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Author’s note: All Characters in this story are 18 and over. The main Character Roger is 26 years old as is Annika.


J. Kenneth Worthington had always prided himself on being a straight forward no nonsense kind of person. When it came to letting people know what he thought about a certain issue, he didn’t mix words or beat around the bush as they say. He cut right to the chase and got to the point. In short he told you what he thought with out worrying whether or not he hurt our feelings.

Most people thought this was a bit brash or excessive but J Kenneth didn’t care. In his opinion, he had no time for useless platitudes. He felt that if you didn’t want to his opinion then you shouldn’t ask for it.

This attitude spilled over into his home life as well. He had been married for almost 30 years and had three children. Two of them he was proud of but one of them he felt was a constant thorn in his side so to speak.

His eldest son and his youngest daughter were his delight although they couldn’t wait to get out on their own to get away from J Kenneth’s overbearing ways.

His eldest son was named Paul David and he ended up becoming a successful lawyer for a large fortune 500 company and made a name for himself. He had J Kenneth’s drive for success but not his brash attitude Nevertheless he made J Kenneth proud of him.

J Kenneth’s youngest was his daughter Miranda. She went to nursing school and married a rich and up and coming doctor when she was still 19 She did well for herself and had a fairy tale life with a happy marriage and a loving husband to care for children to love and care for and who loved her equally as well.

This left J Kenneth’s middle child who was named Roger. Roger suffered from what could be best called “The Jan Brady Syndrome.” For those of you out there who are old enough to remember or be familiar with the popular 1970’s television show “The Brady Bunch” then you will know what this means. For those who may not be familiar with the show I suggest you do a Google search on the topic.

Roger always felt he lived in the shadow of his older brother Paul David and could never quite measure up. He seemed to have little direction in life and wasn’t a very good student in school. He was more interested in being a typical teenage boy and “finding himself” as a lot of teenagers love to say

Roger graduated high school and went to college mainly because it was expected of him. He floundered for a year and didn’t get very good grades so J Kenneth told him it was time he got out on his own and earn his own keep the best way he could.

Roger decided he would join the service and J Kenneth thought that was an excellent idea given the circumstances. J Kenneth figured that if anyone could make a man of him the Marines would so he had Roger join the Corp.

Surprisingly enough it worked. Boot camp woke Roger up to the fact life wasn’t easy and he had to either man up or wash out. He chose to man up. Roger made it through boot camp and afterwards assigned to a posting with a combat unit.

Roger’s C.O. was tough but fair as well as being a good mentor He expected a lot but also was there to find out what his troops’ strengths were and to help them utilize them.

Roger had always loved video games so his C.O. had the idea of assigning him to develop and test weapon guidance systems. It was a lot like playing video games and Roger soon found it came naturally to him and he excelled at it. By the time his six year hitch was up Roger had made Staff Sergeant.

J Kenneth had been secretly keeping tabs on Roger and had grown to respect him. He was beginning to think Roger had matured and was ready to take on the real world so he made him an offer. He proposed that Roger come to work for him as a network administrator and help him run his business.

Roger didn’t know what to think but he could tell his father had “changed” so to speak. No longer was he the smug over bearing tyrant he remembered but he had “mellowed,” at least that is what Roger thought.

The truth is J Kenneth had mellowed and become less overbearing but not by his own initiative. Things and situations had dictated that he better change if he wanted continued happiness.

First of all J Kenneth’s wife had divorced him shortly after Miranda got married. It seems she only stayed around for the children’s sake and once they were out of the house there was no reason to stay.

Secondly J Kenneth found out that his children left the house mainly to get away from him and his overbearing ways. Paul David wasn’t married and had no intention on being. He was a confirmed bachelor and loved the single life too much to be tied down with a family.

Miranda had taken on a new name and new family so Roger was the only one that would keep the family name alive so he knew he better make up to Roger before it was to late.

Lastly, J Kenneth’s health was starting to decline Nothing really major at first, but still at age 55 he wasn’t the man he used to be. He wanted canlı bahis desperately to regain his youth and vitality so that is one reason he took on a new wife, a beautiful and young Hungarian born woman named Annika.

