Stepmother Discipline

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Judy couldn’t believe her own eyes. How dare he do that in her own house? She stood at the door for longer than she should have. Her stepson was watching pornography. Mostly she felt anger. She had only been his stepmother for about five years and he was now nineteen years old.

He could be considered an adult now, but he still lived under that roof and what he was doing was a sin. A shameful sin.

While she had never felt disrespected in any way, John didn’t seem to feel much love for her. He had a real mother so Judy didn’t take it too badly. She was just his stepmother. Yet she had tried to teach him by example about morals, about right and wrong, about sin.

She attended church three times a week and made John attend church every Sunday as well. Had she failed in teaching him about God? He was old enough to know better. He was nineteen and a grown up.

For a second Judy thought about how big his penis was but quickly pushed that thought aside and convinced herself it had never crossed her mind. But then again…

Judy had never watched pornography. That’d be shameful she thought. In this day and age nudity is everywhere so she had seen nude people on movies or scrolling through Facebook. But John was watching something different.

For the minute (minutes maybe) she observed, John was watching something a bit more ‘intense’ than what she had imagined pornography was like. It wasn’t two people having intercourse. There were two girls and she couldn’t tell how many men.

The young actress was intensely taking penises into her mouth. She sucked one to her left a couple times before moving to the penis on her right. She did this energetically. Such a young thing doesn’t know better. She thought.

But then the second lady in the video came into frame. She was completely naked, which is to be expected in porn, but what made Judy think about this was how shiny and slippery her skin looked. She got turned around face down and a black man inserted his tool into her behind. It went in smoothly. Then another man knelt in front of her and she lifted her head and opened her mouth.

Judy had never even thought of such a thing. There was no art in this, just sexual penetration with only lust and no love.

For a second she was going to give this second lady the same lamentation on her youth but she couldn’t. The second lady wasn’t young. She was probably at least as old as herself.

Judy felt something in her body at this realization that scared her. So she opened the door wide and walked in.

“John!” Her voice was firm, it startled him. John didn’t know if hiding his dick or shutting off his screen was the correct first move so he fumbled as he went about trying to do both.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I couldn’t think about anything else as I struggled to compose myself. My stepmom had caught me masturbating to porn.

Masturbating was a completely normal habit. Everyone did it, but I knew my stepmother enough to understand I was in for deep, deep, and embarrassing trouble. She wouldn’t let this go.

She was very religious and my father had changed a lot since marrying her. He had always been a serious rigid man but then religion came into the picture and took things to the next level.

“I’m sorry. I can explain.” But there was nothing to explain. She stared at me without uttering a word until I had finished fumbling and making a fool of myself. I mumbled something and then she grabbed my laptop from my desk and left my room.

I stayed in my room counting the minutes until my father would come home and the drama would begin. Once I got called down for dinner I knew my father was home. I walked nervously downstairs, I was not hungry at all.

My father works as a lawyer for a big firm and had bought himself a nice big house. We’re a small family of three now that “Judy’s” daughter moved to her own apartment. We have three bedrooms to spare on the second floor, along with the two currently occupied. It’s me, Dad, and his wife.

On the first floor we had a big study, an extensive living room, the kitchen, and the dining area where I was about to lose my head.

“John…” Dad greeted me from the table. “How was school today?”

She hasn’t told him yet. “um, it was just the usual.”

“You better improve those grades this semester.” I didn’t reply. I looked up to my stepmother who was serving the table. Dad then returned to the papers he was reading as if I had answered and abruptly silence had settled.

Judy gave a small prayer and we began to eat. I felt so paranoid every time she opened her mouth through the dinner but the conversation never made that dreaded change in subject. What is she thinking?

Yet nothing came of it. We had a normal dinner and I returned to my room for the night.


“Wake up.” Her tone was dry and firm. I opened my eyes confused and surprised.

Judy was standing by the bed. It was eight in the morning already.

Judy didn’t wait much to begin, canlı bahis “I wasn’t sure why I didn’t tell your father last night about your actions young man, but don’t think that I forgot to. This is a serious matter and I realize the severity of the problem.”

