Summer Holidays Ch. 2

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I was on my way home from the unexpected, and delightfully sexual encounter with Johnny, still engrossed in the wonder of it, still grinning to myself as I debated inside if I’d really come back in a few days time to meet him again and see how the pictures turned out. I’d only moved a couple of hundred yards down the track when movement caught my eyes off to one side. I stopped, and stared, wondering what had registered in the periphery of my vision, then I saw it again, a quick flash of orange, a brief impression of someone scurrying away through the woods, away from …I sucked in my breath sharply …away from the clearing that I’d just been in! Even though I couldn’t see who it was, as the woods were too dense at this point, and they were moving slightly away from me although in the same direction, I had the absolute certainty in my mind that they’d been spying on us …oh god! how long? had they seen everything? who was it?

All these thoughts flashed through my mind as I stared after the retreating figure, glimpsed only occasionally through the bushes and trees. I remembered my own spying on Jennifer and Johnny when I first arrived, how I’d stopped and hidden and watched, had they done the same thing? Part of my mind was going into panic mode, but another part, quite strangely, was going equally swiftly into turn on mode! The thought of someone watching Johnny and I having sex was suddenly incredibly exciting, and my nipples swelled and my pussy started to weep again. I leaned my back against a tree, one hand pressed to my pussy and the other to my breast, as visions of a naked couple intertwining flashed into my head, me and Johnny, and another vision of a figure crouched behind a tree watching us, getting turned on, rubbing themselves … and suddenly that time with Johnny became even hotter in my mind – and in my body, and I moaned as an unexpected orgasm ripped through me, leaving me breathless and shuddering.

By the time I’d recovered the figure was gone .. or maybe it had never been there?, perhaps my imagination was more overheated than I thought! I staggered off down the path, breaking into a light jog as I turned suddenly into the trees and raced off at a tangent, one of the many short cuts home to Nanna and Grandad’s that I’d discovered over the years. Most of the actual paths twisted and turned so much that you walked twice the distance and took twice as long if you stayed with them, even though they were by far the easiest means of moving through the woods. It was barely 15 minutes later that I sighted the house and hurried towards it, noticing immediately that both our car and Grandad’s were missing from the driveway.

I dashed inside, calling out, but was met by a total silence. On the kitchen table, however, was a brief note in mom’s scrawl saying that they and Nanna had driven into town and wouldn’t be back until very late, and Grandad had gone out somewhere but would see to the tea when he came back. I was actually pleased that there was no one around, as when I looked down at my clothes they were quite dirty .. and had some inexplicable stains in critical areas! I quickly divested myself of them and stuffed them in the washer, before dashing into the bathroom for a luxurious shower. The feel of the lukewarm water cascading down over my breasts reminded me of the pool in the clearing again … and Johnny …and …well, in no time my fingers were busy in my pussy bringing myself to yet another satisfying orgasm!

I was rubbing myself dry with a towel when I heard the sound of the car, and guessed that it was Grandad returning, I wrapped the towel around me and opened the bathroom door, intending to rush out and greet him, but I froze, staring. Grandad had just come in the front door and was looking around almost furtively, I inched back just a little so I was completely in shadow .. I’m not even sure why …then it registered! Grandad was wearing a bright orange shirt! And around his neck hung a very professional camera! …No!! it couldn’t be! … It wasn’t!!

Having satisfied himself that he was alone, he opened the door under the stairs and disappeared inside. I stayed frozen for a moment longer, my brain in a whirl. telling myself that lots of people were probably wearing orange today, and even if it was him, he probably didn’t have his camera with him at the time, he wouldn’t have! he couldn’t have! but there was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that was saying to me “Yes! He did!” Finally, I moved slowly forward and eased open the door he’d disappeared through, and was surprised to see steps going downwards … wow! … they had a basement, and I’d never known! I crept down a few steps, enough to see another door, partially closed, with light streaming from it, and I could hear Grandad humming to himself. I groaned as I saw the little light above the door and the small sign …I’d seen that set up enough times at school! it was a dark room for developing photographs!

I stumbled back up the stairs and quietly closed the door, not wishing to get caught, and dashed to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed, burying my face in my arms, feeling embarrassment rushing through canlı bahis me, god right this minute he might be developing a picture of me! Then I sat up straight … wait a minute …it didn’t have to be that ..of course! .. grandad had always made extra money supplying bird and animal pictures to nature magazines! .. it was my own guilt that was building this thing up out of all proportion, he’d probably been out on the water taking pictures, or over on the peak .. or …oh damn…or in the woods …I shivered again.

