Soldiers’ Luck

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“You did not say that!” Sykes said with a giggle as we walked arm in arm back to her apartment.

“I didn’t know what else to say!” I said back through my laughter.

We walked on, laughing together. It was a chilly Friday night, so we walked close, savoring each others body heat. It had been another wonderful evening spent laughing and talking. I was sad knowing it would be ending soon. My laughter trailed off as I thought how little time we had to be together.

Sykes and I had been seeing each other for about two weeks now. I had been moved to the Fort she was on temporarily for some training, and we had met through a mutual friend. When I first saw her I knew I had to see her again. I hadn’t planned on seeing anyone while I was there, but she had been too alluring. Her intoxicating laugh, and her quick wit snared me as tightly as any trap, and she didn’t even know it.

She was beautiful, with long blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. Her skin was a delicate white sheet, occasionally marked with tattoo’s of her own design. On her right breast was a rose circling her nipple, where it blossomed. I had not seen it, but she had shown me her sketches of it. Her art was incredible, and I could only imagine what it looked on her full breasts.

Sykes stood about 5’6″, which was perfect for me as I was only 5’9″. Her breasts where large, but very firm. They stood out proudly from her chest, no matter how much she tried to hide them. Her hips curved in, and flared out perfectly to her round and toned ass. It was like her body had been painted by the Gods, and excruciating detail taken with ever inch of her.

She suddenly noticed I wasn’t laughing any more, and I could see the concern in her eyes. We walked in silence for a moment. I searched hard for the right thing to say, but nothing came to me. How could I tell her that I thought there was something more to us? Especially since I was leaving in a few days, and I would probably never see her again.

Suddenly she stopped, and pulled me to face her. We stood staring into each others eyes for sometimes. I pulled her close, and hugged her fiercely. She held me just as tightly. When we let go, we interlaced our fingers and walked on together. I felt the words I wanted to say get caught in my throat.

“When are you supposed leave?” She said finally in a very quiet voice.

“Monday evening.” I replied.

I knew that with every step I lost time to say what I needed to say. Would I be able to leave knowing I hadn’t even tried to tell her? I knew that if I didn’t tell her how I felt in my heart, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

“Sykes, there’s…something I want to tell you.” I said hesitatingly.

She looked at me from the corner of her eye, but said nothing.

“This short time we’ve had together has meant so much to me. Every minute I’m with you I’ve been so happy. It was the best luck I’ve had in a long time to meet you.”

We turned a corner and her apartment building loomed into view. I could almost hear the clock ticking away.

“I know that we hardly know each other, and we’ve only gone on a few dates,” which was true, but we still had spent all our free time together, “and I know I’m leaving soon. But I think that….”

Suddenly my words failed me. I felt my throat clench like a fist, and I couldn’t say another word. Sykes was watching me intently. Her eyes shown with, interest? Disappointment? Apathy? We started the walk up to her floor, and I could hear that clock ticking faster. My heart was beating out of my chest. The air suddenly didn’t seem so chilly.

“I know how you feel Andrew.” Sykes said to me.

I tripped on the step, and I heard her giggle as I quickly regained my balance. I looked at her, and she had a small secretive on her face. We walked on in silence. When we cleared the next landing, I saw her door. To me it looked like the back of a book. It signaled the end. I let out a defeated sigh, and felt my heart drop.

When we made it to her door, she stepped up to it, and turned to face me. As casual as could be she leaned against her door and watched me. I stumbled over my own tongue, trying to say everything at once.

“Sykes I really like you, and well I mean more than like, and I want to keep seeing you, but I’m leaving, and I know it won’t work, well I mean it could, but you know what I mean and I…” I said in breathy rush.

I could see her fighting the urge to laugh, and a slight smile kept slipping on her face. I just let the words trail off, feeling even worse than if I had been shot down.

“Andrew, you’re trying to hard. I already told you, I know how you feel. And feel that way too.” She said, and her smile widened and filled her beautiful face.

“Sykes, I really care about you, more than just some dates can explain. I want to keep seeing you, and I want to be with you.” I said very quietly.

Her eyes shone brightly, and she reached out and scratched the side of my head. I loved her finger nails, and how she tenderly drug them across my scalp. As if it where the most pendik escort natural thing on earth, I leaned in to kiss her. Then I felt her other hand grab my groin. It was firm, not unpleasant, but I knew it could become very unpleasant.