“I won’t do it again.” I tried to defend myself.

“Don’t interrupt me. Now, watching pornography is depraved behavior. However, I don’t think your father would take the right approach in fixing the situation. He would take very drastic measures so keep that in mind. Yet I think I will do something better and you should be thankful. First of all, you don’t realize the severity of the problem. It goes beyond sin, it will ruin your life, and what will women think of you? You will do as I say.”

“Okay.” I replied.

She took an exasperated deep breath. “John, we’ve never had the best relationship but you need to understand that what I do is for your own good. And if you don’t want me to tell your father who will kick you out of the house or drag you to Father Albert’s church or both. Things can be very bad for you and if you want to avoid all that then I will be expecting you to try. So don’t tell me ‘okay’.” She made a stupid face and exaggerated my weak answer. “It’s yes ma’am.”

“O… Yes ma’am.”

“Now here’s your laptop.” She sat down the laptop on my desk and opened it. The laptop was still running from the day before. “Now put in your password.”

I didn’t move at first. I had closed down the laptop but I didn’t exit any of the pages. Once my password was in the first thing on the screen would be a porn video. Yet I had no other option.

I got out of bed and picked up a shirt I had on the chair. I slept with shorts and no shirt. Then I sat down in front of the desk as she offered me the chair.

I typed in the password and it was worse than I imagined.

She pulled out small notebook and a pen from her apron bag and stood right next to me. She started taking notes on my desk, it read ‘5 on 2 orgy’. The video’s title. I had been watching for a while and had ended on something quite strong.

“Now go back.”

“What do you mean?” I answered.

“Go to the previous page before this. I’ve used a computer before. There on the upper left.” I did as she said and clicked on that little arrow dreading the outcome.

She wrote next video’s title and we went on from there. She wrote 10 video titles into her notebook. I had started with something very mild, just an amateur video with two chicks but the rest were so embarrassing. One had stepmom in the title and it wasn’t soft-core porn. I felt deeply embarrassed and awkward.

“This may be worse than I thought.” She told me. “Breakfast is ready and you should get going, you’ll be late for class.” I watched her exit the room.


I go to college. I had my first class at 9:30 am and my last ended at 2:30 p.m that day. Monday. I hesitated to return home that day so I stayed in school working on homework at the library. Then I left with some friends to eat a burger and just texted my Dad that I wouldn’t eat dinner with them. This wasn’t a rare occurrence and when I returned home I went straight to my room and bed.

I felt much better when I woke up the next morning. I woke up on my own and got ready for another day of school. I had a normal breakfast and almost felt off the hook when Judy stopped me before I left the house.

“Oh, John? As part of your punishment you have to come straight back from school. I know your last class ends at 4:30 today so you should be here by five.” I was about to say something. “I will not listen to any argument. Remember what we talked about? Well, now I’m not going to say it again. You will listen and do as I say or else.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Judy was waiting in the living room when I came back from school. She had glasses on and a notebook on her lap.

“Pornography has warped your mind with wrong ideas.” She started. “Ideas about sexuality yes, but most importantly, I think, wrong ideas about what women are and what it really is like to do that stuff you’ve been watching online…” She stared at me, her eyes seemed to be inspecting me as if trying to read my mind. I just nodded along and reacted as little as I could. I was expecting another big lecture, maybe of the many to come.

She continued. “Do you really want to put your penis inside a woman’s butt?”

“No, ma’am.”

“But you sure love watching that. I watched the videos yesterday and there are things in those videos I had never seen or imagined possible. I’m scared for you and I think drastic measures will be needed to show you how fundamentally wrong these things are.” I nodded again. “Okay so, I need you to get down on your knees.”

I stared at her until her face convinced me that it was better for me to obey. I got on my knees and pressed my hands together fingers pointing up. I was ready to pray.

“You will not be praying John. You need to be honest to pray… Now move closer to me.”

She bahis siteleri was wearing a long skirt and slippers. She kicked the slippers off her feet as I approached.

