Steffan and His Two Sisters

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Big Balls

Steffan & His 2 Sisters: A Few Lessons Learned


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Digital Camera

Chapter 2: An “Around-the-World-Epic-Tour-of-Sex”

Chapter 3: “Post-Orgasm Attention”

Chapter 4: 365 Days of Pleasure

Chapter 5: Michelle

Chapter 6: The Phone Call from Natalya

Chapter 7: My “First Date” with Katrina

Chapter 8: “A Million Little Lightening Bolts”

Chapter 9: The Consummation of Love

Chapter 10: Sibling Roommates

Chapter 11: Katrina’s Striptease

Chapter 12: A “Special Reward” for Steffan

Chapter 13: A Second “Special Reward” for Steffan

Chapter 14: “Reverse Cuddling”

Chapter 15: Epilogue



Hi, my name is Steffan. Right now (with this is being written in March 2016), I’m 29 years old.

I’ve got a 100% blood sister who’s 3 years older than me, and her name’s Natalya.

And I’ve got another 100% blood sister who’s 2 years younger than me, and her name’s Katrina.

We’ve got 2 normal parents, we live in a normal middle-class neighborhood, and we’ve always attended public schools.

Chapter 1: The Digital Camera

At age 19, I was a college freshman living at home while attending the nearby University.

For a year I’d been working at the local grocery store… and I’d bought myself a nice second-hand digital camera really cheap from one of my buddies. We had taken a photography class together during our first semester at the University, and we learned all of the basic techniques for creating good visual images (coloring, balance, framing, lighting, contrast, subject matter, focus, and also the need to consider your target audience). After we finished the class, my buddy wanted a better camera… so that’s why he sold me his old one.

Despite the fact that there are billions of free images of naked ladies on the internet, looking at those images really didn’t interest me too much. Why not? Because the images weren’t real… and they were way too easy to obtain. Plus, they weren’t anybody that I knew in real life.

Another thing that I’d noticed was all of the bald pussies that were so prolific on the internet (literally billions of them). Suddenly, I’d found myself wondering if Natalya had a bald pussy.

Porn videos? Nope… I definitely wasn’t interested in watching porn videos, hairy pussies or not. I simply didn’t (and I still don’t) find guys to be attractive under any circumstances… and definitely much less so when they’re unclothed. YUCK!!!

Plus, to me… guys in porn just appear to me to be horny selfish bastards who don’t care even the slightest bit about the female they’re doing.

But I decided that I’d definitely be interested in having a few nice images of Natalya unclothed to fap to… bald pussy or not. The idea of having sex with Natalya seemed to be an interesting mixture of taboo and convenience.

Since Natalya and I shared a bathroom door that accessed both of our bedrooms in addition to the hallway, I figured that it’d be real easy to pick the privacy lock. Opening the door when I’d hear Natalya in the bathroom with the shower running (she always sang in the shower so I always knew when she was in there) and sneaking the camera along the floor into the bathroom from my bedroom door to obtain few shots of Natalya in the shower seemed like a pretty good idea to me. So… that’s what I did.

The next time Natalya was in the shower, I quietly picked the lock and then pushed the bathroom door open a few inches and took a few dozen shots. Closing the door and relocking it was easy, although I did get a nice jolt of adrenaline during the entire procedure.

Returning to my bed, I checked out the photos. The vast majority weren’t aimed properly, but I did manage to obtain several reasonably decent shots of Natalya. Yup, she had a nicely unshaved and naturally hairy pussy. I thought that Natalya’s pussy was simply gorgeous.

Of course, to keep my photographic activities from getting noticed by Natalya… I did make certain twice that the camera’s flash was turned off first by testing it.

Well, not surprisingly… Natalya noticed the movement of the big bulky black camera being set on the floor of the bathroom via the bathroom door leading to my bedroom, and then being removed a few minutes later.

Thinking that it was pretty funny to have her idiot younger brother photograph her naked in the shower… Natalya simply walked into my bedroom in a towel after finishing up her shower, and she sat down next to me on my bed.

I was immediately informed by Natalya that she had seen the camera, that my spying activities didn’t bother her, and that she wanted to know if I was successful in taking some spy shots of her naked with my camera.

Surprised that Natalya didn’t mind being secretly photographed, I showed her the images on the little screen of my camera.

Only a few shots captured images of her naked body… canlı bahis the other pics were of the wall, the toilet, the door on the other side of the bathroom, and the ceiling.

