Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Many thanks to CopyCarver who took the time to correct the original and make some extremely helpful suggestions. I am very grateful, thank you.


I was standing at the altar, wearing my old tracksuit bottoms, a paint spattered tee shirt and slippers. As I gazed down in horror, I heard the bells begin their insistent ringing, the noise growing louder by the minute.

It was the phone. I awoke from my nightmare and groped in the darkness for the handset, my heart hammering as I glanced at the bedside clock.


‘Susie? What’s the matter?’

‘Ella, I’m sorry. I feel so ill.’

I sank back onto the pillows and sighed. ‘I take it you’re not coming, then?’

‘I’ve been sick all night. I haven’t slept at all.’

‘OK,’ I soothed, realising my best friend did sound poorly. ‘Stay where you are and don’t worry. We can go another time.’

‘I know today was important for you. I’m so sorry.’

‘Look, stop saying sorry. It’s only a shopping trip. It would be different if it was my wedding day and my chief bridesmaid didn’t show up!’

I heard Susie laugh softly and after making sure she would get some sleep, I rang off. Now I faced a dilemma. What should I do? Carry on with my planned day in France on my own? Or stay here and spend the day worrying about my forthcoming nuptials?

Three hours later, as I steered my car onto the Euroshuttle at Folkestone, I experienced a thrill of anticipation. I was alone, out on a day of adventure, and any fears and anxieties were left well behind. I would stock up my car with all the alcohol it could hold, have a long leisurely lunch somewhere and head back relaxed and happy.

In a month’s time, I would be standing at the altar for real and all the preparations would be over. Cutting the engine, I glanced down at the wedding magazine on the passenger seat. The new edition was out and I’d bought a copy along with my breakfast sandwich and coffee. Despite my earlier euphoria, the sight of the beautiful bride on the front cover made my stomach flip with anxiety. I remembered the last conversation I had with Steve, my fiancé. I had tried to talk to him about the colour of the flowers for the church and his reaction was not what I had anticipated.

‘For heaven’s sake, Ella! Can’t you discuss this with your mother?’

I had excused his outburst by blaming work but secretly I wondered whether the tension was getting to him, too.

I sighed and opened my sandwich. Today was to be a treat and I was looking forward to an indulgent French lunch with a delicious dessert to follow. I had been dieting, like any bride, and my figure was just about how I wanted it to be, slim yet curvy. I imagined my journey down the aisle, my long brown hair loosely falling in soft curls over my ivory wedding dress, my make-up minimal, just enough to accentuate my dark eyes and creamy skin.

I was fiddling with the rigid plastic container when a voice in my ear made me jump. ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you travelled on here before?’

I stared at the man at my window. Warm brown eyes stared back and I smiled.’Um, yes, lots of times. Why?’

‘Is Cite Europe far away?’

‘No, it’s about five minutes.’

His face visibly relaxed. ‘I’ve been sent on a bloody wild goose chase and I thought it was miles away.’

I laughed at his relief. ‘I’m going shopping there as well. You can follow me if you want.’

‘I might just do that! Thanks.’ He grinned and I felt my stomach flip over again, but this time with excitement.

As he strolled back to the car in front of mine, I appreciated the view. Dressed smartly but casually, his jacket fitted snugly over broad shoulders, with dark brown hair cut short. I wondered why he was travelling to France. He didn’t seem to fit into the day-tripper category but if he was going to Cite Europe, I would certainly notice him again.

The journey passed quickly and I tried not to feel inferior after reading the feature on weddings of the rich and famous. Our celebration was on a strict budget and that was the reason why I was going to France to buy all the wine, beer and champagne we needed.

I suppose the best idea would have been to take Steve with me but when I asked him, he used every excuse he could think of not to go.

‘It’s work,’ he said, finally. ‘You know how busy I am at the moment. Why not ask Susie to go with you? Make a day of it?’

So my best friend and I had planned a long day of shopping and gossip and I was hoping to confide in her about my doubts and fears. After the shop, we were going to head inland and find a restaurant for an evening meal. I imagined a small cosy hotel, a long gossipy dinner and then the late train home.

However, despite the change of plans, I found I was enjoying myself. The sensation of freedom was wonderful after months of preparation and I realised I hadn’t been anywhere on my own like this for ages.

As France appeared in the train windows, I saw my companion get pendik escort out of his car. He made his way towards me and I felt my stomach contract with excitement once again.

