Story 02

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Your hand slides down my thigh as I try to concentrate on the road. You don’t make it easy. I look over at you, your red dress, your eyes, your mouth. Every moment taking you in is a flash-bulb’s pop of want and need. I speed up a little. You grin irrepressibly, and let your hand move across the bulge of my pants. You rub up against it and I inhale sharply.

“I’ll end up in a ditch, you keep that up,” I say.

You smile wider, and unzip my fly. “Just concentrate.” And I try.

Your soft hand moves against my boxers, feeling my erection react to you. Your nails tease me, pulling it out so you can see it. A drop of moisture disappears from the tip and you lick your finger, smiling. You force me back inside as we reach the hotel parking lot, and I do up my fly as we head for the front desk.

The room seems to be built around its best selling features – a large bed, and a hot tub. Oddly they are in the same room of the suite, clearly intended for the same thing. We laugh about this fact, and then laughing turns to kissing, to holding, to clutching, tongues and lips and bodies pressing seemingly of their own accord, and we pull back, both still hungry.

We explore the room a bit more. Television, sofa, balcony, the usual. A large bathroom featuring both a tub and shower stall. A warm breeze moves the light curtains. It is, in fact, ideal. A knock comes from the door, and I retrieve two bottle of champagne and return.

You stand, back to me, pulling unimaginably intriguing and sensual things from your suitcase. Bits of lace and satin and other fabrics I can’t even readily identify pass in my periphery, and then away again into a drawer. I run the cold edge of a bottle up the back of your thigh and you cry out in mock anger, turning to hit me with a not unsubstantial sandal.

You wipe the cold condensation from your thigh. “You’ve got me all wet.” You say this with a wry smile.

“Not yet,” I answer, and my forced gravity ruins the joke a little.

You fling the curtains open wide and the moon lights your skin like gold on a dance floor. I can’t help it. I slide my hands around your waist and kiss the back of your neck, down your shoulder blade along the bare skin afforded me by your light dress. You lean back, your hand rising up pulling my head around. Our lips find purchase together, tender and moist, we kiss softly, my tongue grazing yours as they meet. You turn in my arms, and the kiss deepens, strengthens.

My hand moves, pressing to your ass and pulling you tightly to into me. My tongue along your lips, we breathe hard, the kiss becoming charged and hungry. Your hands grasp my face, my fingers clutching you to me. You suck on my bottom lip a moment before I kiss you again, hard and commanding. It is a kiss that pulls our souls in, just a little, and we break, panting.

“I’ll pour some champagne.” And I step away as you look back to the frantic city, just beyond the window.

Two glasses in hand, and I realize that I’ve lost track of you. While the suite is large, it is not so large that I can’t follow you towards the bathroom. Of course the sound of the shower and the red dress on the floor outside the bathroom door help in my quest.

I wave through the steam inside the bathroom to see your silhouette against the frosted glass door of the shower. The curves of your body stun me a moment and I take a breath before knocking on the door.

“Champagne,” I offer.

You turn behind the glass door and it opens. Your body is perfection; perfect tone, tan, curve, form. The gloss of your wet skin, the soap trailing over your breasts, your thighs, your waist. I grin irrepressibly and hand you a flute. You sip from it as I study your form openly. I reach out and trail a fingertip down your chest, your breast, your stomach. You finish the champagne and hand me the empty glass. I turn to place them on the counter top, and when I turn back you are looking down to my waist, smiling at the erection which presses eagerly against my pants.

“Show me.” You are insistent. Your fingers pulling absently at a hardening nipple.

I watch you, unconsciously licking my lips, and slowly unfasten my belt. The button opens, escort ataşehir and I lower my fly. The dark gray boxer-briefs underneath are stretched around my cock as my pants fall to the floor.

Your hand slides slowly down your body, pressing like a blade between your legs. You look up hungrily as I slowly tease you, lowering my boxers down, exposing my veined cock inch by inch. It rises up hard and needy, and you spread your legs a little, watching it.

I take my cock in my hand, wiping the pre-cum down its length, the moisture glistening on the swollen head. Slowly I stroke it for you, and you rub against your pussy lips watching.

“Get in here.” You command. And I don’t hesitate to obey.

My hands slide around your wet skin as the water rains down on us, hot and steaming. We kiss, wetly, hungrily, passionately. Your hand grasps my cock, and I growl on your lips, licking at your tongue. I move down, kissing and biting your skin, my hand pressing your breast, pulling your nipple taut. My mouth sucking at the hard nub as you lean back against the stall.

You pull at my cock as our lips meet again, and you feel that throbbing hardness drag against your clit. Rubbing your breasts as I nibble your neck and nipples. I pull away from you, sliding down your body, my hand moving to cup your pussy in my hand, feeling your heat. I lick down your stomach, and you lean back farther, pushing your hips forward to me.

