Spurned Wife

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Cindy spent most weekends catering to her overbearing husband, this weekend would be different. She had been planning it ever since he told her about his upcoming business trip two months ago. He would be gone for 4 days. He was scheduled to leave on Thursday night and return late Monday.

Cindy graciously offered to drive Max to the airport. They spent an hour getting through the luggage check and security. The plane was late. Max introduced Cindy to his boss, Frank and two other co-workers, John and Linda. Linda was a tall buxom blonde. Max and the John were subtly trying to impress her. Frank was watching them with humorous familiarity. He assured Cindy that he would watch Max on the trip to make sure he behaved himself. Cindy was both reassured and infuriated. He shouldn’t need watching.

Her plans started to get all jumbled up as she watched the plane pull away. She had dropped their daughter at her mother’s house for the weekend. Grandparents always want to keep the children. She had intended on driving up to the mountains for a few relaxing days. Now she was all anxious and jealous. She stopped to look over some of the books in the airport newsstand. She selected a couple of romance novels and then noticed Playgirl tucked away at the top of a shelf. She pulled it down and also took down a copy of Club. Her heart raced as she looked at the two magazines. She felt hot and flustered while she paid, she couldn’t even meet the eyes of the cashier.

She drove for an hour before she stopped for dinner. The initial anxiety had worn off, but her suspicions still remained. She filled the car with gas and glanced at the magazines on the passenger seat. He insides tightened and quivered at the sight of the playgirl cover model. She parked the car and went into the truck stop to get some dinner.

Inside Cindy found a seat at the counter of the small diner. Two burly truckers sat at the far end of the counter and a couple sat in a corner booth. The diner was otherwise empty. She ordered and then checked her cell phone. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it was the wrong one. The blue cell phone in her hand was her husband’s. Panic rising in her throat she dialed the number for their account. She checked the home phone messages, none. Since Max had the phone turned off for the plane trip she should be safe. She quickly typed in the code to forward all the home calls to his phone.

Cindy relaxed and enjoyed her dinner. A middle-aged man in a sports coat entered and sat down beside her. He seemed quite nice and they talked for most of an hour. He offered to pay for her dinner, but she politely declined. He handed her a card with his number, he insisted she take it even after she explained that she was married.

Cindy was antsy as she drove into the mountains and eventually reached the small cabin they used for summer vacations. Her long ignored body was driving her unfettered mind into fantasies she hadn’t thought about since college. The magazines were feeding directly into the urges of her body. Her fingers pinched at her nipples and she turned another page. The young hunk was sporting a large cock and nothing else. She licked her lips and imagined tasting the cock in the magazine. The phone ringing interrupted her fantasy, she tried to ignore it.

Max had already called home to check in earlier while she was driving. The persistent ringing had broken her train of thought. She went to the kitchen and opened a beer bottle. She retrieved the phone from the bedside table. She recognized John’s voice. ‘The wager is one hundred dollars. First one with proof of fucking Linda wins.’ there was a brief pause and laughter in the background. ‘I got the head start this time around buddy.’ then the message ended. Cindy took several minutes to digest the message. Max was making bets over Linda, and that bastard rarely if ever even tried to even play with his own wife. She simmered to a boil inside.

It was an hour and 4 beers later before Cindy calmed down enough to remember the card in her purse. She sat down at the computer desk and opened her purse. She read the name on the card, “Mark, this is your lucky night.” She whispered. She was determined ataşehir escort to make up for this and any of the trysts she imagined her husband had already participated in. She started to call Mark, but remembered it was Max’s phone. “Don’t be stupid.” She chided herself. She logged on to the internet and using the call feature of her favorite chat area dialed the number.

“Hello” Mark answered.

Cindy’s heart raced as she approached the abyss of cheating on her husband. ‘He cheated first!’ he body screamed. “HI.” She nervously squeaked. “We met at the diner earlier tonight, I’m Cindy.”

There was a long pause. Mark remembered her. She had been the lonely woman at the counter. Brunette with shoulder length hair and sparkly blue eyes. “Yes I remember.” He asked. He thought about her round ass swaying as she had left and then remembered that she had mentioned being married. “It is a bit late for a social call. Anything I can help you with?”

“I…” Cindy stammered. “I just couldn’t sleep.” She explained.

“Why not?” Mark asked hearing the emotion in her voice. “Something wrong?” He prompted.

“I am quite upset about my husband.” She couldn’t help but feel exceedingly saddened by her situation. The anger still smoldered, but she was lost and alone now too. “He’s been cheating on me.” She explained.

“Some men are like that.” Mark wasn’t exactly monogamous either. “Tell me about it.” He offered.