‘You know that offer? Were you serious?’

‘Yes, of course. Just follow me to the car park and it’s easy from there.’

‘I’m really grateful.’ He squatted down and rested his hands on the door. ‘I’m Dan by the way.’

‘Well it’s nice to meet you, Dan. I’m Ella.’

‘Can I buy you a coffee to say thanks?’

I hesitated. As much as I found him attractive, I was a bit wary about having coffee with a complete stranger.

‘Um, I have so much to do…’

‘Please? Just one coffee?’

I laughed and agreed. He was so attractive and I felt myself grow warm at the thought of what he would be like in bed. I imagined those strong hands on my back as I slid onto him, the look on his face as he climaxed inside me.

Just recently, sex with Steve was almost non-existent. The wedding plans had taken over our lives; with him working so hard, he was tired and irritable when we did meet. It didn’t help that we still lived apart but I hoped that after the wedding, on our honeymoon, we could regain that sparkle that used to light up our sex life.

I drove off the train and Dan slowed to let me pass. I found myself distracted by the sight of him in my rear view mirror and was relieved when we reached the huge car park of Cite Europe and I could turn off the ignition.

‘See? It’s easy, isn’t it?’ I laughed as he walked towards me, a sexy smile on his face.

‘I’d never have found it,’ he joked. ‘All the road signs were in French!’

Minutes later, seated in a small café, Dan explained the reason for his trip. ‘I’m Best Man for a friend. He’s been looking everywhere for a particular champagne and this is his last chance.’

‘Why is it so special?’

‘Oh, it was the champagne he drank with his fiancée when they first met. Fond memories, I suppose.’ He laughed and I liked how his eyes crinkled at the sides.

I sighed. ‘That’s so romantic. I wish my fiancé was like that.’

Dan looked at me in surprise. ‘You’re getting married, too?’

‘Yes. This was supposed to have been a day’s shopping with my bridesmaid, but she’s ill. I didn’t have another free day so I decided to come on my own. It’s been fun.’

‘I agree.’ Dan looked at me for slightly longer than necessary and I blushed under his gaze. There seemed to be an instant attraction between us and I had a sudden mental image of us in a French hotel room, the sheets entwined about our naked bodies as he brought me to an intense orgasm.

‘So what about you? Are you married? Or attached?’

Dan shook his head. ‘No. I was with someone for a few years but we drifted apart. She was into her career and we hardly saw each other.’

He paused, his face becoming serious and I wondered if he had really loved her. Glancing at my watch, I drank the last of my coffee and stood up. ‘It’s been great, but I must get on and do my shopping. I hope you find what you’re looking for.’

Dan took my hand and squeezed it. ‘I think I already have, Ella.’

I blushed again and after saying goodbye, made my way to the large supermarket on the first floor. I felt unsettled after my coffee with Dan and I couldn’t get the images of us together out of my mind. Why was I behaving like this with only a month to go to my wedding? Fantasising about making love to a stranger was hardly the accepted practice of a bride-to-be.

I wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles of the hypermarket, unable to concentrate on what I needed. All I wanted to think about was Dan and the way his hair fell over his eyes, his warm smile, and his hard body pressed up against mine as I moaned his name.

Deciding to call Steve I dialled his work number. In front of me was a large selection of beers and lagers and I didn’t have any idea of what he wanted me to buy. Maybe talking to him would make me snap out of this dreamy mood and I waited and waited until I heard Mandy, the girl who worked on reception, answer.

‘I’m sorry, Ella, he called in sick today, but you could try him at home.’

That was strange, I thought. He seemed fine last night when I called to say hello and he didn’t mention anything about feeling ill.

I heard the answer phone click on for his home phone and then his deep tones as he asked me to leave a message.

‘Damn!’ I muttered and resorted to calling his mobile, which to my dismay also clicked onto voicemail.

I began to worry now. It was unusual for Steve not to answer at least one of his phones and I wondered if he was too ill to get out of bed. Trying not to panic I decided to leave the beer until later and made an effort to think about which wines we needed and how much champagne.

My trolley was full when I rounded the end of the aisle and came face to face with Dan.

‘Oh hi,’ I said, my heartbeat increasing. ‘Did you get your champagne?’

‘Yep, all done. I found it in a little maltepe escort shop downstairs. How about you? Doing OK?’