I dressed quickly and slipped out to the kitchen and opened the fridge for a cool drink, “Oh thanks, I’ll have one too” said Grandad, walking in from the lounge and causing me to leap two feet in the air, “Hey, sorry to scare you, I thought you’d seen the note and would know I was around”

“I …I didn’t see you when I came back from my walk” I stammered.

He smiled, “Oh, I had an errand to run so I only just got back, but don’t worry, tea will be ready soon” he said.

Tea was the last thing on my mind as I stared at him from below my lowered eyelids, trying to see if he was mocking me, or looking at me differently, but his smile seemed just the same as usual … in so far as it had always been a little impish! I did think I saw his eyes quickly dip to my breasts , and I realized that I still hadn’t put on a bra, but when I lifted my head and handed him his drink he was looking me straight in the eyes, “Cheers” he said, lifting his glass and gulping some down, “Mmmm, I needed that, it’s quite hot out there today, did you have a good walk? where did you go to this time, down to that lovely little bay you love so much?”

“N..No, Grandad, I went for a walk in the woods” I stammered again.

“Mmm, it’s lovely in there at this time of year, so cool, and the streams and ponds attract the wildlife like crazy” he said, and his grin seemed to widen a little.

Wildlife? .. oh god I hope he wasn’t referring to me, even though I’d probably been the wildest thing in the woods today.

“I really must go and take some pictures in there one of these days” he said, then laughed lightly and turned away, “Well, I’d better get this tea fixed up or you’ll starve and fade away to nothing, and we can’t have that happening to such a beautiful young lady, can we”

I gulped, ‘beautiful young lady’? was that a reference to? …oh no, it was just a comment, I’m sure he’s made it lots of times before, I just wasn’t as sensitive to it then .. just the same I found myself subconsciously preening, straightening my shoulders and thrusting my breasts forwards, before I caught myself and pulled back … but not before I saw the quirky smile come to Grandad’s face that told me he’d seen my little demonstration .. I groaned inwardly and fled into the lounge.

Tea was a quiet affair, although Grandad did manage a couple of jokes than made me laugh .. strange, he’d always had that ability to make me feel good, even when I was very small. I took the opportunity to look at him .. I mean really look at him for the first time .. seeing him as a man instead of a Grandad. He was quite tall, a little over 6ft, and had wavy silver hair, and I guess he was now somewhere around 56. I knew he did a lot of walking around the property, I’d accompanied him many times when I was a kid, so it wasn’t surprising that he looked lean and fit. I smiled to myself, remembering how often Nanna bragged that he was a catch at college and he was still a catch now, and most of her friends at the club almost drooled when he came into the room. I guess I could understand that, he had a lovely bright smile and always seemed to be warm and generous with everyone. Damn, I suddenly realized I was in danger of getting like Nanna’s friends and drooling a little, so I was a little relieved – and surprised – when Grandad said he was a little tired and intended to take a nap, and was I alright by myself. I told him I was and that I’d fix up the dishes while he was gone , “Thanks beautiful” he said, and walked around and brushed a light kiss over my cheeks, before turning and walking out to the bedrooms.

The pressure of his lips on my cheeks seemed like a brand that wouldn’t go away! I could feel it there all through the washing up! damn, what was happening to me? When the dished were finished and stacked away, I wandered into the lounge, looking around for something to read …then it hit me! ..yes! .. what a perfect time to scout around, to look into the basement and see just what Grandad was up to! I tiptoed down the corridor and listened at his door, hearing just his rhythmic breathing, it wasn’t fully closed, so I gently inched it open and glanced in …and almost woke him with my loud gasp, Grandad was lying completely naked on the bed! I backed out quickly, flushing like mad, but not quite knowing why .. I guess it was because I’d never seen my Grandad naked before, and he looked so …well .. manly … damn it was all Johnny’s fault, letting me see him, letting me touch him, now I was looking at men quite differently ..even Grandad!

