Stepdaughter is Too Hard to Resist

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This is my first attempt at an erotic story. Please, send me your feedback. What you liked or didn’t like. Send me some of your ideas for an erotic story about family lust. Maybe there some stories you want to exchange with me or just chat.


James Davis couldn’t take it anymore. His teenage stepdaughter was laying on her stomach in the living room, just a few feet away right in front of him as he tried to watch TV on his large couch. Her tight seductive ass was in perfect view, and James couldn’t turn away or focus on the TV screen.

She was wiggling her cute butt just slightly, but it was driving James wild with lust. Lexi, short for Alexis, was wearing tiny hot-pink shorts with a white trim. The shorts fit snuggly on Lexi, they showed off a small portion of her lower butt cheeks. Her tight, young pussy was almost visible from where she laid on the carpeted living room floor. The shorts were so small, that Lexi promised her mother only to wear them around the house.

Lexi had a perfect teenage body, it would have any man slobbering with sexual desire. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and probably weighed about 110 pounds. This teenager had a pair of perky round tits that bounced around for everyone to see in the low-cut tops she routinely wore. On this night, Lexi was wearing a small white tank top with thin straps over her shoulders. The top barely covered her flat mid-drift and it showed off her ample cleavage. James was lucky that he couldn’t see those glorious breasts from his vantage point, or he would’ve lost his mind. Lexi had about a C-cup breasts, her stepfather guessed. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was tied-up in a pony-tail, giving her that girl nextdoor look.

Lexi had inherited her looks from her mother, my wife Amber. Yeah, my wife was a bombshell and sexually adventurous. She kept me sexually satisfied all the time with the adult-fun she would arrange for us. But Amber, recently, wasn’t around as much for James to enjoy. She seemed to be more preoccupied with getting her so, Tommy, into a good school. He had spent his first two years out of high school at a community college. Now, 20-year-old Tommy was transferring to a university, and Amber was driving him to visit a campus a few hours away. They were gone for the whole weekend, which made this Friday night with Lexi a sexually torturous exercise for James.

He wanted to be a good stepfather and husband, he had married Amber when Lexi was just 10 years old. He had helped Amber raise her children, since their father was never around. Lexi, like her brother, got along with her stepdad. She was so used to having James around that she preferred to call him Daddy. That didn’t make things easier for James now that Lexi was in her final year in high school.

Lexi was now 18 years old, her birthday was a few months ago. She was an active girl, a cheerleader and a competitive swimmer. She was full of energy, and everyone liked her. She had boys chasing her all the time, but she was independent and never spent much time with one boy. She wanted to focus on her education and go to college, she didn’t want to be tied to a boy.

She was sexually active, though. She had begged her mother to put her on the pill. Amber agreed, but she made Lexi promise to always use condoms. Lexi always played safe sexually. She had her own adventures with boys, but they couldn’t keep up with her. They always left her wanting more sexually. So, she took it to another level a few weeks ago by fucking her married math teacher. Initially, she really just wanted a better grade. But the middle-aged man really knew how to make Lexi cum, creating some orgasmic eruptions in the teenage girl during that one-night fling.

The truth was that Lexi didn’t want boys anymore, she wanted men. And her secret feelings for her stepdad had only intensified canlı bahis in the past few weeks. For months, she suppressed her sexual urges for her stepfather. She thought it was just a phase she would grow out of. Her pussy would be dripping wet every night she laid on her bed imagining what it would feel like to have her stepdad’s hard cock slide inside her as she rode him to climax. She had never felt a man’s cock inside her without a condom, because of the promised she made to her mother. Lexi fantasized about her stepdad’s cock filling her up with his warm, electric cum. It just made her naughty thoughts even more erotic.

Her friends has teased her about her handsome stepfather, and Lexi would just brush it off. But she lately would give in and playfully tease her friends about she could bring him into her bedroom at any time and fuck his brains out. Her friends got a thrill from Lexi’s x-rated incest talk, but they ultimately believed it was all talk between horny teenage girls. Lexi didn’t know it, but her friends would sometimes rub their tight pussies after exchanging fantasies with Amber. These discussions sometimes would go on-and-on over Snapchat. The girls would send each othe videos and photos with their naughty talk, feeling comfortable the messages would soon disappear.

