Summer ’96: Better When You’re Not Alone

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NOTE: This is the final chapter of my “Summer ’96” five part series. In part one, Adam and Sammi had a chance encounter during a hike in the woods which leads to sex in a canefield. In part two, the couple had sex during a study session at the library, including their first anal experience together. In part three, they attend a rock concert and make a new friend. In part four, the couple travel to the town where Adam will attend college and have a picnic at a waterfall on the way. Once in town, Adam has a surprise for Sammi, and then they have an eventful drive home.

NOTE: I’d very much appreciate any comments or private messages with thoughts from those that have read the entire series. I really enjoyed writing this.


Better When You’re Not Alone

“This life aches and this life moans. This life is great. And it’s better when you’re not alone…not alone.”

The summer of ’96 was drawing to a close. The day before Sammi and I were to part for two months, I went over to her grandmother’s house to help her pack. Sammi was a bit of a procrastinator, and while I had packed the few furnishings I had for our apartment and my belongings for college days ago, Sammi still hadn’t even begun getting together the stuff she had brought for her summer visit.

There weren’t any cars in the driveway, so I knocked on the door. Assuming her grandmother was out, I tried the knob, and since it wasn’t locked, I let myself in, seeing as Sammi was expecting me.

I made my way through the hallway and the den to the back bedroom Sammi had been staying in. The door was shut, but I heard The Cocteau Twins’s Milk and Kisses coming from the room.

I knocked and called, “Sammi, you in there?”

“Come on in, Adam,” Sammi answered.

I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. Sammi lay naked on her bed. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread open towards the door, so her glistening cunt was the first thing my eyes were drawn to. With her fingertips, Sammi was rubbing her mons, right above her clit, leaving her pussy on full display to anyone who came through the door. Her lips were open with her arousal, and her groin was already shiny with her juices.

Seeing my girlfriend splayed naked and masturbating on her bed was surprising enough, but what made the image more shocking was the tip of a thin red vibrator protruding from her anus.

“Fuck, Sammi. Every time I think you’ve presented the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, you manage to top yourself.”

“I wanted you to have a clear image to stroke to while I was away,” Sammi declared. “Now get over here and turn on this vibrator. I’m aching, and it’s time for you to watch me cum.”

I moved towards her. The bed was a twin and Sammi was positioned so that her head and shoulders were resting on a pillow, propped in the corner between the wall and the headboard. This put her body diagonal on the bed with her left foot on the edge. As I stepped close to the bed, I ran my hand lightly up the outside of her left leg.

“Oh god. Just your touch is giving me shivers,” Sammi whispered. Bending slightly over the bed, I reached and twisted the knob at the end of the vibrator. It hummed softly.

“Ugghhh. That’s nice. Turn it higher.” I did as ordered and the hum increased.

“Get down and take a closer look,” Sammi instructed. I knelt next to the bed, my body positioned between her spread legs and my face aimed at her crotch.

Sammi’s tongue slid across her upper lip seductively. “Waiting on you has gotten me so wet. Do you smell my sex?”

“You smell of musk and sweat,” I replied. “You smell distinctly Sammi, my favorite perfume, even better than the one from my algebra memory.”

“The vibrator is making me actually leak. Can you see the drops of my juice?” Sammi’s secretion was so abundant it was dripping from her pussy over the vibrator and making a damp spot on the bedspread.

“I want you to watch me. I want you to memorize my pussy.”

Sammi gently skimmed her fingertips over her labia. She placed her fingers on both lips and lightly brushed her middle finger through her opening, upwards and over her clit. She barely grazed it and lowly moaned. “Mmmmm.” Just from the minimal touch, her finger was already slick.

Sammi moved her hand from her crotch. A thin liquid string stretched from her pussy to her fingertip, like the silk trailing a spider. Sammi slid the finger into my mouth, and I sucked the pungent ambrosia, replacing the wetness on her digit with my saliva.

“Take off your clothes,” Sammi ordered. “I want to see your skin.”

I stood and stripped, dropping my clothes in a heap on the floor, and I knelt back to my spot between Sammi’s legs. She used her first and third fingers to again part her labia and circled her middle finger around the opening to her vagina. Then Sammi dipped her finger into her hole in a quick, shallow stab once, then twice. On the third plunge, she submerged her finger to the knuckle and rotated it. While circling, Sammi pushed her bostancı escort bayan finger against the walls of her vaginal opening, stretching the gap wider, so instead of just her moist, pink flesh, I could see the darkness of Sammi’s tunnel.

“Watching you has gotten me rock hard,” I said, absent-mindedly stroking my cock.

