Snowed in the Dorm

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This is a fantasy that is based on actual events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I almost spent the weekend at a bowling tournament instead.

It was the first weekend back on campus after winter break during my second year of college. And yes, I was on my college’s bowling team. I know what you’re thinking… fame and fortune and all the chicks I could handle, but it wasn’t too prestigious, really. I tried out for my high school bowling team two out of three years and didn’t come close to making it. By contrast, I didn’t have to try out for my college team. There wasn’t a lot of competition, and as a result we were terrible. But we still participated in tournaments. We had gone to the national tournament in Atlantic City right after Christmas a few weeks before, and it was a real trying experience. The rest of my team was far more interested in having a good time, and since we were packed 4 to a room there was really no escaping it. Things got really heated when the alcohol and sleep deprivation got to everyone, and I vowed at the time that I would never do it again. Even still, I really did consider going to the tournament, but in the end I passed because I didn’t need a repeat performance of that nightmare. Plus, there was a huge snowstorm coming.

It was the mid-90’s, and although lately it seems like there are 2-3 major blizzards hitting the east coast each winter, back in those days anything they thought might happen always seemed to fizzle out. Not this storm.

Saturday was Groundhog’s Day. I think he saw his shadow. My dorm was nearly empty. Most of the locals went back home after the first week of classes to unwind and pick up some more stuff, but with the threat of a major snowstorm, they were leaving and not coming back until classes resumed, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. My roommate and suitemate went home, leaving me, 250 miles from home and with the whole suite to myself.

I ate dinner in the dining hall and went back to my room in a funk, looking at the bleak prospect of a long, lonely night in my room. Despite everything, I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right decision. Suddenly there was a knock on my door, and I would never doubt my choice again.

My friend and neighbor June was at the door. She was a sprightly little ball of energy, barely 5 feet tall with long brown hair she usually wore in a pony-tail. She was button cute and had great taste in music, and I probably would have had a huge crush on her if she didn’t have a boyfriend. It helped that I liked Paul. I didn’t usually like the boyfriends of my female friends, but he was a good guy. It turned out that he was in the dorm visiting for the weekend. She invited me to come and hang out with them. Relieved that I wouldn’t be alone all night, I grabbed my keys and followed her across the hall.

It was me, June, Paul, and June’s roommate Gina. Gina was a sweet girl, 5′ 4″, a little stocky but she had a pretty, round face, shoulder-length brown hair and big brown eyes. We were friendly but we never really hit it off. Our group for the evening was completed with the arrival of Suzie through the bathroom from the other side of the suite.

I did a double-take. Although Suzie was part of our circle of friends, she was an Occupational Therapy major, which was very demanding, and she was a notorious study-holic. We barely ever saw her except for meals and the occasional social event. I guess that since it was early in the term she didn’t really have a lot of studying to do. Suzie was an astoundingly gorgeous girl, 5’10” in stocking feet, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a beautiful freckled face. Plus she was from Charlotte and was a quintessential southern belle complete with the accent and the attitude. She tormented me from pretty much the moment I first set eyes on her in our freshman year. I desperately wanted to get closer to her, but she was a very aloof girl. She was like a magnet for me, attracting and then repelling me over and over again, and yet I always kept coming back for more.

We all sat around for a while, trying to think of an idea of what to do for the evening. I’m not sure which of the girls brought it up, but suddenly the girls were talking about having a fashion show. They were going to dress in their sexiest outfits and the guys would take pictures of them with their cameras. Paul and I weren’t about to object, and we were ushered back to my room while the girls changed.

Paul and I spent maybe half an hour in my room waiting anxiously. I had been alternately playing my guitar and listening to Led Zeppelin when June had came calling, so we bullshitted about music to pass the time, but always keeping half our attention on the door. Finally the knock came. Gina and June came to fetch us. They were both heavily made up with their hair teased. They wore tight blouses with knee-length skirts. They both looked amazing.

