. Today more than ever. And suddenly she felt vulnerable. Sweet, thoughtful and considerate Dileep. Her Dileep. She was so fond of him. Just the thought of being a full woman to him, with him; that was her only constraint. Well, he had been so many things to her over the years. And here he was, on a night that she felt a certain emptiness. She put his head on her shoulder and rubbed her nose on his arm. Then her face, then her lips. And as her lips parted she smeared her wet lower lip on his bulging biceps. And then she froze. She had crossed the line and there was an eroticism in her nuzzle.

Dileep’s sense of restraint, years of proper behavior with Sunita abandoned him. He held her hair in his hands and turned her face up to his, and covered her mouth with a large open mouth. He gasped with surprise and his body was jolted with shock waves of passion when her tongue, wet and probing filled his mouth. He squealed and his hands reached down to hold her hips. He found her squaring against him as they kissed passionately. His mind was in a whirl; Sunita, his Sunita, he just had to have her. Images of Karan flashed through his mind as he remembered one day that Karan had been pressing himself against her in the kitchen during a dinner at their house. And he recalled how Sunita had responded to Karan, much to Dileep’s surprise. She was so slut-like in her response…. If only he could get her to that state quickly, his mind told him. There could be no stopping, and he knew he wanted to feast on her today.

Sunita felt her body open out to the man she had long had feelings for, except those feelings were in restraint. Today, with the weather being thus, no Karan, missing Shyam, she felt the need for a man. And who better than someone she had known. She felt guilt and the contradictions welled up in her mind. escort bostancı Married to Karan and a relationship with Shyam which felt so good that she couldn’t set it aside. Somehow she had justified it to herself and continued with Shyam. Now with Dileep, this deep searching and erotic kiss. Was she unleashing something in Dileep that she wouldn’t be able to put back, she wondered. She would stop with the kisses she told herself, “Damn! I still don’t know how to masturbate and Shyam has not yet got down to telling me how….”

Her fingers rested on his shoulders, different shoulders. Different from small built Karan. Different from large but non-muscular Shyam. This was sheer muscle and well toned arms. She was surprised, and her hands wandered down the front, feeling the steely chest and ripples all along the body. Dileep, a fitness freak? His clothes were so baggy that she had never noticed. Now her arms went around and she pulled herself towards him, placing her head on his broad chest. The fingers played with the expanse and she found his nipple. Quickly she undid two buttons and pushing his shirt aside, and his vest askew her mouth found the nipple. She sucked at it and licked it. She heard his shudder and his hand moved to the back of her head holding her there. “Sunita!” he moaned, his voice loaded with years of pent up passion.

He didn’t think he had much time to complete what had begun here. Neither in terms of overstaying that late into the night, nor in terms of the bursting fullness in his cock. His hands reached down and he cupped her ass, as he had in his imagination so often. He lifted her effortless in his large hands. As he lifted her, her saree pallu fell back and her top was now open to him. Her blouse looked full with her breasts and he didn’t know how to get at them. His hands were busy hiking up her saree. He needed her and he needed her now. He moved her over to the railing, holding her in one hand and resting her ass there….. Her hands moved to her blouse as she slowly unbuttoned each button, her eyes deep into Dileep’s eyes. She could see in his eyes the lust and the desire to take her breasts. And she was not going to deny him, not today, not the way she had denied for so many years. She knew that had happened several times over the years when she met him in his hotel room. Or he came to her hotel room. And many times the electricity had been there, but she had kept things in check. She suspected he might masturbate over her, but she had no way of knowing. She thought of how restrained she had been, and wondered about her sluttish behavior now. Was it the woman Shyam had unleashed, who wanted to discover and experience everything that there was?

Today, she opened up the front of her blouse, and she snapped open the front opening bra. Another thing which she suspected was post Shyam. A front opening bra. He was so keen on sucking and mauling her breasts on every occasion that she found it necessary to have a set of front opening bras which she wore on days she went to see Shyam. She often opened it and left the cups covering the mounds, leaving it to Shyam to uncover and use them, suck them, milk them. Oh! That thought of Shyam. She felt a tingle in her lower belly.

She needed a man, she thought desperately. Feeling sluttish about the way her lust had spread fire through her body, but feeling comfortable that it was with someone who had known and wanted her for years. Dileep would be shy, and there was no point leaving it to him she thought. She pulled apart her bra and left her breasts open to his gaze. She felt the cool breeze tease her nipples and they puckered up, unfolding and standing up. She looked down at her nipples and her breasts and up at him. Her eyes were twinkling but her throat was dry. She couldn’t smile for the lust laden senses and her lips hung open with wanting.