With her finger continuing to explore her hole, Sammi rubbed her labia with her left hand and then lightly grazed against her clit. She pushed down harder, then withdrew, and then slapped her clit again. And again. And again. While tapping her button, Sammi moved her right hand over her groin and lightly traced her fingertips over her inner thigh. Next she slid her left hand down, covering her pussy, and rubbed hard, mashing against her twat.

“Turn the CD up,” Sammi said. The humming of the vibrator had muted the clarity of the music, so I reached over to the boombox on Sammi’s nightstand and turned the volume up. “Tishbite” faded out into “Half-Gifts,” and Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal soprano floated above the keyboards. “Intimacy is when we’re in the same place at the same time, dealing honestly with how we feel and who we really are.”

Sammi moved her fingers up and rubbed her clit through the folds of her labia. I reached forward and turned the vibrator all the way up.

“Yes, yes!” Sammi exclaimed. “Fuck my ass with it. I’m close.”

I pulled the vibrator out, the head merely grazing Sammi’s anus. I could feel the vibrations running up my arm, and Sammi’s sphincter twitched from the anal stimulation. I drove the toy forward in one quick thrust, once again burying the vibrator to its hilt in Sammi’s ass. “Oh god, yes!” I began fucking Sammi with it, pulling the vibrator out and pushing it in at a moderate pace, making sure Sammi felt it exit and enter her anus but also not wanting to give her ass the vigorous fucking I planned just yet.

Still rubbing hard, Sammi pushed her fingers through her labia. Sammi’s lips parted for her hand, and all four fingers disappeared from my view, making a wet, almost squishy, sound with their burial. Sammi dug hard, first up to her knuckles and then interred all the way to where the thumb met her hand. From my vantage point, all I could see of Sammi’s hand was her wrist, her thumb, and the bottom of the dorsal side connected to the thumb. Sammi pressed strongly upwards and cried out, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I pushed the vibrator into her asshole, leaving only an inch or so visible where I held onto it. I let Sammi’s orgasm complete and then I pulled the vibrator out of her, grabbed the tops of her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I lined my cockhead with Sammi’s anus, thrust forward, and began fucking Sammi’s ass. Sammi’s hand was still buried in her cunt, and she pushed against the back of her vagina.

“I can feel your fingers against my prick as I’m plowing your shithole,” I said.

“Do you like when I do this?” Sammi asked, spreading her fingers and rubbing them independently on the back of her tunnel, massaging my shaft.

“Fuck yes,” I said. “It feels like you’re stroking my cock from inside your ass.”

I put my hands under Sammi’s buttocks and picked her up, tilting her body so that her ass was in the air and her shoulders rested on the bed, and I leaned forward on Sammi’s legs, the weight of my body pressing her head and shoulders down. I moved my hands up to the back of Sammi’s knees, keeping her crotch pointed upwards and holding her in place, so I could slam my prick full force into Sammi’s ass. At this angle, I was able to bury my full length in Sammi with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, yeah. My big ass was made for your cock.”

I pulled out and plunged forward, pulled out and plunged forward. Sammi wailed, “That’s it. Hammer… fucking pound it, pound me. Already… cummingagain… cumming. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yyeeeeesssssss!”

I kept goring Sammi through her orgasm, and when finished cumming, she withdrew her hand from her cunt. I dislodged my cock from her ass and let her legs slide down my body until they rested on the edge of the bed.

“That was awesome,” Sammi said. “I love to masturbate and loved you watching me, but I cum so much harder, so much better when it’s not alone.” I leaned my hands on the bed, Sammi splayed out in front of me. She ran her foot across my cock. “I love your prick.”

Sammi inched herself back to the spot she was sitting when I came in the room, leaned against the pillow in the corner. “It’s wet over here,” Sammi laughed.

Sammi said, “Those two orgasms wore me out. Let me see you touch yourself while I get a second wind.”

I sat on the edge of a lounge chair which was next to the bedroom door and facing the bed. My cock was still rigid, so when I leaned back in the chair, my prick pointed straight up. I ran my fingers up the underside and rubbed up from my circumcision scar over my head. I smeared my precum around my tip and my fingers stroked ümraniye escort my cockhead, all five digits spreading like octopus tentacles on the sensitive end.

“You’re nice and hard,” Sammi said. “Are you stroking your cock to me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered. “I liked watching you finger yourself. When you were sliding your hand inside, all I could think of was how good my cock feels in your pussy. Warm, wet, tight and soft.”

I slid my fingers down my shaft and wrapped them around my rigid member. I grasped it lightly and began jerking off slowly.

