Stanley’s Room

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So, check this, right? My girl Shauna was up in the ATL visitin’ her folks, which meant no P for me. Not till she gets back, anyway. I was horny as a mug though. I was ridin’ around, peepin’ the honeys as I talked to my boy Malik.

“So when she gettin’ back?” Malik asked me.

“S’pose to be today, but the girl done said she was stayin’ till Friday,” I answered.

“God-damn, yo. What she expect you to do, jack your dick till she get back?”

“No, she expect me to not do nothin’ till she get back, that way she can get it all from me,” I said with a laugh, and not because it was funny, but because it was true.

“I know that’s your girl and everything, yo, but she crazy? What’s it been, two weeks?”

“‘Bout that. Damn thing is, she prolly want to see how much come outta me so she can accuse me of fuckin’ someone.”

“True. True. Check this, though,” Malik said. “Just jack your dick now, and by Friday you’ll be back to where you are now.”

“Nah. If it ain’t no mouth or no pussy, I don’t illegal bahis wanna waste a nut on it,” I told him. “I’ll prolly just head home and—”

And then it hit me: Stanley would be at home. Stanley was some white dude my Moms met at an antique show. She said they fell in love immediately, and two weeks later they was married. I didn’t hate the man. I mean, it wasn’t like he was tryin’ to be my Pops or nothin’ like that. It’s just that when Moms left for work, Stanley would get lickered up on a half-pint of Jack and sleep till damn near it was time for her to get home. He’d cook dinner for us, and yeah, I’d hear them knockin’ dem boots every now and then, but fo’ reals? I couldn’t say anything bad about the man. He got a check for his gimpy foot, so he helped pay the bills. He was just … Stanley. And he was home. And he was prolly asleep. And—

“And what?” Malik asked me.

“Ah … Nuttin’, man. Look, I gotta take this call. Holla-holla.”


I drove back to the crib and went inside. illegal bahis siteleri I went to the back bedroom where Moms and Stanley slept, and sure enough there he was, stretched out on the bed, that empty half-pint of Jack next to his head. “Stanley,” I whispered, then hid behind the door cuz I started laughin’ over what I was plannin’. I peeped around the door and whispered louder, “Stanley!” I ducked behind the door again, then peeped around it to see he was still sleepin’. I went to the bed, reached out, and shook him as I said, “Stanley.” I jumped behind the door again, but when I peeped around it again he still hadn’t moved. That’s when everything changed.

I came out from behind the door and said, “Unh-huh. Unh-huh. Caught you sleepin’ on the job, mothafucka.” I pulled my shorts and drawers down and said, “Caught you with your mouf open, too.” I got on the bed and got close to his head. I could see a pool of drool in his mouth. That was okay, though, cuz I wanted it wet.

My dick was hard like it should canlı bahis siteleri have been, so I slid it into his mouth. Just the head, though. I started moving back and forth, fuckin’ his slobber-filled mouth. I pushed more of my dick into it. God damn! This shit felt good. At first, I was just goin’ in and out, real quick-like, but then I slowed down and began to long-stroke it, and half my dick was in him. I felt my balls tighten up, and next thing I knew I was skeetin’ all my sperms down his throat. I pulled out and pushed that last drop out of me and into his mouth. He rolled it around with his tongue, and then he swallowed that part, too.

My dick was still in my hand, and it was still hard, so I started jackin’ it. I laid back on the bed and jacked it like I was tryin’ to start a lawnmower. I kept lookin’ at Stanley’s mouth cuz that was where I was gonna put this nut, too. I felt it comin’ on me, so I sat up and put my dick right at his mouth and skeeted another load of sperms inside of him. Even though he was still passed out, he kept on swallowin’ them nuts every time I gave ’em to him.

That was enough for me, though. I figured that would get me through till Shauna got back, and if it didn’t? Well, I’d just pay ol’ Stanley another visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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