Then we all went and knocked on Suzie’s door. “Come in,” she said. We opened it to the sight of Suzie rolling pendik escort a nude stocking up one of her long legs. It was by great leaps and bounds the sexiest thing I had ever seen at that time. I was in the back of the crowd so I could stare in open-mouthed amazement. Well, at least I don’t think anyone noticed. Suzie finished adjusting her stocking and stood up. She was also wearing a tight blouse with a short skirt and the aforementioned stockings. She was supposedly an aspiring model back home and it was obvious why. She looked like she came right out of a magazine.

We walked into Gina and June’s room. They had a black light and a strobe light going. Together they made an eerie flashing glow. There was some thumping club music playing. Paul and I pushed their beds together and made a runway for them to walk across. We were each handed a camera and told to take pictures of them as they ‘did their little turns on the catwalk’.

Paul was understandably preoccupied with June, and although I was captivated by Suzie I made sure I got some good shots of Gina as well. Paul and I did our best to fit into the role of fashion photographers. We turned our baseball caps backwards and crouched on the floor, snapping photos of the girls as they strutted by. We kept at it until we exhausted all the film the girls had. I remember I saw some of the pictures once but didn’t even think to ask about keeping any. I wish I did.

When it was over Paul and I were sent away again so the girls could change back into regular clothes. In the meantime the storm had hit in full force and there were already a few inches of snow on the ground. We started talking about what else we could do that night and Paul had the crazy idea of playing football in the snow. Tackle football in the snow. Surprisingly all of the girls were up for it. Somebody had a football, I forget why, but with 3 girls and 2 boys I was sent out into the dorm to find a third guy to balance out the ratio. It didn’t take me too long to find one of the freshmen, a goofy guy named Bob. The six of us bundled ourselves up and went out into the snowstorm.

Even though it was a pretty major snowstorm, it wasn’t particularly cold or windy. It was a majestic evening, really, with the snow falling. There were actually lots of people outside. I guess the usual Saturday night party crowd was just congregating outside because they couldn’t travel to their usual hangouts, and they all stood around in groups around the student union chatting in the snow.

We went to a field beside the student union and chose up sides. It was me, Bob, and June against Paul, Gina, and Suzie. We didn’t really keep score but my side lost badly. Paul wasn’t a jock but he was about 6′ 2″ and probably 220 pounds. I was 5′ 11″ but barely 120 pounds in those days. Bob was an average guy and June was tiny, so when Paul ran with the ball nobody could stop him.

For my part I took great care in tackling the two girls on the other team. I would wrap them in a bear hug, and then gently lower them to the ground. I thought I was being gentlemanly, but I’m not sure how the girls saw it, especially Suzie. After I took her down for about the fourth time, she grabbed a handful of snow and threw it down the back of my coat. I let out a yell and went back at her, chucking snow and tackling her again while everyone else watched and laughed. Suddenly I was lying on top of her, staring into her beautiful face, and she looked like an angel in the snow. After a few moments she pushed me off of her, and then got up and brushed herself off and walked away without a word. Although it was somewhere in the back of my mind that tonight might be one of the best opportunities I’ll ever have to get close to her, it didn’t seem like it would ever happen.

Eventually we got our fill of tackle football in the snow and trudged back up to the dorm, cold and wet and exhausted. It was already after midnight. When we got upstairs Bob wandered off, and Suzie also said good night and went back to her room. I figured that was the end of my rare chance to get anywhere close to Suzie.

I was tired but wired and the rest of us eventually agreed to watch a movie in Gina and June’s room. I changed into sweats with a t-shirt and boxers underneath and came back over. Everybody else settled into the beds and I camped out on the floor. We started watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (am I dating myself, or what) which was a hilarious movie, but after maybe half an hour everyone else decided they just wanted to go to sleep and basically kicked me back out into the hall.

I was starting to think that maybe sleep was a good idea, after all. I started walking back to my room but I was surprised by the sound of a door opening. It was Suzie, poking her head out from behind her door.

“Hey, would you mind coming in here for a minute?” Suzie asked.

I could have said that if there were hot coals between me and her room I wouldn’t have minded, but I followed her into her room, curious about what she maltepe escort wanted. After I walked into the room, I noticed three things in quick succession. First, Suzie closed and locked the door behind her. Second, her room was almost completely dark, with just the glow of the streetlights outside and a small lamp that was giving off a faint pink glow. Third, Suzie herself was dressed in a long, fluffy white robe that went down to her calf. I couldn’t imagine for the life of me what she wanted. “What’s up?” I asked flippantly.