“Now open your mouth.” I didn’t yet know what to make of it but I opened my mouth. “Wider.” I opened it wider. Then she lifted her right foot and began to press it on my face until her big toe found my mouth.

I froze. I didn’t move as I began to feel her toe on my tongue. Her eyes were staring at her foot. She twisted her foot left and right until…

“Suck on it.” Her voice was firm, her eyes were sharp. I slowly moved my hand to hold her ankle. I began to suck on her foot.

I remembered then, this had been done in a video though none of the videos were exclusively feet fetish videos. It wasn’t exactly my kink but it looked sexy in that video.

Strange circumstance, I wasn’t sure how I felt exactly. She lifted her other foot after a minute or so and I switched. “Lick it first.” She commanded.

I diverted my eyes from hers and began licking her left foot. While the act made me feel a bit of shame, something else began to kick in. I wasn’t disgusted by the act.

I licked and sucked on her toes, not enthusiastically, but with attention. The clock kept ticking. It took me five minutes into being put into this situation for me to accept that I liked her feet.

“The real thing, isn’t it disgusting?” She exclaimed. She had womanly feet, soft, petite, well kept. She didn’t let me stop and on and on I began to like what I was doing. There was something else I liked but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

My mind kept revolting and I think it’s time to more properly introduce Judy.

Judy was in her mid-50s. She was younger than my Dad who was 60 and everyone, including me, suspected she had been the reason my Dad had divorced my mother.

I have one sister who stayed with Mom. We both moved in with Mom but then Mom had to move to another town and once I entered college I came to live with Dad. Can’t complain much though, Dad has a nice house. I was 16 years old when they separated.

Dad had married Judy soon after. The suspicions everyone had were not just because their marriage had come so soon after the divorce. There was one other reason. Judy herself.

She dressed very properly and attended the same church we did. She had never married and was much respected among the churchgoers. But churchgoers are not better than anyone else and everyone knew how attractive she was.

She was tall. While I sucked her toes I realized how intimidating a presence she was, in part because of her size. She stood at 6 feet 3, taller than me at 5-eleven, and she packed other complementing assets.

The long dresses she wore to church didn’t hide the fact that she had a big ass. Her blouses likewise didn’t fool anyone into not noticing her big breasts. She was in okay shape too, she exercised, and though there was some fat in that belly the voluptuousness of her breasts in comparison made it seem nonexistent.

From afar the shape of her body might look attractive though in the normal category, but if you came closer you would notice that because of her size, everything was bigger with her. Her ass was not just big, it was massive. Only an overweight woman could compete but Judy wasn’t overweight.

I must admit, in weak and horny moments I had tried to look down her cleavage on one or two occasions. The fact that she was my father’s wife did help me stay away from her though. Then I very much disliked the religious conversations that seemed to be necessary with her in almost every conversation.

I licked and sucked and she wouldn’t let me stop until her phone alarm started beeping.

“We’re done for today. I hope you learned how unpleasant this was. It’s unpleasant for me too, I’m also suffering for your sake. That was almost a half hour of getting my feet touched by your perverted mouth. Go to your room now, I don’t want to see you if I don’t have to.”

I got up and walked away without a word. When I got to my room I saw the clock by my bed read 5:30 pm. Dad would be home any second now.


I was called to dinner and the world was back to normal except in the middle of dinner Judy stood up to get herself more water. She asked if we wanted anything and then walked to the kitchen, at which point I noticed she was walking barefoot.

Things intensified. I had never seen her barefoot but maybe I just had never paid attention. She was wearing the same long skirt from before but my perception of her was changing. I could not not-stare.

Before I went to bed that night I looked up feet fetish videos online and masturbated to them but the images in my brain were stronger and kept coming despite whatever was on the screen.

The next morning was similar. I had breakfast by myself, Dad had already left to work and I only saw Judy here and there. That morning she walked into the kitchen where I was having breakfast a couple of times.

She was barefoot again but now she was bahis şirketleri wearing pink leggings I had never seen those before. I couldn’t help but notice how her ass looked even better in those. Things were changing in me.

