Stripping Stephanie Pt. 01

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen.


Stephanie and I had been friends and professional colleagues for several years. We worked just a few miles apart from each other so we often spent time together outside of our jobs as well.

Stephanie and I also loved to flirt with each other. There was a friendly sexual tension between us that was always a fun part of our close friendship. We’d play hand games, give massages, tickle each other, pinch each other’s rear, or generally just touch each other whenever we got the chance. It was all fun and friendly but the undercurrent of lust was almost like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

Steph also loved to swim. She was always around a pool in the summer and went to the beach often. Of course, she looked fantastic in a bikini, with her small perky breasts and her tight ass. Steph also had the most gorgeous blue eyes and lovely light brown hair that went several inches below her shoulders.

There was an annual convention that we both attended regularly. Usually after the clinics everyone else left the hotel to go out drinking. Steph and I were never really interested so we often stayed at the hotel.

On the first night of the weekend event, I was unpacking in my room when I got a text on my phone from Steph.

“I’m heading to the pool. Want to join me?”

I texted back. “Ok, I’ll be there as soon as I unpack.”

As I began to get settled into the room another text came from Steph.

“You’d better hurry…I’m wearing my new bikini…”

Screw unpacking. I grabbed a towel and quickly put on my swimming trunks. Thankfully, I was on the ground floor so I got to the pool fast. When I arrived at the pool gate I noticed from the posted hours that the pool was already closed, and yet I heard a little bit of splashing. It was an outdoor pool surrounded by a fence and pretty far from the lobby so the area was deserted that late at night.

The gate was unlocked though so I pushed it open and walked into the pool area. I saw Stephanie in the shallow end with water just above her knees.

“Hi there,” Steph smiled. She turned to the side and modeled her new bikini. “What do you think?”

Steph was wearing a black two-piece bikini with hot pink trim. Her breasts were cupped snugly into the tiny strapless bikini top which hooked in the back. The curves of her tight TIGHT ass were outlined perfectly by the small bikini bottoms that were connected at her hips by a small metal ring on each side. She looked amazing.

“Wow Steph,” I replied, “that is really hot on you.”

“Thanks,” Steph smiled knowing that she had made my brain sweat. “Come on in.”

“How did you get in?” I asked. “Its after hours.”

Steph put her hands on her hips and smiled. “Its amazing what a hotel clerk will do for you for twenty dollars. We’ve got the pool all to ourselves.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said jumping into the water.

We frolicked in the pool for a little while together splashing each other, play wrestling, tickling, basically using any excuse to touch each other, when I worked my way behind her and held her wrists. Steph struggled playfully to get loose but I held her firmly. Finally she gave up and stood passively, her blue eyes locking on mine as she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

I stood escort ataşehir behind her and glided my hands up and down her curves, kissing her cheek and blowing softly in her ear.

“Now now, behave,” Steph teased me. “We are colleagues at a professional conference.”

“File a complaint with Human Resources,” I said caressing her back and hips.

“Are you sexually harassing me?” Steph asked playfully.

“Do you mind that I’m sexually harassing you?” I teased, gently running one hand over her breasts and the other over her tight rear.

Steph smiled, “Honey, you can sexually harass me any time you want.”

Accepting her dare, I glided both hands down to her rear and slid them into the waistband of her swimsuit, gripping her bare ass. Stephanie arched her back and looked over her shoulder at me as I grabbed her rear firmly.

“You’ve got an incredible ass, Steph,” I complimented her.

Stephanie smiled teasingly at me. “Would you like to spank it?”

Her response took me by surprise. “Really?” I took my arms away as she turned around to face me.

Stephanie’s eyes locked on mine as she took my hands and slid them back down her curves into her swimsuit. I gripped her tight little ass again as she leaned in close and began kissing me lightly over and over. “Do me,” she said softly between kisses. “Do anything you want to me.”

With that Stephanie took a step back and turned around, resting her hands on her hips. Then flashing a look over her shoulder at me, Steph pushed the waistband of her bikini down over the curves of her perfect ass, her blue eyes daring me to go for it.