James wasn’t aware of this naughty Snapchat talk, but he knew all about his stepdaughter’s playful, flirtatious behavior with her friends on social media. He had overheard Lexi talk about “Snapping” her friends around the house. He wondered what she was up to, maybe he could see some photos or video of his sexy stepdaughter without her knowing.

He created a Snapchat profile with a fake name, so he could troll Lexi and her friends. He had found one of Lexi’s friend’s Snapchat user names while searching for on Twitter. After a few days of trolling around social media, James was following the Snapchat stories of his stepdaughter and her closest friends. They didn’t know who he was, they must’ve assumed he was just another kid from their high school.

James couldn’t get enough of their Snapchat profiles, they seemed to always photographing or video recording themselves in little bikinis, workout gear or tight-fitting sleepwear. And they were always posing seductively, slightly bending over or showing off their cleavage. James had been spending a lot of time, when his wife wasn’t home, stroking his 8-inch hard cock looking at photos and videos of Lexi and her friends. He thought this would allow him to relieve some of the sexual tension without acting out his fantasy. But he was wrong.

Lexi recently had purposefully become more touch-feely with her stepdad, grabbing him by the arm or shoulders. Last week, she sat on his lap momentarily as she asked for some shopping money. James quickly gave her $50, so she’d get off his lap and not noticed the bulge in his pants. But Lexi noticed, and she wanted his hard cock more than ever.

With her mother and brother gone for the weekend, Lexi felt it was the right time to make her move. Her seductive ways had worked on her math teacher, she was certain they would work on her father. If it turned out to be a one-night-stand, that would be fine. It could be their secret affair, and life would go back to normal once her mother returned home. She chose those tiny shorts her stepdad always seemed to stare at a bit too long when she wore them around the house.

Lexi could feel her stepdad’s eyes staring at her cute butt again that Friday night as she checked all her social media apps. She knew it was time to seduce her stepfather, so she spoke up. “Hey Dad, do you think I have a hot body?”

James almost coughed-up the beer he was drinking. He didn’t expect Lexi to ask him that, especially now that he was staring at her teenage ass. After a few seconds, he responded. bahis siteleri “Were did that question come from?”

Lexi turned to look at her stepfather and saw him quickly refocus his gaze on the TV screen, but she now had confirmation that he had been staring at her. She cracked a small smile and sat-up before facing him. He bouncy C-cup tits in that small tank-top were now in full-view for James, and Lexi wanted him to check out her cleavage.

“I’m asking because the boys at my school are all so immature, and I was thinking of focusing my attention on older guys. I have these kind of open and honest talks with mom about guys and, you know, sex. But I wanted to get your opinion, because you’re an older man.”

Normally James would’ve clammed-up and explained how this was an inappropriate conversation between a stepfather and his step-daughter. But the stiff-cock in his pants pushed James to take a chance and see how far this went. Maybe he could get some sexual stories about Lexi’s boy toys, and he could have some vivid images to stroke to when he went to bed.

“Do you mean like the guys you’ll meet in college? Because I don’t know what college guys are like these days. I’m a 48-year-old married man.”

Lexis answered “No, silly. I mean guys your age. You guys seem to know exactly what you want, and you know how to get it. I’ve spent too much time showing the boys I’ve dated where to find my clit. I think a guy like you would know exactly where it is and how to stimulate it. You might not want to hear this, dad, but I’m a teenage girl who likes to cum. Most girls my age aren’t like that, they’re stuck on love and all that crap. I have urges that need to be satisfied, you know,” Lexi said as she got up and sat on the couch next to her stepdad.

“Come on, Dad. We can talk about this, I’m sure there’s a lot you can teach me… about older men,” Lexi said as she grabbed her stepdad’s arm trying to get him to speak.

James sat there for a minute with his mouth open in shock at what his stepdaughter was telling him. He also stayed silent because it felt like his cock was about to burst out through his pants. Lexi took a quick glance at his crotch and could tell her naughty discussion was having the desired effect on her stepdad.

He finally spoke, “Look, I’m glad you’re not wasting your time on some boy, because they will lie to you about being in love just to get some action. But older guys can be the same way, and you definitely don’t want to waste time on some middle-aged guy.”

“I know all that,” Lexi told her stepfather. “I just want to explore my sexuality now, and I don’t want anything else from older men. But you never answered my question, do you think I have a hot body? Or would older guys think I look too young to fool around with?”