I quietly retreated to the lounge, and from there to the door under the stairs which I opened slowly bahis siteleri to make sure it didn’t squeak, then I eased my way down the dark steps and felt for the door, pulling it open and stepping inside, searching around for a light switch. I found one, but when I flicked it a red light came on ..oh yes, I remember, that was to stop light sensitive film spoiling. In a few moments my eyes had adjusted to the light, and I looked around, seeing a wire across the end of the room with a number of prints pegged to it, obviously drying. There were more prints lying in some trays, and I remembered that they were probably in the fixing stage.

I walked across to the pictures on the wire and lifted one down and looked at it and gasped …it was the most beautiful bird imaginable, caught in the middle of a dive, it’s wings arching back. I took down the next one and saw it was a colour version of the first ..and it was even more spectacular! I started to smile, clearly this was the most recent batch of picture, the one’s Grandad must have been doing earlier. I felt a wave of relief run through me, he really had been photographing wildlife, it couldn’t be him I saw scurrying through the woods.

Then my thoughts froze in my mind as I came to the last one in the line .. and I found myself staring at myself! A totally naked and abandoned looking self with another man with a camera on the left hand side of the picture. I couldn’t believe it! it had been Grandad! This was a picture of Johnny taking a picture of me!! I almost raced over to the trays, groaning as I found each one containing yet another picture of me, some in black and white and some in glorious colour. About the only redeeming feature was that they’d obviously been taken at a distance, so weren’t as detailed as they might have been detailed as Johnny’s were …and I groaned at the realization of the wide open shots I’d let him take.

“I guess I could have moved closer, but then you might have spotted me” said Grandpa, and I whirled around with a loud gasp! Grandpa was leaning against the door jam, a robe belted around him, that same sweet, gentle smile on his face. He pushed himself erect and walked in, over to me and past, to reach into one of the trays and lift out a dripping picture and hold it up to the light, looking at it critically, but clearly enjoying it too. “I think this is probably the best one from the modeling session, although it’s still too far away to really give credit to your natural beauty” he said, “What do you think?”

I found myself almost staggering forward and gazing at the picture in his hand .. and groaned .. god I remembered that one so well!, Johnny had placed me against a tree with my arms up and out, holding on to two branches, my large firm breasts totally uplifted – he’d even come over and sucked on my nipples to make them swell and stiffen more – and my legs were spread-eagled. Even at the distance Grandpa was, you would clearly see my pussy lips peaking through my neatly trimmed hair. “I hope your young man does justice with his picture” murmured Grandpa, staring mesmerized at it, and I saw a slight shudder run through him.

I couldn’t answer, and I guess he knew that, because he then clipped the picture up onto the line with the other’s to let it dry. His back was to me, perhaps because he didn’t want to look at me when he spoke, “The other pictures, the non modeling ones are in the drawer” he said, gesturing to a cabinet across the room.

“Non modeling?” I murmured, then cried out in alarm, “Oh you didn’t! tell me you didn’t Grandpa, oh …how could you?” and I buried my face in my hands, feeling it flaming so hard it was a wonder it didn’t light up the whole room. I may even have sobbed a little, I’m not even sure now, because his next words cut through me like a knife.

“I thought it best to put them under lock and key, I mean we wouldn’t want your mom and dad to see them would we?” he said, quietly. “They’re at a distance like the other ones, but there’s no doubt as to identities” he added.

A cold feeling settled in the pit of my stomach, “But Grandpa …you wouldn’t?” I moaned.

“Of course not” he whispered, “It would be a shame to spoil something so beautiful .. and it was beautiful seeing you like that …seeing …well .. a slight sigh came from him … I knew I shouldn’t be there, I shouldn’t be watching and I shouldn’t be taking pictures … but… Oh god it excited me so much!”

This time my gasp was so loud I heard it echo right up the stairs and out into the house .. my Grandad had just admitted that he’d been excited seeing me, watching me … and a new feeling started to creep into my body, a feeling of excitement that over rode the shock. I remembered how excited I’d got seeing Jennifer with the wet T shirt plastered over her breasts as she posed for Johnny, I imagined how I would have felt if I’d watched what Grandad watched ..and I couldn’t feel angry with him any more … instead, I started to sense his excitement, to imagine it, to feel it, and the moan I gave this time had a whole new sound to it .. one that Grandad sensed immediately .. and he finally turned around to bahis şirketleri face me.

I stared deep into his eyes, seeing the passion and the desire there for the first time, I licked my lips, “And how can I make sure mom and dad don’t see those pictures?, or anyone else either?” I asked softly.

