Kyle and Jess Ep. 02

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It was Monday night. Kyle, Jess and Brittany, Kyle’s wife, were having dinner together, as they did every Monday night. While the three of them chatted about their days and weeks as though Kyle and Jess hadn’t spent the past three hours together, Kyle and Jess played with each other’s feet under the table. It was an amazing rush to do this in Brittany’s company for Kyle, and he knew Jess felt the same way.

The evening passed as it usually did. They watched TV for a while before Brittany went to bed, having been up early and needing to be up early again the next day. Kyle said goodnight, saying they will probably just watch a couple of episodes of a TV show and Jess will go home.

As soon as he heard the bedroom door close he turned, walked purposefully towards the couch, where Jess had swiftly relocated herself, leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. There was a soft smacking sound as they broke away. Jess shushed him.

“What if Brittany hears?”

“I know,” Kyle said softly. “Sorry.”

He sat next to her and kissed her again, this time being careful to keep it silent. They broke apart with cheeky smiles.

“I really want to sit on you,” Jess said.

“So, do it,” Kyle said eagerly.

“What if Brittany comes out.”

“It’s okay,” Kyle said. “We’ll hear her coming. We’ll have enough time.”

Jess still didn’t look sure. Kyle leant across and kissed her again, running his hand up her thigh, under her pleated skirt as he did. He shifted his kiss to her cheek, and softly and quietly kissed down to her neck and around her collarbone. Jess was running her hands around Kyle’s back, under his shirt.

Kyle canlı bahis shifted back, sitting on the couch. Jess followed, placing a knee either side of his lap, looking down at him. She placed her hands either side of his face. Kyle slid his hands up the back of her thighs to her ass.

Jess dropped herself down onto his lap, grinding her crotch in his lap. Despite the action of the afternoon he was ready for this very quickly. He felt himself go hard very quickly against her gyrating crotch. They made out almost aggressively as they dry humped on the couch. Jess ran her hands through Kyle’s hair, Kyle’s hands steering Jess’ hips somewhat unnecessarily up and down in his lap.

“I wish you weren’t wearing pants,” Kyle gasped, breaking off the kiss as Jess continued to grind fast and hard on his lap.

“Yeah?” Jess asked slyly.

“Yeah,” Kyle said.

“We can’t,” she said, but the words seemed to pain her. She slid sideways off him and resumed her seat on the couch. Kyle was momentarily annoyed, but followed her across, turning himself towards her.

Kyle slid his left hand around her shoulders, and his right up the inside of her thigh and up her skirt until his fingertips touched the edge of a different pair of lacy underwear. Jess gasped at the proximity of his fingers to her pussy. He pulled her closer to him with his left, and pushed the panties aside with his right, giving himself access to her wet pussy.

He started kissing her cheek and neck again as his right hand moved up and into her wet hole, sliding easily in and out, eliciting sharp breaths from Jess as her head rolled back onto the top of the couch, bahis siteleri her neck fully exposed for him. He worked his fingers in and out slowly, but gradually gaining frequency along with her breathing, which was quickly getting more shuddery.

Kyle moved to finger her clit as her breathing and body writhing increased further. Jess clenched her teeth and screwed up her face, making every effort not to cry out in pleasure. He quickly switched back to inserting his two fingers into her, simultaneously kissing her up and down her neck.

He drove his fingers hard in and out as Jess finally succumbed to the orgasm that had broken her banks, and was now cascading through her body, radiating from where Kyle’s fingers continued to drive hard, in and out of her.

As Jess’ breathing slowed and she regained control of her body she gently and wordlessly pushed his hand out of her panties and skirt. He let his hand rest just above her knee as she shifted, still breathing a little faster than usual, to rest her head on his chest.

“I don’t want to go,” she said softly.

“I know,” Kyle said.

They sat like that for many more minutes, delaying the inevitable moment Jess would have to get up and drive home to Scott, who would be home from work and waiting for her, and Kyle would go to bed where Brittany was fast asleep.

Once they had crept down the hall to the door, said a final long goodbye and Jess had driven away, Kyle returned to the lounge and sat back on the couch, allowing himself time to relax and reflect on another wonderful Monday.

If he left Brittany to be with Jess, he knew he would make enemies of all bahis şirketleri his friends, family and Brittany’s family. On top of that he didn’t really have a good reason to leave Brittany at all. The only reason to leave would be to be with Jess legitimately, but then would the intensity and excitement of their relationship survive not being secretive and sneaky?

He thought it would. They did make a good couple. They had plenty in common, they had very easy and natural banter and communication when the nerves of impending cheating wasn’t hanging over their heads. He thought she was more attractive than Brittany.

But he and Brittany ticked all those boxes too. What was it about Jess that made him keep coming back? He knew she was happier with him than with Scott, which was a lot of pressure for him, because he was sure if he were to initiate the split that Jess would follow.

They had talked about running away together of course. It was always fun and exciting to imagine life together. But the logistics and heartbreak that would cause always reared its ugly head in Kyle’s mind, and he had to face the fact that he was staying married. But at the same time, he didn’t want to stop seeing Jess either.

He was happy with the current situation, but could it last?

He sighed. His thoughts on his and Jess’ future, or lack of future did nothing to ease the tension in his pants. He undid his fly and pushed his jeans to allow his hands access. He pulled out his hard cock and closed his eyes. He reviewed the afternoon and evening with Jess in his mind, wishing she allowed him to penetrate her pussy with his dick. He imagined this situation as he jerked himself off. It didn’t take long until he came strongly for the second time that day over his hands and pants.

He quickly cleaned himself up, turned off the lights and went to join Brittany in bed.

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