He had met Annika on a business trip abroad and took an instant liking to her. He felt she could give him the new spark he needed to keep him young but mainly he wanted a pretty woman to have on his arm.

Annika was a ravishing beauty. She was 26 years old almost 30 years younger than J Kenneth and almost as old as Roger maybe a few months younger.

Annika stood about 5’9″ tall weighed about 125-130 pounds measured 34C-24-34 with long straight honey golden blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Annika also had long luscious well toned dancer’s legs and a sweet shaven and oh so perfectly pink pussy that would grip the sides of a man’s cock and milk it dry.

Annika’s marriage to J Kenneth started as a Green Card marriage but J Kenneth also helped her get her citizenship so she could stay here legally if something was to happen to him. He had influential friends who could expedite things and Annika was able to gain dual citizenship.

When Roger came home to work for his father J Kenneth had been married to Annika for almost a year. Roger was instantly smitten by her and the feeling was very mutual.

Roger was handsome man in his own right. He stood about 6’1″ tall had brownish blonde hair he had kept short because of being in the service. The Corp had also kept him in shape physically and he was quite muscular with a bare muscular chest well toned muscular arms and six pack abs.

It also didn’t help matters much that Annika was a free spirit so to speak in that she paraded around the house in little or nothing on and tempted Roger so very much.

It was all Roger could do to keep from going crazy. Annika knew Roger lusted after her and did her best to tease him but she wasn’t without mercy She let him know that it was a two way street and all he had to do was to ask and the gates of paradise would open and Roger could enter into Annika’s heavenly realm.

J Kenneth was also on to what Annika was doing but he said nothing. As stated above J Kenneth wasn’t the man he used to be. The truth was that J Kenneth had lost the ability to satisfy Annika the way she needed and she was now targeting Roger.

However J Kenneth also knew that if Roger kept resisting Annika would grow tired and seek attention elsewhere and that was something he didn’t want. He figured if he couldn’t satisfy Annika at least his son could, so he made Roger a proposition.

It happened one afternoon about 2 months after Roger moved back home. Annika had gone out shopping and J Kenneth and Roger were alone. J Kenneth asked Roger to join him in his study. He closed the door offered Roger a glass of Brandy then sat down and laid out his proposition.

J Kenneth was straight forward and candid like he always had been. He told Roger that he knew Annika and he had the hots for each other and he wasn’t upset. He also let Roger know that he couldn’t satisfy Annika the way a husband could but that Roger could so he told Roger that he should take on that responsibility.

Roger couldn’t believe his ears. Here was his dad giving him the go ahead to move in on his territory and sleep with his wife.

“You really want me to sleep with Annika,” Roger asked trying to clarify and confirm exactly what he thought he was hearing.

“That is exactly what I want you to do,” J Kenneth said. “I know I can’t meet her needs but I don’t want her seeking out other options so the best solution is to let you have Annika.”

Roger was perplexed and confused not knowing what to think “Does Annika know about this little arrangement,” Roger inquired not knowing whether or not he really wanted to hear the answer.

“Yes, and she is most excited,” J Kenneth replied. “I must warn you though, she is somewhat high maintenance and that is why I am giving you a good position with the company plus a handsome salary so can help her keep the lifestyle she enjoys and has grown accustom to.”

“Even though she expects a lot she gives a lot in return as far as love, companionship and affection as well as respect and loyalty,” J Kenneth added.

“Sounds good” Roger replied.

“But there is more I feel you need to know, the main reason why I am doing this,” J Kenneth continued. “As I told you, I am having trouble satisfying her urges so to speak. Well the truth is Annika has a strong sex drive and a veracious almost insatiable appetite for sex.”

“I know that at my age, my drive is not as strong as it used to be but I also know that when I was your age I was as virile vigorous and potent as the strongest bull and I know you have that in you so that is why I want you to take care of Annika for me.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Roger replied dumbfounded.

“All that is required is the word yes,” J Kenneth responded.

Roger pondered it for a few moments as he mulled it bahis siteleri around in his brain. He ran through all the pros and cons and tried his best to understand why his father was doing this but he couldn’t.

