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Have you ever been lonely? I’m not talking my boyfriends at work be back tonight lonely. I’m talking loneliness as in you feel it in your bones, all the way to your core, a loneliness so deep it freezes your soul. So alone that even in a crowd of many your only one. One becomes a refrain that your tormented soul profanes.

Your heart cries as it see couples of two when there is only you. You see them and wonder what you’re doing wrong? Why does he/she have someone? What did they do different then me? As you sit and eat for one. As you sleep in a bed alone. You long for sleep cause in your dreams you’re the queen/king.

In the time between wake and dream the dream fades and the reality that it was all just a dream and your heart screams. The same sad theme please give me someone to hold to have hold me you wonder how long you can stand the pain. As the tears rain down your cheeks into the coming weeks. You long to fall back asleep into the deep warm embrace because you can’t face he truth that you see in the realm of the UN asleep.

As you drift down into slumber you lover bursa escort awakes arms open wide a smile on his face. Here nothing you do is wrong he loves you no matter what you do. As you step into his arms he kisses you ever so softly like he’s afraid that you might break at the slightest pressure. As you and he kiss the feelings get intense. The kisses are coming faster and harder your tongues entwine your breathing increases hearts beat faster. Hands began to roam, touching, holding, gripping, and rubbing. His mouth moves to your ear lobe he gentles takes it into his wet hot mouth.

You cannot suppress the need to moan as he gently nips the tip with his teeth. He moves his decadent mouth down to your neck his velvet skinned tongue laps at your pulse sending chills down your spine. Before you have time to catch your breath his lovely mouth is once again on the move. He takes your taunt hard aching nipple into his mouth. He feasts on your breast in wicked hunger sending you over the edge your knees buckle. He lays you down to the white silk cover bed.

The feeling of the bursa escort bayan cool sleek silk on your heated flesh adds a new sensation pushing you closer to the edge. He moves to give the other breast the same loving care you writher in ecstasy. You can see the love reflected in his eyes his every move for you he knows what you want/feel and how to make you scream. He lives for your moans they are the food that he eats. And tonight he is ravenous. His mouth is again on the move ,hot wet mouth to silky flesh he licks and kisses a path down stopping to stick his tongue in and out your belly button in a mating rhythm you find it easy to imagine that tongue doing the same on the achy dripping valley between your legs.

He kisses one thigh then the other you tense wondering if he will indulge your silent wish. No his magic tongue is now lavishing its attention on the back of your knees. Of the flesh there is so sensitive your moans once again feeding his hunger. A tongue slowly licked up your inter thigh. The moans are louder now. Then there it is what you want, longed for his fingers escort bursa part your intimate lips opening you to for the assault of his sinfully mouth he licks your clit into submission. You remember to breathe as air rush into your lungs.

It’s forcefully expelled as he begins to lick your most intimate area in long slow forceful strokes. Your on the edge he flicks the tip of his tongue on your clit sending you over. You ride his tongue though your climax. He laps your juice enjoying your taste. As you start to recover he is once again kissing you as he enters you. You gasp as he fills you full. He begins to move in a nice slow pace building you back up. For he loves to make you fall. You revel in the feel of your soft breast pressed into his hard chest.

You wrap your legs around his wrist to hold him to you. As he rides you into oblivion seeking his release. His strokes get harder and faster. You feel him deep to your core you cry out as you fall over again. But this time your not alone you feel the evidence of his release deep inside your womb. As the tremors subside he smiles down at but smile turns into a frown as you begin to drift away.

You wake to the sound of your alarm clock and another day to be alone but you smile for you know that at the end there is the night and sleep with dreams of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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