Studying Insects Leads to Some Fun Pt. 02

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Anna Bell

After he left her apartment, Nick stroked himself to all of the images he captured in his mind about finally fucking Kenni. He couldn’t get the image of her clutching him as she came, and even more so when he came, out of his head. They were practically glued to each other, locked in place, as he shot load after load into her convulsing pussy, their mouths not separating, their hands all over each other. He couldn’t forget how arousing their moaning was from start to finish, her cooing in his ear, the sounds that escaped him as he slid into her for the first time, and as she moved against him, and again as she pushed him deeper and tighter into her.

The next class was unbearable. Kenni and Nick shared a secretive smile and sat next to each other. They kept catching the other glancing over, and both blushed and looked away. During partner work, they sat close together, her bare legs and thighs only a few millimeters away from his own legs. Her hand lightly on his knee under the lab bench, slowly moving up. He’d purposely reach over her so that his chest lightly grazed her breasts, he stood close behind her while doing lab work, her ass bobbing near his rapidly hardening cock, bumping it a few times, the hair on the back of her neck raising. He longed to rip all of her clothes off and sink into her on the lab bench, and the look on her face when his chest brushed hers seemed to say she was thinking that, too.

The end of class couldn’t come soon enough. Neither of them had to say anything, they quickly packed up and walked together in silence bostancı escort bayan to his car, smiling.

When they were in the car, Kenni reached over and slipped her hand down his shorts and started rubbing him. Driving to her apartment couldn’t come fast enough. He was rock hard even before they entered the building. It took all his strength not to ravish her in the elevator. Instead he pulled her to him and kissed her, hard, his hands caressing her ass as she threw her arms around his shoulders.

They reached her floor and continued kissing while they somehow managed to get to her door, and stumbled through it. As they reached her room, he locked it and leapt to her on the bed, pinning her down, his hands under her clothes, groping and rubbing himself against her.

She quickly unbuttoned her shorts and it off and her underwear, a sexy white number, and pulled down Nick’s shorts. They both slid off their remaining clothes and she pushed him back on the bed.

She placed her legs over his face and leaned down. She took his thick cock in her mouth, and started sucking him, with slow, deep strokes. She widened her legs and he brought her down to his face, his tongue melting into her sweet stickiness. She stopped momentarily, moaning, as his tongue lapped from her clit into her vagina, filling her a little and then stimulating her, she started moving her hips as did he, into her own mouth. He moaned into her pussy as she continued wetly licking him.They were both getting close.

He didn’t want to ümraniye escort come in her mouth, but wanted to plant himself in her sexy hot pussy again. He took his dick out of her mouth and flipped her over, so that she was straddling his hips. Her ass was sitting against his stiff pole and she bent down to kiss him, tasting herself on him. She raised herself and pinned his dick between them and started rubbing.

He couldn’t help himself, he let out a lusty moan as the folds of her soft, hot, sticky pussy caught the head of his dick and glided over his length, clinging to him. He raised himself as she rubbed, making maximal contact to her pussy. She bent to his face, they wildly pressed their mouths together, their tongues intertwined. His hands were all over her waist and ass.

They were both breathing hard, she moaned loudly as he started humping upwards and meeting her strokes, her clit rubbing hard against the length of his sliding dick. They were both getting wet.

As he slid, he raised again, this time, the head of his cock meeting the entrance of her pussy. She laid her head on his shoulder, burying her face in his neck as he caressed her back and ass.

He pushed up into her and they moaned together as she sank onto him. His hands cupped her ass and guided her movements as he slid into and out of her wet, gripping hole. She turned her face towards him and they kissed, as they rocked together. She raised herself more and positioned her puffy pink nipples in his face and his hands grazed up to cup them. He started escort kartal kissing and sucking on them as she started to ride him, her arms supporting her on the bed frame.

She moved slowly and deeply with him, the entire length of his dick pushing up into her as she ground down on him and lifted slightly. Her clit was making contact with his body and they continued to stroke slow and hard into each other, never breaking eye contact, moaning and breathing hard.

She ground herself down on him before quickening her pace, now lightly picking herself up and dropping on his throbbing, stiff, swollen cock. She was soaking wet and sticky, and he was starting to ooze precum, making the whole affair a slippery mess. The sound of the suction of her hold on his rod was arousing them both, the site of her bouncing tits and hard nipples. Her flat stomach, her perfect, firm thighs spread around him, he got even more horny. He reached out to squeeze her breasts and moved with her, pushing himself up as deep as he could.

Their movements together grew frantic, she reached between her legs to rub her clit, grinding on his throbbing cock. Nick moaned aloud as they stared into each others eyes, Kenni breathing hard as she moved on him, rubbing herself, his hands on her hips and thighs, pushing his pelvis up and down as she met him with her own movements, his dick sliding in as deep as possible before pulling out a little.

He felt her tightening and pulled her down to his face as his own dick started tingling in the most pleasurable way. Their lips locked, moaning into each other’s mouths as her pussy convulsed on him, squeezing and contracting, he pushed up one final time and pulled her down on him as he shot his cum into her, they moved slowly together each time he came, moaning and kissing and caressing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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