Cindy spent the next hour talking to Mark about her problems. He was very sweet and listened. He was also hopeful when he heard her ideas, vague though they were, about how she would get even. She had an excitingly slutty potential in his opinion. Her own thoughts drifted slowly from being mad at Max to satisfying her own desires and exploring everything beyond the limits imposed by her husband. Mark suggested they meet for breakfast in a neutral location.

The next morning Cindy dressed casually in a nice midlength skirt and a knit sweater. The outfit was warm enough for the fall weather and decent enough for a public restaurant, but also showed off her ample breasts and toned legs to great effect. She found the place easily. It was right on the interstate exit. She found a place at the counter and ordered coffee while she waited. Looking out over the busy interstate she saw a large building with blackened windows. A sign simply painted with the words ‘Adult Video and Books’ stood in the parking area. She was surprised to see several cars outside.

“Hi.” Marks voice startled Cindy when he sat down beside her.

“Oh! Hi.” She turned away from the window and looked at him. He appeared to be in his late 30’s, but was still in very good shape. He dressed in a polo and sport coat, relaxed and sure of himself.

“Not much of a view.” Mark watched her carefully. “But, they do have great omelets.” He could see she was a sexy woman even seated on a counter stool.

Cindy smiled a sweet and impish smile. “I was just wondering about your motivations.” She pulled out a menu and began to look over the selection. “After our conversation…” She left the thought hanging unspoken.

Mark laughed. “I would never take advantage of a grieving woman.” He opened his own menu. “Unless invited.” He added quietly with a sly wink.

Cindy felt something deep inside quiver. The waitress came over. “I’ll have the super omelet with sausage.” She ordered. Mark had the same. They chatted while they ate, mark occasionally teasing her. Much to her surprise she was teasing back. The phone rang while mark was paying the bill. Cindy answered the phone.

“Hi Hon, how are things?” Max asked from the other end of the line.

“Just fine. How are things there?” Cindy motioned Mark to be quiet.

“The conference is going well.” He paused before asking the next question. “Do you know where you packed my cell phone?”

Cindy shook her head, he was setting this up to be her fault. “You packed this trip dear. And yes I do know where it is. You had a call last night while I was at dinner.” She grinned and added. “Want me to listen to the message?” She asked sweetly.

“NO!” Max yelled through the phone. “Umm…I mean John already kadıköy escort gave me the message.” There was a panicked edge to his voice. “I’ve got to get back now.” He finished.

“Don’t work too hard.” Cindy clicked the phone closed and walked out with Mark. “What did you have planned for the day?” She asked him.

“Not much.” Mark walked her to his car, a silver BMW. “Did you have any ideas?” he left her open to invite him along with her.

Cindy stood unsure of herself. She thought about how Max would be romancing Linda while she was stuck at the house. Her insides twisted with anger and excitement. “I was wondering what goes on in a place like that.” She turned and nodded across the interstate.

“Really?” Mark was slightly shocked by the rapid decline in her apparent moral values. He wondered what her husband had done to warrant this behavior. “A lovely lady like you might need an escort.” He wasn’t going to pass this up. He could easily see from her build that she would be instantly popular in there.

“Would you be so kind?” She officially invited him, and in doing so gave him control of what they did. He opened the door and drove them over.

There was a bouncer at the door, he was big and burly just as expected. They both showed ID and entered. Inside Cindy was immediately struck by the scent of sex, it was everywhere. She looked at some of the magazines and movies, slowly making her way towards the back. Mark followed but not right next to her. She noticed him flipping through a couple of magazines with ladies sucking several guys on the front. Her pussy tingled as she watched him. She walked over and whispered. “What is back there?” pointing towards a curtain in the back.

“There are rooms for private use.” He answered. “Would you like to see one?” Cindy nodded not sure if she trusted her voice. She followed Mark as he went to the counter and bought some tokens, then they slipped behind the curtain. They entered a small barren hallway lined with doors. Mark opened one and ushered Cindy inside. He put a few coins into the wall and a TV screen started playing a very graphic sex flick. “Now we watch.” He sat beside her on the small wooden bench. “And play if you like.”

Cindy blushed and watched the girl on screen lick up a huge cock. “That does look yummy.” Her eyes glittered as her animal instincts began welling up inside. Her pussy was drooling over the sight and her nipples were aflame with desire. “I can just imagine.”

Mark stroked his hardening cock through his slacks. “Why just imagine?” He encouraged. Cindy turned with hungry eyes to watch. He slowly unzipped his pants and stood up. His Boxers were blue and silky, she could see his cock tenting them up. He slid those to the floor along with his pants. “It’s all yours.”

“For me?” Cindy admired the cock bouncing right in front of her. She reached out to feel the warm throbbing shaft. It was bigger than her husbands by at least an inch and thicker too. She stroked it and looked over at the movie. “You want me to do that?” She asked grinning wide.

