Spying My Son and Daughter

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I was away from home for most of the day. I finally got tired of shopping so I headed home early. I unlocked the door to the house and brought a few shopping bags inside. I noticed it seemed quiet and I didn’t hear my children, Nicole and Dan. I walked down the hallway and looked around the corner of a Nicole’s bedroom. I got the shock of my life.

There was my nineteen year old daughter and twenty one year old son. They were in bed together naked. Nicole had Dan’s cock in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down his erect dick. All sorts of things went through my head. This was so wrong and yet I was staring at both of them. I actually was getting turned on.

My sex life with my husband wasn’t so good these days. He barely touched me or kissed me. I was feeling my pussy getting wet as Nicole was arousing my son. I had to back away. I went and gathered up the shopping bags and went back out to the car. I drove away to a secluded place not far from where we lived.

I pulled over on this back road and stopped the car. I was thinking about what I just saw. I loosened my pants and pulled them and my panties down. My fingers found my wet gash and I pushed them inside me. I finger fucked my self for some minutes. I used my other hand to work on my clit. I thought that it should have been me sucking my son’s cock instead.

I brought myself to a peak and then I orgasmed. I normally don’t get that juicy but that day I exploded and gushed some liquids. I was panting like crazy, trying to calm myself. Finally, I cleaned up with some tissues and drove back to the house. I made some noise when I entered canlı bahis the house but Dan and Nicole had finished having oral sex.

My husband got home from work and we had dinner together. I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind of my children having sex together. Afterward dinner, I would look at the bulge in Dan’s pants. It looked like he still might be hard. I had to contain myself. Jack, my husband, wasn’t interested in sex that night. He promptly dropped into bed and fell asleep.

I just laid there in my nightie thinking of what I saw earlier. It must have been close to midnight. I got up and walked down to my son’s bedroom. I opened the door and stepped inside. I closed the door behind. I must be insane I thought to myself. Dan was on top of the sheets. He had a pair of briefs on. It was dark but I could still see the outline of his fat prick. I wanted it so badly.

I walked over and sat on the bed. I reached out and touched his bulge with my hand. That caused Dan to stir. I kept touching until Dan awakened.

“Mom?” He said to me.

He was still in a daze until he realized I was touching his bulge.

“I saw you and Nicole today,” I whispered to him.

It may have been dark but I saw his eyes go wide.

“I got turned on watching you both.”

Dan seemed to know what to do now. He reached down and pulled his underwear free. His long cock came springing out. He was already half hard. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I moved over and took my son’s cock in my mouth. All I could think of was I needed this in the worst way. I wrapped my lips around Dan’s shaft bahis siteleri and made him rock hard. Damn, he must have been close to eight inches in length. He was moaning softly as I worked my magic on his long shaft.

“Suck on it Mom,” he kept repeating.

I had something more in mind. I finally pulled my mouth away. I stood up from the bed and shed my nightie. I have nice size boobs and my nipples were hard right then. I knew I had to be quiet. I got up over top of my son. I don’t think he could believe this was happening. I rubbed my gash across his dick a few times and then I sunk down onto his erection.

It was quiet in his bedroom except for the slurping noises my pussy was making. My husband hadn’t fucked me in nearly four months. My pussy felt tight and I wanted Dan to stretch me out. He pushed up from the bed and filled my belly with his long dick. Dan reached up and squeezed my ripe tits. I had to put a hand over my mouth in order not to cry out from the fucking I was taking.

Dan finally took control. He flipped me over onto my back. He pushed back into me the whole way. He took hold of my legs and pushed them towards my chest. He proceeded to fuck me like some cheap whore. My son would pull his cock out and then slide it in the whole way. I know I let out some gasps as Dan fucked my greedy pussy.

We must have come to a climax together. I heard a few grunts and Dan filled me with his love cream. I milked every hot drop from his body. I needed it all. Dan must have shot five or six loads into my tummy. I was shaking when he finally finished me off. He pulled free and I bahis şirketleri cleaned the spunk from our loving with my mouth. I put my nightie back on and ran to the bathroom.

I cleaned myself the best I could and rinsed out my mouth. I didn’t go back to Dan’s room. It was too risky. I went back to my bed and dropped off like a baby. When I woke my husband was long gone. I hadn’t heard him leave. I threw my bathrobe on and went out to the kitchen. I got some coffee going. Nicole and Dan joined me shortly after.

I soon got a shock when Dan told his sister what had happened last night in his bed.

“I want you both in bed with me, all three of us together.”

The look on Nicole’s face must have been the same as mine. I couldn’t believe that Dan had blurted out that we had sex together. I can tell you that Dan has gotten his way with his mother and sister. We had a threesome one day. My son is a bull in bed. He ended up fucking both of us. You should have heard the sex noises being made. My son ended up giving me more of his cum.

The craziest part was afterwards. Nicole ended up going down on me. She used her tongue and lips to lick up the cum that Dan deposited inside me. My pussy was so sensitive after being fucked. Nicole gave me even more orgasms when she licked me clean. I feel like such a whore now. Dan has Nicole and me under his spell. We both need his hard cock inside us.

Nicole gets wild in bed. She will beg Dan to impregnate her belly. She is on birth control but hearing her cries makes me so hot. I sometimes want to tell Dan to make me pregnant as well. I have even thought about him doing that. What would happen if mother and daughter became pregnant at the same time. I hate to think of the repercussions.

For now, Dan had enough of his seed to satisfy both Nicole and myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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