We locked eyes on each other as I moved to stand behind her, placing my hands on her bare shoulders and gently caressing down her arms.

“Well?” Steph blinked as she spoke softly. “Are you just a big flirt, or are you finally going to get some?”

I reached down the front of her bikini bottoms to touch her bare pussy, causing Steph to jump slightly in reflex.

“What exactly will you let me do to you?” I asked gently rubbing her pussy in small circular motions.

“Be as creative as you like,” Steph sighed as I moved my hands to cup her breasts through her top. “One rule though,” Steph said in her stern voice. “Nothing goes up my ass. I know you want it but I’ve never done that before and I’m not starting tonight.”

“Okay, that’s fair,” I agreed moving Steph over to the area of the pool where the lane markers were.

“You promise?” Steph asked sternly.

“Yes I promise,” I agreed. “Nothing up your ass…this time.”

I gently took Stephanie’s left wrist and placed it on top of one of the floating lane markers. Using the rope that secured the markers, I tied her wrist snugly to the buoy.

Steph’s breasts rose and fell in anticipation as I took her right wrist and tied it to the buoy on the other side. She shuddered as she felt the knots tighten down on her wrists, securing her into place.

Then, moving my hands to her hips, I gently slid her bikini bottoms off of her, kissing her face lightly over and over.

“This is really turning me on,” Steph sighed, almost whispering to herself as she was stripped of her only protection.

With a parting kiss I quickly reached down below the water, grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up behind her in one quick motion.

Steph yiped at the sudden sensation of falling, but regained her kadıköy escort bayan balance as her bound hands kept her afloat.

Flipping her hair back, Steph looked over her shoulder at me as I took her by the ankles and spread her legs wide.

“What are you doing to me?” she flashed a smile in my direction.

Draping her ankles over each of the corresponding buoys, I began tying her feet down with the rope.

“Making you helpless,” I replied tightening the knots of the rope on her ankles, “and giving myself easy access.”

Steph’s eyes moved down to her pussy, which she realized was now totally exposed. She gave me a slight, almost submissive smile as she fidgeted with the ropes. She knew she was a prisoner now, completely unable to prevent me from doing anything to her I wanted.

“Now,” I said unhooking her bikini top, “let’s release your breasts.”

Steph bit her lip in tension as she felt her top pop off and disappear, her now exposed breasts feeling the cool water caressing them. Immediately my hands were there, cupping her rack.

“Um!” Steph sighed as I rubbed and squeezed her perky little breasts. Her pert nipples begged for my attention as I pinched them.

“Mmm,” Steph closed her eyes, curiously enjoying the sensation of being felt up while tied down and helpless.

“Now, I said taking my hands away, “for your pussy.”

I gave her feet a little tickle which caused her to flinch. Then gliding my hands slowly all the way up her shapely legs, I moved my hand between them to make contact with her pussy.

“Um!” Steph sighed as I opened up her pussy and slid three fingers into her. Steph squirmed from the sudden invasion, wiggling her ass on my probing hand as I gently thrust in and out of her.

“Wiggle that ass, Steph,” I ordered grinding my hand into her most private areas. Then, moving my finger to touch her clitoris, I gently began stroking it over and over.

“Oh!” Steph shuddered as I found just the right place, my finger gliding over her most sensitive spot again and again and again.

“Ohmygod!” Steph threw her head back and gasped, her hips bucking against my hand.

“Oh!!” Her voice trembled. “That’s it right there!! Ohgod!! Don’t stop!!”

Steph cried out for more, her pussy squirming on my hand. Stephanie’s perfect ass looked amazing wiggling from side to side in violent jerks while I pushed ever deeper into her warm moist depths.

“Oh!! That’s it!! Yes there!! There!!” Each wiggle of Stephanie’s ass made her squeal with pleasure as I probed further into her and enjoyed watching the show.

Then suddenly, Steph’s whole body locked in tension, ready to orgasm. I quickly took my hand away, denying her release. Steph whimpered, squirming in her restraints.