After much deliberation and arguing back and forth with himself in his mind, a voice so to speak spoke to him saying “Dude don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Your dad is handing you the keys to the kingdom and you may never have this chance again. Don’t be a fool and pass up this once in a life time opportunity. Seize it and embrace your destiny.”

“Bargain struck,” Roger replied

“Wise choice,” J Kenneth said. “You won’t be sorry. So as to give you and Annika your privacy, I have relinquished custody of the master suite and am taking residence up in the mother in law suite out back. For all practical purposes you are now master of the house and Annika is yours.”

J Kenneth handed Roger a set of keys. “Here are the keys to the Kingdom,” He said. “Worthington Manor such as it is, is now yours and you are now in charge. I am still here though if you need me but if what the Corp taught you has stuck with you which I am confident and certain that it has, you will have no trouble. Carry on,”

J Kenneth saluted Roger the way a commanding officer would a person who had just been promoted to his/her own command and with the deal sealed, J Kenneth exited the picture from this story except for maybe being mentioned casually in passing.

When Annika returned home an hour and a half later, Roger was sitting on the couch watching television, drinking a soda and smoking a cigarette.

He was wearing a red short sleeve t-shirt that had the emblem of the Marine Corps on the front. Roger was also wearing a set of gym trunks and a pair of white socks

Annika came in dressed in a sexy little black dress that looked more like a nightie than a dress. It had a spaghetti strap on each shoulder a low plunging u-shaped neck line that showed off lots of cleavage and a high skirt that flared and barely covered her ass plus showed off lots of leg. Annika also had on a black set of lingerie with matching garter, a set of black thigh high stockings and pair two inch high heels.

Annika was toting in lots of shopping bags and Roger got up to help her. She told Roger to just place them on the couch that was next to the one he had been sitting on and she would go through them later.

“Thanks hon,” Annika said giving Roger a kiss on the cheek. “You’re a such a doll and real lifesaver.”

“You’re welcome,” Roger replied as he sat back down on the couch.

Annika then casually proceeded to strip out of her clothes right there in front of Roger like it was nothing. She first slipped out of her heels and then removed the straps from the dress as slinked her sexy body out of it and let it fall to the floor before picking it up and draping over the back of the couch where her shopping bags were.

Annika then proceeded to take off her lingerie. She started by taking off her bra but she fumbled with getting it undone and when she couldn’t, she took off her panties instead and tossed them aside. She then tried getting out of her bra again but the clasp seemed to be hanging on something.

“Damn this stupid bra, I can’t get it undone,” Annika said as she huffed in an exasperated tone. Then without giving a second thought she turned to Roger and said “Can you help me get out of this stupid thing?”

Roger didn’t know what to think. It was every teenage boy’s wet dream to have a hot chick ask your assistance in getting her bra off. He would have been foolish to pass up an opportunity like this and one thing he knew was that his momma didn’t raise a fool

Roger fumbled with the clasp then he noticed it was caught in part of the lace. He worked the clasp back and forth being careful not to break it or damage the material. After about a minute or two of carefully working it back and forth and wrestling with it, he freed the clasp and Annika let the bra fall to the floor.

“Thanks hon,” Annika said as she turned her head back to kiss Roger but she missed his cheek and caught him on the corner of his lips. However, unbeknownst to Roger Annika had intentionally missed.

Roger and Annika smiled at each other then they sat down on the sofa Annika was now naked except for her stockings and garters

Annika then took a cigarette out of her purse and went to light it but Roger said “Allow me,” and lit the cigarette for her.

“Thanks babe,” said as she blew out the smoke from her first puff and then scooted close to him.

“So I take it you had that talk with your father about you and me,” Annika inquired nonchalantly as she exhaled the next puff of smoke and put her arm around Roger on the couch behind him then softly and lovingly began to scratch the base of his skull with her fingernails.

“That I did,” Roger replied.

“And,” Annika said with a smile. “So what’s the verdict as they say here in the U.S.?”

“Well it looks like me and bahis şirketleri you are going to be a couple,” Roger said smiling.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Annika purred lustfully as she perked up and got excited. “I promise you won’t be disappointed hon.”

Annika would then further sweeten the pot so to speak as she laid back against the arm rest with her legs spread wide then sensually moved her hands up and down her body cupping her sumptuous breasts then slowly rubbed her pussy.