She looked so open and inviting. God he had waited for this for years. While she was uncovering herself for his eyes and lips, he had dropped his trousers and was busy bunching up her saree. Her ass was rested on the railing and he now cupped her ass in one hand and the other hand moved up to the middle of her back allowing her to lean back. He leaned forward and took in one breast in his mouth, then the other. Just feeling the soft skin, hot with desire. Her hands went to the back of his head and she moaned, “Dileep. Take me! How long you have waited for this. Today, they are yours.”

He licked and slurped at them noisily as he tried to devour them and feed himself. It felt incredible. Sunita’s soft and fruitlike breasts. His to take, taste and feed on. She held one of them up for him, so that he could feel the joy of his Sunita letting him take her, asking him to take her.

“Darling, I am sorry,” he muttered between noisy slurps. “I just need you, I have to have you. I didn’t mean to………”

“Shhhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhh,” ümraniye escort she silenced him. She pulled his head and stuffed her breast into his mouth and told him, “No, nothing that’s happening here is to be regretted. You didn’t do it by yourself. I want this, okay? It’s okay. Just take, take. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!” The scream emanated when his lips pulled at her nipple and his mouth started to suck on the whole breast milking her at once, the moment he heard her say “Take.”

He pulled at her panties but she wore them high up and he couldn’t pull it down. He laid her back on the railing. Sunita reached under and helped get the waistband below the hipline. She then quickly pulled his head back to the aching breasts. She couldn’t live a moment without his mouth on them. She needed him everywhere. Her cunt was screaming for his mouth but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get him to do that. He was at least as conservative as her, and familiar as they were with each other, she didn’t know if she could guide him that far, and give away the slut inside her.

He now found it possible to pull down her panties and soon he had it off her. Her saree was a more complex affair, but he didn’t need to disrobe it off her. He just lifted her like a doll in his large powerful hands and held her poised over his bobbing cock. He looked into her eyes and she looked back expectantly. There was nothing but lust and desire in those eyes. The face was pink and the lips open and she was unable to speak. She was in his grip, and she felt open and the control was entirely his. The Dileep who she had controlled for years, now held her in his hands, cunt splayed open wide, slick with wetness, her body aching for his cock. A cock she had never seen, not touched, not felt. She had no clue how it was going to feel. She felt unprepared for the fucking that was to come. And she felt a burning desire in the pit of her stomach at the thought of one more cock to be felt and experienced. Was this really her?

Karan was slender. Shyam was thick and pleasurable. Dileep had a round cockhead that was impossibly knobby. It nosed her and prised apart her cuntlips. She gasped and held on to his neck and shoulder as she struggled with the brutally large head. Dileep tried to be gentle but the cock and cunt were simply mismatched. He held her over the cock and rotated her body, smearing her juices on his cock head and allowing his cock to nose and prod at her pussy. The sensations on his cockhead were maddening and he felt his restraint give way. She would just have to take him in he thought and let her drop a bit.

Sunita screamed and her lips closed on his muscular shoulder, biting as his cockhead pierced open her cunt. She shuddered and spasmed, a mini-orgasm instant from the ravaging her cunt had just received. He held her there, as he felt waves of shuddering in her crash in on him. He felt the quakes, the ripples of her pussy on his cock, the spasming, the pain on his shoulder with her teeth sinking in. He held on, waiting for the storm to subside.

When it did, she tried to move. She wanted to ride him. His hand lowered her a bit more and she felt the cock, not so thick beyond the cockhead slide up into her. She waited to feel his groin on her ass as he lowered her. But there seemed to be no end to his cock. He filled her and went on. She gasped and held on to him neck and tried to hold herself up. She was unsure she could take much more and wanted to stop the invasion. But he let her drop more, watching her as he felt his cock fill her up. He wanted the base of his cock to feel her cuntlips. But he knew it was going to be tough, as she scampered up to avoid a deeper fuck…. He was causing pain in her womb.

He lifted her and dropped her back. She thrashed around, her head thrown back first, now forward. She pressed herself to his chest. Her legs leveraged on his hips as she changed the angle of attack, and had her clit caress the cock. He lifted her and let the cockhead tease the sensitive lips at the beginning of her cunt. She wiggled down and tried to tame his cock with her movements. He gasped. She smiled. He lifted and dropped her, his body small and in control of his hands. She shuddered, spasmed and laughed. He groaned as he felt her small pussy twist turn and maul his cock.