“If you’re going to do this, do it right. And don’t start what you won’t finish.” She said quietly, and I could feel her nails dig slightly into my skin. Her other hand slowly began massaging my balls, still with her firm grip.

I gave her the most passionate kiss I could muster. Her lips where wonderfully soft, and parted easily as my tongue slide past them. Her kiss was just like her hands, firm but gentle. The whole time her hand slowly worked my balls as my cock began to harden. When I finally pulled away, we where both breathing quickly.

“Is that the best you can do?” She said as her chest heaved.

Taking a queue from her, I grabbed her hair, gently but firmly, and pulled her hair back slightly and kissed her again. This time when I pulled back she whispered very quietly in my ear…

“I think we should go inside.”

She released my balls and turned quickly to unlock her door. I placed my hands on her hips and kissed the back of her neck, and caressed her stomach and legs. With a small curse she fumbled with her keys, and finally the door flew open. I’d barely made it in when she quickly slammed it behind me.

We embraced again, holding each other close, probing one another’s mouths hungrily. She drug her nails on my skin, sending little shocks throughout my whole body. My hand once again found her hair, and as we kissed I could feel her teeth occasionally nip at my lips and tongue.

Some how we managed to work out way into the living room, and onto the couch. Sykes pushed me back, and climbed on top of me. She kissed my neck, throat and lips with such passion. I felt her teeth gently sink into my skin, sending more shocks through me. I grabbed her hips and she drove my excitement to heights I had never experienced before.

Slowly her hips started grinding against me, and I could feel her hands rub against my back. She sat back, and without stopping her grinding pulled her shirt over her head. Her sports bra pushed her breasts up, exposing a wonderful amount of cleavage. She started to fumble with a clasp in the back, but I had other plans. Within a second, I had pulled my knife out and cut the middle of bra, and her breasts sprang free, bouncing happily.

I heard her gasp as the fabric of her bra where sliced through, but her smile told me she enjoyed the action as much as I did. She slid the bra from her shoulders, which thrust her breasts out even more. I stared at those perfect globes. Despite their size they didn’t sag at all, and they where perfectly shaped.

Realizing I was over dressed, I sat up slightly to make room to take my shirt off, but Sykes beat me to it. With one quick motion she grabbed my collar and tore the shirt in half. She pulled it down, trapping my arms at my side. Then she returned to her teasings, kissing and bite around my mouth and neck. The way her warm lips searched my skin, only to immediately feel her teeth nip at the most sensitive areas was driving me wild.

Her breasts rubbed against my chest, and I could feel a cold sensation as she moved. When I glanced down, sure enough her nipples where pierced, and her tattoo seemed to accentuate the piercing to an even greater degree. While I struggled to free my arms from my shirt, her hands roamed across my chest. She would caress me with her silky palms, and the rake her nails across my abs, and tease my nipples in a way I had never known.

Finally, after what seemed like a life time, I worked my arms free. I reached up a grabbed her hair, and rolled to side put her on the couch, and me in control. Sykes gasped as I did this, and tried to resist. I grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head. Using one hand I held them there. She continued to struggle, even as I kissed her again. Her kiss seemed to be even more wild than before. I bit her lips and teased her with my tongue.

With slow deliberate kisses, I worked around her neck, sometimes kissing, sometimes biting, and sometimes just letting my hot breath tickle her skin. I heard her moan as I reached her collarbone, and began working on her chest. Her breasts rose to meet my mouth , and she offered her nipple to my attention. I studiously avoided it. I teased around her breasts, making sure to get every inch of the, accept the nipples. She moaned and arched her back, trying to entice me to her nipples.

I left her nipples untouched though, and slow kissed down to her belly button. Her stomach was flat and smooth, and I could feel her well toned abs as I kissed and nipped at her skin. Finally I released her hands expecting her to try to take back control, but her hands merely drifted down to my head. She grazed my scalp with her nails, undoubtly leaving red marks.

Continue my downward travels, I came to the edge of her jeans. I undid the button, and took the zipper in my teeth. She looked maltepe escort down at me, as I slowly unzipped her jeans. Her back arched and she moaned loudly as I let my hot breath cascade across her covered pussy. I tugged at her jeans, pulling them all the way down, and carefully removed them from her.