“Most definitely.” Mark answered seeing the girl deep throating the cock on screen.

Cindy licked up the shaft and closed her lips around the throbbing head. Her tongue circled the thick bulbous mushroom. She slowly slid down taking half the length before it gagged her. Saliva dripped from her chin when she pulled off. “God! You are yummy!” She exclaimed hungrily. Mark just pushed her head gently towards his cock. She slipped it in further and held it deep in her mouth.

Mark moaned as he felt the hungry tongue flicking around his swollen member. He gently began thrusting, holding her head still with his hands. She took his cock as he started fucking into her wet mouth. The movement of her tongue was driving him wild. He pulled her sweater up , with nimble fingers he released her bra and let her large breasts sway freely.

Cindy stroked his cock with her tongue, taking each thrust as it came. She gagged a few times, but soon learned that her hunger was also the secret to sucking cock. She began swallowing hungrily slurping at the cock while he stoked her desire by squeezing and pinching her bostancı escort bayan nipples. She stopped gagging and felt him begin to slide deeper. Soon, she felt the tickle of pubic hairs against her nose. She had indeed managed to deep throat him. This drove her wild. Her tongue flew over the swollen cock and she sucked as he fucked faster and harder into her open throat. His cock was throbbing and hot, she could taste the precum when he pulled back. Suddenly he moaned and his cock twitched. Cum filled her mouth, she swallowed instinctively.

Mark couldn’t resist, she was the best cocksucker he had been with in a long time. He felt her begin swallowing. “Swallow that cum you dirty little slut.” he moaned. She didn’t spill a drop. He slid out and sat down beside her. He noticed an eye peeking in through a hole in the wall. “We seem to have an audience.” He pointed out.

“Oh my.” Cindy looked at the hole in the wall. The eye disappeared and was replaced by a cock. “Oh My!” She exclaimed as she saw at least 10 inches of throbbing cock slide through the hole. Her curiosity and hunger made her scoot closer. she reached up and stroked the shaft as she admired its size. She knew that size did really matter, at least to her it would from now on. She was literally drooling over this cock.

“Go ahead.” Mark was just as interested in watching her as he had been in having her. He pulled her sweater up over her head. “Can’t have you getting this dirty.” He pointed out. placing it atop his pants.

Cindy tried to turn to get a good angle on the new cock. She eventually stood and leaned over the bench since it was too close to the hole. She licked around the head and slipped it in her mouth. Mark took advantage of her position and began massaging her breasts. She slurped and sucked at the big cock, driven on by the sensations screaming through her body.

Mark watched as Cindy worked half the giant cock into her hungry mouth. her rubbed then licked her breasts, pulling at the nipples like a hungry baby. His free hand worked its way up her thigh and rubbed against her panties. They were dripping wet. He left her breasts and moved over, lifting her skirt. He held he head in place when she tried to turn around.

Cindy felt Mark lifting her skirt and playing with her panties. Her mouth was full of cock and she was unable to ask what he was planning. His pushing her back to the anonymous cock indicated he was pleased and she shivered. She sucked harder, stroking and swallowing, desperately trying to take all of this cock too. Her thighs were wet and she felt a cool breeze as Mark lowered her panties. She quivered as he blew onto her wet pussy again. Then she felt his fingers rubbing and probing. In her warm mouth the cock began to shift. The man was getting close and started thrusting into her. She moaned.

Mark fingered her as he watched the huge cock disappear inch my inch into Cindy’s hungry mouth. She began to moan as he played. The man was thrusting, it wouldn’t be long now. The aroma of sex was making him hungry too. He shifted and pulled her cheeks wide. Her tight anus winking and excited, her pussy lips swollen and puffy. She looked about ready to explode too. He leaned over and licked. His tongue searched for a few moments until he found her excited clit.

Cindy groaned, her mouth full of thick cock and her pussy wet and being fingered, then licked. She was in heaven. Nothing she had done could compare to this, then mark found her clit. Lightning exploded behind her eyes. Her body took over. She sucked and squeezed and shivered and tingled all at once. Her senses were just beginning to recover a bit when the cock in her mouth twitched and exploded. The cum filled her to capacity. She swallowed, but she could feel it dripping down her chin. She pulled back and moaned in pleasure. This dislodged Mark who watched the last few spurts of cum splatter against her breasts.

Mark rubbed her cum slick breasts as Cindy recovered. The cock disappeared. When she could Cindy looked at him and down at her cum covered breasts. She lifted first one then the other and licked them clean. Then she pulled Mark close and without a word kissed him. Her tongue and his flickered over each other in a passionate dance. When they parted for a moment he looked at her. “There will be more if you want to wait.” he said.

Cindy curled into his lap. “Is that what you want to see?” She offered herself to his direction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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