Skin on Skin

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Author’s note: The standard disclaimer of all characters being over eighteen-years of age and purely fictional apply. Enjoy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Thank you, Dr. Fong, for seeing me on the spur of the moment and after hours. I realize that my dermatological concern doesn’t exact rise to the level of an emergency, but given my work schedule, this is the only time available. This ‘concern’ is something that I’ve been meaning to get checked out for quite a while.”

The excuse flowed smoothly over Peter Lee’s lips as he eyed the pretty young Chinese dermatologist who sat listening to him. She was new to the clinic – fresh off her residency which meant she was in her mid-/late-twenties. Petite in size, Dr. Fong had pert apple-size breast, a trim waist, nice firm buns, and shapely legs which made her the kind of Asian woman Peter was drawn to.

“I appreciate it that you feel secure enough to see me especially since everyone has gone for the day,” Peter quickly followed up as a means of double-checking that they were alone in the clinic.

“Don’t think anything of the after hours, Mr. Lee. As the newest member of the clinic, building a clientele and providing good patient service are my top concerns. Sometimes to do so requires us to think out of the box and take some risks. Since you don’t seem like a risk, let’s see what I can do for you.

“Now as I understand it, you have concerns about some ‘bumps’ on your genitals and want to determine if there is anything you need to do.” Virginia Fong said in her most objective clinical voice as she took in the sight of the handsome Peter Lee.

“Peter must be over six-feet tall which is impressive for a Chinese guy. Given his muscular build, he must be athletic by the way he moves with that certain confidence that border on swagger that I find intriguing,” Virginia mused as she watched her new patient in the confines of the examination room.

“He obviously highly educated, successful, and well-off; yet, has a certain a down-home ease and way about him. He’s that dangerous mix of man that I should steer clear of. Yeah, that kind of man that make me do things that I will regret later but love doing nevertheless. Hmmm…how long has it been…”

Peter had no qualms undressing and would have done so in front of her if he hadn’t been directed him to go behind the privacy screen. However, instead of just stripping from the waist down, he came out stark naked except for the paper sheet wrapped around his hips and clutched in front of him.

Virginia had to subtly gulp at the sight of Peter’s buff body with its cut and ripped muscles. It bothered her that she felt a disturbing warm wetness in the crotch of her skimpy panties, and yet there was that undeniable tingling of excitement.

“Mr. Lee, why don’t you lie down on the examination table. That’s it and if you don’t mind, let me open this wrap and let’s see what we have…oh my!”

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Fong, that I shocked you. It’s just that I have a really difficult time controlling ‘myself’ when a woman uncovers me…and even more so when she touches me…especially down there. I just kind of…react.”

“Errh, well, that’s quite all right. While I may be a young doctor, it’s not the first time I’ve seen an erection, or that a man became ‘stimulated’ while I was conducting an examination of his genitals. I just didn’t expect such a…aah… such a physical reaction…or one of such proportions.”

“You’ve got to believe me, Dr. Lee. I not some kind of pervert. However, with you, I can’t seem to help myself. Please forgive me for saying so, but you are a pretty young woman.”

“Well, I think – no – thank you for the compliment, Mr. Lee. There’s no need to explain further. Perhaps we should continue with your dermatological examination. Now lay back and try to relax and lay still while I look. Hmmm, I see what you’re concerned about. There are little bumps at the base of your penis, hmmm, let me check your scrotum too. Mr. Lee, please try to relax. It is somewhat difficult checking you when you are squirming – and your erection is throbbing and jerking at my touch.”

“I am trying, doctor, but it’s the feeling of your fingers wrapped around my shaft, sliding up and down while you are feeling my nuts. And well, your face with your breath that’s so close to my ‘privates’ – well – I just can’t help it. I just kind of get turned on.”

“Mr. Lee! I assure you that I’m only touching you in an objective way. I just have to move your organ about to get a good view, and to be thorough. I need to smooth out your skin to examine you, and must look closely at your dermatological concerns. As a dermatologist, I assure you that there’s no other way. And despite my initial reaction to your erection, I can assure you that this is strictly professional.

“Although – I must admit that I’ve just – well, to put it simply – never seen such a pronounced erection, or testicles as large as yours. Ehrr, there is an awful lot of skin to examine. I mean that I do want to be pendik escort thorough in checking you out. Hmmm, and while having your organ’s skin so tightly stretched is useful, perhaps it would help if you thought about other things to take your mind off what I’m doing.”

“Doctor, it’s not that I’m not trying to, but it’s kind of difficult. You women think that men can control themselves – you know, turn on and off their erections. But, we men can’t. Even though I’m no teenage boy who ‘pops a boner’ at the drop of a hat, I have always had a hard time controlling my ‘monster’ – that’s what I call it, Dr. Fong – around an attractive woman such as yourself.”