As I worked my way back up to her pussy, I kissed and caressed her legs. I moved slowly up, slowing down even more the closer I got to most sensitive area. She squirmed and moved, trying to get me to her pussy quicker. When I thought I had teased her enough, I reached up and hooked a finger into her panties, and she arched her back allowing me to pull them down.

Her pussy was already wet, and very warm. I breathed in her scent. It was sweet and musty, and just filled me with desire. As my tongue touched her, she tasted as wonderful as she smelled. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, tasting all of her, and gently parting her lips. Her hands caressed my head, and encouraged me to do more.

I worked up towards the top of her pussy, and after a short search found her clitoris. I knew I had hit it when I felt her nails dig into my head, and she moaned loudly.

“Oh god yes, right there Andrew.” She said as my tongue made slow circles around her clit.

As I worked her clit, I caressed her pussy with my hand. She spread her legs wider, inviting me to enter her. I gently slide one finger into her, and then another. With a steady rhythm I slowly fingered her as I teased and licked her clit. As her breathing quickened, so did my pace.

“Hm god yes Andrew, keeping going.” Sykes moaned loudly, and her hands pressed my face down against her.

Her hips ground against my face, and her hands held my face there. I wanted to give her the most mind blowing orgasm I could, so I sped my pace up even more. She matched my rhythm perfectly, but it still wasn’t enough.

“Uh, I’m so close, I’m so close to cumming.” She said with a slight note of strain in her voice.

I sped up more, and inserted another finger into her pussy, but it still wasn’t enough. She was on the edging and needed just one little push to get over. With infinity care, I gently nipped lightly at her bud. That was the last bit needed, and I felt her orgasm crash into her. Her pussy contracted like a vice in my fingers, and her nails scratched me to the point they almost drew blood.

When she finally released her grip on my head, I gave her clit a few last licks, and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I sat on the couch next to her, and watched her gasp for breath. The sight of her breasts covered in sweat was truly mesmerizing. She took the hand that I had used to finger her and brought it to her lips. Her tongue felt like velvet as she tenderly cleaned her juices from my hand. When she was finished I kissed her again, caressing her breasts, and finally teasing her nipples.

Sykes pushed me back again, and straddled me. She leaned in next to me and whispered in my ear, “Now its my turn.”

Much as I had done with her, she worked her way down my body, kissing and biting. She played with my nipples, pinching them and biting them. At times almost to pain, but it was one of the most delicious sensations I had ever experienced. She lightly kissed my abs and belly button, and soon had made her way to my jeans.

She layed her head on my leg and caressed my thigh, always stopping barely before my groin, before starting back down. I could almost feel her breath on my leg. Occasionaly she would drag her nails down my leg, and I would arch forward, desperately try to get her to touch my cock/

“What, is there something you want me to do?” She said in a sultry voice.

“Please…please…” I stuttered.

“Do you want me to do this?” She said as she slowly worked her hand across my cock to my button.

I nodded, not being able to speak. Her hand slowly undid the clasp of my pants, and then she suddenly tore the zipper down. The sudden ferocity made me breath in. I offered little resistance as she pulled my pants and underwear down in one motion. My cock sprang free, and bobbled slightly.

Sykes slide her nails up my leg, causing my cock to jerk. She let out a low sultry laugh as I gasped and moaned. She held her head over my cock, letting her silky hair cascade across my cock. Her hot breath causing my cock to twitch, and made me writhe in anticipation. I ran my fingers through her head, and moaned her name when I could find my voice.

After what felt like a lifetime, I felt her mouth getting closer to my cock. I arched my hips desperately to get it there quicker. I was well rewarded when I felt her warm lips kiss the tip of my dick. It felt like lightening had just struck me. Slowly she ran her tongue up and down the length of my cock, covering it in saliva. One of her hands started slowly massaging my balls, with the same firm pressure she had earlier. When she finally took the head of my cock into her mouth, I was in total ecstasy.

I watched as Sykes slowly inched down my cock. It was the most incredible kartal escort feeling I had ever felt. Her mouth was so hot and wet. When she got about half way on my cock she slowly moved her way back up. I felt her teeth ever so lightly graze the skin on the underside of my cock. I groaned loudly and leaned my head back. It never hurt, but cause a sensation like I’d never felt before.