She didn’t say anything to me that morning. She didn’t have to. I came home straight from school. She was waiting in the same spot as the day before only wearing the clothes I had seen her with that morning.

“I’m glad you didn’t forget about your punishment. You better be on time every day until I tell you it’s not necessary anymore.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I looked down at her feet and she noticed.

“What are you looking at… boy?”


“Maybe you didn’t learn your lesson from yesterday. Do you like feet?”

“No, ma’am.”

“No ma’am.” She mocked me. “I know you like to watch that stuff, it was in your videos John, remember those? I’m not going to forget. So answer truthfully, tell me you like feet very much.” What does she want me to say? “Answer me!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Yes what?”

“I like feet.”

“That’s better, it’s the first step towards getting better. Now get down on your knees again.” I did and she lifted a foot in front of her. I got closer and began kissing it.

I sucked on her toes and after a few minutes it was evident how much I liked doing so. I was starting to get hard and not only that. I started caressing her foot too. She grabbed her phone and began using it and leaving me to my task, so I began doing things that I wasn’t asked to.

I thought I was going insane when I desired to licked her feet all around. In between her toes, up to her ankle, and I had this growing desire to get my cock out and pleasure myself, or better yet, use her feet to pleasure my cock.

I couldn’t tell if she liked it too. I wanted her too and though she would deny it, in her manner I didn’t see anything resembling displeasure.

I had my watch with me this time. I almost never wore it but I had chosen to, to keep the time. It was 5:25 and I assumed she would stop me before 5:30.

But she stopped me before her alarm went off. She stood up and I looked up. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

I had to get down on the floor to reach her feet. After so many minutes of doing so my tongue was getting numb but I sucked and kissed her feet.

She spread her feet. “We might have to do more for things to get better.” I looked up at her and she bent down, put her hand under my chin and guiding my head to upwards.

I stayed on my knees. Her other hand went to the back of my head and she pushed. She pushed my face against her crotch. I had no time to think. I felt my face against her leggings but not much else at first.

She didn’t allow me to move but I managed to lift my head enough so that my mouth and chin were pressed against her. I could have but I didn’t stare up at her, I kept my eyes down and only saw her pink leggings.

I began to move my mouth. The mouth is perceptive enough that my lips began to notice the shape of what was underneath the cloth. I moved my mouth clumsily trying to taste what I could. It only lasted a few minutes but it was enough, just right before her alarm went off, my lips felt the wetness in the cloth. It wasn’t my mouth getting it that wet.

But the alarm went off. “Okay, enough for today go.” She turned around and grabbed her phone. I stayed on my knees just staring at her. She picked up her stuff and turned again, the wet spot in her crotch was very visible. She left me on my knees.


“I feel especially disgusted by one aspect of several of the videos you like to watch. There are two levels to this problem. For one, the human body is perfect. Every part of it has a function. And to my point, a woman’s vagina is intended for procreation while a woman’s anus is not…” She sat on a bar stool in the middle of the living room. We had those stools in our garage, metal legs and black leather seat.

“The Bible clearly states several times that sodomy is a sinful act. You know this of course. The other level to this has do with the same aspects we have already discussed in our previous sessions. Pornography isn’t real life, why would anybody ever do such an act? I have been reading on the subject and there is a rise in such ‘fetishes’ in the last decade. It’s disgusting but people have their brains so messed up by our sinful society that they have begun to believe such acts are attractive…” She sat on the couch wearing on those long skirts and a shirt.

“… even enjoyable. Is that how you feel? Do you believe such act is commendable?”

“No… ma’am.”

“Based on the stuff you like to watch I would say otherwise. Do you desire a woman’s anus?” She asked once again with an almost angry look in her face.

I knew what she wanted me to answer. “Yes ma’am.”

“That’s right, you do and you will learn not to. It’s disgusting.”

I would have agreed with her. Porn actors go through an extensive cleaning process to make things palatable. I had thought about such thing before all this and had decided maybe anal stuff wasn’t for me. After all, it’s not the same in real life, the anus isn’t a vagina. But I wasn’t supposed to voice my opinion in these sessions… Yet again.

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