Suzie didn’t answer right away. She moved to the other side of the room, so that she was silhouetted by the glow coming from the windows. “I know you must think I’m a big stick-in-the-mud,” she began, “Always studying and keeping to myself.”

“No, hey, you’re working hard,” I said, “I understand.”

“You’re right,” Suzie began, “I study hard, but when I have a chance I also like to play hard.” She looked me up and down, and I was wondering if she was making a double-entendre with the word ‘hard’. “You know I might never have another chance like this, with my roommate gone and no homework to do,” Suzie continued, “And of all the guys I’ve met here, it may as well be you.”

I recognized the back-handed compliment. For a long time I thought Suzie had no sense of humor. She certainly didn’t laugh at any of my jokes, and in my opinion anybody who didn’t laugh at my jokes had no sense of humor. I had an especially dry and ironic sense of humor, and like most people I believed that whatever was beyond my own limits of what I found funny simply wasn’t funny. Eventually I realized that there was a possibility that Suzie’s sense of humor landed off of my own charts. And making a dirty joke with the word ‘hard’ didn’t fit into what I thought I knew about Suzie, but maybe I was wrong. Also, in a year and a half, this was the most she’d ever said to me.

I still hadn’t really figured out where she was going with all of this. “May as well be what?” I asked.

“I saw you looking at me before,” Suzie said, “Do you find me attractive?”

Do I what? Did she really have no idea that I’d spent the last year and a half pining over her, staring at her and trying to get close to her? I was ready to proclaim my attraction to her as loudly as she wanted me to. “Suzie, I think you’re beautiful,” I said, blushing, not that she saw it in the dim light.

Suzie smiled. She swallowed hard, like she was steeling herself to do something difficult. Then in one swift motion, she untied the belt of her robe and shrugged it off of her shoulders, tossing it onto a nearby chair. To my astonishment she was standing before me naked, except for the pair of nude stockings that she was wearing before. She had small breasts, but they were firm, and in perfect proportion with her long, slim body, with little pink nipples. She had a sparse blonde bush of hair between her legs. She looked incredible back-lighted by the glow of the street lamps outside. Now THAT was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. My erection sprang up so fast I swear it made a ‘BOING’ sound loud enough that Suzie could hear.

“Well,” Suzie said, smiling. “What do you think?”

When I get too excited or anxious, I tend to babble like I was Hugh Grant or something. All of the blood had rushed to my ‘other’ head, but I had enough sense left not to let myself start yammering away and jeopardize what was happening and what may be about to happen. “I think you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen,” I said. That was a good answer!

Suzie walked right up to me and kissed me on the lips. We kissed for a few seconds, and then Suzie pushed me away. If anything, she seemed emboldened by my response. She looked me up and down again. I was wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. I couldn’t have been all that alluring in my getup. “Strip,” she commanded.

Without a word, I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and my sweatpants off of my legs. I took off my t-shirt and was now just in boxers and socks.

“Sit down on the bed,” Suzie said. I gave her a quizzical look but did what she asked. She noticed my expression. “I want to have some fun tonight,” Suzie said, “But I want to do it on my terms. I hope that’s okay with you. I’m not, like, a dominatrix or anything, so there won’t be any whips and chains or torture, but I do want to be in charge.”

“I’ve wanted to be with you since the first time I saw you,” I said, “I’ll do pretty much anything you ask of me.” Another good response!

Suzie smiled again, and lay down on the bed with her head on her pillow and her feet on my lap. “Rub my feet,” Suzie said.

I probably have a mild foot fetish. I like feet, but I’m not preoccupied with them. Suzie had lovely, manicured feet underneath her stockings. I took one of them in my hands and began rubbing it gently but firmly, using the same firm pressure I would if I was fingering my guitar.

Suzie lay quietly in her bed, her eyes half-closed and her hands clasped over her stomach. I kartal escort spent some time focusing on what I was doing, and the rest of it gazing at every inch of her naked body, as if I was trying to photograph it with my mind. After a few minutes Suzie lifted her other foot, indicating that I should switch feet. I obliged and Suzie lay back again. After a few more minutes Suzie began to rub her stocking-covered legs together. I took that as a sign that she was enjoying herself.