“There are many men, I think, who would envy your size, Mr. Lee. I mean – what is the saying – ‘the bigger, the better’?”

“That’s what you think. It’s actually a curse, and a source of embarrassment and frustration. It’s damn-near impossible to hide an erection that suddenly sprouts in your pants – forget it when it happens in your shorts – especially swimming trunks.

“And then, when women see ‘it’ – well – your reaction was ‘mild’ compared to some of my dates. I’ve lost a lot of first dates, if you know what I mean – lost many attractive potentials – when they saw what I was packing. Those who stuck it out, did so more out of curiosity then because of feelings for me. Most of them left me after the first experience. I’m not single, unattached, and looking because I want to be.

“Be honest, Dr. Fong. If your boyfriend was this ‘big,’ what would you think?”

“Errh, Mr. Lee, I don’t normally discuss my personal life with patients. However – if I had a boyfriend, I don’t think – no – I wouldn’t be shocked or curious if he had such a large penis, if that means anything to you. Hmmm, I think you forget that a baby is a lot bigger than your manhood. A woman who is properly prepared; physically and emotionally stimulated; and willing… can easily accommodate you – even given your full length and girth.”

“Even a petite woman such as yourself, Dr. Fong? Excuse me for saying. but I doubt that you could ‘take’ half of me inside you.”

“Mr. Lee! Please, I think we’re getting a bit too personal. You’re supposed to be calming yourself – not exciting yourself. You’ve become fully erect and your stiffness is making it difficult moving you out of the way.

“Anyway, hmmm, I believe these bumps are hair follicles that have become plugged. They’re not venereal warts and are harmless. They’re not infectious at all. Just leave them alone, and you’ll be okay. I think that just about does it. You can sit up now and get dressed, Mr. Lee.”

“Doc, you can’t send me out like this! I know that I’m your last patient and that the clinic is closed. But I can’t go out with this humungous hard-on I don’t think that I can even put on my underwear much less my pants. Dr. Fong, you’ve got to help me out? Could you possibly…?”

“Mr. Lee! What you’re asking is totally unprofessional and out of the question!”

“Come on, Dr. Fong, please help me get some relief. You don’t have to do much. All you have to do is your hands on me just like you were doing when you were checking me. Come on, please, just hold me. Let those slender fingers of yours wrap around my shaft. Just like that. Yeah, don’t take them away. No, put them back, please!”

“What am I doing? I shouldn’t be doing this! This is highly improper. It’s wrong. I could lose my medical license, my practice, and my job if this was ever found out.”

“I won’t tell, I promise. Just don’t remove your hand. That’s it. Just hold me, please? Squeeze me harder, please, oh, yeah, like that. Move just a bit, slide up and down, ooh, slowly. Yeah, just like that. Like you did when you were checking me – or should I say, checking me out.”

“Mr. Lee, I think you mistook my thoroughness for personal interest. Mr. Lee… what are you doing! Stop that! Mr. Lee, stop touching me! Oooh, we need to stop before this gets out of hand. Stop, Mr. Lee, please don’t touch my breasts. Stop touching me. Oh, don’t! Stop unbuttoning my blouse! Stop, Mr. Lee, oooh, stop!”

“Please, Dr. Fong. Come on admit it. You wanted to see me today. That’s why you were willing to see me after hours and at the last minute. Pretending to examine me, touching me, caressing me, and turning me on just to see how big I would get. Don’t tell me otherwise, judging from how your breath quickened and your eyes widened appreciatively. Don’t lie, Dr. Fong. You like what you saw. What you did and what you’re doing right now. You want to do it, don’t you?

“But doesn’t that feel good? Do you like that? Do you like it when I touch you like this? Fondling you? Oh my, you have such hard little nipples that poke through your lacy bra. Look how easily my fingers dip into your bra cups. Yeah. Why don’t we take off this lab coat of yours? Yeah, oh yeah, now to open your blouse…ooh, how I love front-snapping bras? With a twist of my fingers and – oh, Dr. Fong, what nice perky little tits you have with maltepe escort such stiff nipples!”

“Oh, Mr. Lee, please don’t! My nipples are so sensitive. Oooh, don’t do that, please! Oooh, don’t play with them, tugging and tweaking my nipples! Oooh, once a man touches me, I get so…stimulated…so paralyzed. Oooh, no, please stop!

“Yeow, Mr. Lee! What is your hand doing under my skirt?”