Your pussy is perfect, a flower, smooth and shining. I trace the swollen lips with my finger, feeling your own juices on the inside of the folds. I lean closer, licking you from my finger, and then kissing softly against the lips of your pussy. You taste perfect to me, and I lick you slow and deep, pushing my tongue against your dampening flesh, sucking your pussy to my mouth and groaning in pleasure just to touch you.

My hands run up your body, clutching your ass, pulling hard on your aching nipples. You turn your back to me, and bend over, spreading your legs wide to allow me greater access. I run a finger down your ass teasing your tight asshole with a light push, before running my finger along your pussy to your clit. I rub it softly, and push my mouth to you again. Above me, you tug on your tits, moaning loud over the echo of the shower which beats water down on us.

Licking and sucking harder at your pussy, I feel your fingers move down, rubbing your clit as I push my tongue in deeper, swirling against your inner walls, your juices coating my lips. You push down, spreading your pussy wider for me as I lap at you, circling your clit softly and slowly. I suck on the swollen skin, my tongue flickering against it faster. You cry out, pushing back against my mouth, grinding your pussy on my face, your hips gyrating slowly. I feel you tensing, rising, and I pull back, rising to my feet.

You turn in shock, staring back at me, your legs spread, water running over your spread open pussy.

“What is it?” You question breathlessly. I watch you, my eyes moving over your body, open to me in every way.

I knead your ass softly in my hand, and you ease the brief tension. The shower rains down on you, heating us both. Moving forward, my hard cock touches against your inner thigh, just a moment, and you moan. I feel your hand reach back, grasping my thickness, guiding me up to your pussy.

With a hard slap, I smack your wet ass and you jump, letting go. The redness blossoms on your skin.

“I’m not through teasing you,” I smile.

“Harder,” you moan back.

I grin, and step forward, my cock rubbing your pussy lips. I slap your ass harder still, and it hurts you briefly. You moan as the sting meets your wet skin. I spank you again, the throbbing head of my cock grinding on your clit.

You turn around, facing me, fire in your eyes. I kiss you hard and rough, biting your lip. The sharp nibble nearly draws blood. You rake your nails down my chest, encircling my cock in your hand, stroking slowly.

My hands massage your breasts, pulling your nipples sharply. Fingers move down, forcing inside your pussy, rubbing you inside as we stare at each other.

“Tell me what you are,” I ask.

“I’m kadıköy escort bayan yours.”

I slap your hands from my rod, and force them up over your head, your wrists held with one hand. My fingers push deeper into your pussy, my thumb rubbing your clit.

“My slut.”


I kiss you hard and rough, the kiss would be angry if I didn’t love you so. I turn you around, still holding your arms up. Your legs spread, back arching. I let your hands go, and you leave them there, assuming the position. I slap your ass hard again, and grab a handful of your hair, pulling it firmly, your head tilting back. I move my lips to your neck, biting you gently, my breath moving up to your ear, my tongue flicking against your earlobe.

“My whore.”

“Yes… yes… please… please fuck me.”

I lick down your neck, my fingernail dragging down your spine. I let my cock rise, pressing to your hole, pulsing in want against your sopping pussy. My finger moves down your ass, pushing against your ass hole as you try to push down on my cock.

I pull back just a bit, leaving my head throbbing hard on your lips. You grab at your tits, pulling your nipples.

“Do you want this cock, baby? Do you want it to fuck your slutty little cunt?”

You push back again, and I allow your lips to envelope me. My cock sinking inside you slowly for a moment.

“Fuck me. Use me… fuck it hard.”

And I force it in, ram it in, I shove my cock deep inside you, stretching your pussy wide for me. That strong push filling you, throbbing inside your wetness. You moan out loud. I pull your hair hard and you look back, biting your bottom lip as I pull back, and into you again, harder… deeper. You push back this time and we meet hard and grind together, your clit grazing my balls. And all at once, I’m outside of you.

“Get on the fucking bed,” I tell you.

You start to protest, but I spin you around, and push you against the wet shower wall. My fingers rub and push up into your cunt, teasing you inside. You melt a little and I grab your face in my free hand, kissing you hard and licking your lips.

“Don’t dry off, don’t do a damn thing but lay down and spread your legs.”

You nod silently and walk out of the shower. I wait a moment and follow.

I find you just as you were told. Still wet and spread wide. Your fingers are teasing your clit, occasionally pushing two or three fingers in your pussy, arching your back. I walk to you, thick cock standing hard away from my body, water dripping off my skin. You watch me, spreading your pussy lips, and tugging on a nipple.

There is no hesitation, no fore-thought, no breath nor pause. I come to you, sliding my body along yours, our skin meeting, sticking, rubbing. I lick up your stomach, biting your nipple and pulling, the pain rushing blood to the skin. You feel me, thick and urgent between your thighs. I lift your leg up over my shoulder, looking down in momentary wonder at the beauty and perfection of your sex. And then, wordless, I sink into you.