Laughing loudly at me and the poor quality of the photographic images, Natalya asked “So why didn’t you just ask me to pose naked for some pics? Or ask me to put on an erotic strip show for you? I’d have stripped for you, Steffan… and I’d have taken EVERYTHING off for you… seriously!!!”

Rendered speechless (I’d have NEVER guessed that any sister would actually be wiling to do sexual stuff with her brother), I couldn’t really respond verbally to Natalya… which she also thought was pretty funny. She seemed to greatly enjoy seeing me flustered and nervous and excited… all because of her.

Chapter 2: An “Around-the-World-Epic-Tour-of-Sex”

That’s when Natalya said “OK, Steffan… I think it’s time that you get an Around-the-World-Epic-Tour-of-Sex… and I’m gonna be your tour guide. Yeah, I enjoy taking the virginity of an innocent guy. Whaddya say to that, huh???!?!??!?! But don’t cum to fast… I’ve got a LOT of really cool stuff to show you….”

“Now Steffan, listen up. I’m gonna enforce the Rule-Of-Three… meaning that to keep you from getting too excited and cumming too fast, I’m gonna limit the stuff we do to sets of three. That means three sucks on your cock when I demonstrate a blowjob, and three thrusts of your cock inside my pussy in each of the different sex positions that I’m gonna demonstrate. And everything should feel really good for us, ‘cuz I’m on the pill and we’re not gonna use any stupid condoms. Got it??!?!??!? OK, good… “

I was pretty excited to hear those words being uttered by Natalya… and then I got even more excited as she unfastened my belt and jeans, took out my erect cock, and started to lick it and suck on it. Wow!!!!

I don’t know how on Earth I managed to not cum quickly in Natalya’s mouth, but I didn’t. It was probably nervousness and disbelief… plus, she had warned me not to cum too fast.

After three sucks and then three tongue rubs against my cock, Natalya helped to get my shirt and pants off… and then she tossed aside her towel.

With both of us naked now, Natalya went back to slowly sucking on my cock for three more times, and then did three more tongue licks. Simply rubbing my hand along Natalya’s smooth naked body while taking in the sight of her was an amazing thrill.

That’s when I gained enough courage to reach over and start fingering Natalya’s hairy pussy… which felt soft, warm, and wet. OH, YEAH!!!!

When Natalya stopped briefly, I was ordered to lie on my back.

Readjusting her position, Natalya climbed on top of me while announcing “This is called the 69 position, Steffan… which I’m sure that you’ve seen pics of couples doing to each other…..”

Being given an amazing close-up view of Natalya’s female plumbing was my next thrill… her beautifully wet hairy pussy and her tight little asshole.

Slowly I began to lick Natalya’s soft hairy pussy while she fondled my erect cock… and I stuck my nose between her butt cheeks and rubbed it against her asshole.

The subtle scent of Natalya’s freshly showered asshole was fantastic. It smelled exactly like an asshole.

So…. how would I know what an asshole smells like if Natalya was the first person that I’d been naked with? OK, I’ll admit it…. yes, I like to sniff the toilet paper after I’ve wiped my own asshole after taking a shit. Sometimes I like to wipe my asshole before taking a shit just to see what it smells like. Anyway, I really liked the smell of Natalya’s asshole.

Once again, Natalya performed three sucks and three cock licks on me… while I continued licking the lips of her warm pussy, and burrowing my tongue inside her pussy lips as far as I could push it in.

“Hey Steffan… now you’re gonna officially lose your virginity to me. This position is called the reverse cowgirl. Remember not to cum inside me yet, OK????”

I agreed as Natalya was positioning herself backwards on my hips, and felt my cock slide inside her pussy. I t felt great… sort of like warm, wet velvet. She gently gyrated with my cock sliding in and out of her body three times.

Rolling off, Natalya asked if being inside her pussy felt good.

“Of course” I exclaimed happily.

“Cool, now this next position is called spoons. Slide your cock into me from behind, OK?”

Natalya was lying on her right side facing away from me, and raising her left leg. It was pretty easy to slide myself inside her, but my stiff cock didn’t feel as though it went in too far… although I certainly did enjoy the feeling of thrusting my hips up sideways against her cute butt.

I was allowed three thrusts… then Natalya pulled away, and I slid out.

“Doggie style!!!” Natalya announced loudly as she presented herself on all fours… my erect cock slid inside her once more… and I enjoyed the required maximum of three thrusts inside her pussy.