“Fuck, that’s really hot,” Sammi said. Her hand had drifted back to her cunt and she lightly rubbed her fingers through her pubic hair.

“Touch yourself again for me,” I said. “Touch your pussy while I stroke my cock. I want to watch.”

I moved my hand faster. With every few upward strokes, I would let my hand drift up to the cockhead and rub around the end.

“Mmmm. Watching you jack your cock is making my pussy so wet. Soon you’re going to shove that hard dick in my cunt and it’s going to feel so good. Keep stroking that dick for me. Stroke it harder.”

I gripped my prick harder and started pumping quicker. I squeezed tight and pushed my fist down where my cock met my pelvis, cutting the circulation so my penis extending from my hand turned darker red. My cockhead pulsed, throbbing with the pent up blood and cum.

“Goddamn, it’s like a throbbing red snake,” Sammi said, her middle two fingers now rubbing between her pussy lips, stroking her hole and her clit. “I don’t think I can wait much longer for that to slither in me.”

I started to slowly fuck my hand again. Sammi was staring intently at my hand and my prick.

“You look like you could use a little bit of help,” Sammi said. “I wouldn’t mind helping you get off. You want to come over here and stroke that in my twat?”

I stood up and moved towards the bed, continuing to pump my fist. I climbed on the mattress and crawled towards Sammi’s naked body. Sammi removed her hand from her pussy and reached towards me, beckoning me to fuck her. I leaned my body into Sammi’s, and she wrapped her arm around my shoulder. Our mouths locked on each other and I slid inside her pussy; the initial warmth and tightness never failing to take my breath away. I began to thrust.

“Is that better?” Sammi said.

“The best.” The weight of my body pressed Sammi into the corner. While the resistance the wall provided to my advances was enjoyable, I didn’t want to crush Sammi. I grabbed her legs, and on my knees, I slid myself backwards. I drug Sammi towards me, and then I stepped back off the edge of the bed, turned Sammi over onto her stomach, and said, “Let me get a good picture of that ass one more time.”

Sammi moved up onto her knees and elbows, thrusting her ass towards me. Sammi’s asshole and spread cunt were wet from her juices. I rubbed both hands over each of Sammi’s cheeks, and then with my right hand, I slapped Sammi’s ass. I repeated with my left and began alternating hands, spanking her.

“Fuck yes!” Sammi yelled. “Spank me as hard as you can.”

I whacked my palms down hard, spanking Sammi harder than I ever had before. Her cheeks were already turning red, and the right buttock showed a crimson imprint of my fingers near her hip. With no one home, Sammi just screamed.

I smacked my hands down together and grabbed both asscheeks, squeezing them, almost to the point of mauling. Parting her cheeks so her asshole was spread, I buried my face in her crack, sticking my tongue up her ass. I slithered it inside her hole and began tonguing and licking her anus.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” Sammi moaned.

I pulled my head back, spit on Sammi’s gaping anus, and drove my first two fingers into the hole. I plunged them roughly and deeply into Sammi’s asshole while my other bent fingers rammed against her cunt lips. “I love it rough,” Sammi whimpered as I fingerbanged her ass.

Withdrawing my hand, I again bent my face to Sammi’s butt and rimmed her, worshipping her ass. I tasted the saltiness of my pre-cum still lingering from fucking her minutes ago.

“I can’t take any more,” Sammi said. “My cunt needs to be filled.”

I took one last lick, then stood straight and drug Sammi back a bit so her knees were on the edge of the bed, her legs spread, and her ankles resting against my outer thighs.

“Look at me,” I ordered.

Sammi turned her head to the side and looked back at me standing behind her. I bent over her body and held my weight with my left arm on the bed. With my head positioned above Sammi’s, I grabbed her face with my right hand, hooked my index finger in her mouth, and forced her mouth open. I let the drool of spit and cum from Sammi’s ass dribble from my mouth into hers. Sammi slurped it up and mashed her mouth against mine. We kissed wetly, our mouths moving in a mess of lips, tongues, and spit.

Breaking apart, Sammi said, “I fucking love it fucking rough and fucking nasty. No more waiting. escort kartal My kitty’s fucking purring. It’s time to pet it with your dick,” Sammi paused. “And then fucking beat my pussy up.”

“I’m going to beat your pussy so hard I’ll leave you sore for the two months we’re apart,” I said, standing back up behind Sammi.

“Please try,” Sammi said, and before she was finished uttering ‘try,’ I had plunged my cock back in her cunt. “Uuugggghhhh,” she moaned.

