Lana’s Leap Pt. 04: Flying Solo

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Lana knelt before Drew as a wave of utter contentment washed over her. She knew that somehow being there, on her knees in front of this man, was meant to be.

Drew gently stroked Lana’s long blonde hair and in a soft voice said “Well little one, I am surprised, pleasantly so, but surprised nevertheless. Why don’t you freshen up and we’ll head downstairs for some dinner? He sat in silence as Lana placed one last kiss on the tip of his thick cock, tucked in back in his pants and allowed the large man to help her to her feet.

Being naked in front of Drew now seemed to be a natural state of affairs, and without dressing, Lana picked up her dress and refilled Drew’s glass before disappearing into the ensuite washroom to freshen up. Drew noticed, as Lana walked away, that the young blonde had suddenly acquired a very sexy sway to her naked hips. It reminded him of Diane.

During dinner the two talked at great length about what had just occurred. Drew reiterated what would be expected of Lana, but made it clear that her training would proceed slowly, allowing her to set the pace.

Lana jumped right in “Drew, until the last hour I didn’t know what I would do about our sexual relationship—even if there would be one—but like my decision to join Enigma, I know that right here, right now, I want this”. I doubt that I’ll be as good or have the sixth sense that Diane had—has, about you. But I’ll guarantee that you’ll never find a more willing pupil. God, I’m getting soaked just thinking about it…”

Drew smiled and motioned to the waiter for the check. “Then, little one, lets get started…tonite you will stay with me”.

Lana slid into the cool leather seat of Drew’s BMW. Remembering a conversation she had with Diane, she boldly adjusted her dress so that her bare ass and slit were sitting directly on the leather. Drew noticed the adjustment and commented “Excellent! I want you to be always reminded of your nakedness, and just as importantly, the reason for your nakedness. For when you are with me out of the office Lana, you exist for my pleasure. A canlı bahis pleasure I know you will find is returned many fold. Now spread those luscious legs so that I may have access to that kittenish little cunt of yours”

Lana felt the moisture gush from her, as Drew’s hands slid up her tanned thigh, and gently strummed her engorged clit. That action, combined with the recent carnal conversation in the restaurant, kept Lana at a heightened state of arousal all the way across town until Drew pulled into his secluded driveway. Ever the gentleman, Drew came around to Lana’s door and held it open. As Lana exited the car Drew tugged on the halter neck and said “I don’t think you’ll be needing that” Lana was startled for a moment, realizing that Drew intended for her to take it off right there, but one look around and she saw that the view from the street would be blocked by a line of hedges. Without a seconds thought, the young blonde undid the clasp and shrugged off the filmy garment.. As she stepped out of the pool of material, Drew scooped it up with one hand and Lana with the other. Holding her close Drew ran one hand down her smooth, tanned back, slipping one of his large fingers slowly down the crack of her ass and lightly over the outside of her soaked cunt. With the other hand he gently lifted up Lana’s chin and kissed her deeply, soulfully. Lana felt a small orgasm ripple thru her.

“Lesson Number One” said Drew “I’m not the hand holding type…when we are alone like this, or out of town,–always take my arm”. The couple walked slowly up the front steps and Drew let them inside.

Drew dropped his keys on a small table in the front hall, and fiddled with the alarm. Noticing his growing frustration, the young blonde gently pushed his hand aside and punched in the disable code. Drew laughed “Diane used to do the exact same thing. I hate technology!! Now I have some messages to check…why don’t you go and find something fetching to slip into…and bring drinks into the study??” he handed Lana her dress, and sent her on her way with a gentle pat on her well rounded bahis siteleri ass.

Lana walked into her room and not wanting to give up the feeling of wantonness she felt, selected a short, open lace robe that barely covered her ass and bald cunt. Diane had spied it as part of a set with thong and camisole and once she got it home, threw out the offending panties and camisole as “something you’ll never wear, little one”. In addition to the shortie robe, Lana found a pair of high heeled, strappy sandals to complement the scanty robe. As she made her way into the kitchen to pour drinks she passed by the full length mirror in the hall. As she stared at her reflection adjusting her outfit, it was difficult for her to remember the Lana of just a few short weeks ago.

Lana took the drinks into the study and stood beside Drew illuminated in the glow of the computer screen. As she absently mindedly stroked the back of his neck he looked up “I’m chatting with Diane about that foreign currency problem we’re having in the Ukraine—I’ll just be a minute. Do you want me to say hello for you??” Lana nodded and slid onto the arm of the large leather chair. She could feel the rounded armrest press into her cunt and started to imperceptibly rub against it. Drew looked up and placed his hand on her upper thigh stroking it softly as he waited for Diane’s reply

“Look” Drew said “there’s a message for you..”

Lana leaned across Drew as she read the note from Diane a half a world away “Good evening pet! I’m VERY happy to see that you are spending the night at the Boss’ house—I’m hoping it can only mean one thing?? If it does you’ve made me very proud! Enjoy!! Love D” the email was signed off with the usual x and o’s.

Lana felt Drew reach behind her and slowly position her in his lap. He then reached around her and placing his hands inside her upper thighs, pulled them apart exposing her baldness. Drew slid one hand between her thighs and began to stroke her cunt and strum her engorged clit. Lana gasped and let her head fall back onto Drew’s shoulder. Their mouths met in bahis şirketleri a deep and constant kiss, tongues intertwined. Drew’s other hand slipped under her robe and began to tug on her rock hard nipple-a move that plunged Lana over the edge into a violent orgasm.

Without missing a beat the big man easily lifted Lana off his lap and positioned her. Bending her over in front of him, arms firmly grasping the sides of the desk, Lana did not see but heard Drew stand pushing back the chair, followed by the rustle of what was certainly his pants and shirt. Glancing over her shoulder she saw Drew naked for the first time. He was well built, not muscular, but rather what used to be called burly. Lana once again, was amazed by his thick, hard cock.

Drew bent Lana forward and she felt his cock slip between her ass cheeks. She breathlessly tried to adjust herself to take in his hardon, but Drew would have none of it. He took the time to enjoy the magnificent globes of Lana tight ass, feeling their softness against his hardness. Only then did he pull back slightly and allow his cock to ride the outside of the young blondes soaking wet slit. Lana attempted to let go of the desk and grab Drew’s cock to insert it into her cunt, but was stopped by his large hands firmly placing hers back where they belonged. “It’ll be a while before you get to drive the bus, love. For now you’ll follow my lead” Drew whispered softly.

Almost as soon as he said the last word Lana felt his thick cock glide effortlessly into her drenched hole. Lana nearly passed out, not from the physical sensation, but more from the knowledge that this was what she had desired since that first day in Drew’s office. She felt completely, totally, possessed by this man.

Drew picked up the pace and began to forcefully thrust his cock in and out of the stunning young woman bent over in front of him. From some primitive place deep within her, Lana matched him stroke for stroke, increasing the power and speed of her response. Lana felt Drew’s thumb stroke her tight anal rosebud. The collision of sensations was too much for her, and the heat of the young blondes plunging cunt was too much for Drew. Seconds later both exploded in a crashing, violent orgasm. Lana fell back against Drew into his lap as he fell back into the chair.

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