When she was back to the head of my cock, she began slowly stroking it with her other hand, and licked around the head of my cock. She tossed her hair back, and looked at me. The way her big eyes looked up at me, how she was holding my cock, I nearly lost it.

“If you thought that was good…” She said with a small smile on her face.

Wondering what she could do to top her last trick, I watched intently. Her mouth once again engulfed my cock. This time when she got half way on my cock, she kept going. The feeling of her warm mouth sliding all the way down my cock was so good, I couldn’t even gasp for breath. She held my entire cock in her mouth for a second, before slowly pulling all the way back up and started stroking my cock again.

“Don’t be afraid to get a little rough with me Andrew.” Sykes said with devilish smile on her face.

She went back to working my cock with her mouth. Her hands caressed my balls, and stroke my cock in a steady rhythm. Her mouth bobbed on my cock, and once again she surprised. I felt a low rumble in her throat, and it was like she was purring around my cock. I grasped her head, and sped her pace up. She responded willing and sucked my cock with greater vigor. I knew my orgasm was coming soon.

“Hun, I’m going to cum soon if you keep this up.” I said in breathy voice.

“That’s the idea silly,” She said as she popped my cock from her mouth. She sat back, but continued to stroke my cock, “Where do you wanna cum? On my face, in my mouth, or all over my tits?” She squeezed her arms together, pushing her breasts up even more.

“Oh god, on your tits” I moaned.

Her stroking quickened, and she kept talking dirty to me. I watched her tits jiggle and bounce with her pumpings. It wouldn’t be long before I came.

“Come on baby, cum all over my big tits. I want you to cum for me, cum all over me.”

She leaned forward again, and put her tits on either side of my cock. She pushed them together with her hands, and started tit fucking me. All the while her sultry voice encouraged me to cum. I felt my balls tighten, and I let out a roar as I came. My first stream landed on her face, as did my second. I came for what felt like an eternity. When I finally stopped her tits where streamered in cum, as was her face. She released my cock from her tits and slowly straddled me again.

“Well are you going to just leave me a mess like this?” She said as she pushed her breasts up, offering them to me.

I had never thought of tasting my own cum, but I was so aroused by the notion right then. My tongue covered her entire breast, getting every drop of cum. It was salty, not all together unpleasant, but different. As I licked my cum from her face, her hand played with her pussy. She brought her hand up, and licked her juices from it, and we kissed, passionately mixing are flavors together. While we tasted ourselves, and each other, Sykes reached back and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I put my hands on her hips, and she slowly sat back onto my cock.

She sighed into my mouth as she sank all the down onto my cock. My cock as so sensitive, it almost hurt. Her pussy was so tight, and so wet. She broke our kiss, and sat back, displaying herself for me. Slowly she started grinding her hips against mine. The way her body rolled with her grinding was beautiful, like a belly dancer. Her hands played with her tits. Sometimes caressing them, other times pinching her nipples and twisting them. Watching her pleasure herself, I felt my cock get even harder. She moaned loudly. I brought my hands up from her hips, and cupped her breasts in each hand. I brought her forward and licked her nipples.

As I began biting and teasing her nipples, and her hands found my nipples in return. Her nails drug across my chest, leaving red trails, and could feel her stomach gyrate against mine. Everything about her was stimulating. My cock was in her hot pussy, my nipples teased by her hands, my neck by her mouth and teeth, my chest by her tits. Even though I had just cum, I already felt another orgasm quickly approaching. I grunted, and tried to say something, but found I was in to much pleasure.

Once again she sat back, still teasing my nipples.

“You gonna cum again? You wanna cum inside my tight wet pussy? I want you to cum inside me baby, I want feel you cum.” She groaned.

Her gyration sped up, and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I couldn’t even moan as another orgasm washed over me. My cock spasmed, and Sykes slammed her pussy down on me and moaned. Her pussy tightened on my cock, and it felt like I was being milked for my cum. My head spun, and my vision blurred for a few seconds. I had to shake my head several times before I was really able to focus again. Sykes had a grin like Cheshire cat on her face. Her head was leaned back, and her eyes where closed. Slowly her hips started grinding again, and she looked at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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