“Oh you cruel cruel man,” Stephanie sighed laying her head back as the orgasm that was going to rock her world withered away slowly.

Then, I placed my cock at the entrance to Steph’s pussy, grabbing her tight little ass for support.

“Ready?” I asked, prolonging the wait.

Stephanie gripped the buoys tightly with her bound hands and nodded her head.

Wanting to really tease her, I gently pushed just the head of my cock into her, moving it back and forth in tiny little movements. Her mouth fell open, a faint plea for mercy escaping her lips. Steph squirmed, wiggling her ass as I gave tiny thrusts in and out of her.

“Oh!” escort bostancı Steph gasped. “This is driving me crazy! Push it inside me! Please!”

“Beg for it Steph,” I ordered her.

“Ohgod please please PLEASE push your cock inside my little pussy. I’m so fucking horny. Please fuck me.”

“That’s better,” I squeezed Steph’s ass firmly and began to push into her.

“Ohgod!!” Steph’s entire body locked in tension as my cock slowly entered her pussy. I pushed in all the way, probing deep inside Stephanie’s depths. Her eyes fluttered closed as I filled her completely and came to rest hard inside her.

I paused a moment, letting Stephanie take in the experience. Then grabbing her ass with both hands, I began slowly pumping in and out of Stephanie’s soft pussy, the walls of her love canal spreading willingly as I thrust deep into her.

“OH!” Stephanie laid her head back in tension. “Oh that’s it! Fuck me!”

I began pumping Stephanie faster and faster, her pussy gripping me firmly, pulling me in deeper with each stroke.

“Oh!! Oh!! Um!! Oh!!” Steph rode out each thrust as I glided my cock into her over and over.

“Oh yes, That’s it!” Steph panted. “Do me! Do me good!”

Then, unable to contain myself, I drilled my cock hard into Steph’s pussy and brought my hand down to spank her tight ass.

“OH!!” Steph flung her hair back and glared over her shoulder at me, a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“Harder!” Steph was almost begging.

I pulled my cock out to the edge of her pussy and then slammed it back in deep and hard, at the same time delivering another slap to her ass.

“OH!!” Steph’s eyes shot wide open. Her hands and feet pulling hard on the ropes binding her.

Faster and faster I pumped into Stephanie, her hips bucking against mine.

“OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!! OH!!” Steph panted, her ass squirming on my cock as I spanked her over and over.

Steph threw her head back as I pounded into her.

“OH!! OH!! OH!!” Steph’s whole body shook uncontrollably as she felt herself about to explode in orgasm.

“OH!! OH!! OH!!” Steph’s quivering voice was begging me to violate her.

Then suddenly, it happened. Steph’s entire body froze, bracing itself for an unbelievable climax. Her mouth fell open, unable to scream as her pussy clinched down hard on my cock.

I poured into her, my cock throbbing inside Stephanie as I filled her pussy. Finding her voice, Steph screamed in pure ecstasy as she felt us both orgasm together.

I grabbed Steph’s ass for support as her scream filled the air. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice, pulling everything out of me as she felt the warm sensations overcome her. Finally, when she couldn’t take any more, Steph collapsed in exhaustion, panting heavily. Stephanie’s pussy gently released its grip on me, her body giving little spastic twitches as remnants of pleasure overtook her.

Stephanie gasped as I slowly pulled out of her overly sensitive pussy. She purred and closed her eyes, laying her head down as I began stroking her hair softly.

“You really know how to make a girl feel good,” she sighed.

I walked around to face Steph, tracing my hand over her curves. Lowering myself into the water, I moved to be directly in front of her. She smiled sweetly at me and gestured towards the ropes holding her down.

“So, are you going to untie me?” Steph said softly as we kissed gently over and over.

I reached underneath the water and began gently rubbing Stephanie’s breasts. “In a little while.”

As I stroked her hard nipples, Steph closed her eyes and laid her head back, sighing contentedly, my soft kisses gently washing over her.

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