‘No, not really,’ I said, explaining how I was worried about Steve and my lack of knowledge with beer.

‘He’s probably asleep, Ella. Don’t worry. Call him later.’

‘It’s just so unlike him.’

Dan thought for a minute and then suggested he help me select the beer. ‘I’m a pretty average bloke. I’m sure whatever I choose will be fine.’

I agreed and soon his trolley was stacked with my beer and we made our way to the checkout. ‘Look, I’m so grateful, Dan. I think we’ve both helped each other out today.’

‘I agree, Ella. Why don’t we have lunch together? A mutual thank you?’ He grinned and I couldn’t help but smile back. However, thoughts of Steve filled my mind and I knew that I couldn’t relax while I was so worried.

‘Let me try and contact my fiancé again and then I’ll think about it, OK?’

Dan shrugged and started to hoist the heavy boxes of wine onto the conveyor belt. ‘Why don’t you ask a friend to go round and check?’

I looked at him in amazement. Why hadn’t I thought of that?

I hastily dialled Susie’s mobile number, hoping she had it next to her bed and heard her answer.

‘Susie! How are you?’

She sounded surprised. ‘Oh, I feel a bit better. Just a little tired.’

I explained about Steve and she agreed to go and check for me. ‘But you’ll owe me one!’ she chuckled and I rang off, a surge of happiness shooting through me.

‘Is lunch still on?’ I asked and realised I was flirting. I had a sudden desire to relax and experience some fun. The year leading up to the wedding had been hard work and I wanted to live a little, if it was only for the afternoon. Perhaps Dan could be a last fling before I settled down to married life.

‘I know of a little place not far away,’ Dan said as we loaded the boxes of beer and wine into my car. ‘It has a great menu apparently. What do you think?’

I agreed and after a short argument about who was to drive, I relaxed back into the leather seats of his smart Audi and gave myself up to the experience.

The restaurant turned out to be a small hotel and I tried to ignore the twist of desire that made my insides melt. Just the thought of us in a hotel room, spending the afternoon exploring one another’s bodies, made me grow hot. My libido, buried for so long, seemed to take on a new lease of life and the images returned with renewed force.

We were taken to an intimate table tucked into an alcove and I wondered whether the waiter thought we were here on a romantic assignation. I found myself shaking slightly as I took the menu and tried my best to concentrate on the French descriptions.

‘I’m impressed with your mastery of the language,’ Dan teased and I laughed. He really was good company, funny, friendly and kind and I wished I had met him years ago.

‘So, how long to the wedding?’

‘Not long enough,’ I replied and explained how Steve had changed since we had decided to marry.

‘Perhaps he’s just worried,’ Dan reassured. ‘It’s a big step to make.’

I agreed. I felt I wanted to tell Dan all about my worries but knew it wouldn’t be fair. He was watching me as I studied the menu and I loved the warmth coursing through my body as I sensed his gaze on me.

‘How do you feel, Ella?’

I paused. He seemed to want to listen and I started to speak but the arrival of the waiter caused me to stop and concentrate on my choice of meal. All thoughts of food had gone and I ordered a simple chicken salad. A heavy meal was the last thing I wanted.

Wanted… I thought I wanted Steve, but now I wasn’t so sure. How could it have come to this?

‘Ella, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you don’t have that happy glow that brides are supposed to have. Is this more than just worry about Steve being ill?’

I fiddled with my napkin and sudden tears sprang to my eyes. His concern was palpable and I ached to confide in him. ‘Yes, I think so, but it’s too late to stop now. All the plans…’ I trailed off and twisted the napkin into a tight spiral.

‘It doesn’t have to be. You need to be sure this is what you want.’

I sighed. ‘I thought it was what I wanted. Now I just don’t know.’

We gazed at each other and I felt as if some sort of understanding had passed between us. The tension was amazing as he reached for my hand and took it to his lips. His mouth was warm and dry and I closed my eyes as he kissed my palm, the sensation sending shivers down my spine.

The sudden ringing of my mobile made us both jump and I fumbled in my bag, willing it to be Susie with some good news.

‘Ella? He’s fine, OK. Stop worrying and enjoy your day.’

I smiled at Dan who grinned. ‘Thanks so much Susie. What are you going to do now?’

‘I’m going back to bed.’ I heard her yawn and I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Just let me know when you get home, OK?’