My cock pushes, your lips spreading around me, welcoming and drawing me in. Your back arches again, hips grinding up. I raise my hips in turn, the length of my cock dragging over your clit for a moment. And I pull back, almost losing you, and then steadily pushing in again. You claw down my side and the pain spurs me, fucking you harder. I ram my piston home, filling you, the tingle of hurt and perfection meeting as you push back. With your leg up you are wide open to me, and I sink even deeper, pounding you as we grunt and moan. Our fucking is a staccato rhythm of “Yes… Yes… Yes…”

You wrap your legs around my neck, the leverage lifting you up and I support your hips and our angle is such that the hard relentless meeting of our bodies becomes a thrashing in time, a rough and angry collision of our souls. I fuck you as hard as I can, and you still pant for more. My thumb trails to your clit, stroking it as our bodies move, as my cock grinds and slides in your soaking pussy. You scream out as I rub you, and your pull your nipples hard with your fingernails.

Our pace quickens, short impatient thrusts – escort bostancı the sort of urgency we’ve never known. I finally push you off me, and roll you to your back.

We breath heavy, voices thick and throaty. I grab you by the hair, and pull you up. Your back to me, on our knees, I kiss down your neck, my hand wrapped around your breast, rubbing your nipple against your chest. You look to your right and see us both in the mirror above the hot tub. You bend over at the waist, your pussy open to me.

“Fuck me now… fuck me hard.”

I spank your ass firmly, the red blush following, and guide my cock back into your warmth. You cry out as you watch me enter you in the mirror. I pull back and ram it home, out again, and slamming my cock into your pussy. My balls slap against your clit as we fuck, as you push back and watch us in the glass.

I slap your ass again, and this time my finger moves along your ass, pushing against the tight hole above your pussy. You push back a little, and my finger pushes into your ass. You moan deep, more a growl than anything. My cock pounding you, throbbing as it rubs deep against your walls. You feel my finger in your ass, stretching you as you push back. Your fingers reach to your clit, rubbing hard and fast, the first flashes of over-heated synapse echo in your mind. I circle a second finger around your ass, pushing in, the light pain stretching you open. Your juices drip down your thigh as we call out, fucking hard and deep and madly.

You begin, the first tingles, the tightening muscles, your voice rises. I hear your scream as I pound your pussy over and over again. A hard slap to your ass as my fingers fuck the tight hole. My cock moves inside you, long, hard motions against the back of your being. You cry out to me, begging for more, and I fuck you faster, urging you.

“Come on this cock baby. Come for me. Drench me you little slut. Come hard…”

I try to hold on as you do. Your pelvis thrashing and squeezing me almost past endurance. I continue, pushing in and out, holding on… just holding on. And you don’t stop. The waves crash into your body, from head to toe, and your voice echoes off the walls to meet mine.

I pull from your body, and slide my cock up, pulling my fingers from your ass, and you know what I want. You moan encouragement, urging me with an arch of your back. I push my rock hard shaft against your ass, pushing inside you, not slow, or gentle: but urgent and craving. You scream out, the pain and perfection setting you off again if you’d ever stopped.

My cock throbbing in your ass, sliding back, you shove four fingers into your pussy, screaming out. I push in again, easier this time, your ass stretching for me as you finger your pussy hard and deep. I feel your movement as I begin to pound your ass harder.

You are almost crying as you shove your hips back, impaling yourself on my cock and your fingers. You strum your clit hard and my pace quickens. The deep guttural calls of the imminent. You look back, watching me as our bodies meet. You call for it, you beg for it. And suddenly you’re pushing me off, out, I stare at you panting. You slide down, your fingers plunging in your pussy ramming home as you look up at me, smiling… licking your lips.

“Come for me, lover,” you say between spasms of epic pleasure.

You shudder again, and I take my cock in my hand. I stroke it slowly once, twice… my eyes watching your fingers fucking your pussy – the poetry of your motions… and my head spins.

You pull your fingers from your pussy, sopping wet and sticky. You lick them clean as I stroke, hard and fast now. My mind races as you cup your breasts, lifting them towards me, and I am lost.

I come hard, so amazingly hard. My body staggers almost as if shot. Trails of my desire spray across your nipples and chest, running down the curve of your breasts. You lean back and I fuck your tits as you squeeze them around my cock, prolonging the perfect orgasm you’ve led me to. You moan in delight as the come lubricates my cock, as it cools on your skin. You pull my cock from between your breasts and you suck on it briefly before I finally collapse, breathless beside you.

We try to catch our breath, the chemicals in our body churning still. Slowly though, equilibrium returns. I get to me feet and help you up. Almost at once we both look to the hot tub and it’s perfectly clear.

What we need is some relaxation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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