“Why, helping you, Dr. Fong! You are getting really turned on, aren’t you? Don’t deny it! Look at how your trembling…your breathing is quickening…and how stiff your perky nipples are. Why don’t you get more comfortable like me, and take off your clothes? Yes, come on, before you stain them with any bodily fluids or they get wrinkled. No one will know. We’re the only ones in the whole clinic, aren’t we? Come on, doctor. There I unzipped you skirt. Yeah, Dr. Fong, that’s it. Let me take it off and these skimpy panties too.

“Shit, Dr. Fong, you’ve got such a sweetly-trimmed pussy. So nice and so smooth…god, you must like me touching you the way you’re squirming. Oh, Dr. Fong, you’re sopping wet! When I cup and squeeze your cute little snatch, my hand is sopping wet. You’re one hell of a hot Chinese woman! Now we’re both naked…and…”

“What the hell am I doing? I’m damn naked and paralyzed with overwhelming lust…and with my naked patient who’s feeling me up and turning me on,” Virginia’ gasped to herself as her rapid beating pulse pounded between her ears. “Fuck, Virgie, have you lost your senses? You’re a doctor but you’re acting like…a tramp…an easy one at that! Stop this, stop this now! Damn it, he just rolled my nipples between his fingers…and he’s strumming my fricking clit. Shit, I can’t stop this – cuz I don’t want to!”

“Jeez, Dr. Fong, that’s it! Jerk my hard-on just like that, yeah! Ooh, yeah, Dr. Fong, suck me, come on, please! Put your lips on me. I won’t tell. That’s it. Lick me like you would a popsicle…a big meaty popsicle. Ooh yeah, damn, suck me. Take me in your little mouth, bob your head like a good little doctor. Yeah, more, doctor, more. Can you take more of me? Yeah, yeah faster, don’t stop, suck me hard! Fuck, doctor, don’t stop! I’m going…I’m going to come! Suck me off unless you want me spraying this examination room. Please, drain me dry, Dr. Fong! Oh, I’m coming! Arggh…arggh… oh fuck, hurry, swallow my spunk…arggh…fuck…arrgghh!”

“Ummm, ummm, such delicious sperm,” Virginia sighed contently to herself after swallowing the copious load in her mouth. “So hot, creamy, and slightly earthy, ummm, so yummy in my little tummy, sweet.

“Hmmm, how did Peter know that I have this ‘thing’ about giving head. Despite the clinical exterior, underneath this lab coat and stethoscope, I’m really so easy and love going down on a guy especially a handsome man such as Peter and giving a good blow job. I’m really get off having a man’s erection pumping in and out of my mouth, and swallowing all the sperm a guy can spewed down my gulping throat. I love licking and kissing his cock like this…and like this.

“Why, hmmm, Mr. Lee. I don’t believe it. You’re still hard, and are you getting…larger?”

“Oh, yeah, Dr. Lee, I forgot to tell you that part of my curse is that besides being ‘big’ I stay hard for a long time which can be really embarrassing. And somehow, I seem to be able to ejaculate repeatedly. That used to drive one of my former girlfriend nuts. She used to call me ‘King Dong.’ She claimed that her walking bow-legged was all my fault because I kept stretching her out and filling her up with my oozing spunk.”

“No matter, I love it, Mr. Lee. God, I must be nuts. I’m risking my career and my life sitting here stark naked, shamelessly sucking on and licking my patient’s beautiful, thick, long penis with two big hairy nuts. I love the incredible smell, texture, feel, and taste. Oooh, my nipples are so hard that they’re throbbing and achy. And I’m getting so damn wet. Jeez, you must think I’m so terribly…easy”

“On the contrary, Dr. Lee, I find you’re the most extraordinarily sexy woman I’ve ever met. I definitely want to continue this after we complete this examination, if you’re agreeable, I wanted to see you more and to go out with you. From the moment I saw you, I’ve wanted you. But, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we’d be doing this – or that you’d be so stunningly beautiful – a stark naked Chinese woman – young and horny – and not ashamed to be so,”

“Are you kidding, Mr. Lee? I wouldn’t be in such a compromising situation with you feeling me up and your sperm-coated man-meat in my mouth, if I didn’t want to continue this outside of the clinic. I was hoping that you’d make a move. That’s why I agreed to see you at the last moment and after hours too and shooed the staff out.

“But, right now I see that you’re ‘up’ for it physically, and that is making me so damn hot and horny. I want to prove to you that – a tiny woman like myself if properly prepared, physical and kartal escort emotionally turned on and willing, can easily accommodate your ‘monster’ in her tight, little juicy pussy.