I assured her I would and relaxed into my chair. The kartal escort tension in me had disappeared but the growing ache in my pussy would have to be addressed soon.

‘This is so good of you to listen to me like this.’

‘It’s no problem, Ella. But I need to do more than just listen to you. You know that, don’t you?’

I nodded and looked down at my plate.

‘I feel there’s something between us, something difficult to explain. I understand what you’re going through, but I’d never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do.’

‘I know, I know. Oh, Dan. This is so hard! I love Steve but I’m not sure of anything any more.’

He took my hand again and I shivered. I imagined his lips on my skin, his tongue exploring my wet softness, making me shudder with the need for him.

‘I don’t normally feel like this about someone I’ve just met, Ella. I can’t explain why…’

‘I know. I feel the same.’

The waiter arrived with our food and I looked down at the salad knowing I wouldn’t be able to eat a thing.

‘Let me see if they have a room, shall I? We can just go and talk and see what happens.’

I nodded and watched as he made his way to the small Reception desk, my insides churning with nerves and anticipation.

What on earth was I doing? I should stop this now, make my excuses and ask Dan to drive me back to Cite Europe. Get in my car and just drive home. But I knew I wouldn’t. Some force was at work here and it was stronger than I realised. I wanted more than anything to go up to the room with Dan and make love with him until this ache had been satisfied.

He came back carrying a heavy hotel key. After an attempt to eat some of the food we had ordered we gave up. Dan took me by the arm and walked me up the stairs, my skin tingling as he touched me. I knew we were both nervous and I hoped that he was as understanding now as he had been all day. Neither of us said a word as he unlocked the door and ushered me inside.

The room was sweet and pretty and I gazed at the bed that dominated the room. It was so quiet and I went to look out of the window over the French countryside, my nerves making my mouth dry.


I looked around at Dan as he stood by the edge of the bed, a look of longing in his eyes.

‘I need you.’

I turned to him and smiled, his eyes revealing his desire as he watched me. We met and our kisses were deep and tender, my body trembling as I felt him press closer to me, the warmth of his skin making me tingle with anticipation. He drew me towards him, our eyes locked and I shivered at the tenderness and affection I read in his expression.

‘You’re so beautiful, Ella. Let me see you, please…’

I pulled my top over my head to reveal a white lacy bra, shuddering a little at the coolness of the room. He bent immediately and gently pulled back the material, licking all around my nipples as they stiffened immediately, so long had it been since they had had any attention. His lips were warm against my skin and I gasped as the cool air hit the trail of moisture. I closed my eyes and forgot about my wedding, the stress I had been experiencing and gave myself up to the sensations as Dan sucked and licked at the soft skin on my breasts.

I reached around and undid the clasp of my bra and my breasts spilled out of the silky material, making it easier for him to enjoy my aroused peaks. My hands felt their way to his head and I plunged my fingers into his hair, wanting him as close to me as I could get. He held one breast, his thumb rubbing the nipple rhythmically and I felt the sensation shoot downwards, the twist of desire making me gasp aloud.

I reached down and fumbled with his belt, needing so badly to take him in my hand. Dan stopped his kissing and helped me and then his hard cock was free. He groaned as I stroked up and down, his skin warm and hard beneath my fingers.

‘Oh Ella, that feels so good.’

He came closer and I rubbed the tip of his penis against my skirt, loving the feel of his hardness and obvious arousal.

‘I don’t want this to stop,’ I groaned as he undid my zip and let my clothes fall to the floor. His fingers found my waiting sex and gently pulled my panties to one side, stroking the soft inner folds as his mouth continued to work its magic on my breasts.

‘You feel gorgeous, Ella,’ he murmured as his lips teased my nipples, his tongue working in slow circles across my skin. I looked down at him and moaned, throwing my head back at the pleasure he was giving me, all thoughts of Steve gone completely

‘Lie down for me,’ he said and I obliged, relaxing back onto the bed as he removed his clothes. As he stood before me, I gazed at his hard body, his lightly tanned skin and broad chest with just a sprinkling of dark hairs. Leaning down and spreading my legs apart, he stroked my inner thighs, his teasing fingers brushing against my covered mound, and then gently removed my panties, which were damp from my own desire. The desperate need and yearning for him increased and I moaned as he bent his head, his lips making their way higher up my legs, moving ever closer to the folds of my sex. I squirmed as his mouth finally its way to my clitoris, his warm breath delicious on my damp mound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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