Her hands reached under to feel his cock and she gasped at the length she found outside of herself. Thank god she had stopped him from plunging in fully she thought. She stretched her legs involuntarily, her heels gaining leverage from the railings. She propped herself forward a bit and started to fuck down with an animal lust. She surprised him. He felt his knees go wobbly as her cunt milked away at his cock. Sunita, demure, shy, restrained, was now Sunita, animal, lust filled slut. He slid to the floor with her on top. This was how he imagined her for years. And now he had her in that kartal escort bayan position.

She held herself prone over him, now in control. She held his cock in her hand and slid her cunt over the cock head up and down, not allowing the cock to go further up. Her other hand was on his chest as she fucked up and down. Her hair was tousled and all over. His hands claimed her breasts, holding them tight and hard, and the nipples alone being thumbed. He flicked them and watched her as she fucked him hard.

She smiled down at him. “Dileep. Today I will fulfill your desire of many years,” she thought to herself. As she lifted herself, her hand stroked the pillar. When she sank down her fist defined the limit of her taking him in. She laughed. Her head was thrown back. She pinched his chest. She wondered, one cock had just opened her pussy and pistoned it routinely and stopped at that. Karan’s. Another one had spread her impossibly wide. Shyam’s. Now this one was testing the depth of her womb. “My God! I have become a whoring slut,” she thought as she rode hard. She needed the orgasm now. She needed to end this before she felt worse about her whorishness. She placed both her hands on his chest and held herself just over the cock. With rapid thrusts she impaled herself on the cockhead and pulled herself up. She fucked with her eyes closed and her mind on the fusion of her cunt with his cock. She changed her angle a bit to have him rub her clit. She felt the shuddering deep within her. Her eyes opened and made contact with him. She nodded in excitement, her eyes telling him she was in pleasure and that she wanted him to join her.

Dileep looked up at the woman on top in amazement, she was not the woman he had hungered for, for so many years. That woman was restrained. This woman was a picture of lust. As her fingers twisted and pulled at his nipples, he felt the jackhammering of the cunt over the cockhead. Precise short movements making his cock tremble and hum with orgasm.

He started to boil over and he felt his cum rushing up his cock. “Sunita! I am going to cum inside you………..,” it was a warning. A question. An issue that needed answering. Sunita raised one leg and lifted her cunt off the cock. Her hand grabbed the long flailing pillar of flesh in her fist. She fisted him hard. The cum spat out, hitting her thigh and spilling everywhere. Everywhere but her womb, where she thought, incongruously at this moment, only Shyam seemed entitled to cum. She held down as gobs and gobs of white fluid flowed out. Dileep groaned loudly as he shuddered. With each of her fisting his body was wracked with pleasure and he thrashed. “Yours, Sunita. All yours,” he pleaded with her.

She watched as he came in a copious flow of fluid. Now that he was not shooting hard and deep, she sank back taking back the cock in her pussy. And she rode. Milking him. Pleasuring herself. Resuming her interrupted orgasm. Thankful for the length of his cock that allowed her to fuck even if he was done.

Ripples of pleasure coursed through her body as she leaned forward and rested on him. Her fingers played with the hair on his chest. “Sunita,” he whispered.

“Hmmmm,” she replied.

“How did this happen?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t think about these things. The moment was like that and we did what we did. I know we shouldn’t have. There is Karan for me to think about, and Deepika for you to think about. But tonight was beautiful. We just had to have each other.”

She rolled off and lay on her back. The chill of the floor uncomfortable, but she was exhausted and spent and could not have moved. Her hand trailed down her belly to her cunt. Smeared with his juices. Who knows, she might not have been safe from becoming pregnant. But if she had been that much in her senses, she wouldn’t have fucked him at all, that much she knew.

Her hand wandered, feeling the lips, the wisps of hair, the clit. She sighed as she thought of Shyam and how he would have ravaged her clit. Her fingers stroked the knob of flesh. Her body shuddered. She stroked harder. She looked to her left and she watched Dileep staring at her in disbelief. She arched her neck and looked at him lovingly as her fingers pleasured her. Her hips started to buck. She beckoned Dileep to come close to her. She held him hard and close as she continued to finger her clit. He held her close, once again feeling her breasts against his chest. She plunged her fingers in and fucked herself. He heard her groaning and strained breathing in his ears as he struggled to hold her down. Her body thrashed and bucked. Her ass thumped the floor as she fucked her fingers vigorously. She felt the orgasm ripple outward from her cunt and hit her breasts, her throat, and her brain. She gripped Dileep close to herself as she wailed out her deepest orgasm.

Then she sank back on the floor and held him close, stroking his back.

“You need to move,” she murmured to him after a while.

He knew what he had seen of her tonight, may never be seen again. He watched her gather her assorted garments and rush away to her room. He walked downstairs and let himself out.

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