“Now lay back, Mr. Lee, and let me get on to the examination table to straddle your hips. Don’t move, Mr. Lee. Let me do it. That’s right. I’m reaching between my legs to grasp your rock-hard hard-on, hmmm, and rub that fleshy flanged cock head of yours up and down, hmmm, my vulva. You’re spreading my exterior labia, hmmm, getting your penis well-lubricated, hmmm, letting it pop in and out of my vagina’s opening. Hmmm, that does feel great! Listen to my lewd sloshing sounds, hmmm.”

“No, Mr. Lee! Don’t move! Let me do it. Since this is our first time, I’ve got to take it at my own pace, or you’ll tear me apart eventho’ I’m sopping wet. Oooh, see how I’m slowly sitting down, oooh, don’t move. Oooh, you’re so damn big! You’re stretching me out. Oooh, shit, Mr. Lee, you’re so deep inside of me and going where no man has ever gone before! Oooh, I love it! I love your big fucking cock shoved all the way between my legs. Just a little bit more – there – I took all of you – every last inch of your manhood – buried all the way in me! God, I’m a little slut – a horny one. Oooh, Mr. Lee, do me! Fuck me good!”

“You mean like this, and like this? God, Dr. Fong, you really love riding the ‘bronco bull,’ don’t you? Look at you bounce up and down; all hot and sweaty; your tiny titties jiggling; yeah, and taking everything I can give so easily. I never had a woman like you before who could take me so easily. Damn it, if I didn’t have my all of cock shoved up your tight little twat, I would have never believed it. You love it, don’t you – riding my cock, rubbing yourself against my groin, and humping my meaty pole?

“What? Did you just have an orgasm? Are you bringing yourself off by grinding against me? There! You did it again! Your sweet velvet-tight pussy is squeezing me. The way you’re banging me and getting off, gyrating on my sunken cock, I can tell you’re building rapidly to one hell of a climax. I’m right, aren’t I? And…and…you’re making me so excited that I’m going to come again…I’m going to flood your hot little cunt with another load of hot cream. Do you want that, do you, Dr. Fong?”

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah, Mr. Lee! I’m going to come…soon! I’m going to come with your big, fat cock shoved all the way inside of my tiny twat! Oh, fuck me, Mr. Lee. Fuck me good and hard! Yeah, just like that! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Yeah, ohhh, yeah, I’m going to come! I’m coming! Give it to me! Oh, fuck me please and shoot inside of me. I want you to fill me up. I’m coming…arghh!”

“Me too…arghh! I can’t hold back! I’m coming right in your fucking tight twat! Arghh! Arghh!! Arghh!!

“Oh my God, that was out-fucking-standing, Dr. Fong! Your petite body is lying on my sweaty chest, trembling with your orgasmic aftershocks. I must have spewed my guts between your legs. Can you feel me throbbing embedded in you? God, you’ve got one of the tightest cunts I’ve ever fucked Shit, I could definitely get used to this. Oh, by the way, my name is Peter – and you’ve met ‘Little Pete.’ And you are…Virginia. Nice to meet you, and I must say that I’ve never had a better examination…”

“Hmmm, in medical school they told us it wasn’t enough to be technically good, but to have a personal patient touch. I hope you liked…my ‘bedside manner’ which I hope to further practice on you while we continue this relationship outside of this clinic. Ooooh, did I mention that I’m addicted to good-sized dicks? Hmmm, maybe, after a slight rest, I could be persuaded to submit to another internal dermatological examination. Ooooh… I’ll take that ‘twitch’ as a definite ‘yes’…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hello. May I speak to Peter Lee? Hmmm, he’s not available right now? Okay, please tell him that Dr. Fong…yes, Virginia Fong…his dermatologist, returned his call. Yes, ask him to call back on my mobile telephone because I off today. Thanks.”

Setting her cell phone on her kitchen table, Virginia couldn’t help but think, “‘God, Virgie, you’ve become one hell of a brazen hussy. You get one hunk of a sexy patient who is a handsome, single, professional Chinese, and well-endowed – and what do you do? You do an after-hours examination where you have him get naked so can secretly check him out, then you fondle his surprisingly huge erect penis and testicles while pretending to exam him. And when he pleads for ‘medical assistance’ with his humungous erection, you act like the slut that you are and fuck him…God, that was yummy man-meat between your spread legs.

‘You would think that’s enough…but…no, you want more, you Chinese slut! Go ahead. Willingly risk your career buy getting further involved with a patient…’your’ patient! Talk about taking the proverbial ‘doctor-patient relationship’ to the extreme.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Peter is such an incredible stud, the kind of guy that you’ve been looking for. That’s why you just had to straddle his hips, and blew his mind by taking his monster up your tiny cunt while demanding more. How you loved the way Little Peter penetrated and stretched you out like never before – god, did you ache days later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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