“After all I knew you couldn’t pass up an offer as good as this,” Annika added with a lustful seductive purr as she took the index finger that had been stroking her pussy and placed it in her mouth and savored her own juices. Annika then sensually and seductively licked her lips as she looked right at Roger with a beckoning expression on her face..

Roger’s head was swimming and his hormones were raging. He wanted so badly to leap on Annika right there jump her bones and take her as he fucked her good. However Roger kept his composure swallowed hard and replied “Nope.”

Then a wicked grin crossed Annika’s lips as a deliciously decadent and naughty thought went through her mind. Annika raised up so that she was on her hands and knees and next to Roger

“Well hon, since we are going to be lovers, I guess that means I can give you what I have been wanting to give you since the first day I laid eyes on you.”

“And what would that be,” Roger playfully asked not really expecting what was coming next.

“This hon,” Annika replied and without warning she planted a long wet deep tongue probing tonsils swabbing kiss on Roger’s lips.

Roger was taken a bit by surprise but he didn’t fight the kiss. Instead he gave into it and let Annika deepen it even more. Annika then took the kiss up one notch and climbed in Roger’s lap and sat in it facing him as she embraced him while still kissing him.

Deep inside of Roger the feelings of carnal lusts and desire were welling up and instead of fighting them, he relinquished control to them and allowed the primal carnal lusts and the lascivious wanton decadent desires consume him.

Roger embraced Annika and pulled her soft warm naked form to his Roger then deepened the kisses and soon their tongues were probing each other’s mouths as they continued to kiss.

This kiss was long and basically continuous lasting for almost five minutes or so and was only broken for brief moments as they came up for air. As they were kissing, Annika took her hands and pulled off Roger’s t-shirt exposing his bare muscular chest.

Annika swooned with joy and a look of glee came over her face as she saw Roger’s bare muscular chest and shoulders along with his rock hard six pack abs. Annika then re-embraced Roger as they once again sat facing each other with their chests touching.

They continued this way for a few minutes. Roger felt Annika’s soft warm supple breasts pressing in against his chest. He pulled Annika even closer to him and deepened the kiss even more.

Annika felt Roger’s massive 8 inch cock through his gym trunks as it was now fully erect and throbbing. Annika broke the kiss only long enough to stand up and pull off Roger’s gym trunks and briefs which Roger helped her do.

Annika’s eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning and she gasped and exclaimed with a lustful playful tone “Oh my we are a big boy aren’t we!”

Annika wasted no time in climbing back on Roger’s lap and now except for Annika’s thigh high stockings and matching garter she was still wearing they were both completely naked.

“Oh God baby I gotta feel you inside me NOW,” Annika exclaimed breathlessly and without hesitation and in one fail swoop she placed her hand between them grabbed Roger’s cock. She then lined it up to her pussy lifted her body and guided it into her eagerly hungry and waiting pussy.

Roger felt his cock slide into Annika’s wet warm and inviting pussy and it fit like a hand in a glove. Annika crooned with delight as Roger’s hard tool slipped into her and she began to slowly ride him as she kissed him.

This was Roger’s dream cumming true. He was fucking his own step mom but he didn’t think of her as that. To Roger she was his lover.

Annika speeded up her fucking motions as the carnal passions in her began to rise and soon she was bouncing up and down on Roger’s cock fucking him like a wild woman.

“Oh yes baby,” Annika moaned in an almost whiny tone as she continued to rapidly bounce up and down on Roger’s cock.

Roger was just beginning to see just what his father had been talking about when he mentioned that Annika had a veracious appetite for sex. It felt like Annika was grinding his cock down and all that would be left was a nub.

Roger also felt Annika’s sweet sugar walls grip the sides of his cock. It felt like 1000’s of tiny velvety fingers stroking his tool and it was all he could do to fight from cumming.

Annika could feel her orgasm build inside of her and it wasn’t long until her pussy juices began to trickle out and cover Roger’s cock. Roger felt Annika’s juices trickle over his cock and it caused it to twitch. Soon Roger’s cock was swollen with cum and it was only a matter of moments until he would come.

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