Little Death Fantasy

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Author’s Note: Part of this piece was written by another, and though he wishes to remain anonymous, I thought it proper to give him partial credit.

The sheets are so cold in my bed all alone; in the sleeping cave I’ve made myself. The dark tries to silence my mind, like the quilted cover of a birdcage, but my loneliness will not fall silent. Outside my curtain, others move about continuing their night, I just lay trying to force slumber upon my being. I curl up against my pillows and wish they less soft and more realistic to my fantasies. Fantasies that you aren’t far way, occupied with graduate school, but very near. I imagine laying there in silence and hearing the door open. I can hear the soft, steady footprints of someone trying not to awake another. I imagine my curtain being pushed aside, and I can see your outline in the dim light.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve had you close enough to touch you. I don’t need anymore light then I have, for though it’s been months my figure tips remember every contour of your body. How did you get here my mind, wants to ask. I’m not going to spoil the moment. Just the surprise of your presence has brought my body heat to a boil.

There is not much room to move on the dorm mattress on the floor of my cubby. You have to lay your whole body weight across me in order to fit in there with me. The pressure from your weight is marvelous. The feel of your hips on mine, and my breasts crushed between us, causes my breath to quicken.

I gaze up towards your eyes. They reflect what little light there is. I can almost see your face. The smooth lines and outline of your hair. You are so desirable. I would be contented just to held by you, feel your arms keep me safe, and know that for right now, I’m being taken care of. To feel only bliss is not something I don’t permit for myself often, and to feel it now is a benediction.

You smile with relief. You’ve felt the distance as much as I have, and you’ve traveled a long way to be here tonight.

You carefully slide off me and when you are comfortable on your side you pull me into the curve of your body. I feel at home resting against your chest; as though I belong there and nothing could move me aside from my own will to move. I sigh, and breathe easier. I need just a moment ground myself in bursa escort the contentment.

Once I have assured myself that you aren’t going to leave, I glance up into your eyes again. Its a pleading look, that says I have I’m tuned into your soul, but I want your body too. It’s been so long since I felt your flesh slide into mine. Though I am relaxed, and comfortable, my body is begging to be fed your essence. The euphoric state only makes it more demanding. My ability to form verbal language decreases rapidly. I need sex.

You can’t help but to chuckle to yourself. You’ve seen that glance a million times. It’s been a long time, but you still haven’t forgotten how to make me beg for it.

I pull myself up so that I can join my lips to yours in a long awaited kiss. My tongue searches for your familiar taste as our warm lips wrestle with each other. It has been so long that even this merest touch sets my heart racing. I can feel from the growing bulge that is pressing against my leg that you are excited too. I shift so that I am now straddling you, and my weight presses against your firm body, but it is more than just the pressure that I want. I let my kiss slide away from your mouth and trail down along your neck. I know just how to make you squirm underneath me, as I tickle the sensitive spot where your shoulder stops and your neck begins.

All the while I can feel your arms moving across my back, pulling me into you. Then your hands stray from my back and search out the warm recesses under my armpits, but that is not their goal. You are slowly trying to sneak up on the sides of my breasts, and my nipples rise to greet your encroaching fingers.

You push me back up off of you, so that you can remove the cloth barrier between you and your goal. Just as you have my arms trapped above my head with my nightgown, you reach up and trace a slow, wet line between my breasts with your tongue.

I can feel the surge of wetness rising between my legs, and something on my inside cry for sex. It has been so long; the muscles in my pussy need to feel that long familiar stretch. But they will have to wait, because neither you nor I are done playing just yet.

I eagerly rip your shirt over your head, and attack your belt buckle. Meanwhile, your hands are cupping my breasts and massaging inward, bursa escort bayan pressing them together, with your thumbs pressed firmly against my nipples. I finally breach your pants’ defenses, and thrust my hand down into their reaches to find your rod hard and waiting for my touch. I grab it down at the base, and give it a firm tug upwards. I hear a gasp of breath escape your lips, so I know that you are ready for more.

You roll me onto my side, so that you can slip your underwear off, and more importantly reach into mine. While I roll your shaft between my hands, you slide an exploratory finger into my now soaking slit. You let it roam all the way along almost to my anus, and then bring it back until it settles on my clit. There, another finger joins it, and they set to work in slowly rotating around the sensitive spot. My breathing is increasing, and the muscles in my cunt desperately need something to squeeze. I look up at you, but I can tell from the look in your eye that I’m not going to feel any release just yet.

Why does this feel so unfair? I feel tortured, and half of me wants to just relax, to just give up the fight to control myself. The other half refuses, she is not prepared to give up, this should last forever. This is desire in its most primitive and wonderful form. The self-restraint causes my whole body to shiver and beg, you want to go on, but I know one word from you could finish me.

It becomes a competition to me, who can last out the longest. I don’t want to lose so soon, so I slide down your legs. The motion pulls my thong tighter between my vaginal lips rubbing sensitive nerves. The quick movement is almost enough to make me forget myself, but I grit my teeth and focus my attention on your breathing to distract myself. You give me a feigned look of irritation for sliding just out of the reach of your arms. I smile and answer you by licking the base of your belly. The skin tightens with surprise as your muscles tighten, and I can feel you force them loose again. I kiss your skin with swollen lips varying each kiss just enough so you can’t relax into expecting any one thing.

I support my head, with my hands on your thighs, tickling the top of your muscles with my fingers and pressing firmly with my thumbs on the inside, pushing down toward your feet. I’m escort bursa pleased with myself with I find your legs as hard as the rod that protrudes from between them. I tickle the tension in your legs with my tongue, being sure to blow a bit of clod air onto each spot to receive a brief shiver. You seem to be restraining against something by that point, and you seem extremely focused on something I cannot see so I take your shaft into my mouth.

Tasting your flesh is something I missed. Being able to feel your salty flesh slide over my tongue. I know where every vein is, and delight in feeling the familiar texture. I need one arm to suppose my weight but the other is free to aid my mouth in covering the lot of you. Your breathing assures me I’m doing it right, your eyes closed at this point and every once and in a while you groan quietly. For each noise that escapes your lips I can feel the searing heat between my own legs blaze.

I roll my lips a long your thickness, and I can feel your heart beat on my tongue. I’m tempted to stay there, suck the seed from you. I hunger for it. But my need to feel you in-between in my pulsing tunnel walls is stronger. You’re arching up at this point trying to pull me up far enough so that you can make love to me. I give you more troublesome lick up the length of your rod, and return myself to your reach.

I find myself below you in a matter of seconds, not really sure how I got there but not really caring. You raise yourself up on your arms above me, and I can feel the tickle of your member on the outer most area of my pussy. It’s agony, and I grab the sheets below me to keep myself from pulling you into me. “Please” my eyes beg of you.

Your thrust comes hard and unexpected. I cry out, though not really sure of what I’ve said. You pull out slowly, the suction of your action tickling us both with intensity. Your second thrust is slow and the third slowly. I unclench my fingers from the bed, and wrapped my arms around you. I need so much MORE, what I can’t label. YOU.

Your jaw has dropped and you’re panting, your eyes closed. Suddenly you twitch just right and it sends a shiver up my spine. I feel like I’m falling, and yet I feel finally relaxed, my muscles are still twitching, my pussy suckling you, and before I’m done you groan. I love the feel of you pulsing in me. You collapse on me. I hardly notice, for a moment I know nothing. I only feel. The metallic smell of sex brings back out of the darkness. I smile, at the weight of you.

That is what I imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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