I saw his body flinch, and his tongue came out and swiped over his lips, I saw a thin film of sweat appear on his forehead, “The pictures aren’t that good” he whispered, “Too far away, and not up to the standard I always set myself in my photography. If I tried to blow them up to get a better look at you they would come out all fuzzy”

I gulped, my mind racing a mile a minute, “And do you want to get a better look at me, Grandad?” I asked quietly.

He had the grace to flush, and deeply, his eyes dropping from mine momentarily, then he straightened up and squared his shoulders, “Yes” he whispered, “As good a look as your friend got today”

I felt a heat race through me like a wild fire, zooming to every part of my body, “You want to photograph me naked, up close? Is that it, Grandad?” I whispered.

He nodded, swallowed, “Yes” he finally whispered.

I stared even more deeply into his eyes, “And is that all, Grandad?”

This time he couldn’t answer, he just shook his head, eyes downcast.

“You mean?” I whispered almost disbelievingly … and this time his head just moved a fraction in a small nod. Well if I was on fire before, now my body was a raging inferno! He didn’t need to put it into words, my 56 year Grandad WANTED me!! I remained silent for quite some time, and I could see him shuffle from foot to foot, still unable to look at me, “I understand” I finally whispered, and I saw his head jerk up. “Were you thinking of photographing the seals in the small bay tomorrow, Grandad? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them, perhaps I could be your assistant for the day, help you set up and carry your gear and such, I’m sure mom and dad wouldn‘t mind …nor Nanna”

My emphasis on the last word jerked his eyes up to mine, and I smiled at him, letting him know silently that two could play the blackmail game. Then a slow grin came to his face, “Yes, I was thinking of taking in the bay tomorrow, I’ve heard there’s some very special visitors this time of year, creatures that left last year still growing up, and have returned this year as fully fledged adults” he said.

I allowed a similar warm smile to flow over my face, “Does that mean they might be looking for mates, Grandad?” I asked.

His eyes twinkled, “Oh yes, I’m sure they will, we’ll probably get to witness …and photograph .. their most intimate moments together, if they let us” he said.

I grinned at his final words and turned to walk out of the room, stopping at the doorway and looking back, “Oh I’m sure they’ll let you, Grandad, you’re such a persuasive man” I said, “And from what I’ve heard, those wild creatures do have a courting ritual that is quite mouthwatering …to other wild creatures, of course!”

His light laughter followed me all the way up the stairs, but I was laughing too, tomorrow promised to be even better than today … a 56 year old man …wow…and my Grandad! My nipples were threatening to explode at the thought! I wondered what his cock would look like aroused, I mused, He hadn’t been aroused when he was lying on the bed, but .. Mmm . he did have a nice body. I could hardly wait.

I wandered off to my bedroom and lay down to relax and await the return of Mom, Dad and Nanna. It was so peaceful, and with my window open I clearly heard the sound of the car as it started down the winding road to the house. Grandad heard it too and popped his head into my room to warn me that they were coming, I thanked him, then with an impish smile I reached down and took the hem of my skirt and started to lift it upwards. I saw his eyes dart down to my hands, and perhaps it was the lust I saw in them that made me go just a little further than I’d intended …far enough for him to get a clear look at my naked pussy! And he gasped. “You’d better put something on before they get here” he finally croaked.

“Mmmm, perhaps I’ll leave them off for dinner, after all, only you will know” I whispered.

“You wouldn’t dare!” he croaked again, and knew immediately from my widening smile that he’d said the wrong thing! He quickly turned and dashed out, and it was my turn to let out that light laugh.

Mom , Dad and Nanna were in a fantastic mood, having thoroughly enjoyed their time in town, so it was a happy and relaxed dinner … all except for Grandad … grin … I kept on finding opportunities to flash just a little bit of flesh at him when the others weren’t looking, and I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was having a difficult time concentrating on what was being said. But he certainly concentrated when Dad turned to him and asked if he’d mind keeping an eye on me the next day. They’d apparently seen a trip on a Catamaran advertised , going up to the waterfall at the head of the lake and had booked on it. Grandad did a masterly acting job of pretending to be offended that we hadn’t been booked too, but when Dad, flushed and said he could still ring them up and book , Grandad quickly said that it was ok, he’d planned to go the bay anyway to photograph some wildlife and had invited me to help him.

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