I switched feet a couple of more times when Suzie indicated that I should, and she started taking longer, deeper breaths, which I took as a sign of slowly growing arousal. Suddenly her free foot found its way to my crotch and started moving around, brushing against my erection. Once she was sure she had located it she began to tease it with her toes and the length of her foot. I started squirming in place.

After a little game of footsy, Suzie pulled her feet away and sat up in her bed. She rolled the stockings off of her legs and tossed them on a nearby chair. Now she was completely naked. She reached over to her nearby dresser and grabbed a bottle of body lotion. “Would you mind giving me a massage?” Suzie asked in her southern drawl.

You’re asking me to rub my hands all over your naked body? I thought to myself. “Sure,” I said, and I took the bottle from her.

Suzie lay down on her stomach and I went to work, spreading lotion over her back and then rubbing it in with my hands. I was still standing beside her on the edge of the bed, which was making it a little awkward to reach the other side of her.

“You can get on the bed, if it’ll make it easier,” Suzie said.

I climbed onto the bed, and straddled her back. No protest from Suzie. Now it was much easier to reach her body with both hands. I slowly began to massage and knead her neck and shoulders, and I was rewarded with a moan from Suzie. I rubbed more lotion into her back and started working my way down, rubbing her back in circles and then slowly and firmly up and down her spine. I had scooted down so that I was sitting astride her small but firm butt cheeks, and once or twice Suzie wriggled up against my crotch, still covered by the boxers. I slid further along to massage her lower back, using both of my hands and sliding them back and forth along her back.

I reached over for more lotion, and then I slowly began to move towards her ass. I hadn’t really touched anything that might be forbidden up to that point, but Suzie didn’t lay down any ground rules. My hands were greeted by Suzie’s ass straining up to meet them. I think I was just given permission. I rubbed her cheeks in symmetrical circles, enjoying the firmness, and then I ran my fingers lightly over her butt, tickling her and causing her to squirm. I continued my journey down her body, massaging first one leg, then the other.

By the time I reached the ankle of the second leg, Suzie turned herself over, offering me her front. In a decision that was part teasing and part gentlemanly, I decided to save her erogenous zones for last. I worked my way back up her legs, then by-passed her crotch, massaging my way up her hips and then her flat stomach. She was skinny, but not so skinny that her ribs were sticking out, which was good. I didn’t like the emaciated look. I was an extremely ticklish person, so I took great care when touching her sides, but Suzie didn’t seem to have that problem, so I worked my way up around her breasts and then back to her shoulders.

Once I got back to her shoulders Suzie shifted her position, basically thrusting her chest out at me, as if to say, hey, didn’t you miss something? I smiled, but her eyes were closed so she missed it. I took some more lotion and worked my way around her chest, down her clavicle and then in circles around her small breasts. Then, finally I ran my fingers along the sides of her breasts.

I had heard that women with smaller breasts are more sensitive, and the moment I touched Suzie’s breasts she gave a gasp and grabbed my hands, placing them in the middle of her breasts, right on her nipples. They were small breasts but they fit very nicely in my hands. I began to knead and squeeze her breasts, playing with her nipples and making them hard. The change in Suzie was immediate, or maybe the long, slow massage had built her to a fever pitch that she couldn’t hold back anymore. Her breathing became shorter, and she was letting out little gasps and moans. Behind me her thighs were rubbing together, as Suzie tried to get some stimulation in her crotch. I had had no direct stimulation of my own, but I could feel my erection tingling in sympathy with the arousal that Suzie was obviously feeling.

Once I felt that we had gone as far as we could with breast stimulation, I left her erect nipples and began to work my way back down her stomach, watching Suzie closely for signs of disapproval. Suzie arched her back as I ran my fingers down her stomach, clearly not an objection to where I was going. I took some more lotion and began to massage her hips and thighs again. Suzie’s arousal was definitely growing, as she was starting to get restless, squirming around and now running her hands along her chest and sides, and occasionally my thighs where I sat astride her.

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