James felt it was his time to make a move and see if his stepdaughter would respond like he hoped she would. “Since you want to have an adult talk, I’ll give you an adult answer. I think you have a perfect body, Lexi, one that older men like me would love to experience at least for one night. To be completely honest, I sometimes have a hard time focusing when you walk around in clothes like the shorts and top you have on right now.”

Lexi then exhibited a shy, flirtatious smile while taking a quick glance at her own body. She loved hearing confirmation that her stepdad liked what he saw, now she knew he might be willing. She lunged over and gave James a big hug, her breasts squeezing against his upper right arm and his chest. Lexi knew she had to take it a step further.

She got up and put her long, smooth legs on either side of her stepdad. She was straddling and facing him, something she had never done with him. “You know, Daddy, you can check me out all you want, just make sure mom doesn’t catch you. I can let you see as bahis şirketleri much as you want, nobody but us would know,” Lexi said as she rose just slightly up and forward, giving her stepdad a closer look at her tits and she tried to grind her pelvis on his crotch. Even though they both had short on, Lexi could feel her stepdad’s hard cock pressing against her tight teenage pussy.

James was in heaven. He stared into her eyes as he held her steady with his hands on her small waist. “What if I wanted to do more than just look?” He then slid his hands down and softly gripped her cute butt.

That got Lexi really moving, up and down on her stepfather as she squeeled a tiny bit, knowing she was going to get fucked tonight by her stepdad. “I’m DTF, Daddy. I’m down to fuck. Do you think you can handle your teenage stepdaughter?”

“Do you think you can handle me? Because I you got me so hard right now, Lexi. I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad for the past few months,” James said as he kissed his stepdaughter, passionate wet kisses that went down the side of her neck to her ripe, round tits.

Lexi couldn’t wait any longer, she wanted her Daddy’s cock inside her now. Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation after weeks of imaging how it would feel to fuck her Dad. She stood up, dropped her shorts rapidly. She wasn’t wearing any panties to give her stepdad a better view. James stared at her pussy for a few seconds, she was shaved smooth and it looked tight.

She leaned over and reached for the waistband on his basketball shorts, pulling them down to his ankles. She didn’t even want to wait for him to take them off completely, she wanted to ride her Daddy now!

James said “Are you ready for Daddy’s hard cock, baby?” Lexi replied quickly, “Yes, Daddy. Take me now.”

Lexi slid her tight pussy onto her stepdad’s rock-hard cock. James remembered something, and tried to stop his stepdaughter from impaling herself on his penis. “Wait, I should get a condom. I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“Don’t worry about that, Dad,” Lexi explained. “Mom put me on the pill a while back, even though I always use condoms. But this time, I want to feel my Daddy’s warm cum fill up my pussy.”

Lexi slid herself fully onto her stepdad’s cock, it took a couple of minutes. It was a tight fit, but she was so wet, she got him all the way inside her.

“Yes, Daddy, give me that cock,” Lexi said as she moaned in pleasure and rode her stepdad. “God, this feels so good. I never knew this could feel so good. You can fuck me whenever you want, Daddy.”

James was doing his best to keep up with his insatiable stepdaughter. He held onto her, gripping her firm tits as she bounced up and down on him. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ride my cock, baby. Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhhh,” he said as he thrust his cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh Daddy, I’m cummmmmminnnnggg!” Lexi screamed as a gush of her sex juice poured down her stepfather’s shaft. She clenched her body one last time as she fell forward. She slumped forward as her stepdad continued to thrust inside her. He wasn’t finished, but Lexi could tell he was getting close.

“Yes, Daddy, keep going. I want you to cum inside me. Fill me up, Daddy. I want you to fuck me all night!” Lexi told her stepfather. “Uhh, uhh, uhh, okay, I’m gonna cum now. Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes!,” James said as he pumped his stepdaughter full of cum.”

They sat there in the same position on the couch, trying to catch their breath. James kissed and groped his stepdaughter, taking her tank top off. He sucked and licked every inch of her breasts, something he only dreamed of doing a few moments earlier. Lexi was loving it, and her arousal was starting to rise again as she felt her stepdad’s cock start to harden again inside her pussy.

“I was serious, you know,” Lexi told her stepdad matter-of-factly. “I want you to fuck me all night. I want it hard, and I want it in every room in this house in every sexual position possible. Whenever mommy is not around, Daddy is gonna fuck me.”

To be continued…

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