Moving forward and plopping herself down on her back, and spreading bahis siteleri her legs seductively, Natalya announced “Final lesson, Steffan… get ready to graduate. This is the classic missionary position. It’s my favorite. No need to be gentle, and no need to count. Feel free to thrust inside me as many times as you want. And feel free to cum inside me, too… the deeper, the better!!!! Well, c’mon… what the hell are you waiting for????”

I guess that I was mesmerized by the beauty of Natalya’s feminine body. But soon enough, I was inside her and we were slowly rutting against each other’s hips… both of us were moaning with a guttural pleasure.

Oh man, did the inside of Natalya’s pussy ever feel fantastic in the missionary position!!!

Gravity was my friend… and my cock went deeper inside Natalya’s warm pussy than any of the previous positions. Oh, yeah!!!

As we undulated, I really wanted to kiss Natalya on the lips. Maybe suck on her lips, and rub our tongues together. Feel her breath inside my mouth. Smell the aroma of her breath. Gently gnaw on her soft red lips with my teeth.

Yeah, those activities would’ve been the icing on the cake!!!!

Yeah, but Natalya didn’t seem interested in doing anything like kissing me on the lips… despite the fact that she had tried to kiss me on the lips so many times when we were young.

Nope… Natalya turned her face away from mine whenever I moved my lips closer to hers.

The feeling in my gut was a bizarre combination of absolute acceptance (my cock burying itself inside Natalya’s pussy; no condom; permission to squirt cum inside her??!?!?!) and rejection (Natalya turning her face away from me as I tried to kiss her on the lips?!??!?!?).

That bizarre combination of acceptance and rejection sorta delayed the pleasure that my cock was feeling, and I thrusted slowly inside her for several minutes. Natalya seemed to really be enjoying the ride, though… and I enjoyed being able to know how much pleasure that I was giving her. When Natalya finally started breathing super fast and hugging me tightly is when I had my orgasm.

Pushing my cock as far as possible into Natalya’s pussy, and then freezing momentarily, is when I squirted my liquid cum inside her. We both shuddered happily.

My only wish was that Natalya didn’t turn her face away from my face during that ultimate moment of ecstasy.

I laid on top of Natalya for a short time. Pretty soon (a lot sooner than I wanted), Natalya struggled to get out from underneath my limply spent body.

“Hey Steffan, that was really good. You lasted a long time. Did I honestly take your virginity? None of the other guys from whom I’ve taken virginities lasted long enough to make me orgasm. Are you SURE that you were a virgin????”

“Of course, Natalya… why would I lie to you? But hey, thank you for taking my virginity. Your pussy felt great!!!”

I was lying happily on the bed as Natalya started to get up… to leave, I assumed.

Chapter 3: “Post-Orgasm Attention”

“Aw, Natalya, can’t you stay here with me for a while? Just because my cock is limp now doesn’t mean that I want you to leave. And a limp cock doesn’t mean that I’m finished with your beautiful body. I still wanna admire your body and stuff. You know, let’s just wrestle around on the bed for a few minutes. I still wanna enjoy the view of your amazing body. Please???”

Although she was a little bit surprised by my request, Natalya agreed to spend some more time naked with me on the bed. I had fun rolling around on the bed with Natalya, and checking out her body from different viewpoints… and her body definitely was beautiful.

Natalya did seem to enjoy this extra dash of “post-orgasm attention”. None of her boyfriends ever wanted to do much of anything after cumming inside her… except to fall asleep or leave, Natalya admitted.

It was at that point I asked Natalya to sit with me naked on the bed, and have an honest discussion. Giggling and shrugging, Natalya agreed.

So we sat on the bed, and talked. Mostly we discussed Natalya’s previous boyfriends, how she lost her virginity (at age 15 to her second serious boyfriend), how many guys she’s taken the virginity of (four; including me), and why her relationships didn’t seem to last for more than a few months (most were mutual break-ups; one guy was a cheater/player type).

It was enjoyable talking to Natalya while she was sitting naked next to me. I liked that fact that we were making eye contact. I enjoyed watching her lips as we talked, and glancing down to check out the rest of her ultra-hot body.

I thanked Natalya again for sharing her hot pussy, told her that I liked the fact that she didn’t shave down there… and then I stated that I really would have enjoyed french kissing her sweet lips.

And I asked Natalya specifically… did she turn away from my face because she knew that I had licked her pussy and rubbed my nose on her asshole??? Or did she truly NOT want to kiss me????? Like… we can never kiss on the lips???? Because she had tried to kiss me on the lips so bahis şirketleri many times before when we were young….

Genuinely appearing to be surprised by my questions about kissing her, Natalya needed a few long moments to formulate her response.