“Yeah that’s fucking good,” I said. “Your twat is a perfect fit for my cock. It feels like your walls are sucking me inside you.”

I held onto Sammi’s hips and fucked her, drawing all the way out before plunging forward and then repeating. In and out, in and out. My grunts from the effort of my thrusting mixed with Sammi’s inarticulate mewls each time I bottomed out. “Ugghhh.” “Meewwww.” “Huuuhh.” “Muuhh.” “Uunnngghh.” “Aaeeeyyy.”

I pushed down on Sammi’s back, pressing her flat while staying inside. Then I took a small step back and drove forward hard, the new angle making it seem like I was reaching her stomach. Lying horizontal on the bed, Sammi reached behind, grabbed onto my ass, and pulled me tight against her so my cock was entombed in her depths. I collapsed on top of her prone body and began to buck back and forth.

“I need your tight hole,” I said. “My cock is hungry for your cunt.”

Sammi returned, “It’s so awesome with you on top of me. You’re crushing me so good. Use me like a hole for your fucks.”

Sammi’s babbling spurred me to throw my hips into her as hard as possible, to beat her pussy up as she had earlier pleaded.

“Yeah, right there, right there. Uhhh, fuck. Huh, huh, huh, huhmmmm.”

Sammi grabbed onto the bedspread, her knuckles white from her grip, and she bit down on the blanket. “Mmmffff!” Sammi uttered a muffled wail.

The sight of the bedspread in Sammi’s mouth, her teeth clenched, her eyes closed, and tiny droplets of sweat on her brow pushed me over the edge. I breathed in and spat out, “I’mgoingtocum.”

Sammi dropped the blanket from her mouth and looked back at me. “Fill my box with your cum. Make me cum, make me cum…” And we both came.

I grabbed the back of Sammi’s hair. She had just enough length for me to get a good grip, and I pulled hard, forcing her head back. “YYEEESSSSSSS!” she screamed. I locked my lips on Sammi’s neck and sucked hard, my mouth suctioning to her skin. I bit down, forcefully but not enough to break the skin. Sammi reached behind her and grabbed the back of my head. I gnawed and licked as Sammi pulled me tight into her neck.

My cock pumped in Sammi’s twat. In her neck, the blood in her artery beat against my tongue. We throbbed in sync; our bodies, from Sammi’s head down to my groin, pulsed as one.

When my balls finished emptying the last of their seed into Sammi’s pussy, I pushed up on my elbows. Sammi wrapped her legs around mine, entwining our calves.

“I don’t want to part from you,” she said. “Not now or ever.” I kissed the back of her neck and the top of her spine.

“It won’t be for long,” I said. “And I’ll come visit you soon.”

“You better. That was good, but it wasn’t enough to hold me for two months.”

“To tell the truth, if my balls don’t get a break soon, they’re going to be firing dust,” I joked.

Sammi rolled to her side, which sent me to my side, and I rolled over onto my back. My arm was still under Sammi’s body, and I pulled her into me. We lay spent, Sammi draped across my chest. The sound in the room was a mixture of The Cocteau Twins’ “Seekers Who Are Lovers” and our heavy breathing. “Brush by gracefully. A love as big as a risk fills you up and you can’t look on.” I stroked Sammi’s hair. “Clothed in saliva…healing through your arm. I can’t stop hungering for otherness.”

“I love this song,” Sammi said.

“I know,” I replied. “I think I could drift off at any moment.”

“Before we fall asleep, we should get dressed,” Sammi said. “If my grandmother comes home and finds us like this, neither of us are going to live long enough to move into our apartment.”

Sammi sat on the edge of the bed. I tried to memorize her naked body, to make sure that whenever I closed my eyes it could still be now. Sammi stood and bent to the floor to pick up my clothes. When she bent over, her ass spread and presented me with a view of her holes. My cum was smeared across her vulva and a thin trail rested on her inner thigh. My cock twitched, but as much as my prick might want to go again, my body was tired. Still, it was a beautiful sight.

Sammi threw my clothes to me, and I got dressed while she did the same. Sammi pulled the bedspread off the bed and threw it on the floor. “I’ll give that a wash later. No need for Grandma to see all the wet spots,” Sammi said and laughed.

We laid back down on the bed. I had my head on the pillow in the corner where not long ago Sammi sat, masturbating for me. Sammi nestled into me and we closed our eyes. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about the serendipity that brought us together just a short time ago. Like Sammi’s tree that had changed from her childhood to the summer of 1996, what started as a chance encounter three months ago had grown into brand new lives for both Sammi and me.

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