“Look, Steffan… you’re my brother. OK??? When we were young and I tried to kiss you… well, that just doesn’t count. Now that we’re a lot older, I figured that we could have a cool siblings-with-benefits type of relationship. No drama, no problems, no heartache. I don’t understand why you’d wanna kiss me. Brothers and sisters shouldn’t be doing that type of stuff at our ages. Fucking for sure, but not romantic kissing. French kissing a sibling is just weird. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you… it just means that I don’t love you like THAT…. and I’m never gonna love you like THAT. We aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, and we’re never gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend. Sorry!!!”

“I’ve never had an FWB relationship before, Steffan. You’re my first FWB, but you’re the only guy with whom I’d ever even consider having an FWB relationship. Why? Because I didn’t think there’d ever be a danger of you and me romantically falling in love. Brothers and sisters CANNOT fall romantically in love… or at least, that’s what I’ve always believed.”

“Now you’re asking to kiss me on the lips, and you wanna french kiss me. Well, Steffan… I don’t wanna french kiss you. And BTW, me not wanting to kiss you has nothing to do with your nose rubbing on my asshole.”

“If you’re in love with me, Steffan… then we can’t be fucking anymore. I don’t love you like that, and I’ll NEVER love you like that. Sorry!!! I don’t wanna hurt you. Seeing your camera in the bathroom while I was in the shower made me figure that you were simply horny… and I figured that we could have a lot of fun naked together.”

It was my turn to respond. I explained that yeah… I had suddenly developed a severe romantic crush on Natalya.

I told Natalya that I wanted to be her secret taboo boyfriend, and she flatly stated that was completely impossible.

So… I told Natalya that I had enjoyed being inside her magic pussy and losing my virginity to her. If she wanted to be an FWB with me, then that would be completely fine. I wanted us to keep on fucking each other whenever we had the chance.

That’s when I asked Natalya that in the future, if we could always make some time to talk while naked… before and after fucking. Carefully, I explained what I’d like to talk to her about. – I’d ask her about lip kissing, and she could refuse. – Natalya could gently slap my face and tell me “Nope; that’s not gonna happen!!!!” – Natalya could grab my face with her hand, squeeze my cheeks and mouth, shake my head and say “Forget it!!!!”

Sort of like being a polite dominatrix, I told Natalya, is what she could do to me.

Natalya agreed. She admitted that my ideas were actually pretty creative, and that it sounded like a lot of fun.

Chapter 4: 365 Days of Pleasure

Our “siblings-with-benefits” relationship lasted about a year. Several times a week, Natalya was the polite dominatrix who would let me fuck her… but flatly refused to let me kiss her.

Whenever Natalya would take a shower, she’d leave the bathroom door open into my bedroom and I’d always join her. It was fun soaping each other up, doing mutual masturbation, enjoying oral, and fucking doggy-style while standing up.

Sometimes we’d fuck on my bed during the day with the window blinds wide open. I liked riding Natalya on top, my arms outstretched, my eyes staring down at her face, and imagining how great it would be to kiss her sweet lips.

I really liked that way that Natalya would throw her head back and scream at the moment of orgasm when I was on top of her… I’d push my cock inside as far as it could go, freeze, and squirt cum deep into her pussy.

Sometimes Natalya would sneak into my bed at night, and we’d quietly fuck in the darkness. We’d rub our cheeks together, which I enjoyed a lot.

We always fucked in my room (night or day) because of the mess we’d make on my comforter or my sheets. Natalya had to teach me how to do laundry, so mom wouldn’t see the stains on my bed.

Only one time did I put a big beach towel underneath us to try and catch the mess, and to save me some laundry work. I didn’t like the feeling of that stupid beach towel underneath us… and me getting distracted; trying to make sure that the towel was gonna catch our mess.

So I decided to ditch the idea of trying to minimize our mess. A little laundry work was a small price to place for the extreme pleasure of enjoying the natural feeling of “no-towel” and “no-distractions” and “big-mess” sex.

On the issue of kissing… I’d often wondered how Natalya thought it was OK for us to fuck but not to kiss. Weird.

But after fucking during the day… I did enjoy sitting naked on my bed and talking with Natalya about kissing, looking into her eyes, staring at her lips, checking out her boobs and her hairy pussy, being refused permission to kiss her, and having my cheeks and mouth squeezed by her hand. I also enjoyed wrestling around naked with Natalya on the bed afterwards and enjoying the view of her amazing body. Natalya probably thought that I was weird, too.

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